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  • Ammi glad to see your resting comfotably! hurry and get well so i can give you your ten extra minutes on my treadmill back lol1
  • Had a nice good OP lunch today...feeling good!
  • Hi All!

    I am new here and have already meet a few of you. I am very excited about being part of this family here. I am looking forward to getting to know you all.
  • hi sandy i am sure you have seen how great this site is.. lots of encouragemnt from everyone!
  • Got in 33 minutes of strength training today. Yippee!
    Hope everyone is doing well. Stay OP!

  • I've missed about 10-12 threads lately, working long hours. Sorry I'm not catching up this minute - even at a glance I see that many of you are facing real challenges with courage. to each of you.

    Well, ya gotta take the good with the bad. On the up side, I'll be able to go back to my exercise class and get my minutes in for the month, work on my degree, clean the basement and spend time with my dogs and horses. On the down side, I got fired today. They were nice about it, said they'd give me a good reference and mark me down as eligable for rehire, but I'm just too out of practice when it comes to handling the semi in really tight places, like busy gas stations. I agree with them, and there's no hard feelings, but I'm still so disappointed and SO broke again.

    Sigh. I'm taking the rest of the day off and playing at the barn. Tomorrow it will be back to the drawing board.
  • Ok last time I was here there was '56 going on, now we're already at '60?? lol
    I cant follow this hehe.

    Im feeling lazy lately, have like no energy at all. I havent workout for 4 days I think, except some walking during the weekend, but I dont count that as workingout really. Luckily I managed to be carefull with food, not like 100% but I think I did quite ok, afterall if I've felt like that in the past I'd be attacking chocolate like crazy. Not that i dont want now, but there is none around my house and its a good thing My bf said something that gave a big smile on my face...he said I've lost quite a lot on my...well...behind lol. I kinda like it :P

    I dont know whats going on with everyone cos I wasnt reading - no time yet, but I wanna say hi to all of you and hope you're doing ok *hugs*
  • Sandy - Hello and WELCOME!

    Val - Glad you are able to hop on even if it's just for a moment!! How's work going for you?
  • Val hun .. so sorry about the job .. but Im gonna think selfish and be happy that this could mean we see more of you on here now Big hugs hunny and Im glad they are gonna give you a good reference with even the possibility of a rehire further down the track ... lovely to see you hun.

    Ammi - ms nag queen lol .. I have updated the blog at last .. that is a new challenge for me .. to get the darn thing updated at least once a week ... humm .. maybe once a fortnight rofl ... but definitely more often so I can keep a better track of my journey really.

    Okee .. I gotta finish getting my things together to get to work .. will catch up more later

    Oh .. Ash isnt feeling too good so she is gonna be staying home today .. fortunately it happens to be a day that my dad is coming .. he should be here soon lol ..

    Huggies all

    Love, Light n Laughter!
  • Nightkatt - I just read your last post of your blog. I have one with Blogspot, too. I hadn't wrote on it for months, but the last week or so I've been really putting done any thoughts/news/rants, etc that crossed my mind. Alot of it is about my weight loss, goals, etc.
  • Valerie - what a shame that you lost your job I guess you can look at the bright side though that you had some more experience and will get a good reference. I bet you wonít be long finding work again and in the mean time, like you said you can work out more, spend time with your dogs and horses, and purely selfishly you can spend more time posting here

    Sandy2 - hello and Hope you donít mind me calling you Sandy2, itís just that we have another Sandy here

    Youíve done really well to lose 50 lbs already and I am sure you feel much better for it. Onwards and downwards

    Patti - Hi Well I donít want to jinx things, butÖÖ..I am hoping to at least be up to working out for a bit on the Gazelle tomorrow. I will let you know as soon as I do it so that you can take those extra minutes back How is the cold today?

    Nancy - oh yes men can be so annoying when they expect you to know where THEY have put things or if what only THEY eat is running low. You know what the problem is donít you? They know that us women are perfect and they just have high expectations of us

    My heat pad has worked wonders, tonight I even went down for tea instead of Daren bringing it to me. I have a good feeling that I might be able to do a light work out on the Gazelle tomorrow

    Kayley - oh ok thanks for explaining more about the ĎCrunchí DVD. I was kind of thinking that a whole DVD of abs work would be a killer for even a skinny person Is there a load of bouncing about in the Cardio Dance DVDs? I am always on the look out for new DVDs so that I donít get bored, but I am not up to doing really energetic stuff.

    Heather - kudos to you for keeping in control of what you are eating even if sometimes itís a bit more than you should You really HAVE made this a lifestyle change, you are one of the people I just know will get to goal AND keep the weight off I was looking at your before pics the other day and you look like a different person now, you should be so proud of yourself

    Lavandel - your man sounds so much like mine, they seem to notice weight loss on our butts. I mean I have lost 87 lbs and although Daren does say I look great, when he was walking up the stairs behind me, he was like WOW you have REALLY lost weight off you butt!!! Then he wolf whistled I was laughing, but I did say that I had lost it everywhere else too lol.

    Katt - so glad my nagging worked, I am going right from here to read your updated Blog

    Sorry to hear Ash isnít feeling very well today, I hope she will be alright soon.

    Iím A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is about to start, I am off to watch it. Iíll be back later,


  • Ammi cold is doing ok off and on buti still i keep exercising
  • Hello everybody. I have been reading your posts but unfortunatly not feeling like communicating much the last few days. It was a rough weekend, Saturday morning one of my sisters called me with awful news. My great nephew (5) was killed in a head on car crash. His sister (11) was also in the car and is in critical condition. Their aunt (15) was also killed, her 18 year old boyfriend was driving. I still don't have any answers as to why it happened,(was he drunk or on drugs? Did they swerve to avoid hitting a deer? blew a tire? etc.) well I had a rotten day at work today as well and I have to say I had the urge to get me a big sloppy hamberger with some fries on the way home this afternoon but I did'nt. I have been quiet these last few days reading your messeges. I finally got a chance to view all of your before and after photos and I have been inspired.thanks! I'll be back to my old self in a few days and you'll hear from me a little more.

    WEZI- I'm sorry to learn of your father's passing and how sad that your mother had to see him that way. I wish you and your family the best and have my sympathy.

    To the rest of you I wish a good week and only good things to happen in your lifes. well I have to get ready for the visitation tonight and I have a bit of a drive to get there,bye for now.
  • to Chiema and Colneen

    Colneen - I am so sorry to hear of such a tragic accident...please know that my thoughts are with you and your family.

    Today has been an ok day...its cold and rainy, but nothing new for this time of year. I hope that everyones day has gone well...Nothing else going on so i'll close this post up....
  • Coleen - I am so very sorry to hear about that dreadful accident I am not surprised you have been too upset to be posting on here. You and your family are all in my prayers I am very proud of you for not turning to food to help you through all of this I don't know if I could be that strong.

    Ziggy - hi, new Pogo badges soon, yay, can't wait to see what they are. Hope you are doing ok both with your games and the diet

    Patti - when you get a cold it really doesn't want to leave does it. I think when the FFM comes visiting next she should bring the health fairy so she can sprinkle some good health on you

    GAZELLE GIRLS - we have a new member, Annie is back from her visiting and while she was away she went to a yard sale and got a Gazelle Rider for an absolute bargain!!! She's a bit heavy for using it at the moment, but she has it now and it's just itching to be used

    Well it's bed time, so I better finish up. Take care all and 'see you ' all tomorrow.