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    We are a group of individuals who weigh or have weighed 300+, or near there. This group was formed to provide a place for others like us to find support and hope. We are aware of the distinct problems that come with weighing over 300 lbs.

    We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
    We share laughter and tears.
    We share what works for us and what doesn't.
    We often use a "Topic of the Day" for discussion.

    Motivational Monday
    Tuesday Tips
    Wednesday Wish List .. and What you are doing to obtain it.
    Thankful Thursday
    FUN Friday ... don't wait until you lose your weight.
    Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
    Share your Success Sunday

    These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We often find them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears ... joys and celebrations.

    We have several extra threads going on simutaneously such as Monthly Challenges, Weekly Weigh-ins, Recipes, Bios, and more. Please feel free to check them all out.

    We have found this thread to be more than just a support group...
    we have found it to become a home. We invite you to join us.


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  • You gals are SssssssssssmOkin! Absolutely Sssmokin! For the last couple days I haven't even been able to keep up with all the reading, much less post all I wanted to respond to!

    Anyway, I'm back (if 2-3 counts as being gone) and tomorrow is the official start of my 6-week Challange... although in all honesty I tried to get it under way over the weekend. The first snag I hit was going to an auction Saturday. I had packed my own food to take so that I wouldn't have to face the "carnival food" they have there, but then I left it at my friends house when I picked her up and ended the day with a steak sandwich w/grilled onions & bun. I was actually naughty both Saturday and Sunday as far as no exercise and not enough water, but my eating, especially today, was really good. Tomorrow it's No Holds Barred! Back to water chugging, muscle building & fat burning as well as careful eating.

    I worked with my beloved Gabriel (horse) tonight and we're making real progress. I've asked myself many times, Why is it that I can work with any horse I meet, but working with him is something I actually avoid? I think it's because he's such a dream, and (see if this sounds familiar) I have such high hopes for the end result that I'm scared to start in case I fail. That sounds almost like a "Why I don't lose weight" mantra. Well, I won't fail. I guess I have to just face him as a horse, not a dream, and treat him like I treat any other horse. I guess that I'm also afraid that he'll be ready to ride and I won't be, and once again I'll be watching someone else ride my horse, only this one is special. I ought to be more afraid that I'll be ready and he won't be. Anyway, we worked tonight and it was wonderful. - OH, and I found my riding helmet! Definately a good thing since I'll be needing it soon!!

    Hopefully I'll have an interview Monday at 3:30, so I'll see what's up on the job front.

    The refrigerator is stocked with all the stuff I need for the week. I spent quite a bit of time today pre-cooking some lean beef, salmon, lean pork and lots of chicken, so all I have to do is grab it without thinking too much. Picked up tons of fruits & veggies, more than I usually have on hand, and now I have ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSES left to do this right!

    Heavens, it's early for bed, especially since the dogs were so worn out from their day at the auction yesterday that even the puppy slept in this morning until 8:30! This is the first time since I got him in February that I haven't had to get up to walk the puppy in the middle of the night. I'm still tired, though, so night-night all!!

    And Heather? Thanks for the new tag line. Hope you don't mind that I stole it, but it's something that's good for me to see every day!!
  • Sharon-A booty call is like a one night stand but you don't actually go on the date first. Or meet at like a bar or whatever. They call you up, you go over and and you go home. And it usually lasts more then just one night. It's not every night but its when ever you or they feel the need to do the deed.

    Idealmuse- It is good to have you here!

    Mechell-I think thats awesome that you live in Barrow! I wanted to say something sooner, I just am spacey sometimes! But I saw a thing about Barrow on the Travel show and wow. It is insane how extreme it is up there. Do you worry about Polar Bears? About sabotaging yourself. I know exactly what you are talking about. I would always get to about 25 lbs lost and I would freak out and sabotage it. I finally had to figure out why I wanted to stay obese. For me, I was molested between the ages of 6-8 by my best friends brother. They moved away and about a year later another boy was trying and was interupted by my sister. When I said something to my sister about it, he said that he would never do that because he didn't think I was pretty. It was right after that I started to gain weight. That was the only way I thought I could "not be pretty" was to be overweight. It has been my safety and my comfort ever since. This for me has been a huge process that has brought up all my insecurities and my safety issues. I am not saying that anything like that happened to you, but maybe it is something about being safe. I just know for me I had to figure out why before I could continue. It might not be the same for you...*shrugs*

    it's about commitment to a process
    Amen Sister!!

    I lost another 3 lbs! Hopefully next week will be just as good. I ate amazing amounts of junk this weekend. Friday night my mom, sis, aunt, and grandma all went to Wendover to see Wayne Newton! For dinner they all wanted to go to the Buffet in one of the casinos. I didn't eat horrible there, I ate way less then I used to eat at buffets so it wasn't really that however I didn't eat completely OP. It was mostly the liquor I drank while gambling that really wasn't all that good. And not enough water. And my friend had a housewarming party the next night so more liquor and more finger foods. However I am not really going to kick my butt about it. Today was a new day and I ate OP. That is really all I can do. Wayne Newton was a BLAST THOUGH!! He is amazingly funny. He is getting up there in age so his voice is going but he is still a performer. Loved it! I also had a couple NSV's! When my grandma and my aunt showed up so we could drive to Wendover, I walked up the stairs and my aunt huffed at me and went "OMG YOU REALLY CAN TELL! You are getting thinner!" And at the house warming party, there were some people that I haven't seen since July and they both were like "OMG HOW MUCH WEIGHT HAVE YOU LOST NOW?! You are looking really good!" It was just really nice to hear because lately I have just been feeling kind of gross about the way I look. I have a hard time telling if it is noticable. But yay! One day I will be svelt! Hope everyone is doing good! <333
  • Idealmuse – Sounds like we have the same attitude about exercise. I’ve been doing it about a year now, though the first few months I did a lot less and I slowly increased. I don’t generally like it but feel it’s vital, so… For me a key is going to be finding things I love so I don’t get bored! I hit a rut this summer with weights AND my normal treadmill routine. I have found a way to shake up both, I think, and that should help. I’m hooking up with a trainer soon, and am actually a little excited by it.

    This all shocks me, because exercise has been the really hard thing for me to do. Somehow I have managed to get my food and eating under control!

    And when you quoted my other post, that’s EXACTLY how I think of the exercise part of this (well, the eating too…). JUST DO IT! Actually, my husband and I say: “Get er done!” Whatever works!

    Valerie – Sounds like you are all set! Planning ahead helps SOOOO much!

    As for “stealing” that quote, please! Have it! Whatever helps!!! I really believe that, too. I "Just did it" to steal from Nike!
  • I couldn't say It better so I just quoted you. Hehe. When I use an example to people I usually say brushing teeth, but bills work to. Gotta do both!

    Okay so here is a question for you guys...

    You know how people figure out the 10 percent lost thing?

    When I figure out the second 10 percent should it be from my start weight or from the first 10 lost#? I know it doesn't matter it should be what ever I FEEL like setting as a goal. But for some silly reason I just wanted to be consistent with what others say when they say "I lost the second 10percent".
  • Hey everyone~

    Thanks again for all the great encouraging replies yesterday! I really needed them. I start on my synthyroid for hypothyroidism today. I really hope it will help me some. I will just have to see! We are going grocery shopping later today and it is really helping planning our meals. Not only does it make life easier but it helps me to stay OP. Because its like ok what we have in the kitchen is what we are eating. If I don't have coke or junk food in the kitchen I don't eat it! And I can't say enough how I see so many changes from just not drinking soda alone! I would just drink so much soda a day without even thinking about it. Now I look back and I am just like oh my God how did I ever just throw so many sodas down my throat! LOL

    IDRIL~Barrow is a extreme place for sure! Like I said before the highs are in the 20s and 30s now. And by November we will have 24 hour darkness! I do not worry about polar bears so much..but you do have to be bear aware. I am scared of them though. Seeing how most of them are the size of my suv!!!
    Thanks hun for sharing your reason on why you found out you were holding on to staying overweight. I am sorry that has happened to you. Similar things have happened in my past. And I am sure it has helped me hide under the fat. I really hope I can learn and figure out and shed this weight! Thanks again for sharing. And yes Heather was right on the money when she said its a commitment to the process! And Congrats on your loss! That is great!

    Before I go I also wanted to say. Its hard for me to be honest with myself. But I am seeing how I actually have been so lazy. Now I am not saying that is the whole reason. But I just notice how my whole life I *talked* about losing weight but would never get off the couch. I really hope I can break that cycle. But it is hard looking in the mirror and calling myself out when I am just being lazy.

    I hope you all have a good monday!!!

  • Hi Ladies - Just dropping in! I got in a 37 minute walk tonight (in addition to my 20min one earlier, yay!) and it was great, quite fast paced for me, I walked about 2 miles. I'm going to REALLY look for my measuring tape tonight....I don't expect any difference though. It feels like I've been at the same size and weight for months now, lol. Well I'm off to add my exercise minutes to the thread! Hope everyone is doing well.
    Stay OP chickies!!

  • *whoosh* there go at least 2-3 more threads! EDIT: my goodness, even just while I was posting, 2 more people posted before I hit Submit!!

    Idealmuse--I would count it from the 10 pounds lost. The reason for this is that if you keep counting it from your starting weight, then eventually, you won't be able to lose another 10% because each 10% chunk is nearly 30 pounds, and eventually, you won't HAVE 30 whole pounds to lose Also, as you lose weight and get closer to goal, your weight loss can slow down, so I think it would be mentally beneficial to have a goal like 20 pounds (when you're around 200) rather than 30 pounds. Heh, that all makes sense in my head anyways, but you do whatever makes most sense in your head

    idril--I couldn't help but laugh at the smiley you used to describe "the deed" (the guy riding the turkey)

    I started back on my menus again yesterday. I'm STILL not down into the 270s, so maybe during this 11-day cycle...we shall see...
  • Idealmuse - The only other way you could work out the percentage is to decide how much you want to lose altogether, then divide that into 10% sections. So, for me, I wanted to lose about 200lbs, so my target would have been 20lbs for each 10% lost. Does that make sense? So then you would have to say that you had lost 10% of your TARGET weight loss, not 10% of your weight. Otherwise, I would stick with something along the lines of what Jill said.

    Jill - How did you go this time on your 'free' days? I remember you saying that you didn't do too well the last time.

    Michelle - I can certainly relate to not being honest with yourself. I obviously found that "ignorance is bliss". I have found lately that I have had to face a few truths about just WHAT made me fat. When you are being interviewed over and over again this is definitely a common question. I had to think hard and fast about it and I realised that I ate WAY too much of the wrong foods and not enough of the right ones. I was also WAY too sedentary. Exercise for me was light housework (when that got done) and walking to the letter box. See, we have to walk all the way to the end of our driveway to get our mail. That would probably be a whole 20 metres or so. Definitely less than 100 feet. Sad huh? I think it is often easier to blame genetics, hormones and age on the fact that we are morbidly obese. Yes, these may be contributing factors, but they certainly aren't the be all and end all. Oops... I think I'm up on that soapbox again. Probably preaching to the converted again too.

    Chrissy - Well done on those wonderful comments you received!!!! You thoroughly deserve them, as the pics you posted show.
    I am sorry that you had a couple of horrific childhood experiences that caused you to want to hide. It certainly makes sense that gaining weight would have been a saving factor at the time, at least in a young one's mind. I am so glad that you have been able to work through those issues and are becoming more accepting of a future 'slim' you.

    Valerie - I'm glad you got time to work with Gabriel. I 'hear' the passion you have for your horses and I know that this time is truly special for you. It is understandable that you have fears about being ready to ride him and if that will coincide with when HE is ready. It is wonderful to see that you have put many things into place to get back on the wagon, so that you can get back on the horse. Sounds good to me anyway.

    Well, I only answered those posts in this thread, but I know I've missed some from the old thread. I just don't want to lose these, so I'll get them posted and check out who I missed.

    I have managed to get through my first day of preparation for my gastroscopy/colonoscopy on Wednesday. Today was eating smaller portions of a limited array of foods. Mostly white meat, eggs and white bread or crackers. Also rice. I was fine with the white meat and eggs, but I haven't had white bread, crackers and rice for a LONG time. I am already craving my fruit and vegetables. How am I going to go tomorrow when I am not allowed to eat ANYTHING? Just fluids ALL day. I have to drink something every hour. I was supposed to do that today, but I didn't do too well. I HAVE to do it tomorrow. It may be easier seeing as that is all I am allowed to have. I am not looking forward to the medications I have to have tomorrow night and Wednesday morning as preparation for this. I have heard that they are absolutely disgusting. I am also scared about the procedures on Wednesday as I am terrified of having some pain. Oh well... I'll just have to wait and see. Maybe the tests will answer some questions. I have actually recently had pains in my stomach and lower bowel, so there could be something going on there anyway. Fingers crossed that all goes well.

    I am off from work tomorrow, because with all that liquid I am going to be heading to the bathroom on a VERY regular basis. It would be difficult to teach if I had to do that. I go to the bathroom enough when I don't drink at all, let alone if I have to drink every hour. Oh what fun!

    I have a LOT of emails and letters/cards to answer, so I should be fairly busy tomorrow.

    Take care all,

  • Zelma -- GOOD LUCK with that test!!!!! You can come here for support about the food!

    Idealmuse -- Wow, you raised an interesting question! I didn't know people thought about it so differently!

    I count from my starting weight... at 295, 30 pounds (tehcnically 29.5) was the first 10%, another 30 the second, etc... so at 107 pounds I have lost just over 36% of my starting weight. If I ever get to 50% (which I'm not shooting for), I'd be "normal weight" for my height.
  • Valerie- It sounds like you are all set for the week! I’m so bad at preparing myself, and when I do, I decide I don’t want to eat anything I got setup: blush: because of course, I don’t really like healthy food. I do have a question about riding- you don’t have to be down to 146 before you can ride do you? I ask because I’ve always wanted to try riding a horse, and always figured I was too big. But I will never be that thin, for me (5’10) that would be unhealthy. My goal is 180/170- do you think I could ride then?

    Chrissy- doesn’t it make you feel great to get those compliments? I think it’s true of all of us, we see ourselves everyday, and so it’s hard to see the loss because it is so gradual. Then someone who hasn’t seen you in a while sees you and they get the whole affect of the 40 pounds you’ve lost! Congrats!!! Oh- and I have to ask, because I must have missed the thread where this came up—what brought up the question about the booty call? Sorry- way to out of there not to ask: lol:

    Idealmuse- I’ve never used the 10% thing, but I’m thinking that the idea is that you’ve lost ex: 10% of the 100pounds you wanted to lose (so 10). Then you’ve lost 20% of the 100 pounds you wanted to lose (20- your second 10). Until finally you can say I lost 100% of my goal. I’m not an expert on this at all, it’s just what I think- in fact I might use this, now that I’ve thought it out as the way I set my mini goals- seeing as I really don’t know what method to use to set them. I’m going to…changing my ticker right now…THANKS! EDIT-I’ve just read Jill’s post and I think that makes more sense…it depends on if your thinking 10% of your weight or 10% of your goal…like Zelma said…I’m just too late posting, my thoughts are no longer original- but I swear I thought this out on my own

    Michelle- such a good point about soda. One year- I couldn’t face dieting again, so I just gave up caffeine (and I don’t drink coffee, so this was ultimately giving up soda, although sometimes tea). I did it for 6 months and I lost about 15 pounds- I didn’t do anything else, no exercise, and no dieting, nothing! I just wish I’d added in what your doing, the healthy food and exercise, then I would have done really well. But soda is a huge factor!

    Melissa- good job on the walk! You know, I forget where I heard this, but health professionals say you are really in good aerobic health when you can walk 2 miles in 30 minutes. That’s my goal whenever I go to the gym to get as close to 2 miles in 30 minutes as possible- sounds like you are getting there!!! As far as feeling like you’ve been the same weight/size for months- don’t forget those pictures you just posted for just a month separate, and how you’d really shaped up. We see ourselves every day, that’s why we need those pics to tell us that we really are losing!

    Zelma- I had no idea about the colonoscopy- I must have missed it when you mentioned it! Well, if it makes you feel any better (not that much can when it’s surgery) my good friend had a colonoscopy about a year ago. Of course, surgery was not fun, but she was up walking within the first couple days! Afterwards she’s had such a huge improvement in how she feels- and they realized that she was so close to have colon cancer- it probably saved her life! She has to be very careful on what foods she eats now, as some things will have her in the toilet right away, but I wouldn’t say it’s really changed things for her negatively at all! Good luck- keep us posted!

    Well- I went to bed early and I'm so behind (beware, lots to read ahead). I had a good day yesterday, and today should be good. I'm off today, so just trying to get caught up on everything before I get back to work tomorrow (ewww)! I have my first big test for one of my online classes tomorrow- so lots of studying to do- I really put it off too long, and have been paying for it this last week- hopefully I'll get a b or better on test (I'm not happy with just a pass- perfectionist in me).
    Time to hit the books- have a great day ladies!
  • Valerie- Good luck with your interview! Your motivation you have right now is really inspiring! Keep it up!

    Chrissy- Congratulations on the 3lbs down! Great job!

    Wylenn- I hear you on the exercise was harder to get under control than the eating. I keep promising myself I am going to go walking after work and haven’t lately. In the spring and summer, I was doing so well with it. Now I need to get back on track. You have done an amazing job so far! Your are such an inspiration! Thank you!

    Ideal- I traditionally figure my 10% from my starting weight.

    Michelle- Good luck breaking the cycle. I think that most of us know what we need to do, it is just putting the actions behind the words. Or at least, that is the case with me.

    Melissa- Congratulations on the great walk that you got in!

    Jill- Good luck on reaching the 270s. You can do it! You’ll reach them before you know it.

    Zelma- Good luck with the procedure on Wednesday. My thoughts are with you!

    Kim- Good luck on the test. I am sure you’ll do fine!

    Sorry I have been missing for the past few days. I’ve been out of town and then when I got back to work it was crazy. Every time I tried to log on to this site from home, my home computer froze up. So, I’m not sure what is up with that. I need to check to see what is going on with it- I’m sure there’s some spyware or something on there that I’ll need to get removed.

    I’m been doing fairly well with keeping my eating on track. One night when I was out of town, I was tempted to be bad and got this cheese based soup in a bread bowl. But the powers that be intervened. As I was beginning to eat it, I noticed there were chunks of ham in it. (I’m a vegetarian.) So, I just traded it in for a cup (instead of a bowl) of vegetarian chili.

    Right now my biggest struggle is getting back in the zone to work out. I keep promising myself I am going to walk after work, but always have some excuse why I don’t. Normally, it is because I’m exhausted because I’ve been non-stop at work all day. I know as soon as I go out and do it, I’ll be fine. I enjoy walking and it relieves stress big time. I just need to take that first step and get back out there.
  • Morning ladies,

    I missed 3 threads. Whew. So instead of getting all stressed about it I will catch up on this one.

    Val: Good luck in the Curves 6 week course. I am restarting it again too only at home this time. I will be going to WW to weigh in but the Curves program worked way better for me than WW. It is easier for me to do. Good luck at the interview too. I have spoken to you on the phone enough times to know that you are very intelligent and articulate in speach so, you will wow em for sure! Kiss Gabriel and of course Simon on the nose for me.

    Chrissy: Congrats on another -3 Excellent job.

    Wyllen: I was looking at your current weight 188 I am so excited for you. You are such an inspiration.

    Idealmuse: I agree with Jilly and Zelma on your 10% of the weight you are now not your starting weight. Good job.

    Mechelle: I really was touched by your honesty about why you don't do certain things. I too suffer from Laziness. Thank you for being so honest.

    Vilandra: Glad to see you are feeling better.

    Jillybean: Good luck with your upcoming new plan.

    Zelma: I will be praying your operation goes smoothly.

    Kimberly: Good luck on your test.

    Ammi: Hope your weigh in was a success. I'm sure it is you rock.

    Everyone else: Blessings and have a wonderful day.

  • Hello everyone! I wasnt on the computer all weekend so I have missed a bunch of threads. I am not even going to try to catch up on personals, so none today, sorry! I find when I try to do that I just end up stressing myself out and that pretty much defeats the point of posting here, eh?

    The wedding was beautiful, everything went great. I'll have to post some pictures of my hair. It was really awesome We spent all day Saturday setting up the hall. My sister, her fiance, and I set up and decorated the hall for seating for 200, all by ourselves. My sister did have one freak out about who was going to make the coffee, and her poor fiance was just trying to let her vent, but I know my sister and thankfully if she is told how irrational she is being most of the time she will calm down. So it was ok and we ended up laughing about afterward. Thankfully the decorations were all pretty simple, so the majority of it was just setting up the tables and chairs.

    My neice did have a minor meltdown, but it was actually really funny. She was the flower girl and walked down the aisle with the basket held up to her face w/one had and threw out the petals w/the other hand Then when she got down to the end of the aisle and ran out of petals, she threw herself on the floor face first and started crying My sister's fiance picked her up and gave her to my mom, and then she came up and stood by my sister for about 5 min during the ceremony. Well, what are you gonna do? My sister wasnt mad about it or anything--she fully expected something to go wrong. That's just what happens when you have kids.

    This weekend was terrible for my plan, though. Friday we went to chinese buffet after we finished decorating the hall, but I actually did pretty well. I didnt eat near as much as I usually do and made better choices, but it was still chinese buffet Saturday there was no time for anything before we got to the church, and then once I was there and dressed and the pictures had been taken I had like 2 hours before the wedding but of course I couldnt leave, so Nat brought me food at the church, and of course that was bad.

    Oh well, today is a new day. I am back on track. I bet with all the salt I ate this weekend I have gained back the 2 lbs I lost before...oh well. I'll weigh tonight and see what the damage is and go from there.

    Congrats to all the losers, condolences to anyone who is struggling. You all are a great bunch and I am proud to know you!
  • The 10percent thing - From the replies everyone thinks of it just a wee bit differently so I guess there really isn't a consistent way of looking at it. I'll just have to pick one and run with it then.

    Thanks everyone!