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nightowl88 06-13-2006 10:04 PM


Well today was uneventful for me. Not much happening. I had the day off but I got woken up in quite an absurd way this morning. You know how I work 2nd shift and don't go to bed until 4-5am well that means at 9am I'm still snoozing away in la la land .....except today. I woke up to some dude outside my bedroom window painting (that's painting not panting--wouldn't that have been a hoot?)!!! The window was fully opened with a fan in it, but I could see him so I'm sure he could see me. I was soooo embarassed!!! See, I live in an apartment building and I guess they decided to paint my building today. Here I am laying in bed with a dude outside my window about 3 feet from my bed!! I was so freaked out that I quickly threw a blanket over me and waited until he left before I hopped outta bed! Let me tell you it was about 85 degrees today too, so here I was sweating to death underneath the blanket. What the heck was I doing one of those ostrich hiding techniques or what? :lol: As if hiding under a blanket he wouldn't notice the huge moving lump underneath it. Maybe there's a chance he didn't even try looking in the window, unlikely I know, but still a hopeful thought for me. :o

Tanya, don't worry about feeling bored and crazy. That's what this post is here for -- it's a support system (even for crazies like you) ;) Just kidding of course! Post as often as you want, tell us what you're thinking, we'll read it eventually and respond back.

I went to wally world (aka walmart) today too! I bought that new Veet hair remover foam with the thing that looks like a razor but it's not. I haven't tried it yet, but I'll let you guys know if it's any good. I hate shaving! I get stubbly by the next day, hopefully this stuff is better.

How was dinner tonight? What'd you get?

Dusty, oops! I forgot to send out your CDs again. Uuugg!! I actually drove right by the post office today too. I'll get it out one of these days.

Hope you feel better tomorrow. The fiasco with your dog was a riot! I'm sure it wasn't fun for you, but it was entertaining to read! At least he's all better now and he got a little butter treat out of it too. It's funny how animals can feel sad or depressed from their appearance too isn't it? I remember my friend shaved her dog because it got sprayed by a skunk and couldn't get the smell out of the fur. Well her dog walked around for the next few weeks all embarassed and shy. Poor thing.

What's up with the spiders in the grapes?!? I HATE spiders!! Are you trying to freak us out? I love grapes too. I usually rinse them off right before I eat them, you mean all these spiders could be crawling around in my fridge? Yuck!

And now for this tummy shrinking foods... Is it a structured diet plan or do you just incorporate these foods into your daily diet? As far as the bell peppers go, is that just green or do red and yellow peppers count too? They seem sweeter to me than the green.

Well, time to fill up my water container. I'm thirsty tonight. Drink up!!

tlujan1 06-14-2006 02:18 PM

Warning Food Talk!!!!
I was BAD last night. I could have been worse. I had calamari for appitizer, crab cakes, .5 of white potatoe, a bloody mary, salad, and for the hum dinger---an ozzing lava yummy cake with ice cream, and whip cream. If nobody was there I would have gotten naked and bathed my self in it...Yes girls, it was that good.

I wasn't that bad, but I was bad with the cake. I would have gotten a steak but I didn't want to mess with it in my system the next day....remember the gas.

No exercise for me yesterday, except walking around the hospital.

Camdon is asleep...nice and quiet. Peaceful. Lately he has been driving me crazy with all of his whining.

Just looking out the window, and we have the cutest baby squires. I haven't seen to many big ones this year. They must have had babies and died off.My father in law is so country, he likes to eat squire. I am a city girl, 100%, and it is really good...except for the little bones. Oh no, two babies are mating outside my window...or they are fighting, or playing. Wait, they have smiles on their faces, they must be mating. :dizzy: :nono: :love: :bravo: :flow1: :flame: :nose: :fr: :censored:

Enough with all the fun. Nightowl, you should have done a show for the guy. Remember I am a little off. When I was in the hospital, I would walk around with nothing on under my gown...every body knew what my butt looked like. Hey, I was sick.

Dusty: That was funny about your dog. Poor thing....not you, the dog. I am sorry you had to go through that, really frustrating, I am sure.

Well girls, I will talk to you all later.

Tanya....wait. I know you can eat better for your tummy to go down, what about creams. I have this poochy that is over my belly butten, and I would love for it to go away. Do you all know of any topital stuff I could put on it to help it along? Arm are flabby too.


nightowl88 06-16-2006 03:10 AM

Hi girls!!!

Whew, lots to tell.... first of all let me get this out HOO-HAHHHH!! I'm on vacation until the 24th!!!! Yeeeeaaaahh!! :dancer: Ok, now I can focus, so where to start?

Well, I went and saw the new doctor today--she's great! She was so nice and understanding plus she had a little chunkiness to herself as well. :) She wants me to set 10% weight loss goals, so not to overwhelm myself. My favorite thing about her was she said that my ideal weight is 140lbs, however because I've been overweight my whole life she is changing my goal to 200lbs! Isn't that great? I've never met a doctor who recommended a goal weight of 200! Love that!!! She didn't mention gastric bypass either. In fact I ended up bringing up the subject at the end of the appointment. I told her the last doc had me attend the information seminar and seriously made me consider it. She said that she won't recommend that unless her and I have exhausted ALL other options--together! Isn't she great? I hope she doesn't move on soon like all my other doctors seem to do. Anyway, she set me up to meet with a nutritionist and she also did my bloodwork and an EKG. That was the first time I ever had an EKG done, but it wasn't too bad. She said it was normal except my heart rate was elevated --102. On a bad note my weight was 4lbs up from my home scale and my home scale is 3lbs up from my last weigh in----uuggh! So, what should I do, consider myself up 7lbs or just up the 3 from my scale? Either way I have to change my weight loss ticker at the bottom of the page. :( I knew I had gained some back because my eating has been off the past week or so AND I'm due for TOM in 4 days!

So, I'm on vacation for the next 10 days, yeah!! I actually have to go to a seminar for work on Monday for 6 hours, but it's not in my building so I don't have to worry about getting sucked in to doing any work by my boss!

I'm trying to think of something that will help motivate me to lose weight. So, I was thinking of starting a savings account and putting in some ca$h for every pound I lose and then doubling it for every pound I gain. I haven't decided on the denomination yet, but I want to make it worth while so I'm going on the high side. I figure I probably won't lose more than 2lbs a week (on average) so maybe $25/pound. That's $2300 if I get down to my 200lb goal, and that doesn't take into consideration any gains along the way. Hmm??? What do you think of the idea? I know it may seem expensive to some of you, but I'm single, have a good paying job, and no kids. I think I could afford it (for the time being at least) AND it's all going to me in the end anyway. Even if it takes 5 years to reach my goal, imagine the reward? I could buy a new wardrobe, a special vacation, or even use it towards surgery to remove excess skin (hopefully not needed though). I don't know, I'm just trying to think of ways to motivate myself. It's hard because I don't really have anyone close to me who I can do this with. Most of my friends are skinny. Ok, enough about me!!

Tanya, your dinner sounded YUMMY!! Glad you enjoyed yourself anyway, but it's time to get back on plan. For me too. And what the heck are squires? Maybe a type of bird?? I'm from New England so maybe they're not native to up here or then again maybe it's Southern slang for something very familiar. :?: Either way, I'm curious, especially because they were mating, he he he.

Dusty, Heather, Kaybee - hope you're all doing good and hanging in here this week! Talk to us soon!

tlujan1 06-16-2006 04:43 PM

Nightowl: squirrels....am I spelling it right? I must have been typing too fast. sometimes I do that and don't check out the spelling. Sorry. I think you have them New Hampshire. Sorry about the gain. I have been pissed off too. I have been messing with this same pound back and fourth. But, I guess I deserve a weight gain with all the fun I have been having. I am still thinking about that cake. Yummy. Congrats on your time off. Gets some rest.

Doctors. sometimes I wonder if they really know what is going on. I am happy you found one that is good. They last time I went I had some blood work done and there were some concerning things about the blood work. I didn't get a call from the doc. to tell me what I need to do and what I need to change, nothing. I am so sick of them. I know it is because I have to deal with them more then the average bear.

I think my target weight needs to be about 220, because I have been fat my whole life and I just can't see myself being 150...way to skinny. I am have large bones and am tall....I would be a stick. I know the other girls on here are tall as well, I wonder what your take is on this.

I am so tired today. I went to bed early, but just been blotted and tired. Just not feeling right. I called my doc yesterday but never got a call back. I really need to switch doctors.

Weight Watchers is really starting to get on my nerves...not to be rude, but it looks like a retirement community every time I go. I switch my meetings, and the same thing. I went to this one meeting and this one lady would give me and my son bad looks all the time...what the **** is her problem. Sometimes you just don't know if they have race issues or they are just pissed off at the world. My mom said that she over heard her complaining about me and Camdon. My moms answer to every thing Just F-her. I love my mother. She doesn't take crap from anybody.

I wish they had a hip young (okay trying to be young) mothers group. I know I am nearing 40, but I hope I don't look it.

What kind of stuff are you all eating. Every week you all loss weight. I kind of eat the same stuff over and over.

Whole grain bread, eggs , coffee
Lean Cuisine, veggies
fish or chicken, wheat pasta or couscous, or brown rice.

It is starting to get boring...and I am still not losing...okay I know I went a bit crazy the other night, but not every day is like that.

Calling all Fat chicks we miss ya!!!!

Talk to you all later, I think Camdon is waking up from his nap.


Louie 06-16-2006 04:52 PM

You gals sound like you are having lots of fun.. can I join in ?!?!? I have been reading your posts since you started and looks like I would fit right in here.

I haven't been concentrating on weight loss for the past few months, but time to get serious about sending these extra lbs a packin'.

Look forward to taking this journey with all of you :D

tlujan1 06-17-2006 12:51 AM

Welcome Louie, nice to have somebody new.

We do have a lot of fun here. Please tell us a bit about yourself. I am sure you know us. I think I forget sometimes that there are lurkers and I can be bit too real.

Hope and look forward to hearing more from you and about you and your days.


nightowl88 06-17-2006 04:47 AM

Hello ladies!!

Well, today was my first day of vacation. Fun, fun!! But, I spent sooo much money today. I wanted to do a little pampering for myself because I've just been bummed out the past few weeks. So... I went and got my hair done and I went tanning!! I rarely go tanning by the way, but I got very pale this winter and I felt like I was glowing flourescent white walking around in shorts today! I just wanted some color to me so I don't look so sickly. I'll probably go a couple more times while I'm on vacation so I'll look nice and healthy when I return to work. I got my hair layered and added blonde highlights to it too. I absolutely LOVE it! I was actually admiring it in the mirror about an hour ago. I keep forgetting about it until I see my reflection, and then I stand there for 5 minutes and gaze in awe. :D I love the feeling a new hair style can give you. It can really perk up the day, y'know?

Oh yeah, I finally watched the movie Super Size Me tonight. I thought it was very interesting. It wasn't really much of a anti-fast food movie as I thought it was going to be. I think the main point of the movie was just to bring awareness to Americans that we are on our way to an obesity crisis. There were quite a few facts in the movie that I found interesting. They listed the fattest cities in the US, five of which were in Texas--Tanya, aren't you down there? I found an article online about it so you guys can take a look if you want. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/medi...hp?newsid=5137

Well, I'm off to my friend's baby shower tomorrow. I got tons of shopping in today too!!! Whoo hoo, extra exercise points for me!!! I went to Babies'R Us and I spent over an hour just looking around. Awww, some of those outfits were just adorable! It made me want a little munchkin of my ownnnn!!! However, I think I'll have to find a man first! Actually my mother has been hounding me lately. She says I'm not getting any younger and that she had all 3 of us kids by the time she was 30. And my sister had her 2 kids before she was 28.... blah blah blah. My mom is funny though, get this... she actually said that I don't need a husband (or a boyfriend for that matter) to have kids. She said that if I got knocked up she'll help raise the child and babysit while I'm at work. Isn't that funny? It just cracks me up that she thinks like that! Okay... sure, I think I'll just go get knocked up by some random dude so I can raise a kid on my own.... ahhh..... I don't think so, Ma!!! At least not now, I'm only 30, maybe if I'm 38 and still don't have any potential "daddy" candidates. ;)

Welcome Louie! I'm glad you want to join us. We've had quite a few new people stop in here and say they'd love to join in, but then they never come back! I'm starting to wonder if we're scaring them all away or something. :?: Anyway, I hope to learn more about you.

And my gal Tanya! Ohhhh, squirrels....yeah, we have them up here. Mostly gray ones in the city areas, but out in the sticks we get the red ones.

So, it looks like you and I have been holding down the thread here the past few days. Where is everybody? Actually Kaybee and Heather usually don't post until the weekends, but Dusty is MIA now too. And whatever happened to Michelle? She was posting with us for awhile and then dropped off. Oh well, at least we still have each other to keep company until the others return.

As far as your comment about your goal weight of 220. I think that's probably fine for your height. The last time I was 220 was when I was in high school! I remember I wore a horrendous hot pink poofy gown to the senior prom and it was a size 18. Oh, to see that size again!

You mentioned that you have a large bone structure, but I was thinking if you've been overweight your whole life how do you know for sure? I always thought that about myself too, in fact my mother always used to say I was "big boned" when I was growing up. Now that I'm older though I'm starting to question it. I think it was just an excuse for why I looked so much bigger than all the other kids. All the women in my family have small or normal sized bone structures, so why would I be different? Sure I wear larger shoes and jewelry and clothes, but I'm FAT! I don't think it's my bone structure. However, I do know that everyone holds their weight differently, so 220lbs could very well be a healthy look for you.

Oh yeah... are you going to the bellydancing class this weekend? You haven't mentioned it lately. If you go, do tell. I'm so curious about it, but still too chicken to go myself.

Louie 06-17-2006 10:22 AM

Good Morning !!

Thanks for the welcoming, Tanya and Nightowl. I know what you mean about people dropping off of posts. I was a regular on another group, but it seems to be dwindling away.

A little info about me.. I am 36, married, no kids, unless the furry kind count, then yes I have a dog. I live on the West Coast of Canada, work for the Government and currently I am studying to become an accountant (I actually write my big national exam next week). And no I am not a boring accountant LOL. About 6 years ago I had lost a significant amount of weight and was at a comfortable point in my life.. then I got married, began school, and didn't stick with eating right and exercising... and here I am needing to lose those same pesky lbs one last time !!!

Tanya ~ I think there is nothing wrong with setting yourself a target weight of 220 lbs. Once you get there you will know best whether or not you feel comfortable there or whether you think you can lose more. These charts that indicate how much someone should weigh based on their height, well I think they are crazy. I am 5'10" and girls I ain't ever going to weigh 165 lbs !! I use to go to WWs and yes there are definately some interesting folks that attend the meetings. WW is a great program, but I have to say that all that counting, weighing and measuring would drive me crazy some days :dizzy:

Nightowl ~ Love the new avatar :cookie: Your new hair do sounds great. I keep thinking I should get a change, but not sure what I would like or suit. I would love to be able to go into a salon and just sit down and say "do what you think would look best"..sort of like Nick does on "What not to Wear". Glad to hear that you are enjoying your holidays, and that you got in some walking and retail therapy at the mall :D

Well gals I guess I should get cracking. Off to enjoy my morning :coffee2: and break out the text books to do some final studying.

Have a great day and keep on keeping on :carrot:

youwin67 06-17-2006 09:35 PM

Ohhh the prodigal daughter returns!!

Well I have Gastroentinitis…or whatever. I have been so so sick, I couldn’t even stand to get on here and write. But today I am feeling better. Eating has been tought because I’m home with my little sister and brother who think oreos and corn dogs are a well balanced meal. I havent’ really been hungry, which helps, but I know that not eating is NOT the way to lose weight. I have to eat healthy all day long to show significant weight loss. But pretty much my tummy has to stop killing me before I can do much of anything!! All my workouts stopped too which sucks cause I was on a roll!

Oh well! On the lighter side of things, I haven’t gained any weight—seemingly. I appear to be hovering right around 300, which is ok, soon as I am feeling better, I’ll be losing again I am suuure!

LOUIE!! Welcome!! Glad you have decided to join us and good luck on your test coming up soon! You are right, not all accountants are boring!!

Tanya, Oh boy oh boy do I know what you mean with weight watchers. OLD PEOPLE. Like REALLY old and really *****y. I felt one, they looked at me like I was a shame of the human race because THEY were never fat at my age, I was 18 at the time. It really gets me, these old women and their haughty attitudes. They are ALWAYS miserable. Something is always wrong, life just seems to suck for them. I also felt like I was the only one there who didn’t play the banjo and pick my teeth with a match book. It’s not that I felt superior to them, it just seemed people came to the meeting and left their brains and their manners at home. And yes, people were RUDE to the women who brought children, got mad when the leader spoke to the kids! What is WRONG with people. I stopped going because those people just drove me bonkers with their attitude towards everything. Oh well! That was my experience. It seemed all the meetings were the same. I need a young hip weight loss group…er…like this one!

I set my weight goal at 150, though it is rather proactive. I can’t imagine weighing that little. I’ve always been fat, since I was five or six! I always had that little chin. I’ve also been really solid. I weighed a lot more than I looked. People would be surprised when they tried to pick me up then say oh OH and put my back down. I am solid or something. So I think your goal is a little more realistic—I may have to adopt it too.

Nightowl: Your new doctor sounds GREAT!! Where do I sign up. All I have is my family doctor who is this short balding man who has been my doctor since I was a baby. He says his R’s and L’s as W’s and doesn’t seem to care if I’m fat, coughing, feverish or in pain. All he ever does is write me prescriptions for flonaise (sp?) for EVERYTHING!! Irk!

Also, have a great vacation! Really enjoy yourself—take some youtime!!

Let me see, what do I eat:

Well I have yogurt, blueberries and whole grain cereal all mixed up every morning. An apple and an LA weight loss bar for a snack. I usually have a protein shake, some melba toast and an apple for lunch. Then an apple for a final snack and LA Weight loss bar. Then at home I like to have grilled chicken breast, a salad, a piece of low fat toast with bummel and brown and some veggies. I really like those microwave steamed lemon pepper veggies cause I don’t even have to dirty a dish to eat it. Pop it in the microwave and grab a fork (a disposable fork—if possible). Laaaaazzzy I know.

OK well girls I haven’t been to work since I came home sick on Tuesday and I have to go back Monday. It’s so HARD to get going again, but as soon as I’m back I know it will be all beeeettter. Still no progress on the poetry. I’ve written about three poems, but I can’t post them here in case they offend people. I just need about 7 more to make a good enough reading. I’ve never dreaded anything so much in my life. I start to wonder if it’s worth the money. Oh well, with all this stress going on, how can weight loss be achieved. I am sure it will be alright. …how much is liposuction? Well I’m off to go wrap myself in cling wrap, and then jog in a steam chamber.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!


tlujan1 06-18-2006 12:54 AM

So NightOwl, what are you saying, Im contributing to the fatness of Texas.:D Hey, you know everything is big in TEXAS. I was suprised that Houston beat San Antonio. There are a lot of fat people here. When I lived in Houston, I really didn't see that many. Maybe they were in hiding.

I would love to see your new hairdoooooo. I am sure it is nice. It has been a while since I got my hair done. But, my hair is naturally curly so there is not much I can do. Either it is long and curly or short and curly....but most of the time it is big and messy and curly. I don't look good as a blonde...I wish I did. My husband buys blonde wigs for me (ugly *** wigs too) and I look horible in them. I am olive in coloring with hazel eyes and I don't know why it doesn't look good...oh well. I look better with brown and red. I guess I am a winter.

If you have the money...have fun.

I am so sorry you are sick Dusty. I am comfused, why are you writing poetry...for a reading or a job? Funny about the oreos and corn dogs...Corn Dogs, ahhhhhhahahhhhh, I loveeeee corn dogs. Just get me a corn dog and some chocolate and I am satisfied.

I noticed a lot of people have been leaving or arn't around. I guess I should stop talking about the wild life in my back yard mating.

About the :belly: belly dancing, I have to wait. We are going through a financial transition right now....so I have to wait. James thinks it would be better to do the class when Camdon starts school in Aug. I have to agree with him. That way I can go several times a week and be able to mingle with the other girls. We also just signed Camdon up for Music School. Yes, they have music school for 2 year olds. The teacher sings like Julie Andrews...I can just sit and listen to her all day...I know, a dork.

Camdon is saying new words now...the wiggles, but he ways the "wiggies" He is really communicating a lot better. He had a conversation with my sister on the phone today, he has never done that. He answered her questions and all. She said I love you Camdon and he said love you bye bye, and handed over the phone. I was inpressed with my little one. Sorry for all the bosting but all these little things mean so much to me, especially after all the crap the doctors tell us.

Luie good to have you here....good luck with the studying. I love going to school, just hate taking test. Just want to give you Kudos on going to school and being married. I know it is hard. I started grad school when I was just married, droped out because it was too hard...and stupid me decided to start again when I was pregnant...I took two summer classes and then in the fall dropped out because of the dificult pregnancy. I was just thinking about doing accounting today. I was watching the Producers, and was thinking about it. I am good with numbers. What do you do at your govt. job? Sorry would you have to hunt me down and kill me. By the way I don't live in san antonio texas and my name is not Tanya...

Gets some good rest all of ya...Good night.


nightowl88 06-18-2006 01:40 AM

Hi ladies!

Well, today I had the baby shower. It actually turned out to be more fun than I expected, and I only knew the mother-to-be! Early on I got designated to be the photographer by the hostess (grandmother-in-law-to-be). That wasn't too fun, she was heckling me the whole time to take more pictures. I swear, I must've got 3 pictures of my friend reading the same stupid card!! C'mon, how ridiculous is that? Everyone else was catching on to how demanding the hostess was being of my picture-taking so when she wasn't around they'd joke around and make me take pictures of them sticking their tongues out and stuff. It was kinda funny because the lady won't have any idea until we're all long gone! Everyone else was really nice. The hostess was nice too, she was just stressing out probably because she wanted everything to be perfect. I just got the brunt of it for some reason.

Anyway, I think I ate pretty good there. I had a couple meatballs, a plate of salad, and a couple pieces of rolled up ham and cheese. No bread or dessert!! I don't think I had time to eat anyway with all that picture snapping!

Louie, so glad you wrote back to us already!! I hope you end up sticking around, the more the merrier. So, it sounds like you haven't really started a plan yet. Have you given any more thought to what you're going to do? Low cal, low fat, WW, etc? Is there anything we can do to help keep you on track?

I was thinking to help welcome you to the thread and to allow you to get involved here, I think you should pick next weeks exercise challenge!! Let's see, I picked the ab crunches a couple weeks ago... and then Tanya picked the "fun and unconventional" exercises last week. How about you? Do you want to pick next weeks challenge?

Tanya, Tanya, Tanya..... what happened, no post today???? C'mon girl, I thought you were our one and only "regular" on here. You're like our anchor on this thread, you keep it from drifting off into the great abyss. :lol: Well, I hope you and your family are doing OK today and maybe you're just busy. Come back soon!

Dusty, awwwww, sorry chica about your tummy problems. That sucks! What caused it, do you know? Is it food poisoning or stress or somthing? Anyway, get some rest and try to take it easy this weekend. Oh yeah, and I sent out those CDs yesterday. You should probably get them Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully you'll feel better by then and maybe they'll come in handy at the gym next week!

Well, that's it for me tonight. Hope everyone has a pleasant Father's Day. RIP Dad, I miss you! XO

Take care everyone!

nightowl88 06-18-2006 01:46 AM

Tanya, you must've snuck in your post while I was writing mine. See, I knew it!!! You ARE our anchor after all!! Keep it up girl!

Louie 06-18-2006 10:22 AM

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Chicas !! ~ I think we are all in different time zones so that should cover it :D

I have a busy day today, so I am up and at it early. I have to go meet my study partner in an hour for our last run through before the exam, then it is off to see my dad and have a BBQ. That should keep me out of trouble and busy for the day.

Nightowl ~ glad that you had fun at your baby shower... sounds like the photo taking was a bit of experience, but good for you for having some fun with it !! No, I haven't really started a plan yet. I have done WW in the past but get tired of all the tracking etc. If I was to follow that program again I would probably go the Core route. I have also been reading the book by Dr. Phil and he has a similar type program. I have a week to figure it out since I am not even going to attempt to start following a new program during exam week. I don't know if I would be the best person to pick the exercise for next week.. unless banging away at a calculator and writing for 4 hours straight counts (on 2 seperate days !!) :D

Tanya ~ Camdon sounds like a cutey. I love it when kids first start putting their words together. I have 4 neices/nephews who all live in different cities from me and love to talk to them on the phone, they get so excited and try to tell you everything that they have done for the last week in under a minute...LOL As far as my work goes, I am in middle management and work in budgeting. Thanks for the kudos, it has definately been a ton of work, but it will pay off in the end.

Dusty ~ Thanks for the welcoming and sorry that you are not feeling well. Good luck with your poetry. Are you doing a reading or is this for work ??? Sounds like you have set yourself a very proactive weight loss goal, and it will give you something to work towards. In the end you may need to adjust it, but that is the beauty of it.. it is all about how you feel not about getting to some number cause someone says that where you should be based on your height or whatever.

Well I better get to gettin'.. I have to be up at the college soon and I certainly can't go in my P.J.'s (although I would love to !!).

Take care and TTYS :D

kaybee1966 06-18-2006 03:50 PM

Hi everyone and Welcome Louie! I don't have much time to write because we are getting ready to go to my brother-in-law's house for a Father's Day cookout and to hang by the pool. I see I have a lot of reading to do to catch up.

I've been eating really bad and don't know why I'm having such a difficult time getting my act together. Too much crap happening at home and my husband may be losing his job at the end of June. I try to exercise to help me deal with the stress, but it seems lately, I'm turning to food for comfort instead.

I'll try to get caught up on all the goings on around here tomorrow.

Hope you all enjoy your day!

tlujan1 06-18-2006 09:10 PM

Barnie is baby sitting Camdon
Some of those kids shows get on my nerves...I actually don't hate Barnie. We got Cam a DVD of Barnie songs and they are really catchy. Now the one I hate is the "Wonder Pets" the stupiest show I have ever seen. So Barnie is watching Camdon right now as my hubby is in the room watching one of his grade B movies. He loves watching movies, and just doesn't care if they are good or not. I am here typing away at the computer having fun. No need to worry our house is super small so I can hear everything going on in other rooms.

We had a good fathers day so far. My dad went to the coast to be in their condo on the beach. We were going to go but it is just too costly hanging out with them. They want to eat crab all the time and go out to eat. We can do that a little bit, but not as much as they like. So we didn't want to mouch off of them...so we stayed behind. We are supposed to do a Fathers day dinner when my parents get back. We have family dinners all the time so it is no big deal to not be together on the day of fathers day. We just make up our own.

I am tracking my food with the WW little tracker then I am doing myfooddiary.com and I think it is just too much. I think I should do one or the other. I know there is fit day, which is similar to MFD.com. I think I am over tracking, if there is such a thing.

I am back on my green tea. I forgot to drink it every day the last past two weeks and I can really tell the difference. It seems to calm me and helps me to loss weight...Maybe it is all mental. Either way, I am drinking it.

NightOwl: I am a photographer and I hate taking pictures for parties and weddings and things like that. People can be so nasty some times. I totally can relate and sorry you were pushed around like that. Good for you geting the funny shots.

Louie: Good luck with the test taking. I hope you had some fun at the BBQ. Don't forget to rest. Sleep is neccisary for your brain to work properly. As you can tell I don't get much sleep, that is why my spelling is so bad. :dizzy:

Got to go...Camdon shut the door and I need to check on him. He has a compulsion about doors being open....


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