300+ And Ready To Try Again #1025

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  • Lilion- I love the cake idea- at two points in WW world how many calories would that be? It sounds so good…

    PPP- You have the greatest pieces of inspiration- you are so right, to be truly happy is crazy, but to be happy in the moment is possible, and worth getting to through the crappy moments.

    Amy- you really had me laughing again about those cats- especially your friend who flipped it off!! People are crazy! I personally like cats because they don’t take as much work to take care of- I don’t have any pets because of how much I work, but a cat would be much more feasible than a dog.
    I’m bummed about the smoothie too- but once in a while I might indulge- as a treat only, and then only half!
    What an annoying guy you work with- I hate people who are in everyone’s business telling them what to do- but it usually works out just like this- they screw themselves! Do you have any pics of your outfit from today? I’d love to see it- if it was that popular, it must be great!

    Katt- whew-what a story! 7 divorces-that must have been tough! You must be a really great person to be so close to your dad now—I never would have guessed that there was so much negative history the way you talk about him now. I think family is really important (probably mainly because I’ve lost 99% of mine) and I think it’s great that you are letting the past be the past (as much as possible)

    Melissa- I’m so glad everything turned out good at the hospital! It’s so good you checked it out, because now you know you have nothing to worry about.

    As for me- I did 15 minutes on the treadmill and then my 60 minute hip hop dance class- i always have so much fun in there- it makes me feel so fit to see the things I am capeable of! Afterwards I had a pleasant surpirse- I wasn't supposed to weigh, but I did, and I 'm down two pounds since sunday! I updated my ticker...and I'm almost halfway through my 50 pound loss goal, 1 more pound to half way!! I can't wait to go shopping- Maybe I'll be going before xmas? well-goodnight ladies!
  • Luan--FABULOUS job on the -4.!!!! And even with the week you've had! It IS a good thing you're not an emotional eater. I'd be UP those 4 lbs and probably then some! And that's AWESOME that you're 1/2 way to your 10%!!! Yeah!!

    It sounds like you are coping with the situation with dude a lot better now. I dont think I could've stopped myself from stopping by his work. That is strange that he never responded to your email though. How would he know something is up if he didnt mean for you to see his email?

    Kim--Those compliments are great. That really does mean a lot. You are doing so well. That's great that you have such a supportive friend. That really means a lot, I'm sure.

    I know what you mean about being anxious to weigh. Its hard for me to only do it 1x/wk--I want to do it every day! But I think that would drive me nuts. There are too many things that can cause little fluctuations that it would make me insane! Oh, update--I see you did weigh and are -2! Awesome!! If you keep up like this I am sure it will be feasible for you to be shopping before xmas. Good job!

    You are rocking and rolling with the excercise! You keep it up, girl!! Yeah!

    Good luck on your quizzes!!

    Lilion--I am DEFINITELY trying that cake recipe!!

    Brenda--Your avatar pic is super cute. I love putting my hair in braids, too!

    Katt--I'm sorry you had a rough time getting along with your dad when you were younger. It sounds like he made some choices that he probably isnt exactly proud of, but didnt we all at some point. Good for you for being able to look forward instead of back.

    Melissa--Great to hear everything turned out ok at the hospital. Good job on your excercise minutes!

    Valerie--Great to hear you upped your weights to the 5 lb-ers. You are rocking it, girl!

    As for me, I had some pasta w/chicken and some parm cheese and olive oil for dinner tonight. I was going to have a little alfredo w/it but that is too high in points and the parm cheese substituted just fine.

    I watched my sis's kids while she and her hubby went to pick up her car tonight. She had some dental work done and wasnt able to drive to or from the dentist so had to leave her car at work. Her hubby offered me one of the cookies he made (evil man!! ) and I went ahead and had one. It was a FRESH mint chocolate chip... But I had 4 pts left for the day so I am still OP.

    I think I am going to schedule an appt w/the dr for Fri. I dont seem to be getting any better and my cough seems worse. I am also coughing up quite a bit of "stuff" (ICK!!) that doesnt look good, either. I told my sister I wasnt excercising this week because I have felt really tired and sick, and she said I shouldnt take more than 3 days off from excercising. So now I am worried about that! She said if I sick enough to have to take off more than 3 days then I need to see a dr.

    I am worried about not excercising this week. I am worried I wont get back into the groove next week, or whenver I'm feeling better. Hopefully it will be before next week but it doesnt look promising. Ug, I was doing so well!! I went 5 days last week, 4 days the week before, 3 days the week before that, and 5 days the week before that. I just feel like it is finally becoming such a habit and I dont want to screw it up. But I guess that is all up to me. Its up to me whether I do this or not. Yeah.

    My friend whom I bought the jeans for gave me a very nice thank-you card last night and told me she had been shopping at the 2nd hand store for some maternity and baby clothes. I was glad to hear she is finally coming to her senses (maybe?). The thank-you note was very sweet and heart-felt.

    I will get the pic posted on the pic thread probably sometime tomorrow. I am off to bed for now, gals.
  • K, I went ahead and posted the pics from 80s day at work. Enjoy, all!
  • Haven't posted in a while. My life has taken a positive momentum lately. I start a new job next week, fell in love and lost a little bit of weight. I just want you all to know that you all inspire me to be a better, healthier me. Thank you
  • Amy - i sent him a very vague email about the status of things between us. not telling him i saw what i did, but just where we stand. i know hes been online because he can at least check his email at work (his internet has been down because they are upgrading our neighborhood), but seriously, im so over it. he can call me when he wants to talk, until then, im seriously ready to delete his numbers from my phone. LOL the real sign that i should NOT go to his work is there was construction where i would have had to turn and the street was blocked off. now, im not a religous person, but that was definately God working right there.. lol

    kim - im full of a lot of them.. lol

    so i went to aquamoves tonight. that was FUN. and it WORKS you!! if you havent tried it, go to a class. beyond that, i got a call from some other filmmakers i know that want me to come help them produce 3 films before the year is out. they are making thier portfolios so they can transfer to film school. i was so honored . i also got a check back from the car lot where i got my new car, for 160.00. that was awesome. i dont know what it was for, but whatever. now i can buy my tickets to montana

    also - torrid.com is having thier 50%off clearance sale this weekend. you should check it out. theres lots of cute stuff! (i just spent 100.00 *eek*)
  • Amy- Oh my gosh- I love the outfit!! It’s not even 4:30 in the morning yet, and the picture page was the first one I opened, so when I opened it at first I was like what the…and then I remembered I had asked you to post a post a picture from yesterday-and wow- no wonder everyone was coming to see you-you did an awesome job with the costume, very 80’s punk!
    Yeah- I’m always so anxious to weigh when I know I’m doing really good- not so much when I know I’ve made quite a few mistakes. That’s usually what kills me though- because I don’t typically get on the scale after doing real well and be down two pounds like I was last night- and then I get all depressed- I’m just glad last night was good, because now I’m really motivated to lose a little more for my official weigh in on Friday!
    I got my quiz results!! I got 3 perfect scores and the rest were 90’s- so I’m thrilled- thank goodness- because I’ll probably mess up the test next week!
    Gosh-I’m sorry your still not feeling well. It wouldn’t hurt to go to the doctor- but I wouldn’t stress about not being able to stick to your routine while your sick. Everything gets screwed up while your sick- the point is you started a routine because this is important to you, so when you feel better, you will go back into that routine, and while it won’t necessarily be easy- I know you’ll do it just fine!

    Sabrosaindia- Wow! Sounds like things really are going great with you- congrats on the new job! And you fell in love!! And lost more weight! Do we get to hear more- I’m not trying to be nosy- but I used to be a reporter in school- and I sense a good story! I’m so happy for you (whether you tell us details or not). Congrats!

    PPP- It made me laugh when you said you were going to buy your tickets to Montana with the 160 you got back from your car and then you said you’d just spent 100 at torrid! I guess the tickets are only 60? Just messing with you- it just struck me as funny- probably because that is exactly what I would do- I love to shop, and everytime I get some unexpected cash I seem to end up with new clothes. Right now I’m holding off on the shopping, I figure I’m losing weight pretty steady right now, so I don’t want to waste money- and if I get to that 50 pound mark I get clothes with my DF anyway- so I’m holding out for the big treasure! Congrats with the film students- it’s always nice to see that people really respect you and view you as someone they can learn from!

    As for me- i'm just sleepy today. It took me a lot to get out of bed, and now I've been on here yawning continuously. Thankfully today should be a fairly easy day - I think I only have like 3 groups- Plus, tomorrow I won't have any groups- it will be a short easy day- and i'm off the whole weekend! I'm just having to focus on that to get me through today! I have class tonight-and since I'm so tired now, I think I might be taking an afternoon nap today- we'll see...ok, got to stop blabling and get dressed for work- have to leave in 30 minutes and I haven't started getting ready yet! I have had my OP breakfast though! Have a good day ladies!
  • OMG- I just made a realization- I don't have a ticker keeping track of the big picture, so i guess I missed it- but I have less than 200 pounds to lose now! (196 exactly). I just realized it, and i know i still have a lot but when I started i couldn't believe i had more than 200 pounds to lose, and look! I guess for me not always having the big picture there is great for me, because I don't even think about that goal- and then it just slips by! sorry- just really excited!
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