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Misti in Seattle 09-27-2006 08:34 AM

Good morning, everyone! Abbeykat, love the new avatar photo... looking good!

LOL about the underwear... amazing how rude sales clerks can be! Ref. bra extenders, they won't work for me because I have the opposite problem... by the time I fit into a cup size I have to SEW UP the sides of the bra to make the band size smaller. No I sure don't enjoy blowing money on bras LOL.

Muse... guess Seattle has quite a reputation LOL.

Sharon, oh no about losing your message! Bad bad computer!! And as for people with their measuring tapes, actually I can't remember the last time here I have had anyone try to measure me. I think generally it's pretty hard to come by here too... though I've never tried because I never wanted it LOL.

AmmiUK 09-27-2006 08:37 AM

Hello All,

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, can I just say OUCH!!!! I didnít do that many crunches yesterday, but my ab muscles are REALLY feeling it today :dizzy: I did attempt to still do at least some of the crunches in the work out again today, but nope, it was too painful. So I ended up just doing some leg work etc while Richard carried on with the crunches. I am glad that I could at least do the rest of the work out again. I do have a concern though, does the fact that half the time I feel like I am getting the steps wrong, or just donít have enough room to do them properly mean I am not getting the work out I should be? I still end up in a sweat, I just donít feel like I do when I do WATP and thatís only for half an hour. Maybe I am having so much fun that I just donít feel like I am working out :lol: Oh well I am only doing it this week and then next week itís change time. I quite like the sound of Richards Latino Dance DVD. Might just ask Santa to bring me that for Christmas :lol:

Patti Ė no you arenít in a rut really. You have lost those extra lbs, got back to your ticker weight, and lost a couple of lbs besides that. It was only your last official WI where you didnít see a loss. So donít lose heart, keep on with the exercise and green tea, and the WW diet of course, and :crossed: that you will see a good loss on Friday.

Trixie Ė when you say you are taking your kitten for a walk, do you mean on a leash? I used to have a gorgeous little hot pink harness and lead for my kitten when I lived in Australia. As a kitten she loved to go for walks, but she soon grew too independent and would shoot out the door when she shouldnít. So no more need for the lead then.

Xena Ė I saw an ad for that Blast and Tone DVD, it came with special bands to work out with too. Is it a good DVD? When I was looking for Richardís website last night I came across two things to do with him. First of all, did you see him when he was on Whose Line Is It Anyway? I found a clip of it, and I laughed so much, not only at Richard, but at the audience reaction. I swear they were nearly wetting themselves :lol: The other thing I found was so crazy, it was a news article about Richard getting arrested for slapping some man. The man in question is an ex con, 6 foot 1, and weighs nearly 300 lbs. He made some remark about dancing with the oldies, said it was meant to be a joke, not anything nasty. Anyway Richard was angry at him, and told him not to pick on people who may have issues and he slapped his face. The ex con only went and phoned the police and got Richard charged. What a jerk. Thankfully the charges were dropped, but sheesh they should never have been made in the first place!

Enough about him though, I am sorry you are still finding it difficult to stay OP properly. It does sound like work has a lot to blame for that though, and I am glad that you are managing to keep to some more reasonable hours and that you are able to work out a bit now. Hopefully getting back into a routine will inspire you to stay OP and once those lbs start coming off that should be motivation enough to keep you strong :hug:

I donít think you should keep your membership to the ĎYí not if you arenít using it at all. Like you said, you can exercise at home AND you are thinking of joining Curves, so use the ĎYí money to go towards Curves. When you joined before why did you have ambivalent feelings about it all?

Kenya Ė yay you are back. Hope hubby wasnít too late getting home after the rain delay. Did he bring you and the kids lovely gifts apart from bringing himself home of course :D

Looking forward to seeing your progress pics!

Valerie Ė yes it is wonderful to realise that endurance is building, though tell that to my abs today :lol: I hope you arenít suffering as well after doing your crunches yesterday :D

NO you canít be serious, are the powers that be trying to say that Ketchup is to be considered one of the kids 5 portions of vegetables? That sounds crazy :dizzy:

Was that film you watched called Ice Castles, is it the one where the figure skater goes blind? I read that book in high school, and have watched the film a couple of times. Itís a fave of mine, and I cry at the end every time.

Heather Ė wow you amaze me more and more with how much you are changing, and I love how it gets you thinking. It does very much seem like you are beginning to enjoy exercising :cp: It will certainly make the rest of your weight loss journey and then maintaining your new weight a lot easier if you like to get out there and exercise. So glad hubby is enjoying it too.

Amy Ė very well said!!! You are right that expensive as it may be to have to buy smaller clothes as the weight comes off, it COULD be worse, we could be having to buy bigger clothes instead. Putting it like that sure does put it in perspective.

Oh yes I love Lost, and did enjoy the finale last night. BUT still so many questions to be answered, I canít wait til the new series starts but guaranteed it will be months after you get to see it. You might have to give me a few spoilers if your sis lets you watch it at her house.

Yes I guess your friend could have been right that crying at the end of her run would be an emotional release. I think for me it was bit of emotion at actually being able to do the work out, and having Richard saying YOU ARE special etc. I have spent so long feeling like I am not special, even moreso during my depression, that when anybody says I am, even Richard generalising :lol: it gets to me. I went to see my doctor just before she changed my anti depressants. She is a firm believer in positive thinking and was trying to get me to focus on the good things in my life and about myself rather than the bad. I started crying and said there are no good things about me. She said there are, and named a few, and said I am a good person and so special to Daren etc, and I just howled :lol: No wonder she changed my meds :D And thank goodness they work :D

Aww I am sorry that you are going to have to give up your cat, you sound so upset and guilty about it :hug: You know you are doing the right thing though, you arenít just fed up of the cat and want to get rid, you have very valid reasons that he canít stay with you. You are going to find him a good home, you arenít going to put him in the pound. He will be fine. You can even get the new Ďmommyí to stay in touch with you just to let you know how he is getting on. He will miss you, but he will adapt and be happy, so try not to be too upset :hug:

Howís the thumb now, sounds like if you had been slicing a little harder you could have cut the thing off :yikes: You be careful in the future :D

:bravo: another lb down, I am so glad you have realised the importance of mini goals. They really do make all the difference, even when you think of it as the quote you mentioned, I canít lose 100 lbs, but I can lose 10 lbs 10 times. Makes it sound so doable doesnít it, thatís because it IS :D

Sue Ė that cartoon is so funny. Somebody sent it to me the other day, and I made an email background with it because I loved it so much :lol: I wish I had the guts to wear a t-shirt like that :D

Muse Ė sorry you are having to go to a funeral, I hope it wonít be too awful. I also hope you will manage to stay OP while you are out of town, but if you donít, just try to limit the damage a bit. You know, maybe eat whatís on offer, but donít eat too much of it.

Angie Ė I love your new avatar photo, it was nice to see your cats, but even nicer to have a better picture of you :D Good for you for changing the photo!

Sharon Ė I will tell you what I was told when I lost my last post, use Word to type it up. If you save it along the way then even if your PC crashes you will have your post there ready for when you get it up and running again. Sorry that you had the PC probs today though and of course that you lost your post. That is sooooo frustrating.

Good for you for being totally OP and doing so much exercise. I bet by your WI you will have lost those final 3 lbs, and maybe 1 more besides just to keep you going on that downward scale slide :hug: You should be proud of yourself for being so motivated this week especially as you are having to go without your old meds in preparation for the new ones you can take on Friday. Just two more days and if you are anything like me, you will wake up Saturday morning feeling amazing!

Ok I have to go make lunch now. Will be back later I am sure. So take care all and bye for now,


Ammi :grouphug:

toofatforu 09-27-2006 09:16 AM

Ammi i hope you are right.. i need my scales to show a loss bad!

Lilion 09-27-2006 10:02 AM

Don't post here!

Follow along to the next thread!
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