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Louie 06-19-2006 09:45 AM

Good Morning :coffee:

Hope all is well with everyone. I had a good day yesterday. Spent 6 hours at the college working with my study partner and then off to a BBQ to relax. We had :burger: and salad... very yummy. Then it was home to hit the sack relatively early.. gotta keep up on that required rest !!

Kaybee ~ thank you for the welcoming. Hope you had a good time at your cookout. Sorry to hear about the possibility of your hubby losing his job. My hubby was in a similiar situation about a year ago and it definately made for some hard times and of course my old trusty friend food was always there.. darn friend ;)

Tanya ~ I know what you mean about the tracking. I was using FitDay for awhile, but then I miss one day and it all goes down the gurgler. If you are following WW then I think I would just stick with counting points...that would simplify things for you (hopefully). Green tea.. hmmm...I have never been a tea drinker, can't seem to acquire a taste for it, but maybe I need to give it a try.

Well I guess I better skedaddle. Have a great day and TTYS :D

nightowl88 06-21-2006 12:30 AM

Hi Ladies!

Wow, we must all be pretty these last few days because it's so quiet around here. Hope everyone is doing alright. I know that I sure haven't been staying on plan lately!! I don't know what my problem is. I stopped counting calories, I haven't exercised, I lost my motivation. What's wrong with me? I need something to kick my butt back in gear!! :kickbutt:

Kaybee, sorry to hear about your husband possibly losing his job. I'm sure this is quite a stressful time for you and I know what you mean about turning to food for comfort. I think that's something we all have in common on here.

I went out to eat with a girlfriend of mine tonight and she just quit smoking 2 days ago. She said she was craving a chocolate cake from the menu but she didn't want to replace one addiction with another one. I thought that was such an enlightening comment. I guess I never thought of food as an addiction before, but if you think about it, it really is for us. And unfortunatley we can't abstain from food like a recovering alcoholic can quit drinking, or a smoker can quit smoking, yknow? We can't just quit eating. We have to learn how to control it and moderate it. How hard is that? It got me thinking that maybe I should see a therapist or something. People think that to lose weight all you have to do is stop eating so much, but it's deeper than that. It's become a comfort for us... an addiction really. Does this make sense to anyone or am I just making an excuse for myself? I don't want to sound like I'm whining about it, but there's definitely something deeper to this weight loss thing. I should look into it more.

Louie, way to go on all that studying! Whew! Sounds like a lot of work, but it will pay off in the end I'm sure. Glad you got to relax a little at the BBQ. Too much work and not enough play.... :)

Tanya, what's up girl? How's the lil' guy? Too funny about Texas having the fattest cities, isn't it? I thought you'd get a kick outta it!!! :lol:

Glad you had a good Father's day. Good choice staying home on Father's day and saving some ca$h. Eating out is always the first to go when saving money. Oh, and sorry you have to hold off on the bellydancing class. You can always practice with the TV until you can afford to go.

So, what's this about the green tea? My friend just started this "dieter's tea" thing that she got at the grocery store. Is that the same as the green tea? I know it's supposed to be an antioxidant, but does it help with weight loss too?

Dusty, How's your tummy feeling? All better? I just read your email tonight. Glad you like my music selection. Have you listened to the CDs yet?

We miss the regularity of your witty posts on here. It's always fun to read them. Write back soon!!

tlujan1 06-21-2006 01:13 AM

How are you girls doing? I am missing some of the other girls. I will PM them and see what is going on.

Green Tea...not sure if it is the same as dieters tea, but it very well can be. You know how that call something "diet" and they jack up the price and it is the same thing. Well, I will find out this week when I go weigh in if it helped. Let me tell you, I normally take antioxidents and for two weeks I didn't drink the tea, well, I wasn't regular. I had to keep taking laxitives...and I eat a lot of fiber girls. Well, dawned on me that I hadn't been drinking my tea and also haven't lost weight. Well, for the last few days I have been more then regular...I didn't just go poop, I took dumps. I know it is a bit crude, but this is the only way I can discribe it. With antioxidents it removes bad stuff from your body, including fat...yes FAT, well, your body has to release it some how. The green tea helps burn fat, and take out the impurities, and don't forget about the stress.

Well, I have been staying on program. I am just logging my food once on the sheet for WW. I am down on my exercise, but I will get that back.

I have to share this with you all. My Ex. lives down the road with his wife and 3 kids. Well, we are still good friends, and his wife doesn't know that we had a thing, because it was during the time they were still together a long time ago. Well, she called tonight to invite James, Camdon and I for dinner. I get nervous every time I go over there. I am not saying I will have an affair, but he is really attractive. I have dreams about him after I see him. My husband knows I am attracted to him, but I just wish I could get him out of my mind after I see him. Damb.

Okay, got that out of my system.

Camdon is sick. I am a bit worried because when he gets sick, we normally end up in the hospital. We gave him treatments and tons of medicine tonight, so hopefully he will be feeling better in the morning.

It sounds like a lot of us are under stress: Kaybee, Louie, Dusty, and Me....NightOwl is taking the week off from stress. Good for you.

I was having fun tonight downloading a ton of stuff for my computer. I have a Mac and there is a lot of stuff online that you can get for free. Love it.

Well girls, I am hungry and I am going to go drink some milk.


tlujan1 06-21-2006 01:14 AM


That is for you NightOwl.

Louie 06-21-2006 10:44 AM

Helllloooo Ladies !!

Well I survived day 1 of exams... 2 more days to get through and then I can kick up my heals and have a break. I have one more week off of work, so I can relax that week and I think hubby and I are going to try to get away for a couple of days. With all of my studying we haven't had too much US time.

Nightowl ~ you asked for it...so here comes :kickbutt: I haven't even started a plan yet.. so you are at least ahead of me !! As for your comments about food being like an addiction.. I would totally have to agree. Last year I went and talked to a therapist about some issues that I was having and she certainly helped me out on the mental part of food addiction. So not I don't think you are crazy at all ;)

Tanya ~ I am thinking I need to start trying to like green tea :D No further description required LOL. Congrats to you for staying on program and logging your food.. you are the :queen: I hope Camdon is doing better today and that he doesn't end up in the hospital.. poor little guy :hug: What sort of stuff are you downloading for your computer ?? I don't have a MAC but free stuff is good stuff !!

Dusty and Kaybee ~ hope all is well with you both !!

Well I best get a crackin'.. got some prep to do today for my exam tomorrow. Have a good one and TTYS.

tlujan1 06-22-2006 12:17 AM

What a day. I had two of my single friends call me today, the first one Terri was upset because her boyfriend pissed her off and we talked for about an hour. Right after I got off the phone, my other friend Gail called me telling me the guy that she had been seeing is married...well, I didn't think he was. So her and I did detective all day to find out the truth. We looked up marriage licenses and all. We found one, but see this Lady who calls herself M, said that her hubby and her had been together for 6 years. Well, he told my friend that he was married before but is divorsed....well, according to the records he was married 9 years ago and not 6. So, this lady is lying. No woman would forget how long she had been married. Then I called his work (used to do some acting) and acted like I met him and wanted to know if he was single because I found him supper attractive. The person who answered the phone said No and laughed...and I said good, then I can make my move. I think my friend Gail is being played by a psycho girl friend. Not only that, this woman emailed my friend and very calmly said, please stop seeing my husband...blah, blah, blah. Well, she wont even give her name, and she was so calm. Let me tell you if I found out my hubby was seeing a women, piss and fire would be coming out of every direction. Besides, he would have been beaten up and I would have been in jail....so my point, if this woman was really married to him, she is too damb calm to be, so I think she is lying. There is no records at all of anybody woman living with him in the last 9 years. So what do you think?

Okay, food drama now. I am doing good. I am going to weigh in on friday. Camdon was really sick today but he is getting better. He was so clinggy today...driving me crazy, but I understand poor baby wasn't feeling good.

I will let you know on the weight loss, I didn't really do a lot of exercise this week, but I did drink my tea, so I will let you know if it is working.

Test, test, test...It is going to be so refreshing when you are done. Just keep thinking about the time off.

I am a bit tired...so going to bed..

Oh yeah, I was downloading stuff for safari which is like Mozilla, or eudora, explorer, escape, etc. well the stuff I was downloading was helping customize my pages and stuff like that. I also have AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and so I downloaded something that would allow me to have just one messenger, called Admin (duck) and it runs all the messaging stuff at one time with in one window. Like I just log into Admin and then click on AIM, MSN, etc and it connects me to all my stuff and different email addresses too. Pretty cool. Apple.com has a bunch of stuff for MAC. I am not a PC user, so not sure what they have for PC's. You can skim through sites and find some cool free stuff to download. Have fun with this...if you have any questions let me know, I will try to explain it the best that I can.


nightowl88 06-22-2006 03:03 AM

Hi Ladies,

Well, today was just a beautiful day outside!! It was perfect weather, 84 and no humidity. I sure picked a great week for vacation! I laid out by the pool today and even got a little pink in my cheeks. Working those 2nd shift hours make me feel like a vampire sometimes so being out in the sun is a nice change.

So the doctors office called me today with my blood results. The nurse said my cholesterol was awesome (and that was a direct quote!), my blood sugar was high (112) which is in the pre-diabetes range, and she said my white blood cell count was high too. They want to take another blood test to confirm these results. I'm a little concerned about the white blood cell count because I wasn't sick or getting over a sickness when I was tested last so I don't know why it's high. This was the 3rd time over the past 5 years that the doctors have told me my white blood cell count was high. I hope it just runs high for me and I don't have some quiet deadly disease sneaking up on me.

Tanya, thanks for the butt kicking!! I definitely need it!!! I'll jump back on plan after my vacation is over. I only have a couple days left anyway.

Hey, thanks for the info on the green tea. I actually talked to my friend tonight that has the dieters tea and she said that yes, it is a form of green tea. It helps her to "flush out" her system by basically giving her diarrhea. I've never tried that method myself, but hey if she likes it....

And as far as your friend goes with the supposed married boyfriend... it sounds like something's fishy with that other woman's story. Why doesn't your friend just ask her boyfriend out right? Women are usually good at catching a man in a lie anyway. She'll pick up either a good or bad vibe. Not making eye contact, covering or touching the mouth while talking, stammering words or speaking very quickly are pretty good give aways to tell when someone's lying. Well, good luck with it. At least it takes you away from your problems for awhile. Not that you want your friend to have problems, but it is fun to play detective for awhile isn't it? Sounds exciting going "undercover" and all. :mag:

Louie, thanks for the kick in the butt too! I'm curious to know more about how your therapist helped you. How many sessions did you have? You said that she helped you with the mental part of the addiction, how so? Do you have any techniques you can share with us or is it something that is unique to the individual? Thanks for the info.

Good luck with your exams! Hang in there, you're almost there!! What kinda get-a-way plan did you make with hubby anyway?

Well, catch ya later ladies!! Time for bed.

Louie 06-22-2006 09:55 AM

Hey Chicks :D

Not much to report from me.. same old.. same old !!

Tanya ~ or is that P.I. Tanya now :mag: In regards to your G.F. I agree sounds a bit fishy. I also agree with Nightowl I think I would confront the guy about it. The "wife" obviously knows about your friend somehow, so it would be interesting to know what he has to say about it. Keep us posted if anything happens we will live vicariously through you :) Glad to hear that Camdon is feeling better. I have heard of those programs that let you manage all of your IMs.. I only use MSN so guess I don't need it !!

Nightowl ~ sounds like you did very well in picking your holidays.. if there is one thing that you can never predict it is the weather, but ya done good :sunny: Hope everything turns out with your tests and that they can determine why your white blood cell count is so high :?: As for therapy, I think I had 6 or 8 sessions.. I can't remember. Alot of what we discussed was definately geared to what I was going through, although I am sure some of it would apply to everyone. One of my biggest things is that I obsess over food.. if I want food A I will think about it until I have it.. and because I was trying to lose weight of course I didn't want to eat food A.. but then it would always be on my mind.. driving me crazy !! So one the things that she told me that has really stuck with me is to think of that "thought" as being from outside myself, not part of myself, and like an intruder you have to fight it off. I am stronger then it and I will not let it get me !! (then of course you need to stand with your hands on your waist, chest puffed out and give your best superhero face LOL) I also made a list of things that I could do to provide a distraction during those times (reading, writing, walking etc) and a list of rewards that I would give myself (non food related) for achieving certain goals. I have not lost any weight since that time.. just too much going on to concentrate on that.. but I certainly feel like I will be more successful this time around as I have my head space cleared a wee bit.

Well I am off to make a :coffee2: and have a final read through my material for this afternoon. Have a good one and TTYS !!

tlujan1 06-22-2006 10:12 PM

I am in pain tonight girls so the post is not going to be long. Was out of my thyroid meds and took it too late. It makes my arthritis in my arms and hands hurt really bad. I feel really flared up today...got really tired. Now I am tired and in pain.

I will writed hopfully tomorow night.


youwin67 06-22-2006 10:48 PM

Hi guys!

Gee I am no good at posting lately! It seems the forces of nature are against me as well. We’ve had some HUGE thunderstorms here and last night about 8 tornados touched down in the area. Those darn Great Lakes. It was amazing. However—both times I tried to write you guys this week, we’ve lost electricity for a long time. Geesh! Oh well, it’s raining out, but there’s no static so I think I may just finish this one.

My poetry work if for an award for summer research I received from my university. It’s called the ‘Undergraduate Summer Research and Creativity Award’ and it is awarded to 10 people every year. I was so lucky to be picked for my project, which is to write poetry, make a broadside on an ancient old timey printing press, and then give a reading. It ought to be interesting. So far I’m actually picking up the productivity. I received $2,500 for this, as well as $250 in a school account for expenses. It’s awesome because one, I am more of a fiction writer rather than a poetry writer. Two, once I get inspired poems come quite easily to me. Three, it’s ton’s of money (from a students perspective). And four, winning this internal award could very well be my ticket to Grad school. Woowoo. So I wrote a few more poems, and I’m feeling much better. Mentally and physically.

Also…I REACHED THE 200’s!! (technically the 299’s) Ummmm first off I’d like to thank the academy, then of course my mom, and god, oh and the gastro-intestinal virus that kept me from eating and doing much else but sleep sweat and expel fluids. This is good in many ways, all of which all of you know. But on my LA weight loss program, it means I can start take off, which is a 2-day de-tox that helps you shed pounds like mad. I’m doing a 6 weeks to slim program which means detoxing every 2 weeks. Woowoo.

Nightowl—I’m so addicted to your CD’s! I took them to work to listen to and listen to them in my car…everywhere but the gym because it’s so humid here I can’t get myself there…heheheh but when I do go I will take them. I am working on yours as we speak…or as I type, seemingly. So in short—Thank you so much. Your’s will be flying to you asap. I am sorry—circumstances seem to have me pulled in all directions! About the blood test, I will be keeping you in my thoughts.

Tanya, I hope you are feeling better soon. Good job on being a detective I am proud. You are obviously on the ball there. Sounds like an attack of someone bitter and mean, to me! Drink some of your tea and have a nice night. I might be getting on the green tea wagon as well. Just normal green tea, not the diet tea. Diet tea…well let’s just say I am not a fan of being evacuated by tea.

Louie, No news is good news as I always say. And many other people I am sure. I hope everything is going well with you.

Well guys I will write more later…I can’t believe I got this far!

More later!

Louie 06-25-2006 09:53 AM

Hi Gals ~ come out come out wherever you are !!

I have been enjoying my weekend, getting caught up on some much needed housework and getting in some relaxation.

Tanya ~ hope that you are feeling better !!

Dusty ~ congratulation on receiving that award...hope it is still going well and that you are getting lots written (or is the word composed???). And you made it to Twoterville.. YAHOOOOO !!!!!!!!

Hope everyone else is enjoying their weekends.. TTFN :D

tlujan1 06-25-2006 10:18 PM

Hey girls, I am back. Been MIA, been doing good with the food. Lost a pound but I am still in the 350's, shoot!!! I am hoping this next week I will do better. My arthritis is kicking my butt. I have really bad bursitis in my shoulders and in my wrist and fingers...hate it. I am in pain right now but it is tolerable.

I went out and got my nails done, toe and fingers, I feel so sexy. I haven't had nails since I got married, then they all broke off. James watched Camdon and I had time by myself. The crazy thing is that my hubby is digging the nails...like that whole night who couldn't stop looking at me...kept saying they are so sexy. I love them. Told him how much I payed (more then my dance classes mind you) then his response is, oh that is not that much. Go figure!

Camdon is doing much better. He had a lot of fun today, we went out to the lake, for my sister's 38th birthday. And he loves hanging out with Moe (sister) and Susan (girlfriend). He is always hanging all over Susan. Loves them both so much.

I hope everybody is doing good. I have a lot of stuff this week...I am going to the doctor this week I have been retaining water..puffy ankles. plus I need to change my blood pressure meds because my insurance does not cover it.

Hope you all are doing well.


nightowl88 06-27-2006 03:34 AM

:dz: Hi girls!

Well, it been a few days since I've been on here. My vacation is over. :( I've been eating better now that I'm back at work though so that's a plus. However, I haven't been exercising. I think we should start up the crunches challenge again or something. At least I'd get some exercise in!!!

Louie, hope you're having a good time chillaxing!! You sure deserve it after all the stress last week from your exams. Do you think you did good on them? You still have the rest of this week off before you go back to work, right? Hope you and hubby are doing something fun!!

Dusty, glad you like the CDs. I'm looking forward to hearing yours. I not sure what to expect..... you have such a creative artistic flare to you, so I'm sure your taste in music will somehow reflect that. It will be fun to learn more about you through your music.

Also........ welcome to the 200s!!!! Congratulations, it's such a great feeling to cross a milestone like that.

Tanya, glad to hear your staying on plan with your eating. Good job, keep it up.

And diggin' your new nails.... coooool!! I had the acrylic nails back a few years ago and I just loved them. They were so beautiful and strong as ever too!! My real nails are so flimsy. They bend, break, rip, tear, you name it. I can never get them to grow nice. Well, I'm glad you and hubby are loving them.

Kaybeeeeeee, where are youuuuuuu????

Ok, girls. I'm pooped. Time for nighty-night. :dz:

tlujan1 06-29-2006 12:24 AM

Hey girls just dropping in to say hello. I am wiped out and need to go to bed but not without saying hello. Been busy with the little one. I will post in the next day or so.

Hope everybody is doing good...Tanya

nightowl88 06-30-2006 02:47 AM

Wow, this place is a ghost town!! Hope everyone is doing alright. I know we have the 4th of July festivities coming up this weekend so it's gonna be pretty empty around here. Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday. Talk to you ladies soon!!

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