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Smile I am new here!


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I am right here with you Jodie..... just joined myself

I need to lose at least 60 lbs.... I know what a struggle it is..... I have struggled my entire life with it ...... losing, gaining, losing, gaining..... I am so tired of that

5 lbs at a time is great

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loving my beautiful self
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Jodie! I just wanted to say, way to go for taking the steps to change your lifestyle

One of the things I truly appreciate about this community is that from what I've read, people here want to lose weight in a healthy manner generally speaking, and keep it off! I tend to be part of a few specific groups, so other groups might be a bit different, but what I encounter tends to be encouragement for a healthy balance between eating well and exercising in a healthy manner..

I hope you find what you need here There is also a support group of people who are feeling depressed and working to lose weight, as well as "Chicks in Control", which is more about struggling with binge-eating/overeating.. though realistically I think many of us on 3FC have struggled with overeating at some point or another so I imagine many people will be able to relate.

Hope to see you around... and remember, you can post anytime, whether you're on track or off track, feeling good or bad... don't be shy!
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Hi Jodie and Shirley! Welcome to both of you! You are off to a good start! I would encourage both of you to join us in the numbered threads as that is where most of the chat is. The numbers change all the time; currently it is 1022 or something like that. But just check for the highest number and jump in! The chicks there are wonderful supporters and encouragers!!!
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Welcome girls Im new too, been here only two days and they have made me feel welcome so do jump right in and when you figure out how to follow everything thats going on on here please let me know

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I'm a loser, baby!
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Welcome! Glad to have you here. This is the best support online, ever! Post often so we get to know you, and 5lbs mini goals is the best way to do it!
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Just an invite to join us at Intuitive Eating #2 where we learn to eat by hunger and fullness.
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Hi Jodie, I'm new here..I live in Elgin we are neighbors!!! hope to see you around, I have to go type up an intro!

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Hi Jess... glad you are here!!! Please join us in the numbered threads... that is where the chat is!! Welcome!
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Default new too

hi! just wanted to say hello! i just joined tonight and am trying to meet people and figure out how to use everything. hope to see you in the other chats! lori
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Hi Lori! So glad you joined us! I see you are from St. Louis.... I grew up in Missouri and as a child lived down around Villa Ridge, Gray Summit area... went to high school at Houston! Moved away from the are back in 1978 though so been gone a while!

I look forward to getting to know you.

And I'd like to invite you to the greatest support group ever... the 300+ and Ready to Try Again group. I know you are not quite there but that's fine...actually you are the exact weight I was when I started!

The chat is in the numbered threads... currently at 1033 but it changes often. I just know you will love it there!

So glad you are started on your weight loss goal!!!

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Trying again
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Wow!! Alot of WONDERFUL newbies!!

Hellooooo all of you .. and BIG huggies and welcome to this fantabulous site!

I have only been a member on here for a few months .. not long after I started my journey actually. This is a great site to help you whatever your situation or history or story Never be afraid that you are on your own, whenever you come here you will find others that, while they may not have every one of your "problems" to deal with, they will have some of them .. plus extras of their own lol .. so whatever happens know that others here will know exactly where you are coming from ... and even those that may not .. they will give you soooo much support and encouragement.

Dont be shy Get to know us by letting us get to know you ... even if its a boring "nothing happened" day, drop on in to say hi ... and if you need a buddy (Im available) just ask .. its a great thing to have a buddy when you arent too sure about posting publicly when things go wrong in your day .. but you really want to talk about it We dont just discuss our issues with food .. cos really .. when it comes down to it .. SOMETHING ELSE triggered the food issues and bottling those things up or feeling like no one would understand you just triggers more bad eating habits. So if you are having personal issues or problems dont think we dont want to know ... there is soooo much support on here ladies that really you cant help but feel like you are living with virtual hugs around you 24/7.

Okee .. some more info about this place (which I have found helpful lol) ..
If you want a ticker at the bottom of your posts .. just go up to the "USER CP" which is the first link at the top on the left on the purple line. When you are in your profile on the left are a bunch of links and at the top is "Edit Signature", go on in there and you will see the link to create a ticker (always a good idea to open this in a new window really). Go there and pick the background and the character .. and put in whatever your target is (mini goals are great things for the tickers ) .. once you get to the end you will see a bunch of code to copy (highlight the whole lot in the first box) then go back to your "edit signature" page and pop it in the text box, if you want to see what it looks like before you post it just click on the preview box at the bottom .. once you are ok with it .. SAVE it! lol .. then you wil lhave a lovely ticker to track your progress

Some of the shorthand (that I can remember off the top of my head):
NSV - Non Scale Victory - these are things that you have discovered you can now do that you couldnt before .. even if its tying your shoe laces without gettin out of breath .. or crossing your legs lol ..
FFM - Fat FairyMother .. sorta like a Fairy Godmother but the one that had control of the fat lol .. she does get a bit nasty on occasion!
OP - On Plan (or some use it as Off Plan) .. sticking to your diet/plan

There are other ones which refer to family members .. I can only understand the D (daughter) one really lol .. the others I get a general idea of who it is they are referring to by reading the whole post lol ..

Someone put one of the best phrases that I keep using as a mantra either in one of their posts or as part of their signature "I cant lose 100 pounds, but I can lose 10 pounds ten times"

Oh one last thing ... if you do cheat with eating (as I swear ALL of us do lol), please dont really waste the experience by regretting it and getting upset about it ... instead ask why you did it ... enjoy every mouthful ... learn from it .. and try to find somethig else to do when those triggers happen again (as more often than not .. it will).

Good luck .. and congratulations on your wonderful new steps to a new and healthy lifestyle .. I hope to see you on the boards and if you want a buddy .. just pm me


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Hi Jodie,

glad you found us. I hear you on the trying to diet while suffering with depression. Are you on any meds to help you with it? I have had depression for 4 years and for most of that time the meds I were on actually didn't help much at all. Dieting was a nightmare, and exercising, well it was non existant. Hard to exercise when you just wanted to be in bed sleeping. I finally got the right meds in April and since then my life hasn't been the same. I am like a new person, including how I look because my weight loss has really taken off. So, if you aren't on any medication, perhaps you should look into it because personally I think dieting is hard enough normally, but mostly too hard for people whose depression isn't under control

Other than that my advice for getting started is to have lots of low cal/fat snacks around so that when you just have to eat, you can reach for an apple instead of a candy bar etc. Fill up on fresh veges rather than processed foods, and keep a food journal. Even if you eat something naughty, make sure you write it down. Which diet are you following, I am on WW and definitely find it's the best for me.

Hope to see you on the daily numbered threads,


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