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Default 300+ And Ready To Try Again #1024

We are a group of individuals who weigh or have weighed 300+, or near there. This group was formed to provide a place for others like us to find support and hope. We are aware of the distinct problems that come with weighing over 300 lbs.

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We often use a "Topic of the Day" for discussion.

Motivational Monday
Tuesday Tips
Wednesday Wish List .. and What you are doing to obtain it.
Thankful Thursday
FUN Friday ... don't wait until you lose your weight.
Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Share your Success Sunday

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We often find them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears ... joys and celebrations.

We have several extra threads going on simutaneously such as Monthly Challenges, Weekly Weigh-ins, Recipes, Bios, and more. Please feel free to check them all out.

We have found this thread to be more than just a support group...
we have found it to become a home. We invite you to join us.


I know you'll all agree that we are really thankful for the free services here at 3FC. The sisters offer all of this support and information with no charges to us. There are a couple of ways though that we can help out.

If you are thinking about buying anything at Amazon, why not help out 3FC at the same time? You can do this by clicking on the button for the Amazon "store" in the upper right hand corner of the screen on the PURPLE tool bar. A portion of your purchase price will be given to 3FC by Amazon. It doesn't increase your price at all, but it does help out 3FC. You can use any of the links that you see on the site in order to help contribute to the site.

Also, BTW, in case you didn't know it, you can view the message boards "ad free" for a minimal charge. I think it's like $15 for 6 months. A very small investment to be rid of the annoying ads and make your pages load quicker.

There have been some concerns expressed by the powers that be about copyright infringement. So please, if you are directly quoting someone else or printing an article in whole or in part, please give credit where credit is due!!!!
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Hi Ladies - Didn't lose anything AGAIN this week....this is about 4 weeks in a row now!! But I know I did eat more a bit ago and gained about 2 pounds last I think I did lose but it just put me back to normal...but to me and my ticker it's still no loss, lol. GRR! But I know next week something good is gonna come off - it has to! I'm working hard I don't see how I can't lose next week...I'm back on track truely 100% for the first time in a few weeks now. But now my hopes are up from a month long stall and I wanna lose a big number (4 or so to make up for last week to meet my goal), but I guess just losing again period is a good thing. Here's hoping!! And have I done what I need to get a loss? YES - I haven't gone over my calorie limit and I've gotten in 142 minutes of exercise during the 1st 2 days of the month - it's a start - yay!!
Stay OP chickies!

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Amy - you always crack me up. thanks for the laugh
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Luan--The committee you're heading up sounds really awesome! Geez, you do have a lot on your plate right now! It all sounds so exciting, I am so happy for you. It sounds like you are really happy with what you are doing and that is what is important. And hey--WE all want you! Yeah!!

Melissa-- on your weigh in! Lets see some of this: ! You are kicking butt on the excercist girlie!! Keep up the awesome work!!

Sharon--Thanks for all the kudos! It really means a lot to me! I am really trying and working hard to make this a lifestyle. That will be a great day when I have to buy a smaller size. I have been this size for so long I wont know what to do w/myself!

Wow, Wranglers are like one of the most inexpensive brands of jeans here! That is crazy that they get so much for them in the UK!

Yeah, I just dont understand why my friend has such an attitude about buying cheaper clothes. She says she only buys a few things for each season for her kids and then she ends up getting the rest as gifts, but that doesnt mean that if you only buy 1 pr of jeans they should be $14 when you are about to lose your house! And its really strange because she tells me all the time how I could make this or that cheaper than I could buy it for and how thrifty she is, etc. Weird.

Kim--Hey, we all let our house get embarrasing from time to time. I bet its not as bad as you think it is. But in your case I dont think its so much letting it get embarassing--its just that there's only so many hours in a day! Dont shortchange your efforts--there are many people who would use a busy schedule as an excuse not to change thier eating/excercising habits.

Wow, that could've been some accident! Geez, you're right, you were really lucky. Thanks for the advice, I think I am going to rest this week and try to get over this cold. I know excercising lowers your immune system too, and I have a feeling this cold has the potential to get really bad (I've heard my co-workers coughing and it sounds BAD) so I need all the help I can get! I've been taking my Echinacea and Vit C in addition to my regular multi-vit and cacium so hopefully that will help, too.

Yes, that could be true about the lady at Curves, but she just comes off to me as someone who is snoopy and just weird. I think she asked me how much I lost because I told her I had just weighed myself. And I know she asked me what plan I was doing because I had signed up for the Curves diet class and then cancelled. She is just a little...well, different.

Zelma--Oh, that was really sweet of one of your ex-students to chase you down to say hello! Now I know you're having a lasting impression. Awwww...!! Speaking of your video, I tried to watch it when you originally posted about it and it wouldnt work. It took me to the article so I read that but when I tried to view the video it said it was no longer available. Are you able to email it to me if I PM you my email address? I was bummed I couldnt see it on the website and I would really love to see it.

Yeah, I thought that's what that manager lady was driving at--like if I hadnt lost anything or only lost like .5 or something then she could convice me to go to her diet class. Arg. She gets on my nerves. She's an ex-aerobics instructor so she is always going around the circuit showing us different moves we "should" be doing, when I just wanna get my heart rate up. She is kind of annoying, to say the least.

Nelie--Yeah, post some pics!

Katt--Thanks for all your kudos! Yeah, I dont understand people like that, either!

Good to hear that you did definitely get the house for your dad! That must be a big relief for you.

Good job on getting your excercise done. I love that Richard Simmons! Your lunch w/your sis sounds nice and I wish you luck on your weigh-in! I agree the weeks seem to be going faster--maybe its because I keep myself busy counting points and trying to stay OP!

Good luck to your daughter reaching her Christmas goal. That is neat that you two are doing this together!

Amanda--Thanks for the congrats. Yep, people constantly amaze me with thier Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome.

You do LA Weight Loss, right? Or am I thinking of someone else?

Maybe you should ask your friend Jake to go for coffee or something after your meeting sometime. Or just say "Hey, we should hang out sometime"... Or maybe he will just recognize you on here and see that you are nuts about someone and it has to be him because he was the only one you were talking to that evening! And then he will profess his undying devotion to you and....Ok, I'm getting carried away.

Lavandel--I dont mind compliments on my weight loss, but I prefer someone to say something to me privately, not to be all loud about it like "Hey Janie! Look how much weight Amy's lost! Remember how fat she used to be???" Well, maybe not quite like that.

Good job getting some excercise in. I always feel energized after a workout, too, but I workout right after work so when I get home I eat dinner and relax and by bedtime I'm sleepy. I dont know if you have that much time in the evenings, but that might help you.

As for me, I am doing well today. All OP all the time, baby! I have been absolutely ravenous yesterday and today so last night I had to use 2 of my flex points already this week! I thought maybe I just wanted to eat because I was bored, but then I realized no, I am really hungry! So I went ahead and had my usual ice cream bar after dinner, even though I didnt work out.

I am trying to get my dinners (evening meal) under control. I always stay OP but I dont feel like what I am eating is as healthy as it could be. I think I need to get more protein and veggies in, but by the time I get home I want something that I can make fast. I printed off a recipe from WW Online that makes like 12 servings so I think I will make that and freeze the leftovers and then have like a salad with it.

I am still feeling pretty yucky today. My ears are plugged and I feel all sleepy. I havent really been coughing that much but I am soooo tired. Earlier I was feeling kind of crampy too so who knows. TOM is supposed to be coming this week so that could be what is causing the lethargy and my OOC (out of control ) appetite. But I am pretty sure I have this cold. The coughing, etc isnt so bad, its just the fatigue and the lightheadedness. I had this weird thing last year where I felt naseous and really super tired all the time for like a week but it just ran its course and went away, it never got any worse. I wanted to stay home today but I am sure I will be worse later in the week so I will save my time off for then.

Tomorrow at work we are supposed to dress up like we are from the 80s for Customer Service Week (its an employee appreciation thing they do every year). I have my outfit all planned out. I am going to dress like a punk. Its going to be pretty cool. I still havent decided how to do my hair, though. I wanted to do that today because we were supposed to dress like the 70s today and punk actually originated in the 70s, but I think most people think of punk as an 80s thing. But I'll look cool tomorrow! I'll have to get some black eyeliner from somewhere....

I'll check back in later, babes!
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trying again!
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Hey guys!
Thanks for all the comments on my pics. A model I am not although it was a fun day and I guess that showed in my expression

Trying to talk myself into going to the pool tonight. Its water aerobics and running night although MAN, it eats up my whole evening with my hubby. Eats is the key word here and the reason I am trying to talk myself into going. I will only munch if I stay home.

Speaking of which, eating today so far has been good. I am still up 5 lbs but I think its due to TOM coming and all the extra sodium that I have been sneaking in. A little water and a few more days and it should go away on its own.

OK I have to clean. grrr... tomorrow the maid comes and I have to have the odds and ends picked up so she can do her thing. It is also payday which sucks but I will leave work early and get groceries first so I will be ready.

Talk to you all later....
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Again, shall we?
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Misti- when is your cruise? Where are you going? Sorry if you already said and I missed it. I love cruising, it’s my vacation of choice, as of now I have been on 5 cruises, and loved every minute of each of them. Coincidently one of my favorite features has always been the endless supply of good food—I wonder how I would fare on a cruise now? I never have gained weight on one because I always take the stairs everywhere I go—it’s my excuse for eating whatever I want—not a great method but it has always worked in the past. It’s a shame they don’t have parasailing as it is so risky not to stick with the cruise line- I’ve been on a couple cruises where people were left behind—once when the person was traveling in my group-it’s a very difficult situation and what our friend had to do was just meet us back home, missing the last 2 days of the cruise. Do they have something similar, just under a different name? Cruises can be trying to be original and in the end it’s the same thing.

Zelma- yeah- I don’t like my method of waking up too much either. The jug did in fact survive, only dumping about ¼ a lot, but at least not the whole thing- especially considering how expensive milk is. I have been very clumsy today, in fact just minutes ago I dropped a glass in the same spot that I dropped the jug of milk this morning, it bounced of the floor onto my foot (which hurt a bit) , but thankfully it didn’t break either. I think I’m just so tired that I’m getting clumsy. I did fall asleep today once I got home from work trying to read for my government class. Between the boringness of the material and how tired I am, I guess my body just gave up…see your normal, we all get tired mid afternoon.

Katt- I love kickboxing, although there are times I find myself looking at the clock- thinking is this almost over? That’s the only class I do that in- my dance class is usually over before I want it to be, and the weightlifting class is always over when I can’t take anymore, but no sooner. I have never tried Richard Simmons, is he fun? It always sounds like you enjoy it- I typically get bored with tapes---I really get bored easily, that’s why I take the classes that are different every week. I’m so excited that your dad’s house is final!!! What fun that will be! I’m really glad you’ve been able to help your daughter while she’s still in school- god love ‘em my parents tried to help me, but I was too stubborn that I didn’t need help- not that I didn’t want to lose weight, just to proud to like other people realizing I needed to as well, and especially to except help. I think I was embarrassed, whereas now I’m comfortable with myself and I’m doing this for my healthy. Before it was about my looks, and I think that’s why I couldn’t do it. She will be healthier and happier that she’s in good shape younger.

Amanda- well I guess today I really stuck to the motto “no crying over spilt milk”, but it did through my day off- it took me longer to get ready which means I had to skimp on my hair and makeup and still barely ran into work on time, and by time I got on the floor (term at work for actively taking care of my groups-as opposed to at my desk) I was 12 minutes behind, so it did throw a wrench in my day. Good luck with “jake” sounds like you guys are pretty good friends to be talking so late on a regular basis. I’m crossing my fingers for you!

Amy- thanks for the encouragement about my house/cleaning habits- I do get down about it sometimes- it makes me feel better to know I am juggling a lot and doing fairly decent. I hope you get to feeling better soon- I think with all those vitamins you have a good chance of not getting badly ill. I didn’t know that exercise lowered the immune system, I always figured is strengthened it. I guess you learn something new every day. About the lady at curves- I bet she was being snoopy, seeing as she was the teacher of the class which you cancelled—probably wanted to know what had beat her out, and wondering if it was working. Wouldn’t be surprised if you had said you didn’t lose that she would have put a line in for diet class- I retract my statements based on that updated information.

Melissa- here's hoping the FFM vists you next week- you defintetly deserve it!!!

Boy- I am so tired today! I actually fell asleep while I was doing my government reading. I have to run because I have more homework to do before class- but I am happy to report that I am 99% OP today. the minus 1% is because I got really hungry at work, and still wasn't going to have time for a break (after 6 hours of work) so i grabed a pastry. I grabed the smallest one on the tray and then walked away before I grabbed more- I hope it doesn' t hurt me- I had to get something, I was starting to feel really weak. I then ate a sensible lunch and took into consideration the pastry and used fat free dressing, since I usually use regular as my fat for the day (it tastes better). Well gotta run- talk to everyone later!
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Hey gals--check this out:

I'm sure none of you will be surprised by this, but its interesting news.
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Hi All - In hopes of FINALLY seeing a loss on the scale next week I was out AGAIN with John for a walk! 32 minutes. Tomorrow at 11am I have my breast ultrasound so I gotta get a good nights sleep since I have to take a bus for an HOUR to get there!! No fun, lol. Well I'm off to play some computer games...Pogo is soooo addicting! Hope everyone is well!
Stay OP chickies!

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Hello All,

I am late writing today. Beth is off school sick, I think she has the flu so she will be off all week. My schedule for this week is out the window now, but at least I am making sure to still exercise for an hour a day

Lilion Ė thanks very much for that recipe. I know you were aiming for it to be for Caleigh, but yum, those muffins sound so delicious that I am going to have to try them myself. I am not sure what Brownie mix I can get over here, do you have any idea of the nutritional value I should aim for in a like product? If they are as nice as they sound then itís the kind of thing I could make on birthdays etc.

I am sorry that your son had the same problem as Caleigh, it gives me hope that he outgrew it though. I hope Caleigh will do the same.

Here I am getting all excited that I have got 20 lbs to lose before I reach 100 lbs lost. Then I noticed that YOU only have 11 lbs to go!! Thatís so brilliant, and I canít wait to be here to give you lots of for hitting such a wonderful milestone

Zelma Ė I am so glad to see you posting, though just reading all about what you have been up to lately made me exhausted! I especially loved hearing about the Royal Show. It sounds like the Royal Easter Show that we used to have in Sydney. I only ever got to go to it once, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the goody bags I was only a kid when I went, but would love to go again as an adult.

By the way I never think you write too much. Your posts are always so interesting and I love to read them.

I am sorry I canít offer any advice on your problem with dehydration. That in itself could be a big reason you are feeling tired a lot. That and all the running around you do

I know the kind of tops you mean, I have one similar to that, itís the black and white one I wore in London and took a picture of myself in the mirror It ties around the back, giving me some more shape, but hides the ostomy well. Itís a bit dressy for day to day wear, but if I can find some similar less dressy tops I am definitely going to have to buy a stash of them

I am glad you liked my photos, now when I have as huge a difference as you have thatís when I will really be jumping for joy

Jen Ė so glad you got a laugh from the fat arm story

Thatís a worry about you possibly having a parasite or bacterial infection caught from one of the kids you teach. If it turns out that you do will meds get it sorted?

How did your WI go, did you officially make it to 30 lbs lost in 3 months? It will be awesome if you did :bravo

Nancy Ė thanks for the compliments on my photos Much appreciated.

Oh is that who Kevin Smith is, does he have something to do with Jay and Silent Bob. I have only ever seen them in the film Dogma, but I thought they were so funny.

Jelly Fish salad, boy oh boy that sounds gross. My only experience with a jelly fish was when I got stung by one when I was swimming in the ocean in Australia. Hmm maybe eating one would be great revenge

I hope your visit to the doctor goes well, what did he have to say about the implant?

Annie Ė I canít wait to see photos showing your first milestone weight loss. I want to be here to give you plenty of for doing so well!

Amy Ė you were so lucky that you had that preferential treatment when you were in hospital I know itís always rotten to be in hospital but it sure must help when you are being spoiled Funnily enough I didnít give any thought to suing anybody when I had such rotten treatment in the hospital. The cleanliness of the place left a LOT to be desired too. I nearly got on TV to talk about that, but thatís another story I guess I never thought of suing because in the end I came out of it ok. And I guess we all expect NHS treatment to not be any good. I learned that the only time the nurses answer the call button is when you press it three times quickly. Itís their sign for a real emergency. I never abused the knowledge, but I did have to use it once when I heard a man fall out of bed in the next room. He had been calling for help for ages, nobody came, so he tried to climb out of his bed, thatís when he fell. I think I could write a book about how bad it all was Maybe I could write a magazine article and make loads of money from it

Thanks for the compliments on my pics. Finally after 80 lbs, itís good to be able to see a loss. I am 42 lbs lighter now than I was when I first met Daren, so this is the first time he has seen me looking this size. He thought I was sex on legs before even at 329 lbs, but the more I lose, the more Ďexcitedí he gets

Brilliant news on your 3 lbs weight loss half way to your first 10 lb goal

Sorry that you are still feeling unwell, I hope it wonít spoil your fun of the 80s day you are going to at work. I love the sound of your punk outfit. I hope you get a pic taken of yourself and let us see it! I dressed up for an 80s night once and wore a Choose Life t-shirt, a neon pink sock, a neon yellow sock, a white skirt, and fingerless gloves. I felt like a twit, but hey some guy pinched my butt, so I must have looked ok

Luan Ė with every post that you write lately you really seem to be getting a handle on your upset over Ďhimí. I am glad you havenít let it keep you down

Missy Ė that sucks that you didnít see a loss today. Come on FFM where are you. Missy needs a visit Keep on doing what you are, all that exercise and commitment to your diet is bound to pay off SOON

Sharon Ė if you come across any good brownie mix you will have to let me know about it. I bet you will try that recipe before me, so let me know how yummy they are

Glad to hear you are feeling much better now, apart from a sore tummy. Beth has a sore tummy too from throwing up a load last night. The joys of being ill NOT

I am SURE you will see a loss on Saturday too, how much would you like this week, how about a nice 3 lbs loss, or maybe more. Nothing like aiming high!!

Sue Ė thank you for telling me about your scar and Ďholeí in your neck from having some of your thyroid removed. I can understand exactly how you feel. I didnít have a cancer scare but life without Ulcerative Colitis is a life where I am not chained to the toilet and in constant pain. So yes I should be a little more grateful for my ostomy, just like you are of your Ďbadge of honourí

Nelie Ė hey, donít just think about posting some pics of yourself, DO IT You have lost over 100 lbs and I bet you have some awesome before and now photos!

Katt Ė I know Luan has given some great info about carrots and veggies etc and having to count the points. I always thought that I only had to count the points on frozen or canned veggies, and on potatoes and parsnips. I eat a huge plate of veggies every other day and am still managing to lose. So I donít think I need to change what I eat. Thank goodness. The veggies help to keep me feeling full!

My SD, Caleigh is 15 next month, and Beth my DD is 15 now. I know she would LOVE to have coco pops, but like I said itís a bit awkward. She has agreed to try to eat things like porridge, scrambled eggs and toast. The main problem is that she hates to eat in the morning, she says it makes her feel sick. But as long as I get her to eat a little, it is bound to help. Thanks for your advice, it was much appreciated

Thanks too for the compliments on my pics, me have a stubborn chin, NEVER, lol. Well ok, maybe

Poor you having to sit in that hospital freezing for all those hours, only to be told you could have gone home first I am surprised you didnít end up with pneumonia sitting there for so long. In our ER over here you arenít seen on a first in first serve basis. You are seen in order of what your problem is, so if you are there getting a tight wedding ring cut off you will wait hours On a ward, well you just get seen when they get to you. Itís like when they did the tablet run. You might be due your meds at 10 pm, but they start on the ward down one end of the long corridor and by the time they get to you right up the other end it could me midnight or later before you get your meds. I was often the poor sucker who was last on the list. It wasnít much fun when it was pain killers I was waiting for!

Brilliant news that you have officially got that house for your dad. He is very lucky to have such a loving daughter like you

Amanda Ė ooooh a budding romance, just what I love to hear about. I am going to keep my that ĎJakeí will grab you during one of your lovely chats and give you the most gorgeous passionate kiss you have ever had

Lavandel Ė great news that you have had another 100% OP day, one more done, and the next one on the way.

Great that you are going to have some photos taken and that you will put a pic for your avatar. I love to see who I am Ďtalkingí to

Brenda Ė I hope you go to the pool, anything is better than staying at home and having a case of the munchies. I have had a rotten case of that today. Right now I am fighting it, but if I donít go to sleep soon I might just give in

Ok time to get some sleep now and keep from eating what I shouldnít. Take care all and I will catch up with you all again tomorrow,


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Thanks for all the lovely thoughts and good advice, ladies. It means a lot.

I have to run off to my weight loss/diet challenge meeting in a minute, but wanted say eeek, I have a job... try out? tomorrow. I have to do something I haven't done in eight years... drive a semi. I drove semi for 2 years before Bill & I got married, but he isn't licensed for the Big Rig, so we've been driving a straight truck. It's a semi tractor with the sleeper & stuff, and with a stretched frame and a permanant box on the back instead of a trailer. But I haven't 'pulled a wagon' in 8 years. At 9 am tomorrow I'm trying for a tanker job pulling what we laughingly? refer to as a bomb - a gas tanker. With OT it will pay $50k a year... more than the truck we OWN pays us after expenses... and hopefully there are insurance benefits too. But FIRST I have to GET the job. At least the trailer is shorter. I was used to pull a 53 foot wagon, and tankers are usually only 35-45 feet, which is a big difference when you're rounding a corner, believe me! Cross your fingers for me - it might not be my dream job, but it pays well, and it's PHYSICAL which would be a good thing! Bill pointed out that it's good I've already been working out and am in so much better shape to do such a job (which I'll take as a compliment coming from him.) I like that I can burn calories on the job. I better spend the night reminding myself that I can back any thing! any where! (which I can, but not necessarily at any Time.) Please Please Please Lord, don't let me grind a gear with MEN watching!!!!!!!!!

Off to do the diet thing..........

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Again, shall we?
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Okay- i have a quick question (5 minutes before class begins-has to be quick). I was on my way to class and craving something sweet, and decided to stop at sonic. I got a Fat-free fruit smoothie. It has pinapple, and orange, and fat free yogurt in it. I don't do calories with my diet I do type of food. so i figured fruit and dairy- but now that i've had it (and it was so good) i'm wondering if maybe it was a bad choice---do you think maybe there is a lot of sugar or something? I'm hoping one of you calorie experts will know if it was a good choice or not- because if it was okay, i might use it a bit more often as a sweet craving- it was really really good.

Thanks ladies!
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Greetings all,

Zelma, I don't have much advice on drinking more water, as I struggle with consuming enough. However, I have heard that you should drink small quantities frequently instead of large quantities a few times a day. The kidneys can't handle a lot of water at once, and hence the frequent bathroom urges. Maybe a cup an hour would be a good method?

Kim, ah house-cleaning. I'm sorry you felt bad after the unexpected guest. I think everybody has their "trigger" points that bother them the most. For example, I keep my sink and table clean and my bed made everyday, but only sweep the floor once a week. This may not sound bad, except I live in a small apartment with a big black constantly shedding dog and a medium haired cat. Hair is everywhere, especially on the one rug in the place. It doesn't bother me, but a friend of mine was always disgusted by the hair. Oh well. I figure, like you said, that there are more important things in life than brushing my rug with a lint brush.

Katt/Ammi, the more you talk about Richard Simmons, the more intrigued I become. I may put it on my Xmas wish list.

Amy, congrats on being OP today. Dinners are hard for me as well. Actually, whenever I'm home it is a challenge. When I'm out and about, I stay busy and focused on something other than food. When I'm home, I obsess about how much can I consume within my limits. (This is new, though. I used to just consume, with no limits.)

Melissa, I'm really hoping the FFM comes next week. It sounds like you are doing so well this week!

Ammi, yeah! I did lose this weigh in. I'm officially 31lbs in 3 months. Only 1 more pound before I meet my first 10% goal.

Valerie, I hope your job interview went well. I am impressed with you semi drivers, especially when you make those sharp turns.

Well, not much new to report. Still waiting to here the diagnosis from the doctor. I hope everyone does well tomorrow.
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Hello ladies. I have not been OP today. when i got home I had a twinkie and about four oreo cookie. I don't feel bad about it. I really enjoyed myself and am somewhat proud of myself that I was able to limit myself. I do know that this can't be something i let happen again anytime in the near future. Have a great night
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Grrr. . . just had an entire post and the computer died. . . oh well, here we go again

Melissa - Nice job staying motivated even though the scale isn't being nice. My consultants tell me that when I hit a plateau, it usually means that I'm losing inches instead of pounds, so think of it that way. If we weren't losing inches too, we'd end up baggy

Amy - I'm going to Metabolic Research Center. I'm told it's similar to LA Weight Loss. The thing about "Jake" is that he really could end up on here randomly. His mother is the one who recommended this site to me and she's an active poster on another support thread. If she's browsing someday, she really could see this and tell him about it I suppose it wouldn't be all bad, but I guarantee he knows I'm interested and I'm told he is as well, so I'm just letting things happen as they do.

Brenda - I find myself trying to talk myself into exercising too. Did the talking work? Hope you got in whatever you needed tonight!

Kim - Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed for me. He's am amazing guy and if I end up with him eventually, I will be a very lucky girl. He doesn't seem to think he's desirable in the least, but I think he's incredible. I checked the Sonic website and it looks like the smoothies have a significant amount of sugar. You can check it at Smoothies seem to be very misleading. It's frustrating, isn't it?

Ammi - Thanks for the good wishes. I would love to get one of those random passionate kisses from him. I'm hoping for one sooner rather than later.

Valerie - Good luck with the job interview! I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't be able to drive a semi. I think I'd run over something or someone. Let us know how it goes.

Kenya - Sometimes we just need something sweet. I can completely sympathize. I'm craving something sweet right now.

I don't have much to say tonight. I made breaded pork loin for dinner tonight. I breaded it in melba crumbs and parmasean cheese and baked it. It was awesome! Now it's time for Gilmore Girls. Tomorrow is my first water aerobics class and I'm looking forward to it I'll let you know how it goes. Until then, have a great night ladies!
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Originally Posted by kimpossible View Post
Okay- i have a quick question (5 minutes before class begins-has to be quick). I was on my way to class and craving something sweet, and decided to stop at sonic. I got a Fat-free fruit smoothie. It has pinapple, and orange, and fat free yogurt in it. I don't do calories with my diet I do type of food. so i figured fruit and dairy- but now that i've had it (and it was so good) i'm wondering if maybe it was a bad choice---do you think maybe there is a lot of sugar or something? I'm hoping one of you calorie experts will know if it was a good choice or not- because if it was okay, i might use it a bit more often as a sweet craving- it was really really good.

Thanks ladies!
Hiya Kim .. I went to Calorie King online to look up a sonic smoothie ... a regular tropical smoothie (which I think is what you had .. was the only one there I could think would have pineapple in lol) ... here is the run down ....

Calories 500 (kilojoules 2090)
Sodium 170mg
Carbohydrates Total 124g
Dietary Fibre 4g
Sugars 98g
Protein 1g
Calcium 1400mg

It didnt define as whether this was a fat free choice or not cos I dont know if there are fat free and non fat free options??? But I hope that helps??
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