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Default Old Hens - 40+ and Ready to Lose!!! #83

This thread is a sub-set of the 300+ thread.

This group is for those dealing with the challenges of having a significant amount of weight to lose and being fit which becomes harder after age 40. If you're an old or new friend and not over 40 and feel this is the place to post, jump right in.

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Hello ladies!

I'm here! Just had a couple of busy nights this week. And tonight too so I'm getting this posted after work and after an outing with the Sunday school ladies to an Italian restaurant.

Wednesday night, DH and I had a huge argument over nothing in particular. Ever have one of those projects that is just doomed from the beginning? We have needed to replace our mailbox since the lid was broken off and the red flag was missing. Plus the mailman said we needed a bigger mailbox so he wouldn't have to drive up the driveway for larger packages. How rude! Just because I had ordered something from online. Sheesh. Anyway, we attempted to do that on Wednesday and it was a disaster from the beginning. Too many things to detail. We ended up at Lowe's yesterday buying another new mailbox (don't ask) which I bought the JUMBO size so that should make the MM happy. And bought a new pole and brackets. That installation onto the pole went much better and that mailbox went undented (from an angry DH with a hammer ). We just need to put up a couple of steel poles for better support and cement. But the argument was driven by frustration and extreme heat and humidity. All better now.

Yesterday, I didn't feel all that great so I decided to call in sick. I went back to sleep for a while which helped the headache some. We went to Lowe's and spent a buttload on getting poles, concrete and just stuff for making the corral area more permanent (plus all the new mailbox stuff). We had lunch out and came back to watch a movie. We were watching A History of Violence with Vittori (guy from Hildago and LOR) which wasn't a bad movie. Probably a A- movie. The driveway buzzer went off in the middle of the movie and turned out to be mom. She came up to see Spice and stay all night. She had talked about it but never told ME that she was going to do it for sure and when. Must have told DB. We said that we're going to watch the rest of the movie and then she wanted to talk during the movie. After the holes were dug for the corral poles, DH, mom, and I went out to a small diner for dinner and then home to bed. She was off to home early this morning. A very short visit for her. I think she was a little disappointed that Spice wouldn't let her pet her.

Lilion - There are too many food landmines. We have to learn how to deal with them or else we're never going to make our goals. I have been struggling with it all summer. Sorry to see the hateful scale up again. A lady at work found out last year that she had a tumor on her pituitary and had probably been there for years. She found out about it because of her vision getting really bad - which she also ignored for a while. The tumor had grown large enough to wrap it self around carotid arteries and was pressing on her optic nerve causing permanent damage. She had been complaining about weight gain for a long time (she had been anorexic thin and then boom 30 pounds came on) but the doc's pooh-poohed it. She had to have surgery to get out part of it and then she's taking meds to make it shrink. So, I hope the results of the MRI turn out okay. I know how you feel about doctors. Royal pain in the patootie! We got a storm come through on Wednesday night. We were both sitting there and heard this noise and both thought something was seriously wrong in the bathroom. As in...oh crap, what now but low and behold it was rain. Seems like forever since its rained hard like that. We went out on the front porch to watch it rain and I had to get a jacket!

Valerie - Little Spice girl is an ornery little fart. I've been letting them out at night. She runs, jumps and bucks. Poor mom can't hardly keep up with her. Its so funny to see her running so fast and then she'll stop to eat and next thing I know, all I can see of her is a tail flipping up and down from the ground. Then she's up and running again. She tried to kick my mom last night (mom's fault IMO) because Ginger was on the outside of the corral and Spice was on the inside and didn't know how to get herself back out. Mom should not have tried to get in the corral and catch her. She can kick pretty darn high and looked powerful. Amazing for a few days old. Hope your trip on the road is going well. Did I read on the other thread that you were doing exercises WHILE you were driving?????

Karen - Congrats on the raise!! What a dufus boss!

Siena - Hang in there with the heat. Did you finally get any temp relief? Its bad all over country this summer it seems. Good to see some progress with your knee. Congrats on the pants NSV! That's a good thing. Hopefully the pizza and chocolate helped you satisfy urges and you're back OP.

Leah - Good to see you posting. Yep, I've got the Spice foal. Don't feel bad if you get us confused. I do that too - especially when we get new ladies! Which we love to have join us. Someone used to keep index cards to keep track. Think that is Thin who does (or did) that. How did the babysitting, workout and walking go the other night? I am very sorry to see that your mother has AZ. Such a heartbreaking disease.

Thin - I think I caught your slugness as that is how I felt yesterday. Good to see more posts from you! Love them! I'll have to keep that McD's salad in mind for future reference. Kind of hard to eat that and drive at the same time! Good job on getting back OP to see the results on the scale. Now, just listen to your good friend, the EM and the Airwalker. They want to get to know you better.

Ruth - Ice cream has been my bain too. Something I seem not willing to give up. The challenge then is how to work in a healthy portion (it is possible!) and cut back elsewhere or more exercise. You CAN have your cake and eat it too!

Angela - How cool that piano playing counts as exercise! Of course, if you get as energetic as Jerry Lee Lewis while playing, you can count all those minutes. As far as inner , I think Dr. Phil would say that we're not really wanting and willing to be committed to our goals. If we continue to sabotage ourselves by having the ice cream and not doing the exercise, then we must not want it bad enough. If we want to get down to our goal weight, then we will either eat only a bite of foods at events we can't control or just say no. If we're really committed, then we'll get on the evil and infernal machines or routines. I can say all that and think, yeah, whatever! However, I think it means that we have to get up everyday and examine what we want and what we're going to do that day to get there. Not what we want to do, but what are we GOING to do.

Sue - I liked reading your post about the age thing. One of the things I like about being over 40, is that all of a sudden, I realize that I really don't have to care what anyone else thinks. I don't give a rip if someone sees me and thinks, what a fat woman. If they don't like what they see, they don't have to look. Now that doesn't mean that I am content being fat because I'm not because of the health reasons. But coming into acceptance that there is more to life than being size 6 is great. Loved this line -
His throat, maybe, but not me
I love musicals too. I haven't been to one in years though. When DH and I first got together, I asked him to go see Cats with me thinking how cool to have a date. Well, other than taking me to see Phantom of the Opera for my birthday, I haven't been back. Musicals and DH don't mix. One of my favs is Les Miserables. Love that music.

Celery - Lunch didn't sound too bad especially if you only eat half a bagel. A real portion of bagel is of a small one; not the monster bagels everyone sells these days. The Scottish festival sounds fun. But not worth wrecking your diet over! Good job! Just read how you lightened up the recipe and found something better than before. I kind of do that aerobic house cleaning stuff too - called procrastination when someone is coming and then its OH CRAP gotta get a move on. Hope you enjoyed your lunch! Have fun on Saturday!

Speaking of the pool - I will be forced to spend time in it on Saturday to clean it after the storm. Nope, haven't been it since Tuesday night. Needs water again after we had too many in the pool on Tuesday and had a small flood the yard thing. Would have been hysterical to have on video. Only lost a couple inches of water which given the size, that part of the yard got a good drink.

I am going to get this posted now. Geez, editing has taken almost as long as writing it earlier today! Goodnight!
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Hope everyone who remembers me is sitting down.

I have had one heck of a rollercoaster ride with my sister.
She is still alive but unfortunately she is in a nursing home now.
The doctors have given up trying to figure out how long she will last because she makes a liar out of them every time. Now they "predict" 3 weeks or so. I say she will be here for 3 months or more. Hospice is involved now too.

Lilion... I was shocked when I saw your note to me.
I did not expect to still be remembered ... and certainly did not expect to be mentioned anymore. It has been a longgggg time since I could peek in.

In fact... I am not back. I have a "TO DO" list a mile longggggg.
I got totally FRUSTRATED trying to figure out Microsoft Program to make the neighborhood phone book. I could do page 1 and 2 and 4 ... but could not get page 3 to write. Grrrrr. I don't know who to ask for help ???? I read their so called "help" section... but I am too dense to figure it out. *sigh*
Anyway.... I decided to shut down the program and come say hello to everyone. I did not read many posts. It has been so long since I have checked in that there is no way to go back and read all I missed.

Terri.... Thin sent me the photos of your new place. I LOVE IT !!! It must be GREAT looking at your horses out your window. Spice is a cutie.
How do you like your pool ?? I noticed the humming bird feeders too. The end of August is the busiest season here for my hummingbirds.

Thin.... I went to bed the other night and did not finish the email I was writing the gang.... and the next day... my granddaughter lost it.. Grrrr
Did she happen to mail it to anyone ????

I am happy to share that I am maintaining my weight within 3 lbs.
I really hoped to lose another 10 lbs in July.... but it did not happen.
I am not giving up.... IT IS COMING OFF !!!!!

Okay... I need to run. Sorry I did not reply to everyone.
I miss all of you and hopefully I will return full time again ... but until then...

And do some kind of EXERCISE to make your heart healthier and stronger.
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i'm still having big time puter problems, s0 this will be short and sweet. well maybe sweet...i still p0p in as read everyday.
work is still a circus. the last episode involved me. we had a patient bl0w up at the check-out c0unter the other day, she screamed and cussed and everything because she was told she had to pay 10 percent of her bill plus her deductible that had n0t been met. she argued that she only had a 25.00 copay. it was quite ugly and inv0ved several different employee. a big part of my j0b is going over everyone work at the end of the day and checking for errors or mistakes s0 they can be c0rrected before we bill the insurance companies the next morning. the minute i saw the copy of her insurance card i knew what the problem was. she had aetna insurance and the and blue cross have special incentive plans. they are plans that they reward certan d0cs for keeping prices d0wn and meet certain c0st c0ntainment issues. our 0fice doesn't qualify so what had happend was this pers0n was 0n this plan and sh0uld have been inf0rmed that we were n0t part 0f this plan before she was ever scheduled, but it was missed. then it shuld have been caught when she checked in and gave the girls a copy of her card. again it was missed. then when she was checked out she sh0wed the card again, and again the fact that it was this special plan was missed. so we had about 4 employees miss this and 4 employees time wasted, 4 empl0yees upset and a patient s0 mad that she made a scene.
i t00k the c0py of the card to the girl that checked her out and sh0wed her the card and t0ld her what 2 look for again s0 that this would not happen again, then i went 2 the girl that scheduled her and verified her benefits. she was on the way to the time clock when i stopped her to sh0w her the c0py f the card and remind her to remember to ask if it was this plan. this girl copped an attitude and told me that she had never been tld anything about this plan. i t0ld her it was on the card that she has taped t0 her desk f0r reference. she argured with me that it was n0t on that card. then she clocked 0ut and left out the back d00r.

the next morning i told her supervisor about the incident and that she need t0 re-enforce to the girls to check for this special plan so that this scene would not happen again. well of course the girl involved made a big stick about me and went to the evil hr lady and got way out of hand. the funny thing is the harder she tried to make me l00k bad the worse it g0t for her. she told the hr lady that she was already 0ff the cl0ck and didn't have t0 talk business. wr0ng thing t0 say t the pers0nell persn then ended it by saying that i was n0t her boss and i was n0t her mother, s0 she didn't have t0 listen t0 me. later that day she was made to come appl0gize to me. just another day at the doctors office

other than than nothing is g0ing 0n in my life. i'm still having a hard time getting used t0 my new bridge. i guess when you've gone with out teeth for as long as i have they are hard too get used to again. this week was a crazy week and i didn't get to exercise as much as i intended, but next week should be better.

h0pe everyne has a great weekend.
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Thumbs up Quick Stop

Hi Ladies
I'm just stopping by to say

Not much happening with me these days, except trying to not fall into dispair.
I am trying to get my financial aid stuff for school done, so I go back and finish. The only thing is that I am afraid, of failing, not that I can't do the work but trying to do it without my baby. My RILEY was my inspiration, but little by little I am trying to get back out (in the public). I do go out but only if I am with family and for very short periods, all because my grielf overcomes most of the time. Even those times have lessened, I guess thats all a part of healing?
I have been trying to walk at least 4 days a week, because at my last diabetes checkup my A1c was way up and I need to get it down.
Well ladies thats all the updates I have. It was good to hear from you (your posts) Determined to Succeed, 2Cute2Bfat, and ageoldie.
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JOE ANNE!!! I'm SO glad to see you back on the board!!! It has to leave a hole in your life forever, but I know Riley wouldn't want your tears to last forever. He would be so proud of you, to see you taking care of your health and getting out again. I'm glad that as difficult as it is, you are still trying to embrace life, one moment at a time, even if the whole picture at once seems overwhelming. I'm glad you're taking action against the diabetes with your walking! I hope you feel like posting more often. It's good to hear from you!!! (((hugs)))

LADIES, your endless inspiration and motivation has done it again - I DID IT!!! I bought some shorts on my walk this morning, and I WENT SWIMMING in the motel pool this afternoon! I kept trying to remember the last time I was in a swimming pool, but I can't. It must have been 15 years or more... maybe even 25 years. To my amazement, as I got out a girl much younger, but almost my size got in. She had no where near the self-image problems I do, because she was wearing a bikini. I don't think I'll go THAT far, but it does seem like an actual swimsuit might be in order.

Karen, just read about how you got your raise. I’m sure it wasn’t as funny from your point of view, but I’m ROTFLMAO! Choked on his foot, all the way up to his hip, didn’t he? Hahahahaha!

Siena, Congrats on the droopy drawers! Now, no more pizza.

Lilion, don't make me come over there and show you how to use that I.M.... cuz I dunno how. But if I can walk a couple miles in the hot 'Bama sun, and then even go swimmin', I bet you can do 3 minutes on that &*@!* Infernal Machine. Am I right or am I wrong? You didn't lose that 81 pounds to sit back now. C'mon Ur Honor!

Yeah, TERRI, I do arm lifts/punches while I drive sometimes. I also alternately lift my knees up to the wheel sometimes. You ever drive 600 miles overnight? Lotsa road, not much going on sometimes. Occasionally I'm even glad when some idiot passes me on the right shoulder or flies past me only to swerve in front of me by inches and then slow down. Then I even get head-shaking exercises in. I take it from your comments about your mom handling (or trying to handle) Spice, that she isn't much of a horse person? Babies are sweet, but very fickle sometimes. When I was 12-13 my mare had a filly that my well meaning dad tried to hold onto from the barn to the corral, and EVERY time he let her go she gave him a parting shot in the shins. He wouldn't just let her follow her mama, and he had the black & blue marks to prove it.

Barb, never a dull moment, huh? Although they don't usually seem to be able to drag you into it. Glad little Miss Not-my-momma had to eat some not-so-yummy crow in the end. =D

Moving on to studying. Later ladies!
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Hi gang. WI today had me down by half a pound. I'll take it. Exercised two days in a row (after two days of NOT).

2Cute--Forget you? How could we forget you??? Much love and good thoughts as you continue dealing with your sister's illness. WTG on maintaining your weight. Please take good care of yourself.

Terri--Thanks for the pep talk. I need to hear this stuff occasionally.

Joanne--I'm glad to hear you feel a little healing coming to you. What a cross to bear, but mercifully time does ease grief a little. Keep up that walking! Take care of yourself.

Valerie--Glad you enjoyed the pool! You're an inspiration.
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Good Afternoon My Dearest Ladies!

I'm not staying long and I'll do replies next time I pop on...but I had to stop in and share.

Remember that purple bike I bought MONTHS ago? Well, today I RODE IT!

Last night we finally put on the big-mama-jama-butt seat and this morning DH, DS and I took our bikes out the the Katy Trail (which is a nature trail that basically runs from St. Louis to Kansas City). We rode 5.6 miles! (2.8 each way) Granted, we stopped about six times to rest...but still - 5.6 miles!


Other than my 1/2 block ride when I got the thing to see if I remembered how...this is the first time I've ridden a bike since I was about 19 years old! That's 23 years for those who care to do the math!

It wasn't the easiest thing I've ever done...and God knows my legs may regret it tomorrow...but I'm just so PROUD of myself! We plan on making this a somewhat regular event! Eventually, I hope to build up enough endurance to make it up hills! The Katy Trail where I am is really flat!

So...That's my news! I did something healthy and active and LOVED it!
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Hi everyone!

I'm fighting off an awful headache today. My neck is out and the Exedrin just isn't taking care of it.

Girl's night out last night seeing Menopause, the Musical was a riot. If it ever comes to a town near you, you've got to see it. We laughed so hard our jaws were sore when we got out of there. The music consists of all those great tunes by the Beach Boys, Motown stars and such that we grew up with. Just the lyrics have been changed and they are a HOOT!!! There were 15 of us in a very small, intimate theatre in downtown Detroit that was built in 1901. The seating is chairs at small cocktail tables so I didn't have any "size" issues, which was a GOOD thing!!!

Comerica Park, our new ball field, is right next door and the Tigers had a home game last night, which we won BTW, so the city was packed with people. I hadn't been downtown at night in years and it was nice to see the city alive with so many people.

Before the play we went to a wonderful Mexican restaurant in "Mexican Town" down near the Ambassador Bridge. The food was absolutely WONDERFUL! Unfortuneately, we didn't have the forethought to take a cooler for leftovers so alot of food went to waste. We didn't figure it would last too long in a hot car for several hours while we went to see the play.

Today Honey is off to work at #1 Son's house again. He's got some last minute projects he wants to finish as he's having a housewarming party on the 19th. I have a bunch of sewing projects that need to be done and quite a bit of eBay that needs to be packaged for shipping tomorrow.

Lilion: I'm soooo proud of you for getting on that bike And doing 5.6 miles is just......FENOMENAL!!! Oh my gosh! I just can't even imagine! I'm guessing you're going to be REALLY sore tomorrow. *I sure didn't mean for you to change back your avatar. Surely you can do whatever you want. It is nice though to have your little fairy back. It's funny, maybe I'm anal, but I do scan down the list of messages to see who's here based on the familiar avatars. Please, somebody, tell me I'm not the only one that does that???

Celery: Good for you, "fixing up" that Hummas. Nice that it actually improved the flavor! If you wouldn't mind, please post the recipe on our recipe thread. I really love the hummas spread at La Shish, but I've never made my own and would love to try.

Angela: CONGRATS on the 1/2 pound! I know you weren't expecting a loss this time so this must have come as a pleasant surprise. You're right, it's all about doing the right thing day after day. Then it all shakes out in the end. The funny thing is that when we cheat, whether it be in life, in education, or in eating off plan; the only one we really cheat is ourselves.
(I know the punctuation in that sentence wasn't right so you can go ahead and cringe if you want to. )

Terri: I'm glad your mom came up to visit. Too bad it was unexpected! AND too bad she had to talk through the movie! A History of Violence really was a pretty decent flick. We liked it. *I bet Spice is changing daily, just as babies do, right before your eyes. It must be fun to watch. Are you planning to keep her? Should be fun to be with them and train them from birth. *Not being able to drive and eat IS the only problem with that salad from Micky D's. I've just had to decide that taking 10 minutes out to sit in a parking lot and eat it IS worth the pounds I will lose by doing so. Ahhh the sacrifices!!!!!

2cute: It was so good to see you checking in, sweetie. What a terrible back and forth life you're having right now. Just try and keep it all in perspective. You've got to take care of YOU before you can take care of anyone else.

BarbG: That Dimwit!!! No wonder there's trouble in your office! Geez, if some of the employees had half a brain maybe you all would get somewhere. *Sorry your keyboad is messing up. Maybe you'll have to resort to the desktop. I can't imagine that trying to use the 0 for the o is all that easy to do when typing.

JoeAnne: BIG [[[HUGS]]], sweetie. Glad to see you checking in. It must be incredibly hard for you. I can't imagine losing a child. I'm sure that dear Riley would be so proud of you for continuing your studies. He wouldn't want you to give up your dreams. Finish up and live for him if that's what will keep you going. Stop in here anytime. We're always here when you need someone to talk to.

Valerie: I'm so proud of you going swimming. I have thought long and hard this Spring and Summer about getting some shorts, a tank top and a sports bra that match so that I could get back in a pool. I used to love to swim. Unfortuneately, I've only "thought" about it and not done anything about it. Oh well, there's always next year, I guess.

Well, girls, I've had about as much fun as I can have in one sitting. If I sit here any longer, Honey will come home to find nothing done....AGAIN!!! That may not go over as well as I would like since he's been out busting his butt all weekend and all I've done is play. I will see you all later. Love ya bunches!
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Hello All!

It's me again! Told ya Id be back.

Thin: I didn't change the avatar because of you. I had intended to do just what I did and couldn't figure out how. Then, when you said that, I got to thinking and it came to me...duh! Gosh, I haven't been to a play or musical or anything in years! Sounds like you had a great time! Mmmm. Mexican food. Sounds good! And better those leftovers went to waste than to waist!

Angela: Yay for your 1/2 pound! Always good to see, huh?

JoAnne: I'm so glad to see you posting, yet so sorry for your trials. As a mother of an 11 yr old DS, I can't even imagine your pain. Hang in there and know your angel is watching over you.

Valerie: Woo Hoo on the swimming! That I've done, even at my fattest, but you know, I think I'd be even more self-concious now. Just a few minutes ago, DH and I did some yoga stretches, trying to stave off the pain from the bike ride, and I stripped down to my undies since my jean shorts are too tight. During one "upside down touch your toes" type pose...I opened my eyes and got an up-close and personal view of my inner thighs! When did they get all baggy and saggy??? Oh, yeah, it was when I stretched them full of 328 lbs of fat and then lost 80 of it back off! ICK! I may invest in a wet suit if I decide to swim in public again.

2Cute: Of course we missed you hun! Many thoughts and prayers go out to you and your sister.

Barbara: Looks like your "o" has a mind of it's own still! Wow! You had quite a day at the office, huh? I had a guy last week tell me he was going to talk to the governor about the case I'd just heard (his daughters). I pointed over toward the capital building and said, "You'll need to go over there then, the big building with the dome." (Yes, I was a bit rude, but Pul-eese! I just HEARD the case - I haven't even made a decision yet! They MIGHT wait until I actually make them unhappy before they complain about me!)

Terri: Oooo! You got RAIN! You lucky girl! None here yet...and only a 30% chance the next two days. Ah well, at least we have AC...won't even begin to complain as long as I can stay cool! As I set here, the computer is telling me it's 101. Just like that - in bold, red numbers. The tumor you heard of is exactly the same thing I have...and without meds that is often how they are caught...because they interfere with the optic nerve. Scary. But, I've not had any problem since the day it was found and that was four or five years ago.

Well all, DH is wanting his dinner...so I guess I best go before he decides to make something fattening! Love to all and to all a goodnight!
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Hi ladies,

It is hot again today but the A/C seems to be doing a decent job so maybe it isn't as bad as I think it is.

I've been working on all the paperwork and bills this weekend trying to get it all caught up. I am such an accountant. I use Microsoft Money and have to log and balance everything AND have a spreadsheet to detail what's in the checking account so I know what the money is for. Very time consuming but it keeps me aware of the money situation (when I keep it caught up that is). I'm not sure how I got so far behind since I have taken the laptop to work several times to work on stuff at lunch. But! I'm just about done.

Then I'm heading out to the pool. I'll probably put the young horses in the round pen and let Ginger and Spice out to play for a few hours before I get in.

We sold Cheyenne yesterday. If we had just the five acres to the east of us, we wouldn't have done it. But we need to do it if we're ever going to have grass pasture again. The FedEx man was dropping off a package ( ) and commented how he liked our paints. DH told him the young ones are for sale and he said that he is looking for something for his daughter. They came by yesterday and she loved them all. She really liked Spanky but his price is too much (as in, he's not really for sale). She is so cute. She's 15 and planning on going to vet school and is wanting a horse to raise and train that will go to college with her. She's into barrel racing which Cheyenne will probably be good for as she's a fast one. Always out in front. I have cried about it yet and hope that I don't. I know its for the best for her and for us. I get all weirded out about her missing the boys and Peso and them missing her but that is being just a little to much of a sissy. She will adapt. There was a book I read from the Oprah book club a few years ago that just ruined me. It was about horses except every few chapters there would be a chapter from the horses view and how the horse hated being where it was or how it missed its friends, etc. Should NEVER have read that!

I need to get up and moving around. And post this before the laptop battery goes dead.

Lilion - I am sooo thrilled for you. I know how exciting it is to have made that first journey. I'm almost inspired to get my bike out and trying riding up and down the driveway. Almost!

Thin - Your time out sounds great!

2Cute - Yes, of course, we remember you. We're just praying for you knowing that you are dealing with a difficult time with your sister and know that you will be back more when you can. Take care!

Valerie - to you too! Didn't it feel great to be in the pool! I've had to deal with getting in the pool in front of other people recently too. Very hard but really who cares! They can turn their heads if they don't like what they see or stare away if that makes them happy too. As far as mom, I think that mom is a horse lover but never was really saavy about horses. There is a difference, I've learned. Plus she's 75 and acting like she has no sense sometimes.

I better get this posted quickly. to everyone! Have a great afternoon!
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Since no one has posted since my post yesterday afternoon, it will make replies easier! Although I now see, Lilion, that you and I must have been posting about the same time last night. Don't remember reading your post.

Just here to report that I did my Push.TV strengthening workout. I moved on to Session 2 this week which is essentially Session 1 in different order and a few different variations of the same moves. No cardio this morning. I'll have to get it in this evening.

We might actually get some rain this morning. You can see the storms all around but who knows if it will rain over our house or just around us. Gosh, we need it so badly.

Angela - on your loss and exercising two days in a row! Keep working at it!

I'm off to the shower. Have a great OP day!
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Good morning homies!

I am relieved to report that I negotiated the hurdles of this weekend sucessfully, with only one fumble, which was a piece of peach pie. I took a box of raisins to the Scottish Festival where the Will Power Dust (thank you!) worked exceedingly well. Neither banger nor chip passed these lips, and I was rewarded on the scale this morning- down a pound.

I took a good look at highland dancing at the festival. It looks like a lot of aerobic hopping from foot to foot with some arm stretches. I must investigate further...

Lilion, I am so impressed by the bike ride!

Thin, I don't have a recipe for hummus. I cook the dry garbanzos in the crockpot til tender then blend them in the food processor with a few dallops of tahini, cloves of garlic and fresh lemon juice. And I throw in some fresh parsley at the end to give it flecks of color. I probably put in more lemon and garlic than most people. Oh, add salt, too.

Alrighty, ladies! Be brave!

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Good Morning Ladies!

Well, it's been a slow weekend for the boards...must mean it's been a busy weekend for real life!

I am, shockingly, not sore today from the big bike ride! The legs seem a little weaker than normal going up hills and stairs, but otherwise I seem to have gotten thru it unscathed! This pleases me no end...and it's supposed to be cooler tonight. I may have to see if I can manage a ride around the neighborhood. This could be a problem though - we have hills!

You know, we were so psyched by our bike trip that we went home and got on-line and spent $100 at BassPro.com for a cargo carrier/bike rack for the back of the Escape. So now we'll be able to take one car...three bikes took up the whole back and left no place for DS to sit, so we had to take two to the trail yesterday.

Celery: WTG on another lb down! You know, I love hummus and even have several cans of chickpeas and a jar of tahini in the fridge....bought them for a prior hummus experiment that wasn't so great. I may have to try again! But what to eat it on other than pita? Pita is rather high in calories. Hmmm.

Well, nothing new to report so I'll run along! Have a happy, healthy day ladies!
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Good morning ladies!

Well, just as expected, when I corrected my plan percentages this week, the loss dropped. WI this morning was down 2 pounds, a much more realistic number for me.

Someone mentioned on another thread about having "lymphatic drainage massage", has anyone ever had that done? Any thoughts?

Terri, so glad to hear Spice girl is ok. I like those "ornery little farts"! I know how you feel about letting one of the "babies" go. I don't know if I could ever do it, but yes, they do adapt. Maybe this is a bit extreme, but could there be "visits"?

2Cute, Glad to hear from you! on maintaining! I am sorry that life is presenting you such challenges. I'll keep your sister in my thoughts.

Barbara, Oooo, I just hate that, "you're not my mother"!.....No, i'm not, so why do you insist on making me act like it! GROW UP AND DO YOUR JOB!

Hi Joe Anne, I haven't "met" you yet as I'm rather new here, but I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. You seem to be firmly grounded in your faith and I'm glad that you have that to guide and inspire you.

Valerie, Wow...a public swimming pool, I know THAT challenge. I'm not quite at that point yet. It does amaze me also when I see the confidence others can have as well. We have quite an active "BBW community" in this area that is a constant reminder that many go on with their lives without the worry of what others think.

Angela, WTG on the loss and exercise!

Lilion, WoooHooo...good going on the bike! I need to get one again. I just gave mine up to the junk yard about a year ago. Hey, you know, a wet suit isn't a bad idea. It would take care of a lot of "sins". And if I went into the ocean, no one would even think it was weird!(of course, I could just be mistaken as a seal in the water) Now, I just have to find one in my size. Oh, and the guy that wants to talk to the governor...just be glad you don't have our "governator"

Celery, YEA! on the loss and great weekend!

Hope everyone has a great day. I'm off to do some shopping and watch a movie.
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