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nightowl88 05-19-2006 04:13 AM

300 and 30
Hi everyone,

I'm just looking for a spot to set up camp (new thread) with some newbies to this site. This looks like a nice area, good scenery with nice neighbors. We should fit in well. I welcome all newcomers to 3FC. Feel free to write in to us. Don't be shy. We can all start this together. Giddybiddy you with me?

P.S.- Once we get comfy with each other we can migrate to the numbered threads. Right now I think we'd get a little lost keeping up with who's who.

youwin67 05-19-2006 04:00 PM

Hi Nightowl, I'm new too, and trying hard to keep up but poking my nose in here and there. It is a little hard to keep track of names and I can't wait to be one of the girls who knows everybody, and is friends! But I thought I'd say hi here too, since you set up this lovely camping spot.:hug:


waterchiklet 05-19-2006 04:13 PM

Hey Nightowl. Finally a thread for us in our 30's :cool: good idea. ;) I'm Heather, 31.

nightowl88 05-20-2006 04:24 AM

Hi Dusty and Heather, thanks for stopping in. I've been wandering this site for a month now trying to find a nice little niche for myself to settle into. Everyone is so friendly and supportive on here that I am just dying to get involved somewhere. It can be intimidating to just join in an existing thread though. So, that's why I'm glad us newbies can start together here before we venture out in the big threads. We'll get the hang of it together.

So, let's learn some things about one another. Here are some starter questions:
1. What diet plan are you currently on?
2. What do you find motivates you the most?
3. What can I do to help you stay on track?

My answers:
1. I'm currently not on any diet plan. I've tried just about everything out there. What I've learned is that I already know what's good to eat and what's bad to eat. It's just a matter of doing it and sticking to it!
2. Accountability is the most important motivator for me (which is exactly why I want to set up a support group on here).
3. I want to be able to share my ups and downs with people who know what I'm going through, who can understand where I'm coming from. Like a recovering alcoholic goes to AA meetings. You know what I mean? I want someone to pat me on the back for my good days and help put me back on track on my bad days.

Now let's hear from you. Any newbies lurking around out there--come on in!! We're new at it too, don't be intimidated. Welcome!

Heather 05-20-2006 10:51 AM

Hello new ladies! I hope you don't mind me poking my head into your campsite, but I wanted to welcome you to the 300+ section of 3fc!

If you're a little leery of joining the fast-moving numbered threads (which I encourage you to join!) -- I also want to let you know about the wonderful accountability in our exercise thread and encourage you to join us!!

We track the number of minutes we exercise each month. Most of us set exercise goals. Mine started small and have slowly increased, but others jump in full force. We then note our exercise -- many of us say something about what we did or how we're feeling about it.

I think a fun part is that we also pool together the minutes we've done as a group. We start the minutes over each month, but we are also working toward a goal of exercising 100,000 minutes this year! We're already more than halfway there!

I have trouble -- STILL -- getting my exercise in, and this has been great for my accountability. I know there are days I exercised just so I could keep up with my minutes... and it's fun to add to communal endeavor.

I know weight loss can be so overwhelming, and hopefully you can find all the support here you need!!!

youwin67 05-20-2006 02:51 PM

NightOwl, Oh yes I know where you are coming from! I am not 30, I am 22. I hope that is ok!! I thought this was for newbies, not 30-somethings! I have tried lots of programs, sometimes it's hard to do what you just know you should. Like workout, thats hardest for me.

1. What diet plan are you currently on?
L.A. Weight Loss Center. I know, lots of people say bad things about this but it's really working for me. I have a great center and I like the support. I go in three times week and they encourage me, or yell at me for the smart-mouth entries in my journal. It's like having a group of people cheering you on. I've done weight watchers, and lost 40 pounds too!! So I like that program too. The two are very similar, only you dont have the meetings in groups, which I really didn't always like.
2. What do you find motivates you the most?
Seeing the results and sharing them with people. One person says I look better or I'm doing good and I'm going all day. If I feel bad about myself, I'm more likely to cheat!
3. What can I do to help you stay on track?
Well just like you said, a shoulder to lean on and a free ear is worth more than anything in the world!


nightowl88 05-20-2006 08:13 PM

Thanks wyllenn for being a friendly neighbor and welcoming us. I appreciate it. I'll definitely check out that exercise thread! Exercise is such a tough one for me. It seems like every night I go to bed making all these grand plans for the next day saying I'll exercise for this long, at this time, doing this particular exercise, etc. And then the next day comes and do I do it? Nooooo!! Accountability is a great motivator like you said. Thanks for the info.

Dusty, age does not matter of course! The 300 and 30 just happened to by my particular stats--that's all. So LA Weight Loss, huh? I've seen the stores around but never knew what they were about. I just assumed it was similar to Jenny Craig where you buy pre-packaged foods. I guess I was wrong. So it's like WW but with 1-on-1 meetings rather than a group? I see. Well, that's good that you are taking a liking to it. Good luck with it. How long have you been going, is it expensive?

I tried WW last year, but the local branch I belonged to didn't have a schedule that fit with mine. As you can tell by my member ID, I am a nightowl! I usually don't get home from work until 3am so I don't have a typical sleep schedule. The 10am WW meetings just weren't motivating me enough to roll out of bed very often. I think I stayed on plan for maybe 6 weeks. That's why I decided online would be a better place for me.

The most weight I ever lost was on Atkins about... hmmm 6 years ago. That was just before the big low carb boom took off. They didn't have all those low-carb foods advertised in the stores yet. Splenda wasn't even out yet. I lost 60lbs in 6 months. It came off quick and I loved it! However, as soon as I started sneaking a carb here and a carb there, forget it. The lbs started to creep back on. I ended up gaining all 60 back plus 20 more. I think low carb works great, but you have to be willing to eat like that forever and I just don't want to do that! I love my pasta and bread too much! I know now that moderation is the best way to go, not elimination. Blah, blah, I know we've all heard it before, right? But it's true, for me anyway.

Well, enough rambling. I'll catch you ladies later! Take care.

waterchiklet 05-21-2006 10:23 AM

1. I'm counting calories and limit % of fat to around 30%. Dr. Phil's plan is in there too somewhere, as its what I used before to lose 80lbs.

2. Fitting into smaller clothes is very motivating. Seeing my booty shelf also helps. ;) Doing it alone gives you the chance of talking yourself out of it on days that are stressful. Having people to be accountable to is often the thing that helps people make it through I think.

3. Its nice to know others are out there who are trying hard like you are, but as for helping me stay on track I don't know. Not mentioning in specifics that you ate a chocolate cake on your binge would be nice too. I find sometimes talking about the food in particular is a trigger for me.


Do you plan to start a plan soon, Nightowl? I usually mentally prepare for a diet but when I started 10 days ago I just jumped into it. Its working so far. I haven't started exercising yet (my excuse is I'm the mother of a 15 wk old babe and I haven't yet found the time for it) but know that I won't get far without it.

I just got done watching the baby so I'm off to have breakfast. Hope to hear how your days are going soon.

nightowl88 05-21-2006 02:33 PM

Hi Heather, (I just picked up on everyone highlighting names in bold). Thanks for replying to my questions. I'll try to not to mention any particular "bad" foods so not to trigger a craving for you. I can completely relate. I usually get cravings from watching fast food commercials on TV. It's the whole visual thing for me, I guess. And get this... I love watching the food network!! Emeril, Rachel Ray, and Alton. No wonder how I got to this weight! I'll watch it, cook it, and then eat it!!! Too bad it doesn't happen like that if we talk about broccoli or celery, huh? Oh well.

So, what's this booty shelf you mentioned? Do you mean you want to lose it or you want to see it? My particular body shape (and all the women in my family) have absolutely no booty!! We all have the flat non extistent types. I hope that I have at least some roundness hiding in there underneath the fat!

I'm going to start my plan (as usual) on Monday. However, I need to go grocery shopping today to stock up on my healthy foods. I've pretty much eaten through my cupboards and fridge these past couple weeks. We had some severe rain storms and flooding up here in NH/MA area, so I haven't made it to the grocery store in a few weeks. I weighed myself today and luckily I didn't gain, but I want to start losing again. I'm going to count calories and drink tons of water. I've been a member of ediets since September and they recommend I stay between 1500-1700 calories a day.

Well, I'm off to shop. I'll check in with you ladies later. Dusty, how is your weekend going?

kaybee1966 05-21-2006 07:36 PM

Hello All,

I'm so happy to see a new thread starting up. I'm new here also and for whatever reason, I find it difficult to join threads that already have well-established group of people on them, so I'm glad to find all of you.

I'm 39 and holding, lol. I've got about 4 months before I hit the big 4-0 and my goal is to be well on my way to being healthy and losing this weight before my birthday.

As far as a certain eating plan, I'm not following a particular plan. I've done this weight loss thing so many times I feel like a walking encyclopedia on how to lose weight. I just have a hard time maintaining it after I've lost it. So my biggest challenge is making my eating plan a permanent lifestyle change and not going back to my old eating habits once I've lost weight.

I am basically eating a low-calorie diet with lots of fruit and vegetables and cutting out most sugar and processed foods and eating whole wheat pastas and breads. I exercise a minimum of 4 days a week, but ideally, I'd like to get in 5 or 6 days of exercise right now. I've been on my current healthy life-style change for one month now and I feel SO much better with just the changes I've made in my diet so far and with getting back into an exercise routine. My energy level has improved significantly.

It's nice to meet all of you and hope we can motivate each other. It's so nice to find other people who are dealing with the same issues I am.


youwin67 05-22-2006 12:07 AM


My weekend has been very busy. My mom and I are working hard to sell my grandmother’s house. It is right next door and there is so much stuff to go through and clean. It is soooo emotional, and it’s so outdated and everything seems to be a challenge! So this weekend was hectic. I still live at home, and I’m the only one on a diet. SO I am constantly surrounded by bad foods (I wont list the insane foods for Heather’s and all our benefits), and I have to watch everyone eat them all the time. Sometimes my mom forgets, and I end up with no dinner, and then find my dad has taken my healthy stuff to work with him!! Grrrrr. I bought myself some nice rice cakes to eat, since they are on my plan and they are sooo good, and my brother was home all weekend, and ate them all. I don’t even know how he did it!!

I tried Atkins too and lost a lot fast. But I hated it. I was so miserable on that diet, it killed me. I am a picky eater and red meat is not my favorite and I don’t like eggs or cheese so it was difficult. I realized, when I was taking bacon, cold, in a bag to school for my lunch, and the bag was all white and greasy—ewww, that it wasn’t for me.

I like this new plan but I can’t quite seem to get to the gym yet. I picked up the recent copy of People magazine with some women in it who had lost the amount of weight I plan to lose. They had a schedule on there for a typical day. It was like “Well, I get up at 5 am, work out, have a piece of lettuce, work out, take the kids to school, have some flaxseed powder, teach a spinning class, eat 3 peanuts…” So on and so forth!! I was like Ohhh right. I could soooo do that, if I had an iron will and each day was 72 hours long! Geesh!

, Nice to meet you and good work so far. I am still trying to get exercising but thus far that hasn’t happened. I am still doing good and losing weight, but that extra hour and a half of sleep in the morning is my greatest temptation thus far. Welcome and so nice to meet you!!

Ok, bed time or else!!

:hug: :hug: :hug:

nightowl88 05-22-2006 12:12 AM

Kaybee, welcome!! I'm glad you decided to join us! Is there anything we can do to help you stay on track? I want us all to be able to help each other as much as we possibly can. Heather would like us not to mention trigger foods. Dusty and I enjoy the comaraderie of a support group, to talk about our good and bad days. I'm starting tomorrow, so I'm sure I'm going to want to stop in here to say how it went.

Off topic - I just watched Brokeback Mountain tonight. Anyone else see it? It had so many good reviews that I wanted to see for myself. I enjoyed it. I'm supposed to go see The DaVinci Code tomorrow with my mother. We both read the book and loved it! I heard it's not getting good reviews, but I'm not listening to any of them. I want to find out for myself.

Take care everyone!

youwin67 05-22-2006 12:17 AM

I haven't seen brokeback yet but it was tempting in the rental store!! My brother was watching it with me though and I knew he'd kill me if I came out with that one so I thought I'd wait for some friends!! I really wanna see it!

imnotfluffy 05-22-2006 03:21 AM

well...hi i guess lol....im somewhat new..tend to be a lurker on and off for the past..8 or 9 months i think, trying to get into the habit of coming here more often agian though skipped even checking the boards for the past...4 or 5 days now..lazy lazy i know. im not 30...but i certianly feel that old..if not older..lol. will be 20 later this year. weigh...im not sure. at least 300. last i checked was months ago...and it was around 320ish...but i know ive either gained weight or the weights shifted because my arms are fatter now.
i think this threads a nice idea :) can be hard just joining into a conversation of people who know each other well all of a sudden.

im not on any diet plan yet..havent really started yet. was kind of toying with my body the past week or so. and so now im fairly certian i either have a wheat/gluten allergy or celiac disease. really sick when i eat it.....not sick when i dont. sucks though because i love breads and such and has always been a fair portion of my daily diet. have trouble eating even 2000 calories a day without bread in it. havent been diagnosed with it or anything....no health insurance and no money to go at the moment..so decieded to experiment and take matters into my own hands lol...not like any doctor was ever able to figure out whats wrong with me and make me feel better lol...so now i think ill just drop all gluten from my lifeand try to adjust to figureing out what to eat. had to drink lotsa soda just to get enough calories to keep moving...and i knoow thats not a good thing :p...im a vegetarian....so no bread eliminates another thing i can eat...and more things i have to check for on ingredient labels. fun times ahead. no motivation at the moment. dont feel good enough to do anything. but once i get back to eating no gluten..motivation is just to..be healthy for once in my life. and a little to actually look good. ive never been into looks whether theyre someone elses or my own, but it would be nice to never get looked at in disgust agian just for going out shopping or something lol.
i dont tend to talk much, but when i do i ramble...like now.
i loved brokeback mountian. probably wont see the divinci code till once its on dvd. avoided reading the book for a long time. so much hype. gave in and just started reading it. not far. but i like it.

nightowl88 05-22-2006 11:47 PM


Originally Posted by imnotfluffy
i know. im not 30...but i certianly feel that old..if not older..lol. will be 20 later this year.

Are saying I'm old?? Ha ha, just kiddin' ya! I got a kick out of your quote there. I guess when you're 19, 30 does seem old. Well, imnotfluffy welcome to our group!! I hope you find the support and encouragement you are looking for from us. We're all here for the same reason and we're here to support one another. So sorry to hear about your intolerance to wheat and gluten. I suppose it's good that you found that out sooner rather than later. At least you know what is causing your ailments. I know how tough it is to stay away from the foods we love. I used to love eating strawberries as a child and then when I was in my teens I began to get an allergic reaction from eating them. My face would tingle and turn red, and my mouth and lips felt like they were on fire. Now I can't eat them anymore. It's probably been 14 years since I've had one. I don't miss them as much as I thought I would. There are a lot of desserts and recipes that call for them, but I make due without them just fine. It just takes some getting used to.

Dusty, my dear, how are you? I see you and I were bouncing around in here late last night. I think I was following your threads there for awhile, lol. Good choice by the way on not bringing home Brokeback Mountain for you and your bro to watch. If your brother is anything like mine we get a little awkward watching any love scenes together, let alone a same sex one. That's the time one of us would hop up to go to the bathroom or grab a drink. Your friends can handle watching that stuff, but watching it with family gets too weird (for me anyway - hope that didn't offend anyone).

I had a pretty good day today for my first day back on plan. I kept within my calories and I'm just working on the last 20oz of my 80oz of water. One thing though, I didn't do any exercise. I am such a procrastinator when it comes to doing that. I keep putting it off until later and then later comes and I say no way, it's too late!! Aaagh! Hopefully I'll gain more energy throughout the next couple weeks and it won't be so hard to get moving.

Soooo...I took my Mom to see DaVinci Code today. She liked the movie alot, but I was so-so on it. I remember not being able to put the book down when I first read it. I wanted to find out more and more, but then watching the movie I just wasn't as captivated. I don't know if it was because I already knew the story or if it's because it seemed a little too absurd with all their conspiracy theories and everything. I don't know. It was just different than I had hoped. I did, however, think it was well worth the $7 ticket price! It kept me interested, just not awed.

Well, I'm off to go read some more threads. Later girls!!!

Hpnotq 05-22-2006 11:59 PM

I'm new myself, but I've been made to feel right at home by everyone already. :)

waterchiklet 05-23-2006 10:17 AM

Attention: Contains some unhealthy food words that may be triggers for some.

Nightowl: I'm the same way with commercials. The nation is so concerned about obesity yet don't they realize that all those fast food commercials really do make people want to eat bad stuff. :doh: They obviously know how suggestive commercials are if they ban the ones selling cigarettes right? I wish they would ban food commercials personally. Thankfully with a DVR you can fast forward through them but some images still manage to get through to the old eyes. :rolleyes:

I used to watch the food network, but thankfully it isn't included in our cable package anymore. Every time I'd watch it I'd want to cook something too! :stir:

Booty shelf = big butt that is kinda like a shelf. Nasty image eh? All my weight is in my stomach, and butt areas. :sumo:

I used to fall into that *have to start on Monday* thing. Since its not worked in my life thus far I've given it up. Now I just count *days on program*.

I've banned ice cream treats, chocolate, cola-type/root beer type pops and bakery type things from the groceries. Any bad stuff that does get brought in goes in my hubby's special drawer. So far I've resisted going into it and really forgotten about it cause its in the desk that I don't use. If it ever does become a problem though he cares enough to not bring it in the house which I'm so greatful for. If I want to have this stuff myself I can go to the store and get an individual serving. That way I can still have stuff as long as it fits in my plan for the day.

Ediets sounds pretty neat. I'm very cheap though so I won't join unless it ever becomes free. :) What plan are you on at Ediets? :)

Haven't seen Brokeback Mountain yet. I did just see Wedding Crashers and thought it had some hillarious parts. Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants was also a very good movie. We get all our movies from our library. It takes a little while but free is so good. ;)

Kaybee: :welcome2: I also try and cut out gratuitious sugar, choose whole wheat when it's available and love whole wheat pastas. I'm not completely an angel when it comes to processed foods though. I do try and choose healthier ones and incorporate them into my healthy meals though.

Congrats at exercising a minimum of 4 days a week! To discipline yourself is hard but worth it. I used to do 5 days a week for an hour a day back when I lost the weight last time.

Since joining 3FC I've noticed a new trend of people having a target of so many minutes a week. Its micromanaging a bit, but interesting at the same time, especially for people with limited time. I'm thinking I might give it a go too. I know when I read the Dr. Phil book he outlined how much minimum exercise you need to do to get results so I think I'll start from there, when I get my act together. Right now I'm having trouble making time to get on the computer to stay accountable. :rolleyes:

Dusty: So by the sounds of it you are living at home? Having to be around people who don't help out by eating healthy with you sucks eh? I don't ever forget how lucky I am to have my hubby willing to just forgo the nasty foods that led me to overeat. Not caring what he eats is probably why he's never had a weight problem though. :)

When I used to *freebase* diet, (just kind of eating healthy without really counting), I used to eat a whole bag of rice cakes without thinking about it cause it was healthy. The other day when I wanted to snack I pulled out a bag that was in the back of the cupboard and had one then I went over and recorded it in Fitday. They aren't real bad but if you ate a whole bag that would be a whole lot of calories and for me they aren't that filling. I decided to choose something more filling for my calories cause for me if I'm not full I want more. Kind of disappointing on the rice cake front though. I suppose you can't really eat anything in mass form heathily anymore though. Except carrots!

Fluffy: :welcome2:

Had company yesterday and although I didn't plan my meals out before I ate them I made out pretty good by estimating at the end of the day. I even managed to have some extra calories left over at the end.

Off to feed the baby and hope all of you are either starting anew today or continuing on with sticking to it. :)

youwin67 05-23-2006 10:34 AM

Hpnotq, Yep me too, everyone on this thread is so nice. I Seem to fit right in. I just talk here for a more slow paced getting to know you.

Nightowl, yep we seemed to be prowling around at the same time of night!! I feel good, I actually got my butt to the gym today! I might do another work out tonight. I heard Opra lost a lot of weight doing an evening and morning exercise. IT'S WORTH A TRY!! hehehe!

Well, back to the bump and grind!

youwin67 05-23-2006 10:50 AM

Waterchiklet, Yep I live at home. I suppose it would be just as bad if I lived in a dorm. At least most my meals are cooked for me. I've seen how my friends who live in the dorms eat. I don't think I could survive eating only junk food!!

Yeah I've decided to give up rice cakes. They count as a whole starch for me on my plan and I only get 4 a day. I could spend that starch on something a little more filling a little more benefitial. Though, they are good for curbing that sweet tooth occasionally.

You are very lucky to have a supportive hubby! I would be happy to have a hubby at all, but that's a little too telling about myself hahaha that's why I am losing weight. I feel like, even if I do, it will be like buying a used car, you are obligated to tell the man you are dating, "I was once a fat chick" just like you are obligated to tell someone when the cars been in an accident. So even then, it will be bad lick for me! I hope to find someone who loves me no matter what, like you have! Make sure you tell him how great he is!! But I am sure you already do.

What do you other guys think about that? Assuming I actually achieve my glorious, way way out in left field goal...do you have to tell people of your struggle with weight in the past? Can you really change your whole life around and stay that way? Any thoughts, suggestions? (ok so maybe it's a lame attempt at a conversation starter, but this is something I can't push out of my mind.)


kaybee1966 05-23-2006 01:00 PM

Hello Everyone,

Welcome imnotfluffy, that's terrible that your allergic to gluten and wheat. I would efinitely have a hard time with that. I know there are some gluten-free breads out there made with rice flour and soy flour and other things besides wheat. Have you tried any of them? I've seen them in health food stores, but I've never tasted them.

Nightowl, my husband used to be allergic to strawberries too. He said he stopped eating them when he was around 8 years old because he had the same symptoms you did, but when he was in his late 20s he tried them again and wasn't allergic to them anymore. I've heard that you can outgrow childhood food allergies. He now eats strawberries several times a year and is fine.

I've done well with my eating and exercise. Sunday I went to the gym and did an hour on the elliptical machine and 40 minutes of weights and yesterday morning I walked 3.5 miles. I know how hard it is to get into an exercise routine. It felt like it took me forever to get to the point where I wanted to do it instead of feeling like it was a forced torture.

Hi Dusty, it's nice to meet you. I've seen the LA Weight Loss commercials, but don't know anything about it. What type of plan is it? Is it expensive? I know it's hard to lose weight when everyone in the house is eating all the things you can't. I got married 3 years ago and have 3 step-children that live with us and none of them have weight problems and eat and snack on whatever they want, whenever they want. I rarely buy any types of sweets anymore, but they still somehow end up in the house.

Well, I've got work to do, but will check in later to see how everyone is. Have a great Tuesday everyone!

kaybee1966 05-23-2006 01:57 PM

It looks several posts were made during the time I was typing my last post, so I just had to chime in again about a few things.

Heather, it's great to meet you. I meant to mention in my other post that I, too, have read the Dr. Phil book and try to incorporate a lot of what he says into my way of thinking. I truly agree with him that the weight is just a symptom of the problem and is not the true problem and if you only treat the symptoms without dealing with the root issue, you won't ever really get off the "diet rollercoaster". I definitely have problems with negative self-talk and have to work hard at changing that.

Dusty, I understand a lot of what you are feeling regarding future boyfriend/spouse. I have had a weight issue most of my life and I have gained and lost large amounts of weight several times in my life. I didn't meet my husband until I was 34 years old and we just happened to have met after I had just lost 90 pounds. Although I still wouldn't consider myself "thin" after the 90 pound weight loss, I still felt good and was happy and content with my body at that size (size 14) and I'm sure it made me more attractive just because I had so much more self-confidence. I'm also 6 ft. tall, so I grew up with the extra stress of always being taller than everyone else, even the guys. When my husband and I first started dating and it looked like it was getting serious I told him that I had just lost a lot of weight and that I had weight struggles my entire life. He didn't bat an eye and it didn't seem to be an issue at all for him. It took me several months before I had the nerve to pull out my "fat pictures" and let him see what I used to look like. He still loved me and we got engaged about 8 months after we met. We had a 14 month engagement and during that 14 months I started gaining some of my weight back (about 25 pounds). I started getting paranoid about it and kept losing and gaining back about 20 pounds over and over throughout our entire engagement. Now after 3 years of marriage, we have been through the 3 most stressful years of our lives -- not because of problems in our marriage -- just other issues having to do with his kids, ex-wife, financial, etc. I ended up reverting back to my old eating behaviors and turning to food for comfort and to cope with all the stress and ended up gaining a total of 70 lbs back and I hate it!! I feel blessed and fortunate that my husband still loves me even though I look a lot like I did in my "fat pictures", but I also know that he wishes I was back to where I was when we first met and I want to get back there because I'm sick of how I look and feel and I love my husband and don't want him to go through life with a fat wife.

Dusty, When you do start dating, I wouldn't blurt out on the first date that you used to be heavy, but when you feel it starting to get serious, I would let him know how far you've come. If he is truly the right one, it won't matter to him how much you used to weigh. He will love you for YOU!

waterchiklet 05-23-2006 10:03 PM

Dusty: I don't think you have to tell anyone you were previously fat - but why not. I've never been thin so I don't know. ;) I'd say be honest and if someone loves you they love you for you right?

As for keeping it off for life - I think in order to keep it off you have to get rid of the reasons you overate in the first place. Exorcise your demons. If those are gone and your mind reprogrammed you should with hard work be able to do it for life.

Kaybell: Well said. :)

youwin67 05-23-2006 10:18 PM

Kaybee, Thank you for the advice. I think you are absolutely right. I really got a lot from your story!

Both you and Waterchicklet are right, who cares if he knows or not, the man I wanna be with wont care either way. :hug: thanks guys!

nightowl88 05-24-2006 05:40 AM

Hi ladies!!!

I missed checking in with you guys yesterday (even though it's still Tuesday for me). I had a training class before work and then I just got home about 2 hours ago. I work from 3pm to 2am. Whew! Long day. So, I'm checking in now before I go to bed. I ate good today, within my calories, drank my water, however, no exercise again! TOM is also visiting me, so I wasn't feeling all that spunky (if you know what I mean). I wonder if that means I won't get a loss this week. :?:

Heather, I like ediets, but I think I might discontinue it soon. I'm not using it as much as I thought I would. Maybe I'll get back into it now that I've started again though. I'll have to see. It's not too expensive, $11.96/28 days for the basic use of the site. They give you a customized weekly menu and shopping list from the diet plan of your choice. I chose the ediets plan, which is basically low fat, low cal. They also have a personal journal to log your food, exercise, measurements, moods, etc. They have a special community forum (like these threads on 3FC) but you have to pay an extra $1.99/week. I did that for the first few months and I actually loved one of the challenges they have going!! They made it into a very intricate game where they have all these different teams that compete month to month to win coins and the team with the most at the end of the month get different prizes. Like a month free service or T-shirts and stuff. It's cool and very involved. Whoever created it is very talented and I wouldn't be surprised if they patent the idea.


Originally Posted by kaybee1966
I, too, have read the Dr. Phil book and try to incorporate a lot of what he says into my way of thinking. I truly agree with him that the weight is just a symptom of the problem and is not the true problem and if you only treat the symptoms without dealing with the root issue, you won't ever really get off the "diet rollercoaster".

Kaybee, I've heard a few of you mention Dr. Phil's book on here. What book are you refering to? I was never a fan of his talk show, but I have to admit he does have some very valid points and I get sucked in to watching it on occassion. I think it's his manner of speaking that bothers me, I'm not sure, I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe his books will suit me better. I should check it out at the library. I'd love to get to the root of my problem too so I can get off this ridiculous "rollercoaster" ride!!! :dizzy:

Dusty, I agree with the other ladies too. You aren't obligated to tell your new beau that you were heavy, but why not. If it's meant to be then he won't care anyway. And I agree with Kaybee about how she said she felt good and looked good because she had more self confidence. It's sooo true! You know that feeling you get sometimes when you hair is all nice and you got a new outfit or something? You just walk around all day feeling happy. You're a little more proud, your heads a little higher, you smile a little more, and you talk to people more. Well, that's what makes people more attractive, their positive and friendly attitude, not being a size 6. I work with a 24 year old girl who is just beautiful. She's blonde, blue eyes, very pretty face, great body (she's a tiny little size 2!) but she walks around all day with a sour puss on. People actually joke and say she looks like she's smelling vinegar. Now here is this gorgeous girl on the outside, but the men don't find her attractive because she's not approachable or friendly.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's not always what's on the outside that makes a person attractive and if that's what a guy is interested in, than you don't want him anyway. Don't sweat looking for a boyfriend, you'll find one when the time is right and probably when your least expecting to. I think for us single girls (I'm divorced), we should focus on ourselves for a little while. Let's get our life into order, take care of our bodies and our minds before we take on the responsibility of a relationship. We have the time now to do that and we should!! Things will fall into place.

Ok, well I'm exhausted. This post took me an hour to write! Time for bed. I gotta work again tomorrow night, but I'll try to pop in sometime during the day. Take care!

nightowl88 05-24-2006 01:25 PM

Well, I popped in but everyone must be busy on hump day. Oh well. Hope everyone is staying on plan and doing good. I gotta go get ready for work.

Have a good day!!

(I hope my snail starts moving again.)

youwin67 05-24-2006 01:36 PM

Nightowl, wow you put things in perspective. I am glad I asked that question you guys are really great. It made me feel a little bit better about myself, because I know I have a good attitude and that I can make someone very VERY happy. *grin*

Well Wednesday is going well. I weighed in and had a small gain. But I've stayed on plan, I always gain the first week I work out to I am not taking it too hard! Ok I'll talk later! Have a good Wednesday guys!


tlujan1 05-24-2006 11:47 PM

Tanya 36
Hi girls...I am a newbie as well. There are so many threads out there I get lost. I post and then two days later I forget which one I posted on. I live in a very high stress home. Just to tell you a bit about myself. I am fat...I guess you already knew that...LOL. Now all jokes aside...I want to have a baby and to safely have another one I need to lose the weight. The doctor says to lose about 60-100 lbs should be good. I would like to continue to lose the weight until I can blow away...or fit into a size 12 pair of levis...which ever comes first.

I am married and have one child...my beautiful son, who is 2.5. He was born 3 months premature and has a lot of medical problems: just a few, seizure disorder, feeding problems, chronic lungs...was trached and on a ventilator for 2 years. I would like to say I gained most of my weight during the stressfull time he was in the hospital, but I would be lying.

I am a recovering alchoholic...been clean for 11 years. That is where I gained most of it. Drink, eat, drink, eat, drink, eat....the more I drank the more depressed I got the more I ate. I also have a problem with emotional eating. I was abused as a child sexually and physically...so I would use food as comfort. That habit is so hard to break...I am still working on it.

I hope this is not too much info...but I guess it is too late.

The questions:
1. What diet plan are you currently on? Weight Watchers
2. What do you find motivates you the most? I would say my son and my mother. I like that I have more energy to run after my son. My mother is also working on losing 100lbs. So we do it together and push each other, and compete.
3. What can I do to help you stay on track? I think emails, or PM's every once in a while will help. I am constantly working with my son and a lot of time is spent at doctors apt. and ER visits and such. Did I mention I am stressed out. I like emailing people.

That is me...Tanya

kaybee1966 05-25-2006 03:12 AM

Well, Wednesday was not a good day for me eating-wise. My 19 year old step-son has been working at an Italian restaurant for the past several months and his goal is to become a chef. The chef at the restaurant he works at has been teaching him how to make the menu items and tonight my husband, sister-in-law and her husband went to my son's restaurant and he cooked us a feast. I won't even talk about what all we ate. It was the worst I've eaten in 5 weeks. On the upside, I did walk nearly 4 miles this morning, so that makes me feel a bit better. Today is a new day and I'll be back on track with my food and hope that Friday when I do my weekly weigh-in, I won't have done too much damage.

Tanya, welcome. It's nice to meet you. Wow, it sounds like you've overcome a lot in your life. Congratulations on your sobriety. That's awesome. Your poor baby sounds like he's been through so much in such a short time. How is he doing now? By the way, I'm a native Texan. Are you originally from San Antonio? I love SA, especially the River Walk area. I grew up in the Dallas area and also lived in Houston for 9 years until I got married and then moved from Houston to California 3 years ago. I definitely miss Texas a lot.

nightowl88 05-25-2006 06:17 AM

Good morning,

I just got home from work again, so it's still Wednesday for me. We had a problem at work so I had to stay late tonight (or should I say early - it was 4am). Anyway, I'm just making my daily check-in here with you all. I ate on plan today, drank my water, but once again no exercise. I'm too tired to even think about exercise right now. I have the next 2 days off though so I am making a promise to you all that I will get in at least 30 minutes on my elliptical machine each day I have off! Hows that? No excuses. And don't let me give you any either!!

Tanya, welcome! I hope you can find the motivation and support you're looking for on here. We're all just beginning to get to know each other on this board. Please don't be afraid to join in on the chit chat. We all have our own personal stories that got us to where we are today--weight wise, so don't ever feel like you're alone. We're all here to help one another.

Dusty, good job keeping a positive attitude about your gain this week. You seem to be quite familiar with your body and what works for you. That's a step in the right direction. Keep it up!

Kaybee, don't beat yourself up over your yummy italian dinner. It seems to take away the pleasure of eating it if you feel guilty afterwards, doesn't it? One of the things I learned from an old WW meeting I went to was if you go off plan for a meal, than just make it that one meal. Don't throw the whole day out the window and give yourself permission to splurge. Just say oh well, it was one meal, no big deal. I always thought that was good advice and it keeps me from straying too long. Enjoy that one meal and move on. Dont fret over it.

Heather, just wanted to say hello. Hope you're hanging in there this week. I know you have the little one to take care of so time is probably minimal. I just wanted you to know we're thinking of you.

imnotfluffy and hpnotq, are you guys still lurking out there? Come join in on the chit chat. The more the merrier.

Goodnight everyone!!

tlujan1 05-25-2006 12:57 PM

Kaybee Thanks. Well, I was born in Santa Barbra, Cali. then grew up in Kensington (right next to Berkely) Cal. then moved to Santa Fe New Mexico, then to El Paso TX (Yuck) then back to Cali-San Luis Obispo, then back to TX San Antonio, then to Austin for 7 years then back to SA then to Houston for a year then back to SA. I have been back now for a year. I absolutely love the Bay Area, but for raising kids SA is really great. It has a big city attractions with a small town feel. The people are supper nice here. But, I still fanticize about living in CA again and being a tree hugger and health nut.

NightowlThanks for the welcome. My biggest chalenge is that my hubby likes big women and the thinner I get the more I have to reasure myself that he will still love me. Crazy...because most of the time it is the other way around. My hubby is open for adoption but I think I still need to loss the weight for my health sake and so I can grow old and be an imbarasement to my children...right now my son just thinks I am funny. My hubby says that some day Camdon (our son) will realize that I am just crazy and losing it.:-)

Last night when I was wrinting my post I was so hungry...I went and drank 32 oz of water, it curved it enough that I could go to sleep. I have been wanting pizza so bad, but I always feel sick after eating it...too greasy. I have been having problems with coffee too....not sure why...but ofcoarse I still drink it...yummmm.

Okay I am just rambling now...let me stop. I have to clean house anyhow, my father in-law is coming into town. The only reasurance I get is that his house is always a mess. So, I don't have to bust my butt too much.

See you girls later and best eating wishes for today...Tanya

youwin67 05-25-2006 02:11 PM

Tanya, Seems like you have had quite a life and quite a lot to deal with. (I was going to say quite a lot on your plate, you know the expression, but that seemed ironically cruel in all of our situations!) It's not surprising to me that you didn't gain all the weight during your sons trauma. A family trauma like that can really alter the way you operate. My brother had a terrible brain bleed when he was 15 and I was 17. For a year he was trached and went through that whole terrible terrible process. I didn't gain a pound, I actually lost a few. I think because tragedy like that can make you so focused on the well-being of your loved one that you stop worrying about yourself. It's easy not to crave food when All you are craving is for your little baby to be healthy and happy and feel better. :hug: You and your hubby seem to be staying strong for your sweet baby boy and that's all that matters, you are good parents. You have struggled with so much, I admire you one for being able to come out and say it and two for taking on yet another arduous task to have another baby (I reiterate! What a good mommy!). I'm glad you're here and don't be afraid to post on the main group chat as well because everyone there is super nice too.

My family had pizza the other night and I thought, that looks and smells so good. So I took two carb pills and tried a piece. Yuck, it tasted sweetened, like it was sugary or something. No one else tasted it. I guess that means it’s working and my eating habits are changing. I was proud to just put it down and walk away…now, if only I had waited on those pills…

Anyhow, good luck with house cleaning and with a visiting father-in-law! Oh and WOW a hubby that likes big girls? Hmmmm what a pickle you are in! You are making the right decision though. For your health and for the opportunity for a new baby. Of course just don’t slim down too much. What always sticks with me is the advice my mom gave me “Real men always like a little something to hold on to.” I’ve lived on that hope forever cause I know, no matter what I do, I will never be a little stick person. Even when I reach my personal goal, I’m gonna have a little something to hold on to!! :hug:

Nightowl, EXERCISE X_X UHG! I got to the gym before work a few days ago and I felt so so good. Today, I stayed up too late again and was way to zonked to move from my warm cozy bed to the shower, let alone to the gym. I know, when I exercise before work, I feel so so good all day. But—I sacrifice a whole day of feeling good for that extra hour in bed in the morning. For shame. you keep it up too, we'll motivate each other. You can't expect to get too much done when you have to work till 4am. Double UHG.

I want a live in drill sergeant! Some guy in a nice spiffy uniform to go around and shout at me. Yep I could handle that. I can see it now. I sneak into the break room at work when a co-worker has just announced to me that someone brought in a tasty sweet treat for everyone and I pick up the morsel. Then there is loud screeching whistle and some guy comes and yells DROP IT at me and makes me do push-ups. Hahaha. You know your body size has gone to your head when THAT becomes what you fantasize about! *pathetic*

Ah well. I posted some pictures of me on the picture sticky thread. In case you want to put a face to the non-sensical rants.

Kaybee, ahhhh Italian food attack!! Get it away get it away! Oh well, you worked your butt off in the morning and you made your son feel good. It’s a small price to pay I think. Plus, now you will work double extra hard for a while. I always feel extra motivated after a night like that. Like I have to make it up to myself. And usually, the guilt of eating, whether it be for a good cause or not, is enough to create a substantial loss for me….IF I don’t let the guilt twirl me into a terrible downward spiral. DON’T LET IT DO THAT! I know you didn’t. I’m proud. I’m proud of all of us just for being here.

OK guys, my boss is coming down the hall, back to the office. You know what tat means. Back to work!! Mwa mwa~ have a good day all. Chin up, stomach in, smile on—hope it’s a beautiful day where you all are—


femgineer 05-25-2006 03:21 PM

Hi, everyone. I joined 3FC awhile ago and seriously fell off the wagon. I hit 326 and got a rude awakening at a routine Dr's appointment a few weeks back and decided to try again. At least I haven't given up....
Anyway, I've posted in the 100-lb club and in the South Beach forums and wanted to introduce myself here, too. I've met so many wonderfully supportive people that I thought I'd try my hand at it. Congratulations to all you losers out there! Keep up the awesome work! And we can ALL reach our goals!!!

dogpal 05-25-2006 06:02 PM

Hi. I just wanted to come in and tell you, I don't know if anyone has invited you or not to come join the rest of us on the numbered threads. You are certainly welcome. We welcome everyone with open arms. We are on 300+ and ready to try again #916 right now if you are interested. You guys can just jump right in. We were all new at one time and just jumped in. So please don't feel like it is a set thing that we know each other and won't be willing to get to know you all. You are welcome anytime.

Blessings to you all,

nightowl88 05-26-2006 12:33 AM

Hello ladies,

Wow, what a day. I did my elliptical machine like I said I would!!! I couldn't quite make the whole 30 minutes. I was exhausted and sweat was pouring out of me like a fountain (nice visual, eh?). Anyway, I'm too outta shape. I think I have to do spurts on that thing and work my way up to 30 minutes. I listen to my iPod while I'm working out and I can make it through 7 songs. Whew! I felt good about it though. I'm proud that I did it.

femgineer, welcome! I'm glad you decided to pop in here and say hello. We're all in the same situation with our weight. It seems like we all have that familiar story of telling ourselves we'd never reach 300, and then pow, it happened!! We know what it's like, but at least we're all deciding to do something about it. This is a great place to start. Welcome aboard. I'm asking this to all our newcomers "What can we do to help you stay on plan?"

Dusty, Dusty, You are a beautiful girl! I checked out your pics. Bold of you to post them, I'm to shy to have my face out there in cyberspace. So, I see we're getting some chatter over there on the numbered threads. I've been poking around myself on their side. I think I'll say hello to them after this and reassure them that we are not trying to be unfriendly. It's just easier to start in a small group. Thanks for sticking up for us. You cracked me up on one of your posts that said oh no, the newbie thread has been discovered. LOL!!! You're too funny!!

Heather, it looks like you and hpnotq are over there as well. Maybe some of us will migrate over there soon too. There are still newbies stopping in here that want to get comfortable with the site before joining the big group. I prefer small crowds anyway. There are so many people over there I'd get lost.

Tanya, nice move drinking the water when you were hungry!!! I'm sure that saved you lots of calories and you have no guilt from it either. Perfect! I wouldn't worry too much about your husband preferring bigger women. Losing weight is a gradual process so I'm sure he'll get used to your body changing, as will you. I would let him know that this is something that is important to you and you need his support. You also want to live a healthier and longer life too for him and your son (and any future children too). He should be able to understand that. And did you ever think that maybe your husband is scared a little that losing weight could make you more attractive to other men?

Well, I gotta go now. I'll check in with you ladies tomorrow. Take care!

youwin67 05-26-2006 12:47 PM

Nightowl, Wooowooo wait to go on the exercise. You stuck to your word, that’s great. You are not too out of shape hehehe when I went to the gym the first time this past week I was only able to do 8 minutes on the elliptical. Though I was being a weenie that day. My goal is to add 2 minutes on every day till I can keep up with those skinny machine hogs!

You are nice to say I am beautiful. But as a fat girl with acne, I know better. But I’m working on that part of me!! I posted the pictures to motivate myself as well. So The sooner I lose weight, the sooner I can say OO Oo look at the difference hehehe. Right now I am at a sort of stand still. I have to look down and say “alright stomach, I don’t like you and you don’t like me…” then there will be an epic duel. Oh course, either way it’s gonna suck!! *sigh* hehehe keep up the good work nightowl.

Femgineer, welcome back to the grind! Hope to hear more from you. This is such a great place to meet people and get all the support and positive regard that you need. Also, that pesky wagon we all fall off of from time to time, just let us know and we’ll be happy to tie you to it hehehe.

OK I had a stressful morning. I had to take my brother to his doctors appointment over at the Medical University of Ohio, and got lost along the way! Then we were 15 minutes late. Then I got there and went in the wrong side of the building. This wouldn’t be a big deal if my brother didn’t have such a hard time walking. He is 21 but still learning again after his accident, but he’s mentally ‘all there’ so thank goodness. So we went along the other side and the elevator was broken so he had to take the stairs which is difficult for him. Then the lady in the office informed us our appointment was for YESTERDAY not TODAY. Arrrrgh. Luckily they got us in anyhow. Even though my loopy mom but my birthdate down instead of his so they were suspicious of us from the get-go. Then because we were late (by 24 hours and 15 minutes) they treated us awful and put everyone they could in before us. Cody, my brother, he gets so nervous in these situations now his head wouldn’t stop shaking. It’s like a neurotic twitch he has now. Poor kid. So two hours later we finally get to the car and head home and BOOOM I hit a pot hole in the construction zone and got a flat tire. As soon as I stepped out of the car it began to pour down rain and thunder. I shook my fist towards the sky and shouted WHYYYY!! Then I tried to change the tire. After an hour, I realized—I don’t know how to change a tire. So I called my dad and got him out of bed. He grumblingly came to my rescue but it was an hour wait because we were so far from home. Then I took Cody home and he wanted McDonalds. At this point I knew my karma was sour today—possibly every day. I was maybe an evil dictator in a past life, stuffed inside a comically large body and pushed around to serve as an amusement for the gods. So I counted all the change in my car and had one paper dollar, and 6 dollars in dimes and nickels and bought him his stupid greasy food. Then took him home and had to head allll the way back in the other direction for work. I am late. And now I am stuck watching the office while everyone is at lunch. And I would have the winning numbers in the check pool except I spent my last dollar on crummy mcdonalds!! I am afraid to step outside, I may get hit by lightening or a flying squirrel or something!!! So that’s a day in the life of Dusty. Don’t worry I am not in a bad mood, despite being so wet from the rain that my undies feel like soggy cling wrap. This stuff is what makes life interesting. I am sure I lost like 8 pounds simply through all the loud shouting and kicking my car. And that’s something to look forward to!!

So all together now:

Ooooo and a long weekend too!

Talk to you gals later on, back to the bump and grind! Dusty:blah:

waterchiklet 05-26-2006 05:52 PM

Nightowl: Thanks for the info on ediets, it was very interesting!

As for Dr. Phil, he had a diet book a couple of years ago, the Ultimate Weight Solution. It gets behind the why of overeating, in a nutshell. I'm not a Dr. Phil fan, but this book really helped me. I do recommend it.

Its so true that love comes to you when you are happy and content and not looking. I wasn't looking when I found my man. :) And something else to keep in mind, not everyone is looking for a size 6 girlfriend. ;)

Awesome job on the 30 minute exercise!!!!!!!

Tanya: :welcome2: You have had a pretty difficult past. :hugs: I hope you can get to your goal quickly to be able to get pregnant. I know how that is. When I got pregnant with my boy I wasn't at my goal weight but still overweight. During my pregnancy I gained about 80lbs I'd say so now I'm right back at it.

You mentioned how your husband likes 'big women'. Think of it this way - if he really loves you he'll also love you at a healthier weight. :) Is he overweight as well? Sometimes partners don't want their spouses to lose weight because then they might have to as well.

Congratulations on distracting yourself with water when you had a craving. I've started noting on my calendar what days are more 'craving heavy' then others to see if there is a pattern. That way I can see them coming.

Kaybee: I was thinking what were you telling yourself when you began to overeat? Did you tell yourself that you would hurt feelings if you didn't try everything? Did anyone know you were on a diet? I think the first step in making sure it doesn't happen again is to journal why you did it in the first place and then move on. Then next time something like that happens you know how to deal with it. Please know I'm not trying to beat you up by my statements. :)

Dusty: What are the carb pills you were talking about? :)

Good job on the 8 minutes of elipitical. I had to work my way up to any signifigant amount of time when I was doing it. It just works a different group of muscles than the old treadmill does.

What a crappy day you had. As they say 'when it rains it pours!'

Femgineer: :welcome3: Thanks for stopping in. Hope to see you more often! :) Congrats on the 15 pounds!!!!

Can I say I love how this thread doesn't end?:cp: I hope it stays that way personally. :) I started 3FC posting in the other threads and the people are equally nice but I find it so hard to keep up over there as they cut off threads after 30 posts. If I miss a day I'm backlogued pretty bad. :( There isn't a rule that says this can't be a popular 'main' thread as well though. It looks like there are a lot of us who are '300 and 30' out there. :)

As for me, I've been too busy to respond lately. If I'm not breastfeeding, I'm breastfeeding and then I'm sleeping. One handed chicken-peck is too frustrating to bother with if I have a free hand. :lol:

I had an emergency appointment with the doctor today as I had a blurry spot in my vision followed by a really mild headache. She said it was likely because my estrogen plummetted due to having a baby not long ago and that it was likely a migraine. I'm just glad I'm not going blind! To have stuff happen with your sight is scary! Anyway I feel like a knob now about it - although there was no way I could know any different, its never happenned to me before.

I'm still on track today - I had a couple of close calls but I managed to distract myself and stay focused. Hope you'all are at it too! :) TGIF! Gotta run, my babe saw me having 'free time'... ;)

kaybee1966 05-26-2006 08:14 PM

Hello all. Welcome to the newcomers. I hope you stick around and join us. Don't worry if you fell off the wagon. The only time you fail is when you stop trying.

I didn't post at all yesterday because I was in bed with a migraine the majority of it. Needless to say, I didn't exericse yesterday, but I did't eat much either. Today is my regular weigh in day but I didn't weigh because it's that TOM and I tend to get very discouraged if I weigh during that time because the scale always seems to go up, so I'm waiting until next Friday.

Today I met a friend for lunch and had an awesome salad and then went the gym afterwards and got in 40 minutes of weight training and 50 mins on the elliptical.

For those who are struggling with the elliptical, I remember how difficult it was when I first started it too. I felt like I was going to die. I was used to using a treadmill, but couldn't do more than 5 mins on the elliptical without feeling practically hyperventilating. Another girl at my gym told me she had the same problem the first few times she tried it and encouraged me to do 10 minutes on it 3 days in a row and then by the 4th day I would magically be able to do 30 mins without any problem. I thought she was out of her mind, but she was actually right. It worked.

Heather, thanks for the insight. I don't really have any excuse except that I really wanted to eat all that food that I have been keeping myself away from for the past several weeks and didn't exercise much self-control. I didn't even stop to try to talk myself out of it, I just dug in. It was a very spur of the moment dinner (my sister-in-law and her husband live in Florida and had just gotten into town and were anxious to go try out my stepson's restuarant). On a positive note, my stomache has shrunk considerably and I couldn't eat near the amount of food that I used to, so I was thankful for that.

Nightowl, I'm glad you got your exercise in. Hooray! I also have to have music or an audio book to listen to help pass the time.

I never tried the actual e-diets plan, but I used to regularly post on their "guest' message boards about 6 years ago. I made a wonderful group of friends, supporters and encouragers on there. My group eventually stopped posting there due to a bunch of nastiness that was going on at the time, but our little group stayed together via e-mail for about 3 years. They were a large part of helping me stay on track with my 90 pound weight loss.

Dr. Phil's book is worth taking a look at even if you're not a fan of his or you don't follow his particular eating plan. He deals with the mental and emotional issues that go along with being overweight, which most diet books don't address. I never cared that much for Dr. Phil when he used to be on Oprah, but when he got his own show, I thought he was totally different from the way he was on Oprah and now I'm a huge Dr. Phil fan.

Dusty, your pics are great. You're a beautiful girl and don't downplay your looks because of your weight. A woman can be beautiful regardless of size. I don't know if any of you were American Idol fans, but there was a large girl on there named Mandesa who was absolutely gorgeous in my opinion.

It sounds like you had a heck of a day. I hope the worst of it is over and that you enjoy a relaxing and uneventful weekend!

I haven't been reading any of the other threads on the 300 forum, but are there people actually getting upset that we started this thread?? I really hope not. I just think it's easier to keep up with people when you all kind of start around the same time. I hate having to scroll back through pages of posts to try and figure out who everyone is and what's going on.

I hope everyone has a safe, healthy and wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

nightowl88 05-27-2006 04:49 AM

Hello everyone,

Well, today (Friday) didn't quite go as planned. I did not track my food at all, I did not drink all my water... but I did go out with a bunch of my friends and had a fun night of dancing!!! Whoo hoo!! I ended up drinking a few beers as well :o (it loosens me up for the dance floor). Hopefully the dancing burned off a few of those beer calories though. I'll see on my Monday weigh in.

On a bad note, tonight I happened to run into a guy that I used to date a few months ago. Him and I were never really exclusive, we basically "dated" each other for about 6 months. We were both going through a divorce at the time and I guess we just liked each other's company (if you know what I mean ;) ). Anyway, he showed up at the club tonight and he was with his new girlfriend. Now I wasn't heartbroken or anything over him, but there is some weird feeling you get when you see an ex with someone new. I tend to compare myself with the new woman. It's crazy! She looked alright, probably a size 12, more of a plain jane type, but the thing that threw me the most was she must've been about 10 years older than him! What's up with that? :?: I know I shouldn't compare myself, but I can't help it. And then on top of that she was all friendly to me saying how she's so glad to meet me and she's heard a lot about me. It was really strange because I didn't even know she existed. Now I'm all curious, What did he tell her about me? Did he tell her we were just friends or did he tell her we used to date, what? Anyway, it put a damper on the night a little bit. They ended up leaving after an hour or so and then I boogied my way back on the dancefloor and forgot about it (until now of course). Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. :)

Kaybee, you sure seem to get in a lot of exercise. How do you do it? How can you motivate yourself to go to the gym and work out like you do? I find it such a struggle to get up and workout. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also, just let me state that the other threads aren't upset with us, they were just concerned that we weren't feeling welcomed enough to join their threads. I posted a message over there explaining our newbie situation.

Dusty, you really have to learn how to take a compliment, girl!! So sorry to hear about your hectic day. I must say you sure keep a great attitude with everything that happened to you. You have a great sense of humor and you don't let things bring you down. I'm sure your brother appreciates how much you care for him too. Hopefully you'll have better weekend. Any fun plans?

Heather, thanks for the info on Dr. Phil's book. I'll definitely go check it out. Good job staying focused and not giving in to temptation. It must be difficult to balance your time with the little one while still staying on plan. Keep it up, you're doing a great job. I'm glad to see you're keeping up with posting here even though you are so busy. We're here for you if you need to vent or just say whatever's on your mind. :hug:

Well, time for bed. I have to work the next 3 days, so no fun weekend playtime for me. :( That's ok though, I had my fun tonight out dancing with my friends.

tlujan1 05-27-2006 11:20 PM

Hay you all....I finally get to post. I have sat down at this stupid computer and every time I logged on my husband came in and said...hey we got to go. I only had enough time to log in my name.

The important thing is that I am here.

Weigh in was yesterday. I go to WW with my mom at noon. I lost 2.2 lbs. I gained that last week. I was proud of myself because I busted my butt to get to that because I had some cake and a bunch of fried food on my birthday. I have noticed every time I gain, I have eaten guacamole...because I just eat way too much...I can't stop. So yesterday we hat dinner with the folks and asked if I wanted avacado with the salad...told dad, no...I gain every time with that, please don't bring it. I was happy because I wouldn't have been able to handl myself. I am so bad with that stuff. I know it is good for you, but too much of a good thing can be bad.

I also wanted some sweets today, like tea and cookies...I was feeling English. There was nothing in the house...I quess that was a good thing. I am having so many cravings you would think I was pregnant..knock, knock, knock on wood, I hope I am not. I am not sure if I could go through all that again and make it out sane...not, that I am now.

I really have to work out. I can't go to a gym because I don't have anybody to watch Camdon. Day care is out of the question, because of his seizures. So I am left to walking, but it is so hot her that Satan moved out because of the heat. I could do the mall thing. I had read somewhere that you need to do so many mins of exercise a week...can anybody help me out, brain fart.

Nightowl: how fun about the dancing. I wish we could do that. I like the booty shacking music, where you can grind your partner, and my hubby likes the slow romantic stuff. We are so oppisite some times. Sorry about the ex you saw. You know what don't compare yourself to her...have your other boyfriends-wink, wink-looked like him. There must have been something about him where you felt you couldn't get serious. Do you like anybody now? I know I like dating gossip.

To answer your questions about my hubby...he is overweight, but when we got married he wasn't. I told him when men get married they always gain weight....he said no, no, not me. He has gained over 75 lbs. We have only been married 3.5 years. Well, he won't mind if I am thinner, just as long as I have a butt...yes ladies you heard it right...he is a booty man. When I was thinner or thin, I was plagued with my grandmothers flat butt. So, told my hubby I might have to buy one...yes you can get inplants...but dought if I would do that for him. They have underwear now that makes you look like you have a butt.

Talk about butt...I have a tattoo on the small of my back and before you couldn't see it not unless I bent over. Now I stand up and my butt doesn't cover it. I am looking forward to standing up and the top of my stomach doesn't cover my belly button.

I know I am a little frank...but we are all girls.

I also look forward to looking at a plastic lawn chair and being afraid I might break it or not fit in. I had a friend, a little crazier then me and as big as me, sit in one of those. In a crowed coffee shop leaned back in it and the legs broke. Her legs flipped over her head and there she went. She stood up like she had just finished her gymnastics routine with her hands in the air...and asked, how did I look going down? She is a blast. This happened 10 years ago and I still get a kick out of it.

Well I am going to go explore in the deep waters of the rest of the forum and see if I can get into some trouble. I am sorry I am a bit loopy tonight, We went out for seafood and I had a reaction to something, so I took some benidrill...so I am, lalalalalalalallalalala....you know how it makes ya.

See you all later....Tanya

youwin67 05-28-2006 01:48 AM

Waterchicklet: May I say, your little baby is just adorable, if that is his picture on your avatar. What a cutie pie! You’ve got yourself a little doll baby. You haven’t got a good two hands to type with but I’m sure that’s no nevermind! Just glad to speak to you when you can make it.

Those carb pills I spoke of are the ones I got from L.A. weight loss on my plan. You take 2 before you know you are gonna eat a heavy meal and it cuts it down a little. Of course not to be used every day but they are nice for cravings. I don’t believe in any diet that doesn’t allow a person to satisfy a craving. I mean, if it’s so bad that the craving lasts more than a whole day, you’ll never go a whole year without it!! At least I wont, I am not that strong!

Scary stuff about that eye of yours!! I wouldn’t have known that either! How frightening! I am glad you are ok. You sould like you are doing great, keep up the good work.

Kaybee, WOW WOW WOW:dance:! You are a workout machine!! I am so impressed with you. And of course, jealous! *shakes fist* Great job, you are amazing.

Thank you for your lovely compliments. I am working on taking them better hehehe. I thought Mandesa was gorgeous too. But ya know, everytime they’d show her from behind someone in my family would make a comment about how big she was. I guess I have some low self-esteem from them. I also love Queen Latifa, she is beautiful and even sexy too!! But she’s a movie star!

No one is upset about this thread, just wondering if the people here are afraid of them. I reassured them that we are just taking advantage of a smaller setting and they are more than welcome to join us, we love the company!!

Nightowl, hehehe thank you for the compliments. I will be better at accepting them. I am not used to them!! I seem to live in a part of the country where most people are bred to be jerks. I need to get somewhere with stable weather, stable weather equals happier people I think. This weekend I am hanging out with my brother the whole time!

As for meeting your ex…THAT is minus 50 points on the fun scale. (ps. The higher the fun scale the better…unlike the real scale, I’d cut off my arm to lose 50 points on the real scale…come to think of it, cutting off my arm WOULD lose me 50 pounds…hmmmm *dashes to the garage*) Sorry to hear about that. I am not sure I would have stayed and been able to have fun. I hyperventilate when I see an old chum from high school! If Gino walked in with some broad on his arm I’d prolly go sit in the bottom of my closet and rock back and forth. I’d read into every detail. However, the truth of the matter is, who he is dating now would mean absolutely nothing! And the same goes for your ex-man (no not x-man...mmmm wolverine…) anyhow, don’t feel bad! Feel proud, you stayed and had fun after. I’m proud of you! No closet rocking for you, you got back on the floor and danced. Now…about those beers. Hmm were you break dancing? Heehee don’t worry they wont do too much damage. Nothing you can’t battle off on that elliptical!

Tanya, 30 minutes of exercise a day is recommended for healthy living. I would suggest getting a video to do at home. There is a really good one that I love, I will have to get the name for you. I love it…I am gonna find the name for you by breaking it out and doing it once and for all. I hate walking in the mall, it’s full of seniors—at least around here it is. Not like older people—OLD PEOPLE. Like some of them have oxygen tanks on wheels. I can’t sweat in front of these people. I can’t even stand in front of them, fat young people are a tragedy to the old I think. They can’t stand my presence…and personally…well mama said if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all! Hahahaha.

It’s ok to be frank around here, as far as I can figure we are all girls around here and we share those same ambitions. I would like my fatty belly not to roll over my belly button, and I would like not to be afraid of flimsy chairs. Your friend has a good attitude. Me, I would have been mortified. If it were me, the chair would break and down I’d go. Then I’d lay there and pretend to be dead and hope someone called an ambulance. Then—in the mayhem of the ambulances arrival. I would quickly roll (yep roll) under the nearest table and hide concealed by the long tablecloth until the restaurant closed. Then, I’d sneak out the door, setting off the alarm. I’d run to my car and speed off, but not in time and get into a high speed police chase. It would be great—because police are sexy!

OK that was pointless I’m sorry I’m rambling.

Well this weekend has gone ok. I haven’t lost anything. Surviving memorial day will be enough for me. Coming out of the rubble of cook-outs, dine-outs, drinks and all the other things associated with a long holiday weekend will be enough for me. I imagine I will be a bruised up, banged up warrior at the end of it. I’ll be happy to stay the same weight I am now. I am behaving myself mostly, but not working out. I look forward to the day I am flexible enough to kick my own ass…after some yoda of course… Yoga I mean. Crazy I am. To bed I must go.

Sleep well guys. Survive the weekend my fellow warriors!! :grouphug:


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