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Misti in Seattle 11-14-2006 07:20 AM

Good morning everyone. Just a quick post to say hello and hope you all have a good day today and stay OP.

I am SO frustrated. I have gained 5 pounds since Saturday... and I am exercising my butt off! This is ridiculous... takes me two months to lose it and3 days to gain it back. I just can't believe it. Oh well... just have to keep busting my butt. <sigh>

Kayley you and I seem to be having the same problem! The harder we work the more we GAIN sheesh! But remember this HAS to be doing something to our bodies... no way it can NOT be... so hang in there! :strong:

kayleystar 11-14-2006 08:23 AM

Good morning, everyone....I got up early, like I said I would, and I'm just waking up a little before I head off to do my Crunch dvd. I'm going to do a half an hour, and then have a nice breakfast. I've got my entire day planned out mealwise/exercise-wise. I'm going to buy a journal...I think I'm going to keep track, and plan out each day. I used to do that, and it helped a lot.

Work today, and then off to school. Hope you all have a great day!

katydid1972 11-14-2006 08:40 AM

Just a quickie cause I feel like I am ready to collapse. My face is bright pink and my legs are *aching* and my back is threatening mutiny. Why? Well, I just finished my first 1 mile WATP session. Holy.... Man I don't know how you guys manage the 2 and 3 mile sessions, I feel like I've been run over by a truck! This is way tougher than the walking in the neighborhood I was doing before the snow fell!

If it weren't for the snow I think I'd keep up the walking outside until I felt a little more ready to take these on but I'm really worried about losing ground. I just feel like such a... I don't know, it's hard to stay positive when you have such a hard time with such a short workout.

Someone remind me that this will get easier, please?

voodoo1 11-14-2006 08:49 AM

Mechelle, so sorry about your trip/plane probs. It must have been awful enough with turbulence without the embarassment of being 'squished' in between two strangers! I hope the results are good and you enjoy being away from all that snow! AND you get a good flight exoerience back.xxxx
Sandi your son's house sounds gorgeous & I hope your blood/meds are getting right/better.xxxx
Jilly at least you are honest about eating badly, admitting there's a problem is the first step to solving it!! I hope you can get your dieting 'mojo' back VERY soon & if you do send me some!!lolxxxx
Wyllen I hope you get a treat in soon, though I hate having facials-being laid down in a strange place does thre opposite of relaxing me! Have you thought of getting an appt at a really good salon, where as well as a styling session they do head & shoulder massages too? I know what you mean about the selling aspect of beauty appts!!xxxx
I can't remember what else-Katt good luck with your new scooter(the mechanical one, lol) great on getting WATP and walking! Thanks for your offer of help- Steve is applying this week for a job in Tauranga.xxxx
Zelma PENGUINS IN OZ????? I NEVER knew that!! I don't know for sure if he'll get this job or any other in NZ, we'll just have to wait & see how it goes! Hope the weather holds for your zoo trip.xxxx
Some good news is I'm having my eyes lasered in 2 1/2 weeks, just got back from a check up - so if there's any typos - forgive me, my pupils are really dilated & I can't se with or without my glasses very well. I am feeling a bit more positive, I'm seeing the Dr on Thursday and will see what he can do for me. I really appreciate the support & advice I've received from you FABULOUS ladies.xxxx

jillybean720 11-14-2006 08:52 AM


Originally Posted by katydid1972 (Post 1471480)
Someone remind me that this will get easier, please?

Honey, you will be AMAZED at how quickly these workouts get easier! No one starts by running a marathon--you have to build up gradually. I do the 2-mile WATP workouts each morning during the week, and I am already finding ways to increase the intensity after 4 weeks because I've gotten so used to the workouts. Heed Leslie's advice--if you're not feeling like you are up to it yet, then keep the movements smaller and even return to just walking in place if you need to while they're doing other stuff. The more you do it, the less you'll have to go back to walking and the faster you'll recover when you're done. Believe me, darlin', I HATE exercise, but even with all my negativity, I can see some positive improvements in my level of fitness the more I do these workouts. Keep up the great work!

kayleystar 11-14-2006 09:15 AM

Katy - You should have SEEN me when I first started doing the cardio dance...I was a SPECTACLE! LOL! It'll get easier, and more quickly than you think!!!

Crittle 11-14-2006 09:32 AM

Hey everyone. Its been a good day. I need to exercise and can't get my butt in motion.
Misti--I gained 3 pounds over the weekend but I forgot my fluid pills so its water retention. Maybe thats what wrong??
I hate to exercise but I know I need it. My son is even learning. He's my couch. He'll do exercises with me and when I want to give up he says "keep going mama you can do it. Get you butt in motion" He's cute.
I'm getting our pictures done today. I don't know if I like them or not. I always hate my picture. Who knows.
I hope everyone has a good day today!!!

Vilandra485 11-14-2006 10:47 AM


Originally Posted by jillybean720 (Post 1471370)
Take it out on us, not your refrigerator's inventory ;)

:lol: Exactly, I love it, lol! :lol:

katydid - When I started at over 350lbs I had to take several breaks during the 1 mile walk! I felt so depressed considering at 300lbs I could do the whole 4 mile tape. I also found I could get through it better when I was strength training. Something to consider? You'll get used to it, don't worry. I haven't tried it in a while...I think I need to though...it's getting a little cold and wet out to get outside for exercise everyday now. Stick with it, those videos leave great room to tweak easier/harder as needed. :)

Mornin' Ladies! Well I weighed myself a short while ago...which was 3 hours before I normally do...so I think I might wait until my normal time and weigh again. I don't want to have a "off" weight and go into next week off-kilter, you know? So, I will be back! Hope everyone has a great morning - stay OP!


NotTheCheat 11-14-2006 11:31 AM

Lori Ė Losing a parent is a really difficult thing. Donít be afraid to grieve in your own way Ė whatever helps you get through this tough time and honors your fatherís memory.

Heather Ė I hope you find a place to go you like. The first time I got a full body massage was from a friend, so it was less intimidating, but I recently went to one and they didnít try and sell me a single product. They had things there, but no one pushed anything.

Newsnerd Ė It is rough to split with someone even if it is your choice. It is definitely better to end things rather than try and keep something going that isnít working.

Sandy Ė I am sorry to hear that your arenít feeling well. It is so hard to get through the day when you are dragging like that. I am so glad you got an apology from Red Lobster. Please let us know what happens if you go back.

Andie Ė Eating and spending time with my BF is one of my biggest challenges too. It is hard to not eat something when your SO is eating it.

Michelle Ė I am so sorry you had such a horrible time on the flight! That is awful. However, I have to thank you for the reminder to try and get assigned seats for my flight home. When I booked originally it wouldnít let me pick seats and hopefully I can call and do that now. Ugh! We have to make a connecting flight from Boston back to NY and they wonít do assigned seating!

Katy Ė I know a lot of people like working from home, but I didnít do too well with it. I would constantly get distracted by things. Heck, I am bad enough when I come into the office Ė here I am during work time posting. However I can imagine with the weather where you are it is great not to have to worry about traveling to work. With the exercise Ė it most definitely gets easier! Never compare yourself with others. We all start off at our own place and have been doing things for different lengths of time. Figure out your starting point, whatever it is, and work to improve from there. If you canít do the 1 mile yet, do half, and work your way up to ĺ. The important thing is to do something and start to build on it.

Katt Ė I loved the pictures of all your babies Ė lambs and dogs. How cute! That is great that you are getting your license even though you were worried about it at first. I canít imagine not driving, but you canít really get around where I live without a car. A scooter sounds like a lot of fun though. I have never been on one. That is too funny that those guys thought you were so young! I got that a few times when I was in college Ė people thought I was their age when I was easily 10 to 12 years older then them.

Kayley Ė Sorry that your weight was up. I know the dread of never wanting to see that 300 again. It may just be your body recovering from being sick. Give yourself some time and I am sure you will be back down in no time.

Jill Ė Do you have any idea what is prompting your binges? It is definitely one of the worst places to be Ė knowing what you want to do, but continuing to do things anyway. I would think there has to be a reason you continue, and if you can find that reason then you can change it.

Misti Ė I think it might be time to get rid of the scale! It is causing you so much grief. Also, have you seen a doctor recently? Maybe it would be a good idea to get a checkup just to make sure everything is ok.

Sharon Ė Good luck to your husband on getting that job! That would be quite a move, but how exciting! I have thought of getting my eyes lasered as well, but havenít followed up on it yet. Please let me know how it goes. It would be fabulous to be able to see without glasses.

Crystal Ė that is so cute that your son is so supportive. I donít know how old he is, but I have heard other people talk about doing some of the Elmo videos with their kids and having a blast.

Melissa Ė Good luck on your weigh in!

Elmay Ė It is good to see you back! I might have been lurking when you were on last year, but you were so inspiring to me when I first got started because you were so into the gym.

I was all set to come home yesterday after the gym and have the evening to myself to do a long post, because my BF was going to use my computer to play Oblivion (I have a PC and he has a Mac). Well, earlier that afternoon something strange happened with his computer and he had to do some disk recovery. However, he couldnít find his recovery disks anywhere. They have seemingly vanished. We spent a long time searching the house for them, and then he needed to use my computer to do some work, so no computer time for me last night! It was ok Ė I settled in with my book and got to bed early.

Vilandra485 11-14-2006 11:37 AM

Results of my weigh-in....I'm -4.5lbs!!!!!!! :carrot: I guess that's what I get for being 100% OP all week!! :) I still can't believe it...I'm at 318! My lowest weight EVER in the last few years - at least! :o Man, if strength training has anything to do with this then I'm ever more glad I started it again, lol! 11 pounds in the remaining 5 weeks to lose for my goal! I don't know if my weigh-in was accurate, but I sure hope so...I stepped on about 10 times over 25 minutes or so and got 315-319. So, I might be 319, but I got 318 like 5 times, and 319 about 3. :lol: I know I step on too many times - I like to be sure, haha. But 318 was my first result as well...dare I say it's official then? ;) 318!!! FINALLY! :lol: Am I a bit too excited? ;) :D

AmmiUK 11-14-2006 11:44 AM

Hello All,

Ahhhhh :D BLISS :lol: I am propped up comfortably in bed, after having had a lovely lunch and watching an hour of Gilliganís Island with my hubby, AND, I am propped up with my new heat pad on my back!! It feels so great. I should have ordered two just in case this one breaks. I hated being without my other one. I am hoping that a day of using the heat pad, plus this last day of resting will make my back better. I am itching to get on my Gazelle again. Not only because I enjoy using it, but because I know exercise is a big factor in my weight loss. I want to get that last 3 lbs off so I feel like I am moving forward again.

Lilion - so many of you lucky ladies here are taller than me, itís not fair :lol: I can understand what you mean about being under 200 lbs, that is a huge thing and I know I will be jumping for joy when I finally see 199 or less on the scales. Like you also I would like to actually get to a weight that is considered normal. But at the same time when I get to a size 14, if I am still consider overweight, so be it. I know I look good as a size 14, any less and I look ill :lol:

Oooooh I will have to look up what weight I will be to just be considered overweight. I detest the word Obese!!! 208 for you isnít far away at all!!!

Newsnerd - I am very sorry to hear that you and your husband will be separating. Itís really sad news. Itís good that there is no bitterness and that nobody did anything wrong, but I guess that kind of makes it even more sad :( I hope you will be ok. Splitting up is always hard, but over the holidays it just seems that much harder. I hope you have lots of friends/family there that can help to keep you busy and not too down :hug:

Good for you for not using this time to forget your diet. If you are buying smaller clothes then it doesnít matter what the scales say, you are obviously losing weight :cp:

Sandy - thatís great news that you heard back from Red Lobster. They obviously take customer care more seriously than the manager and staff you had the misfortune to speak to in the restaurant! If you decide to go back you should write to who you wrote to before to tell them when you will be going. I bet you and hubby will be treated like VIPs that night!!

Your sonís new place sounds gorgeous, I especially like the sound of the arched doorways. Sounds like your son and his fiancť definitely found a great place to live. I am glad you loved it so much too. Thatís great that you enjoyed your visits so much, and hey, donít worry about being off plan. What I say often and have to remind myself of as well is that we are making a lifestyle change, but we arenít going to go through life never letting ourselves have treats again. So we should have them, enjoy them and then get straight back on track.

Thatís good that you might get your Gazelle together on the weekend. I look forward to hearing if you love it as much as me and the other Gazelle Girls do :D

Andie - husbands, youíve got to love them, but sometimes they make our weight loss journey that bit more difficult. My hubby is very supportive and he will always try to talk me out of eating something when I am down etc. But then he can go and eat something mega fattening in front of me. Of course thatís kind of my own fault because I have always said that just because I am dieting it doesnít mean the rest of the family canít have indulgences. He just takes me at my word. Sometimes itís so hard to sit there with my bowl of soup, or piece of fruit when I see him tucking into sausage and chips followed by chocolate biscuits :eek: Oh well, for the most part I manage to not give in to temptation, and I am sure over time you will get stronger in your resolve not to go off plan or forget about exercising when your hubby has a day off.

As much as I donít want others to be suffering like I do, it does stop me worrying so much that I am doing something very wrong when I exercise, when I hear that you suffer with the numbness in your feet too. I thought it might be that my shoes were too tight, so I tried exercising wearing various different ones, but each time with the same result. I guess we will just have to wait and see if weight loss helps to reduce how our poor feet suffer. Let me know when yours get better and Iíll do the same :D

Thanks for the congrats on my 3 lbs loss, I am still smiling about it because just knowing I am half way to being back to where I stalled is great news. I canít wait to carry on losing from that point.

Good luck with the auction to buy a GPS from eBay. I am probably telling you something you already know, but try to leave it til the last few seconds before you put in your final bid, that way itís harder for anybody to outbid you. I had to do that when I bought my Gazelle, I got it from eBay, and it was the 3rd one I tried for, I kept getting outbid on the others until I decided to bid at the last minute :D

Jen - how did your weight in go? I hope you had a nice surprise and didnít gain what you thought you might.

I donít know why you were so worried about posting your photo, you are beautiful, and you look so happy in that photo.

Kayley - yes you are right, you have to stay positive even when those scales are being mean. Keep focusing on how you feel in yourself, how your clothes are fitting, and of course the compliments from your friend. Hopefully that will help you stay motivated and keep on fighting despite not always seeing a loss on the scales :hug:

Thatís great that you got those bargains when you went shopping, what did you buy?

Tell me please, is the ĎCrunchí DVD what it sounds like it could be? A whole DVD devoted to abdominal work?? What a killer that must be if it is!

Kymberly - itís amazing isnít it how awful we feel when we go off plan, but then we come here and realise hey, Iím not alone. And even the others that didnít go off plan this time, have done it in the past so we all know what it feels like. The main thing is that we all move on and carry on dieting.

Sue - I just donít get it, I really donít. How can you possibly gain weight when you are practically a diet and exercise angel!! I think you are the perfect example of how the scales can be just a waste of space. If I were you I would ignore them, carry on doing what you are doing and you will be getting slimmer and slimmer. The scales arenít going to be able to show any gain when you get on them wearing size 12 clothes :D I know you like to weigh, so I guess keeping off them for a while is a bad suggestion. All I can say is to just remember there is no way you could have gained fat, so whatever the gain itís nothing you have any control of. Keep positive Sue because you are SUCH an inspiration to us ALL. When I hit a plateau I am going to never give up on myself because I will know how hard you have kept working at your weight loss despite having an insane weigh in a lot of the time :hug: :thanks:

Well one good thing has come from you starting to get sore feet the more you work out like they say you should on the Gazelle - I was worried that I was having the problem because I was perhaps doing it wrong. Seems perhaps that I am doing it right. So although I am sorry your feet are hurting a bit now, I appreciate you sharing that info with me :D I know I have tried working out in various pairs of shoes, but maybe I should keep on looking for the Ďperfectí ones. Itís just you mentioned that you got numb feet when you used to go walking etc, but since getting some great shoes you arenít suffering so much now.

LOL I also hang onto the end bits sometimes, so I know what you mean about the bars going either side of your boobs. Mine are small compared to yours but sometimes I forget my positioning and I still get a whack on one of them :D So be careful you donít do the same!

Michelle - thank goodness that the biopsies are over. Now comes the really hard part, waiting for the results! I hope and pray that the results come back negative :crossed:

I am sorry that you had such a bad flight, from the delay in it going, to being squashed between two people and then of course the horrible turbulence, it would have been a rotten day for you and I am not surprised you felt you were writing a negative post. You had every right too though, so no need to apologise :hug: I hope :crossed: that your flight back home is far less eventful.

Katy - I think you are right about the way backs are, one minute everything is fine, the next you are laid up with it and without actually lifting anything heavy or doing anything obvious. I have an awful feeling that working out to my new DVD might have played a part in my back strain. I did so many things I have never done before, of if I have done them I havenít done them in quantity. I mean even trying to do those weird Plank exercises could have been the culprit in itself. Plus I did loads of squats and lunges, and worked with light hand weights. Maybe I wasnít in the perfect positions, maybe my back just wanted to protest at being made to work at more than just putting up with my weight. I will have to be very careful when I start using the DVD again.

Oh I didnít realise you worked from home, I bet that comes in handy on those days when you are housebound by snow. Not so nice that you donít have the social interaction that a job out of the house brings, and I am sorry that you sometimes get lonely, not to mention getting the numb butt. Thank goodness at least that you have a lap top computer and you arenít stuck sitting at a desk in just the one room.

I am happy to hear that you and Richard are soul mates and that he too moved in ASAP after you met for the first time. Like you said, when things click they just click, and we are very lucky that we had that Ďclickí with our hubbies :D

As for how you felt after your work out, you remember that feeling my friend, because before long you will be cheering yourself for doing the work out without hardly breaking a sweat! When I first did my WATP 2 mile work out I thought I was going to die! 2 weeks later to the day I was doing it and found it SO much easier. I hope you come and tell us how long it takes you to find the same thing, I bet it wonít be long.

Missy - how fantastic for you, what an awesome loss 4.5 lbs lost :bravo: :dance: :cp: :cb: :carrot: :cheer: You have done so great sticking OP and exercising, I am so happy you are now seeing the rewards :cp:

I have to lose 13 lbs in 5 weeks if I am going to meet my Christmas goal. I am GOING to do it, and you are GOING to do yours too, and the only thing that is going to stop us is the scales just being fickle, and if yours carries on like it has today you definitely won't have any problem :D

Katt - yes definitely, seeing a loss on the scales has really lifted my spirits and has me more determined to keep on losing.

You are right, I really have to be careful not to push myself to do anything before my back is totally better. I kind of try to gauge how it is by doing little jobs that donít involve bending and stretching. If I still get pain then I stop and I know I canít work out. I am hoping that with treatment from the heat pad today I will be ok tomorrow :crossed:

Glad to hear you have lost one of those lbs already, and I am sure by next WI you will have lost itís friends and maybe one or two others so you have a nice surprise.

What a compliment from those boys thinking your are 19 or 20. Of course they could be so impressed by your Ďendowmentsí that they are trying to get Ďiní with the new girl, but hey young boys fancying you, thatís a cool compliment too :lol:

Sounds like a good investment buying that scooter, I bet you wouldnít have dreamt of getting one before you started your diet. So there you have a mega NSV :cp:

By the way, you need to UPDATE your blog :lol: Itís November now you know :lol: and youíve not posted since September. Just call me Ammi AKA nag bag :D

Zelma - yes, the heat pad arrived today thank goodness and I have been using it all afternoon, itís wonderful. Thanks so much for your advice on chiropractors, I never realised they could do anything when itís a muscular problem. Still itís the age old problem of the cost. But then again it would be money well spent on the occasions when my back is much worse than it is now, which unfortunately happens all too often.

You know how you were telling Sharon about how isolated WA is, how right you are. Do you know itís partly because of the cost of getting there by train that made me decide to come to the UK :lol: At the time it would cost the same to travel from Sydney to Perth on the train as it would for a return air fare to the UK :yikes: If I was going to spend that kind of money I wanted to actually leave the country, so thatís what I did :D

Jill - thatís pretty great news that you actually saw a loss when you weighed even though you havenít been eating OP :cp: Perhaps that extra food got your metabolism all fired up, and youíve been exercising too, so that loss seems to be a solid one :bravo:

Sharon - oh yes :dance: :cheer: :bravo: :cp: brilliant news that you can have the laser eye surgery done!!! I bet you are over the moon. Just 2 and a half weeks and you will be on your way to never having to wear glasses or contacts again :cb:

Crittle - tell me, did you get the nick name on here because thatís how your dear son says your name :D I can just picture that happening. He sounds like a real angel and I love how he is your work out coach :cp:

Nancy - I wondered why you hadn't posted. Has your BF found those discs yet? I often put things in a safe place and then forget where I put them :lol: When I bought Daren's birthday card I also picked up an anniversary card for him. He's had his birthday and that card, but do you think I have ANY idea where I 'hid' his anniversary card. Talk about no brain :lol: Something tells me I am going to have to buy another one :dizzy:

Xena, Brenda, Annie, Valerie, Heather, Elmay, Kenya, Kimberly, Lori, and all you other lovely ladies :wave:

Bye for now,


Ammi :grouphug:

NotTheCheat 11-14-2006 11:55 AM

Melissa – Congratulations on your loss! That is fantastic. You have every right to be totally excited.

Ammi – Glad to hear you are so comfortable with your new heat pad. I know what you mean about putting things away for later. The thing that gets me is that he thinks I should know where all his stuff is. Like last night he also asked me how many hamburgers were left in the box in the freezer. He mostly eats these, not me, so how would I know how many are left. Argh! Men!

Newsnerd – I just tried to send you a PM, but you don’t have them turned on.

jillybean720 11-14-2006 12:07 PM


Originally Posted by NotTheCheat (Post 1471717)
Jill Ė Do you have any idea what is prompting your binges? It is definitely one of the worst places to be Ė knowing what you want to do, but continuing to do things anyway. I would think there has to be a reason you continue, and if you can find that reason then you can change it.

*sigh* I don't know. I've never known. It's happened my whole life. When I was little, I would look forward to family gatherings because I knew there would be lots of yummy food. I remember when I got my driver's license, the first thought in my head was, "Awesome! Now I can do things like drive to the store and buy Resse's Pieces whenever I want!" Sad, huh? :dizzy: Of course, I only binge when alone, but it's not out of loneliness. I could be on my way home to my Jeff and stop for 2 McD's extra value meals with milkshakes (how's that for a TON of food?!) and eat it all in the car before I got home, even if I knew we're going out to dinner soon! Sometimes, even as I'm shoveling food in my mouth, I think about how I shouldn't be eating it, how bad it is for me, how it gives me NO right to complain about not losing weight if I keep eating it...but I always have to finish it. I know if I don't start, then I don't have anything to finish, but I clearly haven't quite grasped that "not starting" part yet :devil:

kayleystar 11-14-2006 12:15 PM

Missy - Congrats on the loss!!!! That's fantastic!!!

Ammi - No no...lol...I would never be able to do that! Crunch is just the name in the series of workout dvds. They have gyms all over the country, too...I have two of the Cardio Dance dvds, and they are fantastic. By far my favorite that I've tried. They are a GOOD workout, too! :)

Heather 11-14-2006 12:44 PM

Well I tried to post this a couple of hours ago but the system was down!


Originally Posted by MistiinSeattle
I think when I get to 100 pounds gone I won't care about a reward as that will BE the reward.

This is exactly right. And perhaps another reason I am delaying. My life is improved in so many ways. Every day I am rewarded for having lost over 100 pounds!


Originally Posted by jillybean720
Giant :hug: to those who need them, whether due to weight/diet frustrations, sudden life changes, or difficulties with/loss of a loved one. This journey is truly difficult enough without additional stressors, so I hope everyone knows that we're all here whenever anyone needs to vent about ANYTHING. Take it out on us, not your refrigerator's inventory

GREAT ADVICE! Don't forget to take it yourself!

As for the scale going down... weren't you surprised it went UP so far?? extra extra water retention now settling back down maybe?? We'll never really know.

As for the binging.... I don't know that I have any advice for you about that. I don't tend to do much mindless binging any more. But on previous weight loss attempts, oh boy did I! I guess the best thing is to try to figure out after the fact WHY you may be doing it, and do what you can to deal with the root cause... I know that isn't necessarily very helpful... but keep on with the great exercise. I'm sure it's got to help on a number of levels.

Sue -- I am sorry about the scale going up again! But you are so committed to this process that I KNOW you will beat it! Remember at the very least how much better off you are now than 70 pounds ago. Try to ignore that scale when you can.

I'm still not back down to my non-obese weight. I thought for sure that 10 days later I would be, but nope, nothing. I know my eating isn't as good as it could be, but, oh well!

Sharon -- I interested in a massage, but I don't know about a haircut.... for some reason that makes me really nervous!!


Originally Posted by katydid1972
Someone remind me that this will get easier, please?

My goodness, yes! My experience tho, is that while what you are doing NOW gets easier, you will find other ways to challenge yourself! But yes, it DEFINITELY gets easier!

As for drivers' license weights... when I moved to this state 6 years ago, I said I weighed 220, tho it was more like 240-250 (in retrospect I can't believe I was THAT honest). I am DEFINITELY LOWER than that license weight now!!!

We are in the 10th week of a 10 week term here. I am overwhelmed by grading. My eating is not great. But I am proud of myself for not losing control. I am eating a little more, but not going crazy and writing everything down. Given the stress, I'm okay with that for right now. AND, I'm keeping up with the exercise. That is, perhaps, my most important nsv in a while.

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