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nightowl88 05-19-2006 04:13 AM

300 and 30
Hi everyone,

I'm just looking for a spot to set up camp (new thread) with some newbies to this site. This looks like a nice area, good scenery with nice neighbors. We should fit in well. I welcome all newcomers to 3FC. Feel free to write in to us. Don't be shy. We can all start this together. Giddybiddy you with me?

P.S.- Once we get comfy with each other we can migrate to the numbered threads. Right now I think we'd get a little lost keeping up with who's who.

youwin67 05-19-2006 04:00 PM

Hi Nightowl, I'm new too, and trying hard to keep up but poking my nose in here and there. It is a little hard to keep track of names and I can't wait to be one of the girls who knows everybody, and is friends! But I thought I'd say hi here too, since you set up this lovely camping spot.:hug:


waterchiklet 05-19-2006 04:13 PM

Hey Nightowl. Finally a thread for us in our 30's :cool: good idea. ;) I'm Heather, 31.

nightowl88 05-20-2006 04:24 AM

Hi Dusty and Heather, thanks for stopping in. I've been wandering this site for a month now trying to find a nice little niche for myself to settle into. Everyone is so friendly and supportive on here that I am just dying to get involved somewhere. It can be intimidating to just join in an existing thread though. So, that's why I'm glad us newbies can start together here before we venture out in the big threads. We'll get the hang of it together.

So, let's learn some things about one another. Here are some starter questions:
1. What diet plan are you currently on?
2. What do you find motivates you the most?
3. What can I do to help you stay on track?

My answers:
1. I'm currently not on any diet plan. I've tried just about everything out there. What I've learned is that I already know what's good to eat and what's bad to eat. It's just a matter of doing it and sticking to it!
2. Accountability is the most important motivator for me (which is exactly why I want to set up a support group on here).
3. I want to be able to share my ups and downs with people who know what I'm going through, who can understand where I'm coming from. Like a recovering alcoholic goes to AA meetings. You know what I mean? I want someone to pat me on the back for my good days and help put me back on track on my bad days.

Now let's hear from you. Any newbies lurking around out there--come on in!! We're new at it too, don't be intimidated. Welcome!

Heather 05-20-2006 10:51 AM

Hello new ladies! I hope you don't mind me poking my head into your campsite, but I wanted to welcome you to the 300+ section of 3fc!

If you're a little leery of joining the fast-moving numbered threads (which I encourage you to join!) -- I also want to let you know about the wonderful accountability in our exercise thread and encourage you to join us!!

We track the number of minutes we exercise each month. Most of us set exercise goals. Mine started small and have slowly increased, but others jump in full force. We then note our exercise -- many of us say something about what we did or how we're feeling about it.

I think a fun part is that we also pool together the minutes we've done as a group. We start the minutes over each month, but we are also working toward a goal of exercising 100,000 minutes this year! We're already more than halfway there!

I have trouble -- STILL -- getting my exercise in, and this has been great for my accountability. I know there are days I exercised just so I could keep up with my minutes... and it's fun to add to communal endeavor.

I know weight loss can be so overwhelming, and hopefully you can find all the support here you need!!!

youwin67 05-20-2006 02:51 PM

NightOwl, Oh yes I know where you are coming from! I am not 30, I am 22. I hope that is ok!! I thought this was for newbies, not 30-somethings! I have tried lots of programs, sometimes it's hard to do what you just know you should. Like workout, thats hardest for me.

1. What diet plan are you currently on?
L.A. Weight Loss Center. I know, lots of people say bad things about this but it's really working for me. I have a great center and I like the support. I go in three times week and they encourage me, or yell at me for the smart-mouth entries in my journal. It's like having a group of people cheering you on. I've done weight watchers, and lost 40 pounds too!! So I like that program too. The two are very similar, only you dont have the meetings in groups, which I really didn't always like.
2. What do you find motivates you the most?
Seeing the results and sharing them with people. One person says I look better or I'm doing good and I'm going all day. If I feel bad about myself, I'm more likely to cheat!
3. What can I do to help you stay on track?
Well just like you said, a shoulder to lean on and a free ear is worth more than anything in the world!


nightowl88 05-20-2006 08:13 PM

Thanks wyllenn for being a friendly neighbor and welcoming us. I appreciate it. I'll definitely check out that exercise thread! Exercise is such a tough one for me. It seems like every night I go to bed making all these grand plans for the next day saying I'll exercise for this long, at this time, doing this particular exercise, etc. And then the next day comes and do I do it? Nooooo!! Accountability is a great motivator like you said. Thanks for the info.

Dusty, age does not matter of course! The 300 and 30 just happened to by my particular stats--that's all. So LA Weight Loss, huh? I've seen the stores around but never knew what they were about. I just assumed it was similar to Jenny Craig where you buy pre-packaged foods. I guess I was wrong. So it's like WW but with 1-on-1 meetings rather than a group? I see. Well, that's good that you are taking a liking to it. Good luck with it. How long have you been going, is it expensive?

I tried WW last year, but the local branch I belonged to didn't have a schedule that fit with mine. As you can tell by my member ID, I am a nightowl! I usually don't get home from work until 3am so I don't have a typical sleep schedule. The 10am WW meetings just weren't motivating me enough to roll out of bed very often. I think I stayed on plan for maybe 6 weeks. That's why I decided online would be a better place for me.

The most weight I ever lost was on Atkins about... hmmm 6 years ago. That was just before the big low carb boom took off. They didn't have all those low-carb foods advertised in the stores yet. Splenda wasn't even out yet. I lost 60lbs in 6 months. It came off quick and I loved it! However, as soon as I started sneaking a carb here and a carb there, forget it. The lbs started to creep back on. I ended up gaining all 60 back plus 20 more. I think low carb works great, but you have to be willing to eat like that forever and I just don't want to do that! I love my pasta and bread too much! I know now that moderation is the best way to go, not elimination. Blah, blah, I know we've all heard it before, right? But it's true, for me anyway.

Well, enough rambling. I'll catch you ladies later! Take care.

waterchiklet 05-21-2006 10:23 AM

1. I'm counting calories and limit % of fat to around 30%. Dr. Phil's plan is in there too somewhere, as its what I used before to lose 80lbs.

2. Fitting into smaller clothes is very motivating. Seeing my booty shelf also helps. ;) Doing it alone gives you the chance of talking yourself out of it on days that are stressful. Having people to be accountable to is often the thing that helps people make it through I think.

3. Its nice to know others are out there who are trying hard like you are, but as for helping me stay on track I don't know. Not mentioning in specifics that you ate a chocolate cake on your binge would be nice too. I find sometimes talking about the food in particular is a trigger for me.


Do you plan to start a plan soon, Nightowl? I usually mentally prepare for a diet but when I started 10 days ago I just jumped into it. Its working so far. I haven't started exercising yet (my excuse is I'm the mother of a 15 wk old babe and I haven't yet found the time for it) but know that I won't get far without it.

I just got done watching the baby so I'm off to have breakfast. Hope to hear how your days are going soon.

nightowl88 05-21-2006 02:33 PM

Hi Heather, (I just picked up on everyone highlighting names in bold). Thanks for replying to my questions. I'll try to not to mention any particular "bad" foods so not to trigger a craving for you. I can completely relate. I usually get cravings from watching fast food commercials on TV. It's the whole visual thing for me, I guess. And get this... I love watching the food network!! Emeril, Rachel Ray, and Alton. No wonder how I got to this weight! I'll watch it, cook it, and then eat it!!! Too bad it doesn't happen like that if we talk about broccoli or celery, huh? Oh well.

So, what's this booty shelf you mentioned? Do you mean you want to lose it or you want to see it? My particular body shape (and all the women in my family) have absolutely no booty!! We all have the flat non extistent types. I hope that I have at least some roundness hiding in there underneath the fat!

I'm going to start my plan (as usual) on Monday. However, I need to go grocery shopping today to stock up on my healthy foods. I've pretty much eaten through my cupboards and fridge these past couple weeks. We had some severe rain storms and flooding up here in NH/MA area, so I haven't made it to the grocery store in a few weeks. I weighed myself today and luckily I didn't gain, but I want to start losing again. I'm going to count calories and drink tons of water. I've been a member of ediets since September and they recommend I stay between 1500-1700 calories a day.

Well, I'm off to shop. I'll check in with you ladies later. Dusty, how is your weekend going?

kaybee1966 05-21-2006 07:36 PM

Hello All,

I'm so happy to see a new thread starting up. I'm new here also and for whatever reason, I find it difficult to join threads that already have well-established group of people on them, so I'm glad to find all of you.

I'm 39 and holding, lol. I've got about 4 months before I hit the big 4-0 and my goal is to be well on my way to being healthy and losing this weight before my birthday.

As far as a certain eating plan, I'm not following a particular plan. I've done this weight loss thing so many times I feel like a walking encyclopedia on how to lose weight. I just have a hard time maintaining it after I've lost it. So my biggest challenge is making my eating plan a permanent lifestyle change and not going back to my old eating habits once I've lost weight.

I am basically eating a low-calorie diet with lots of fruit and vegetables and cutting out most sugar and processed foods and eating whole wheat pastas and breads. I exercise a minimum of 4 days a week, but ideally, I'd like to get in 5 or 6 days of exercise right now. I've been on my current healthy life-style change for one month now and I feel SO much better with just the changes I've made in my diet so far and with getting back into an exercise routine. My energy level has improved significantly.

It's nice to meet all of you and hope we can motivate each other. It's so nice to find other people who are dealing with the same issues I am.


youwin67 05-22-2006 12:07 AM


My weekend has been very busy. My mom and I are working hard to sell my grandmother’s house. It is right next door and there is so much stuff to go through and clean. It is soooo emotional, and it’s so outdated and everything seems to be a challenge! So this weekend was hectic. I still live at home, and I’m the only one on a diet. SO I am constantly surrounded by bad foods (I wont list the insane foods for Heather’s and all our benefits), and I have to watch everyone eat them all the time. Sometimes my mom forgets, and I end up with no dinner, and then find my dad has taken my healthy stuff to work with him!! Grrrrr. I bought myself some nice rice cakes to eat, since they are on my plan and they are sooo good, and my brother was home all weekend, and ate them all. I don’t even know how he did it!!

I tried Atkins too and lost a lot fast. But I hated it. I was so miserable on that diet, it killed me. I am a picky eater and red meat is not my favorite and I don’t like eggs or cheese so it was difficult. I realized, when I was taking bacon, cold, in a bag to school for my lunch, and the bag was all white and greasy—ewww, that it wasn’t for me.

I like this new plan but I can’t quite seem to get to the gym yet. I picked up the recent copy of People magazine with some women in it who had lost the amount of weight I plan to lose. They had a schedule on there for a typical day. It was like “Well, I get up at 5 am, work out, have a piece of lettuce, work out, take the kids to school, have some flaxseed powder, teach a spinning class, eat 3 peanuts…” So on and so forth!! I was like Ohhh right. I could soooo do that, if I had an iron will and each day was 72 hours long! Geesh!

, Nice to meet you and good work so far. I am still trying to get exercising but thus far that hasn’t happened. I am still doing good and losing weight, but that extra hour and a half of sleep in the morning is my greatest temptation thus far. Welcome and so nice to meet you!!

Ok, bed time or else!!

:hug: :hug: :hug:

nightowl88 05-22-2006 12:12 AM

Kaybee, welcome!! I'm glad you decided to join us! Is there anything we can do to help you stay on track? I want us all to be able to help each other as much as we possibly can. Heather would like us not to mention trigger foods. Dusty and I enjoy the comaraderie of a support group, to talk about our good and bad days. I'm starting tomorrow, so I'm sure I'm going to want to stop in here to say how it went.

Off topic - I just watched Brokeback Mountain tonight. Anyone else see it? It had so many good reviews that I wanted to see for myself. I enjoyed it. I'm supposed to go see The DaVinci Code tomorrow with my mother. We both read the book and loved it! I heard it's not getting good reviews, but I'm not listening to any of them. I want to find out for myself.

Take care everyone!

youwin67 05-22-2006 12:17 AM

I haven't seen brokeback yet but it was tempting in the rental store!! My brother was watching it with me though and I knew he'd kill me if I came out with that one so I thought I'd wait for some friends!! I really wanna see it!

imnotfluffy 05-22-2006 03:21 AM

well...hi i guess lol....im somewhat new..tend to be a lurker on and off for the past..8 or 9 months i think, trying to get into the habit of coming here more often agian though skipped even checking the boards for the past...4 or 5 days now..lazy lazy i know. im not 30...but i certianly feel that old..if not older..lol. will be 20 later this year. weigh...im not sure. at least 300. last i checked was months ago...and it was around 320ish...but i know ive either gained weight or the weights shifted because my arms are fatter now.
i think this threads a nice idea :) can be hard just joining into a conversation of people who know each other well all of a sudden.

im not on any diet plan yet..havent really started yet. was kind of toying with my body the past week or so. and so now im fairly certian i either have a wheat/gluten allergy or celiac disease. really sick when i eat it.....not sick when i dont. sucks though because i love breads and such and has always been a fair portion of my daily diet. have trouble eating even 2000 calories a day without bread in it. havent been diagnosed with it or anything....no health insurance and no money to go at the moment..so decieded to experiment and take matters into my own hands lol...not like any doctor was ever able to figure out whats wrong with me and make me feel better lol...so now i think ill just drop all gluten from my lifeand try to adjust to figureing out what to eat. had to drink lotsa soda just to get enough calories to keep moving...and i knoow thats not a good thing :p...im a vegetarian....so no bread eliminates another thing i can eat...and more things i have to check for on ingredient labels. fun times ahead. no motivation at the moment. dont feel good enough to do anything. but once i get back to eating no gluten..motivation is just to..be healthy for once in my life. and a little to actually look good. ive never been into looks whether theyre someone elses or my own, but it would be nice to never get looked at in disgust agian just for going out shopping or something lol.
i dont tend to talk much, but when i do i ramble...like now.
i loved brokeback mountian. probably wont see the divinci code till once its on dvd. avoided reading the book for a long time. so much hype. gave in and just started reading it. not far. but i like it.

nightowl88 05-22-2006 11:47 PM


Originally Posted by imnotfluffy
i know. im not 30...but i certianly feel that old..if not older..lol. will be 20 later this year.

Are saying I'm old?? Ha ha, just kiddin' ya! I got a kick out of your quote there. I guess when you're 19, 30 does seem old. Well, imnotfluffy welcome to our group!! I hope you find the support and encouragement you are looking for from us. We're all here for the same reason and we're here to support one another. So sorry to hear about your intolerance to wheat and gluten. I suppose it's good that you found that out sooner rather than later. At least you know what is causing your ailments. I know how tough it is to stay away from the foods we love. I used to love eating strawberries as a child and then when I was in my teens I began to get an allergic reaction from eating them. My face would tingle and turn red, and my mouth and lips felt like they were on fire. Now I can't eat them anymore. It's probably been 14 years since I've had one. I don't miss them as much as I thought I would. There are a lot of desserts and recipes that call for them, but I make due without them just fine. It just takes some getting used to.

Dusty, my dear, how are you? I see you and I were bouncing around in here late last night. I think I was following your threads there for awhile, lol. Good choice by the way on not bringing home Brokeback Mountain for you and your bro to watch. If your brother is anything like mine we get a little awkward watching any love scenes together, let alone a same sex one. That's the time one of us would hop up to go to the bathroom or grab a drink. Your friends can handle watching that stuff, but watching it with family gets too weird (for me anyway - hope that didn't offend anyone).

I had a pretty good day today for my first day back on plan. I kept within my calories and I'm just working on the last 20oz of my 80oz of water. One thing though, I didn't do any exercise. I am such a procrastinator when it comes to doing that. I keep putting it off until later and then later comes and I say no way, it's too late!! Aaagh! Hopefully I'll gain more energy throughout the next couple weeks and it won't be so hard to get moving.

Soooo...I took my Mom to see DaVinci Code today. She liked the movie alot, but I was so-so on it. I remember not being able to put the book down when I first read it. I wanted to find out more and more, but then watching the movie I just wasn't as captivated. I don't know if it was because I already knew the story or if it's because it seemed a little too absurd with all their conspiracy theories and everything. I don't know. It was just different than I had hoped. I did, however, think it was well worth the $7 ticket price! It kept me interested, just not awed.

Well, I'm off to go read some more threads. Later girls!!!

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