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tlujan1 06-06-2006 11:00 PM

Hey there
Hey girls, My hubby is back in school. He is so stressed out. We also found out today that we are going to be losing SSI (that we get for Camdons disabilities) and also Medicaid. That is goign to be tuff. So, if he needs surgery, we need to get it done soon, or we will be in a million dollar debt again. Lots of stress. I was really edgy today and just wanted to walk out of the house and get some time to myself. Now, that James is home I am in the office with the door closed. Camdon came in here for a little bit and climbed under my desk and started pulling on my mouse cord. Finally I am alone...yes. I absolutely love them both, but sometimes it is nice to be able to hear yourself think. I had some music playing and I even had to turn that off....it was getting on my nerves. I think I need to start doing yoga...tonight!

Heather:I saw Eva and Tony at a place called Piatti's. It is a nice place...a bit uppidy. They on the other hand were dressed in shorts and T-shirts. She was wearing a ball cap, and her hair was all ratty. It is actually a bit wavy and high lighted. They were with a bunch of their friends or his friends...they were speaking french as they walked by our table.

That is about all I can tell you. You know I know this is a stupid question, but you live in Canada right?...Where is Niagra Falls? I was talking to my DH about it and we couldn't remember. We would like to go there some day. I have been to Vancover, and Victoria, but haven't been to the eastern part of Canada. I hear it is very different from the west. I think James would like east better due to food. I hear the food is better in the east. You can just tell me I am being a stupid american if you want. Just curious.

Went out to dinner tonight. Went to this place called the 410 diner...love it. But I swar our waitress was on coke. She was shaking like she needed a fix. I sent my plate back 2 times...I know what you are thinking, what a pain in the a$$. But, hear me out. I ordered fish with out butter sause with artichoke and mushrooms. The first time I got fish with no sauce but it had sliced almonds all over it. I sent it back. The second time, it had the artichokes and the mushrooms, and a heck of a lot of butter on it. It looked like a whole stick. I told her, you put butter on it...she was all, you want me to take it back...yeah. No butter. I was ticked. I was so clear when I ordered my food. Camdon and James finished their food before I got mine. Finally I got it...Just perfect. It was so good...eventhough they may have spit on it...tasted good to me.

Like I said...need to do yoga tonight so will do that. Hubby is on the TV watching Rescue Me...I am too stressed to watch it right now.

I am wearing a size 28 and it is big on me. I started out wearing a 32, and barely fitting into it. Now the 28's are getting big. I want to go through my closet and pack up all my fat clothes and give it away. There is no going back. I need to be determined about this.

I feel like I want to eat. I am not hungry, but very emotional tonight...just want to feed those emotions. You know sometimes you want to escape from life, but there really isn't anything you can do. I stopped praying a long time ago, and that used to help. But, that is a whole other issue. I think I need to go to the park, be with nature. I just don't know any more...just overwhelmed...and I can't spell either.

I am looking forward to belly dancing class. I am really shy by nature, and hope this helps me to make new friends. Can't wait.

I will see and talk to you all later....Tanya:dizzy:

nightowl88 06-07-2006 04:34 AM

Hi Ladies!

Not much going on with me today. I just got outta work. I was proud of myself tonight because at work the break room was full of goodies from an afternoon celebration party. Warning: trigger foods ahead ..........................................there were Tostitos and salsa, fudge brownies, cheesecake, cookies, and a fruit salad all left over from the day's festivities. Well, my guys (I'm a supervisor of 3 men!) all went over and grabbed themselves a plate of goodies and came back to show me the treasures they found. So, I took a walk over myself to grab some chips (I love Tostitos) and the fruit salad was just sitting there right next to them. It was a test of my will, I tell ya!!! :lol: So, I gave it a thought and then grabbed myself a bowl of fruit salad!! I walked back to my guys with it and they all cocked their heads to the side in confusion. I just smiled at them and said (with sarcasm) "I opted for the healthier choice, boys!". I was so proud of myself!! :angel:

Kaybee, wow your week sounded busy. Sorry to hear you didn't get to fit in as much exercise as you would've liked (and we all know how much you love your exercise! ):)

Oh, and I can TOTALLY relate with you about people making comments on having such a pretty face... yada yada yada. I am so sick of hearing it too! You're right, do people really think that's a compliment to us? Maybe we should tell them "Wow, you have such a great body. If you just got a nose job (or whatever), you'd be a knockout!!!" How much do you think they'd appreciate that? :lol: Why would anyone want to point out another person's flaw? As if we don't know what we look like? Some people are just ignorant I guess.

Thanks for the advice on the WLS. Everyone here has convinced me that it's not the best way to go. I know a lot of the horror stories I've heard have been extreme cases, but there's nothing that guarantees it wouldn't happen to me. And like I said in an earlier post, my brother has Crohn's disease and had practically all of his intestines removed. He has to be on vitamins and supplements for the rest of his life too because his body doesn't absorb enough nutrients. It's very sad to watch him struggle like that, so why would I want to bring that on myself?

Tanya, isn't it so cool when you go down a size in clothes? Congrats on the 28s feeling big!

Tell me about this yoga that you're doing. I've never tried it but it's always intrigued me. You and I seem to like the same "unconventional" types of exercises, huh? I guess it beats the boring old stuff. So, what type of yoga do you do? Isn't pilates a type of yoga too? Do you watch a video or do you do it from a book? Are the positions hard to get in for people our size? Do you meditate too? Sorry if I'm asking too many questions, I just want to learn more about it.

In a few of your posts you've mentioned being hungry at certain times. Like when you're ready for bed, or when you're feeling overwhelmed or down. I think Heather had a good idea about journaling your feelings and writing down times that you get those feelings. Maybe you can find a pattern to these urges. It could make it easier to deal with them if you know when you're expecting one to come on. I seem to be the same way. I have alot of up and down moments as well, and thoughts of food always play a role in those moments. I need to get to the root of my emotional eating problem. I'm sure it's rarely an actual physical hunger that I'm feeling. It's more of an emotional or mental hunger. I'm not saying this is true for you, but it's food for thought (how cheesy, huh?). :lol:

Dusty, good luck with your new job. You will just knock those Bio-Eco-scientist guys out with your intelligence! Don't you worry about it!

Heather, glad to see you're still with us. I was getting worried when you hadn't posted for a few days. Glad you're back!

Way to go turning down the McDs that your hubby had. That's willpower! I don't think I could've done that. I think I have a weakness for McDs food. I don't know why either, it's soooooo unhealthy and disgusting!!! I just crave it for some reason. I want to watch that documentary film called "Supersize Me". Have you heard about it? It's about this guy who does an experiment to prove how unhealthy fast food is. I guess there's all these rules he makes for himself. Like he has to eat McDs food for a whole month - breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He has to try at least everything on the menu within the month, and if they ask him if he wants to supersize the meal then he does. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I guess he gets really sick from it all. They interview his doctor and show his cholesterol stats and stuff. I want to watch it in hopes that it will discourage me from eating fast food anymore.

Well, ladies, that's it for me. Time to catch some ZZZs.

waterchiklet 06-07-2006 01:42 PM

Kaybee: Congratulations on getting your exercise in. It can be quite an effort to find the time.

Dusty: Awesome news on the new job! Donít downplay your abilities by saying that if they knew you were an undergrad the people wouldnít come. :nono: There must be a reason why they asked you in the first place!

Tanya: Are you losing your health insurance because hubby is now going to school? Was it his choice to go back now? I mean Iím all for extending oneís education but where your boy needs a lot of medical help right now it sounds like it isnít a welcome time for it.

Niagara Falls is in Ontario Ė which is in central Canada. The falls are shared by the state of New York as well I believe. We lived about 2 hours from them a few years ago. Hubby wanted to go see them but I told him I wasnít interested in going to such a huge tourist trap. I regret it now. Maybe weíll get there some time on our travels which is likely since he is military.

Iím biased if you ask about eastern Canada cause I was born here. Iíve been as far west as Alberta and lived in Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan Ė a province so flat you can see your dog run away for days.) Hubbyís from there and I canít say I liked it very much. Being an east coaster, and not having many trees around, not to mention the ocean, makes you homesick. Anyway we are back here now and itís such a better quality of life.

The east coast is famous for its fabulous fresh lobster and other fresh seafood. The food is good up here, and people love to eat it. Iíd say the west coast is more metropolitan and the east coast is down to earth. That being said, Montreal (in Quebec) is an east coast city and its as progressive and metropolitan as they come. And that concludes your geography lesson for today. :lol3:

If your order is wrong, then there is no reason not to send it back. This has happened to us a few times and Iíve done the same thing. The manager has come out the handful of times to comp our meal for us. I think its important for them to take the other meal back and keep it warm so we can all eat together but hey thatís just me. For some reason whenever we go out to restaurants we always have something screwed up. I mean its good in a way cause we get our order free but at the same time jeez!

I think its absolutely important to throw out your fat clothes once you lose your weight. Keeping them in the closet is just another way of giving yourself permission to fall off your plan. I did it. I know that bigger clothes are more expensive but its worth it. I give mine to a place called Value Village so someone else can get some use out of them. I love that store! I canít wait to need new clothes so I can shop there.

I donít want to come across as preachy. :soap: It hurts to see someone so overwhelmed by lifeís trials and not have an outlet or higher being to ascribe to. I know that you said that you fell out with God a while ago. As Iíve been reading your posts and others posts on how they have lost their religion I have been trying to know what to say. Why would God let bad things happen? The bible says in order for us to appreciate the good in life we have to struggle with the bad. Not exactly what anyone wants to hear, I know. We donít know the reason why our children have to suffer but in the end there is a reason even if its just not for us to know.

If my child was sick or dying, Iím not sure what Iíd do or feel. I do know when I pray I feel better. Sometimes you just have to give your worries and stress to God and ask him to take it on himself, or so it says.

I hope that you arenít further upset by my words. I can only imagine how difficult and upsetting your life is right now with your son needing surgery. I just felt I needed to say that and remind you that God must love you if he has given you such a beautiful child. Maybe he knew that only you could take care of this little angel like no one else in the world. After all arenít all our children angels in disguise? This one needed the special mothering skills that only you could provide.

I have to admit, Iím real nervous to be delving into religion here. Iím definitely not one to jump into *taboo subjects* with people I barely know. If you are gonna lay into me :rollpin: tell me first so I can at least duckÖ :frypan:

Nightowl: :bravo: on choosing the fruit salad. That must have been truly difficult. It must have given you great pleasure to surprise your male co-workers though at the same time. :lol2:

To be honest, McDonalds really isnít my thing. I do crave a Big Mac every once in a while but for the most part Iíd rather have a home-made burger instead of a high fat thin scrawny one. Iím a pizza person myself - but lets not get into that, cause once I start thinking about them... ;)

I have seen Supersize Me. Its eye opening.

Aidan is sleeping on the boppy around me right now so I get some time to write!

Its overcast here and still not warm enough to open the windows at night. What bizarre weather we are getting this year!

Hubby is sleeping due to a headache but when he wakes up Iím sure heíll want to play more Warcraft: The Boardgame.

Tons of books I reserved are in at the library and Iíll pick them up tomorrow after groceries. Finally something new to read. Lots of Dr. Seuss.

I know some of you ĎFitdayí but for those who donít what do you eat? I tend to repeat what I eat a lot until I get tired of it. Usually I'll have a roll sandwich with deli meat or flakes of something and a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese for my breakfast, usually another sandwich for lunch with maybe some fruit and then later in the evening a larger meal. I know this contadicts some people's no food after whatever time of the day but I find I'm just hungrier at night. I like to save my calories for later in the day to have that to look forward to as well.

tlujan1 06-07-2006 03:30 PM

Heather: No fury here. I don't mind it when people tell me straight up what they think, I prefer that verces being phony. I hear you about the prayer thing...I did used to make me feel better. I will start sometime this week. I pray with Camdon every night, but that is for him, I need to be real with God especially how I am feeling. It is starting to really eat me up inside. I used to go to this church that was really abusive, and that also hurt my relationship too. So, I need to really look at the truths of God, and not at what was projected to me through others in that church.

Now, about school. He has been in grad school for about a year and will be finished next summer. We are lossing SSI because in Sept. at his job we get paid 3 times and not 2 and that puts us over for the income. They don't look at yearly income but monthly. We are barely making it right now, so it is tough. We all have insurance, just Cammy has an extra insurance with Medicaid. So we are in a cruntch to get the craneo surgery done soon, so they cover it. James works full time as a therapist for the criminally insane...good job, and they let him work around school. Now, once Camdon is in school I will work or go to grad school. I was in grad school when I was pregnant with Camdon, but it was tough halling around that big tummy and butt. We are also planning on getting pregnant next year, so that is a whole other thing. Once James finishes school money will be a lot better.

I am also an artist and have been wanting to start doing that and selling stuff on the side. I need to get a show going.

NightOwl: great job on the salad...I am with you on the tortilla chips. I have been working at cutting out corn in my diet, but corn chips are so hard to cut out, and corn tortillas. Let me stop.

Now...I go to myfooddiary.com to journal my food. It helps a lot because it shows me what kinds of foods are high in fat. I am trying to reduce my sat fat, and cholest. and this has helped. I go to WWatchers, but they limit the amount of caleries and tell you to choose low fat, but I found that I was not being balanced and that I needed to eat healthier then just lower cal. So that is why I am doing both. I really want to learn how to eat right. I am also getting to the point where I don't like the fattier foods...it is kind of nasty.

Yoga...I am not a pro. I do videos, stretching. I also meditate, but the way things are I do not get a lot of alone time, so it is hard to do that in caos. I love doing Pilates, actually more then Yoga, I love the breathing, and the peacefulness about it. I do videos, mainly. I know the cable has it and I haven't tried that yet. My class starts on Sat. I can't wait.

There are new pictures on my space if you want to check it out.


PS. did 100 cruches last night, asked James if he wanted to do any with me...he said "****, no, I will hold your feet"...the last time he did 120 and was in pain for a week. LOL

tlujan1 06-08-2006 05:08 PM

Well, yesterday was crazy. I went to this church fellowship group and I explained to them how I was feeling and that I needed prayer. BTW they all know me. And I was explaining how things just keep happening to Camdon...and after we talked Camdon fell down and cracked open his chin...so off to the emergency room again. He got 4 stitches...and raised a lot of ****. When the doctor walked in, she knew his history and all. It is sad to be regulars at a hospital. The crazy thing is that you get used to things happening.

What can I say...:dizzy:

I did bad today. I had pancakes (whole wheat) then for lunch I had tacos. I was going to be good...but then :devil: over came me. I had gotten 2 chicken tacos in corn tortillas and a bean and cheese for Cammy. He had already eaten but I love those and figured I would treat him...well, he fell asleep before we got home...I put him to bed and I ate his taco too. :D

I know, bad. I will eat healthy tonight. I have been trying to cut out white flour and corn products. So I blew it today. I am having a really hard time with the corn products...being Mexican and all, it is tough to not eat corn. My down fall is corn chips and tortillas.

My hubby and I are getting to go out on a date this friday night. I think we are going to go dancing. I hope so. My sister is the best sitter there is. They both have so much fun together and Cammy loves her and her girlfriend so much. If he can't get away with something with my sister then he goes to Susan...she is a softy.

I have to get my tattoo retouched. I saw it in the mirror the other day and noticed that the shading had faided. So I called my guy that does my tattoos and he is going to do it for free. I am goign to add more stuff to it. I am not sure what quite yet. I am going to draw out something. It took me forever to draw my original one out...what a pain. I am looking forward to not having any hang over on the tummy so I can get that pierced. I know, I sound a bit wild...I am not at all that wild...okay, maybe a little bit...okay, fine, I am wild...but you got to love me.

I know I am just going on and on and this has nothing to do with weight loss. I weigh in friday at noon, and I am looking forward to see where I am at. I will post it asap.


tlujan1 06-09-2006 10:47 AM

Where are y'all???

youwin67 06-09-2006 11:04 PM

Alive and kicking Tanya...just so darn busy. Tomorrow will be slower I swear.

nightowl88 06-10-2006 01:14 AM

Hi Ladies!

Well, it looks like we've all been pretty busy these past few days. I haven't exactly stayed on plan either. I think I stayed within my calorie range, but I didn't diary my food so I'm not so sure. My ex-hubby called and asked if I wanted to go a casino down in Connecticut (it's about a 2 hour drive). We stayed overnight and had a blast. I didn't win anything, but he won about a $1000. We're very close to each other, in fact if you saw us together you'd probably think we're still a couple. We hold hands, we smooch once in awhile, and we still have an occassional "fling" here and there. He's reallly my best friend, but unfortunately we make better friends than a couple. It's strange I know, but somehow it works for us.

Tanya, your bellydancing class is tomorrow!!! I'm excited for you. I can't wait to hear ALL about it. How was your "date" with hubby? Sorry to hear about lil' Cammy's stitches. Kids will be kids though. They'll be many bumps and bruises along the way, especially little boys!

Way to go keeping up with the crunches! I haven't done any exercise this week. (Does walking around a casino for 2 days count?)

Dusty, I got your email. I'll send out the CDs probably on Monday. Hope you get to relax a little bit this weekend. You sound like you've been so busy lately.

Kaybee and Heather, hope your week went well! Hope to hear from you soon.

gonnabefit 06-10-2006 01:26 AM

Okay, here I go!!!
Hi, My name is Lynanne. I am 30 years old and I weigh 300.5 lbs. A few weeks ago, I weighed in at 306. This is the heaviest I have ever been. I had gotten down to 199 a couple of years ago, then I allowed bad habits back into my life and regained all 85 plus a few extra.

I have started exercising and at least being concious if I am hungry or not.

It is nice to find an interactive website.

nightowl88 06-10-2006 12:55 PM

:wel3fc: Lynanne

This is a great site! Everyone is so supportive on here. Please jump in and start posting, we'd love to hear more about you. How did you lose the weight when you got down to 199? I think most of us here have been in your situation and lost a lot of weight at one time and then put it all back on again (and then some). There is something about hitting the 300lb mark that makes us scared and disappointed in ourselves. It's like one of those benchmark weights when we just know we have to do something about it!! We're all strapped into the same ride so welcome aboard!!

Tanya, today's the day!!!!! How was the bellydancing class???? Tell us, tell us, tell us!!! :hyper:
Also, I was thinking that since you did such a great job keeping up with the crunches this week.... I think you should pick next week's exercise challenge. Originally we were going to mix it up week to week and have the person who did the most choose the next exercise challenge. Sooooo, what will it be? Whatever you want us to do-- squats, jumping jacks, push ups (girlie style of course!), or anything else you want us to burn our butts too, you pick!

Dusty, I just noticed you have 2lbs to go before you are in the 200's. C'mon, you're almost there, you can do it!! I'm holding out my hand...... can you reach it? I'll pull you on over. Then they'll be two of us here to reach out to grab hold of the others. :) Teamwork ladies, we can do this!!!

Also, has anyone heard from Michelle? She's been MIA from here the past week or so.

tlujan1 06-10-2006 01:41 PM

Hey girls...please don't be disapointed...I didn't go to class. Last night James and I went out. We first started out with dinner, yummy, then went to a nice Jazz club. James wanted to go dancing to some club, booty shaking stuff, so we went. We were the oldest people there...not the fattest though. We danced and had a great time. I wore a top that, well, I looked like a hoochy mama, I never dress like that. At one point we were dancing and I was doing the butt dance (you know grinding) I was practicing my dance moves I learned earlier that week, but this dude pulls out his camera phone and started taking pictures....I don't think so. I had to stop dancing after that. I had a great time.

When we got home everything was hurting. My feet, back, legs...I am getting so old. This morning I woke up with a hangover and I didn't even drink. My feet still hurt. So I am goign to have to do the belly dancing next week.

Welcome Lynanne. I remember when I first found out I was over 300. I went in for a physical and a weighed 330. The doctor asked me how long I had been over 300, I told her I didn't know because this is the first time I knew I was over 300. I felt so bad, a major shoocker. But, you have come to the right place. Welcome, welcome.

Nightowl: sounds like a ton of fun. I love gambling...love it!!! I am a bit of a shark. We play cards with the girls here and love to take their money. Now that Dianna (best friend) is moving here to SA, we will start a regular game. Your EX sounds like fun...have fun with him, and there is no commitment.

Now I was thinking about the excersise for the week. What I love doing is walking around and shopping, not buying, but sight seeing. So this week go shooping, or go to a musium, or just do something fun, and unconvensional...crazy sex is included. Work out doing every day stuff. Have fun, and look forward to all the fun stories.

Got to go girls, I keep mistyping because I am so out of it, I need some coffee. As my son Camdon would sing, Cofffffeeee,cooooffffffffeeeee, cooooffffffeeeee. Yes, he sings a coffee song...i ask him "what does mama need, then he brakes into his song.

See ya girls..Tanya

PS: I went up a pound...that time of month. I will lose next week

kaybee1966 06-11-2006 12:30 PM

Hi ladies,

I have been doing horrible on my eating this week. I started getting sick on Tuesday (sore throat) and it just got gradually worse throughout the week. I guess I have a summer cold, or possibly allergies, but for the most part all I want to do it lie on the couch or sleep all day and eat comfort foods. I usually have a window of about 4 or so hours a day that I actually feel decent and I’ve still tried to maintain some exercise just so I don’t completely get off course. I haven’t felt much like cooking so I’ve bought a lot of “convenience foods” to feed the family or they have brought home take out and I have eaten way off my plan and ended up gaining a pound this week. I’m actually relieved it was only a pound, I thought it might be much worse. I can definitely feel a difference when I eat sugar, white flour products and processed foods versus when I don’t. I feel sluggish and I’m even more emotionally irritable when I eat like this. My goal for this week is to get back on track with my eating plan and get off the stuff my body doesn’t like.

Lynanne, welcome! I’m so glad you joined us. I hope to hear a lot more from you soon.

Tanya, I’m so sorry to hear about Camdon’s having to get stitches. Just what ya need with everything else going on! I hope he is doing okay and that ya’ll can somehow manage to not lose all your health benefits for Camdon.

It sounds like you and your hubby had a great time on your date night. My husband’s not a dancer, but I love to go out and watch people out on the dance floor sometimes. Too bad you didn’t go to the bellydancing class. I’d love to hear how that is.

Dusty, how did your class go? Wow, they must really think highly of you to give you that responsibility. I don’t remember if you mentioned in or not, but what are you majoring in? How much longer do you have before you graduate?

I didn’t realize how close you are to the 200s until I read nightowl’s post. That’s awesome!! I remember last year sometime in July I lost back down into the 200s and I swear I started crying when I saw the scale read 298! It had been about a year and a half since I had been in the 200s and I was starting to think I would never see it again. I had a completely new sense of confidence (and SWORE to myself I would never go over the 300 mark again…and we see where that got me). I expected to already be there again by now, but I’m not stressing about it, I know I will be there again soon. Last August I went to my 20 year high school reunion and I lost down to 284 by the time of the reunion. I’d love to get into the 280’s by Aug 31st and am going to make that a “mini-goal”. I’ve really come to realize this past year that the older I am getting the slower my body loses weight, which makes it all the more important to me to lose the weight for good this time.

Nightowl, I think it is so awesome that you and your ex husband can remain such good friends. It sounds like you two had a wonderful time. Sorry you didn’t win anything. Did your ex at least share some of his winnings???

Heather, I tend to repeat the same foods over and over as well. My typical lunch mon – fri is a turkey sandwich with whole wheat bread and an apple (sometimes a banana). It’s become almost ritualistic and I feel weird when I eat something different. I used to log my food into fitday, but haven’t in several months. I think I’ll start back.

Well, it’s going to be a beautiful day here and I’m feeling pretty decent at the moment, so I’m going to try to do something constructive with my time.[/COLOR]
Have a great day everyone!

nightowl88 06-13-2006 03:35 AM

Hi Ladies,

WOW, we must all be super busy. This thread has been pretty quiet lately!! Hope everyone is doing ok. I don't know what's up with me these past few days. I seem to be in a slump of some sort. I just can't seem to motivate myself to stay on plan (or do anything really!). I've got to snap back into it!!!

Tanya, I have to admit I was a little disappointed about not getting to hear about your bellydance class. I'm just so curious about it. I know, I know, I should stop being a wimp and go check it out for myself, right? :kickbutt: Anyway, you sure had a great reason for not going!! Way to go with your dancing night-on-the-town with hubby. It sounds like you guys had a blast!! You needed a fun release like that anyway.

As far as your challenge this week, I already got in 1 1/2 hours shopping!!! Yay!! I didn't buy anything either, which is a surprise for me. I need to buy a gift for my friend's baby shower this Saturday and then I got another friend's birthday coming up next weekend too, so I know I'll get a few more hours in this week!!

Kaybee, sorry to hear you were sick last week. I hope you're feeling better now. I know what you mean about white flour and processed foods making you feel sluggish. I think that's what's going on with me this week. I have absolutely NO motivation to stay on plan. I actually don't feel like doing anything but sleeping. :?: I hate feeling like this. What diet plan are you doing again? Sorry, I forgot and I'm too tired to sort through the old posts to find out right now. Are you doing a low carb or just limiting carbs? I think I might try doing that. I need something to boost my energy.

Dusty, like I said earlier in the post I have no motivation to do anything. Sorry, but that included sending out your CDs. :o I still haven't mailed them yet, but it's on my to-do list for Tuesday. You'll get them soon, I promise!

Well, time for bed. Goodnight everyone!!! Hope to hear from everyone soon.

youwin67 06-13-2006 01:55 PM

Hi girlssss!

I have some time to write to you for onceómainly because I am sick and in bed with my laptop used as a heating pad for my tummy (Itís amazing how well this works). I went to work today but ended up coming home. I think itís something I ate yesterday, we went to a BBQ joint for my dadís birthday *rolls eyes* I had a chicken ceasar salad and the chicken was grislyóuhhhg. If I have to eat salads at a BBQ place they better be GOOD at least. *grumble*

Okóso I wrote a poem yesterday. Woowoo. I let the match, now just waiting for the fire to grow so I can get this done. Itís like tortureóas if being fat wasnít enoughónow I have to be successful and creative too.

My neighbors had a tree cut down and well, to make a long story short, these jerks think that our land is their land. So they stacked all the wood in HUGE unusable pieces on out side of the fence. Next thing I know, my little Sammy (my 10 pound mini weenie dog) comes in COVERED in tree sap. OH MY GOD. Now my dog is a lot like me, when he is covered in sticky goo, matted into his fur, then blackened from dirt, he gets depressed. I tried to wash him off. It wasnít happening. He got sadder and sadder, and started laying in the middle of the floor all day and crying with every exhale. Yes a long whine. Every other second. I can take my little baby this sad and upsetóplus that whine was quite hard to live with. So I looked up on the internet how to wash him off. BUTTER! Butter gets sap out of fur. In desperation, I searched the fridge and found a stick of butter. Hmmm I was hoping for something softer. Butter in a tub. But all I had was bummel and brown and that might not have done it. So I took him to the bathtub and began to warm up the butter and rub it on him. This is not my finest moment, people. So he whimpered ever more and tried to get away. The sap was coming off but I had to coat him, I ended up using two whole sticks. Then he got away and ran through the house before I could catch him and haul him back for the water part of the bath. You can imagine the little buttery fingerprints down the hall and on the living room couch. So I discover butter is oily and stinky, and it doesnít like coming off easily.

So yes I locked him in the bathroom (where he sat and happily liked the butter off himself.) and went to look up ďhow to remove butter from a dogĒ. This is not common knowledge apparently. So I tried to think what Might do it and decided upon dawn dishsoap. It worked mostly. Though and I BOTH still smell like butter, he is a little more lemony fresh than me. I had to scrub the carpets, the couch, my clothes, my skin, and finally the bathtub needed to be scrubbed good. It STILL smells like butter. I got my neighbors to cover the wood with a tarp but they were *****y about it. So yes-fun fun fun.

I think this sick day, despite the upset tummy, can also be called a mental health day. Because I am totally shattered right now. I ddnít work out today or yesterday and I donít feel bad about it. I think I just hit a burn out and tomorrow I will hop back on my feet and start over. For nowÖlaying here with my laptop, thatís my activity for today. Hehe.

Nightowl: Donít worry about the CDís I havenít even made yours yet!! I am much worse than you! I will try to do some today even but like usual, I donít know how things will go. It looks like weíre in a collective slump! Well letís get goingÖtomorrowÖafter I sleep inÖ.and shop on ebay a littleÖmaybe start again the day after tomorrow come to think of itÖor maybe next MondayÖitís always good to start on a MondayÖOr how about next year hehehehe. OK FINE TOMORROW GOSH! Hehehe.

Tanya: Dancing with your hubby always overrules belly dancing any day of the week so Iím not disappointed too much. I was just wondering how you felt in the classes. You seem like someone who has more confidence than me though so I sit here biting my fingernails and imagining myself in that class. Iíd me the girl in the back in a long coat and a hat and sunglasses with a face so red I look like a trussed up tomato. I am proud of you for doing itÖor thinking about doing it. Of course Iím the one so shy I canít even imagine having a hubby let alone a dance class.

Sorry about Cammy getting stitches. Thatís always hard! Poor baby. That little angel needs a break!

Kaybee, Sorry you are under the weather. I always get sore throats too. I swear they hurt so bad sometimes you just wanna lay there and let a car run you over. But my gramma always made me eat this nasty stuff that actually works. I swear itís the most disgusting thing ever. But, it works when your throat is so raw you canít stand it. You mix one part honey and one part vinegar. I know YUCK. But one teaspoon every few hours and you are good as gold. Your throat stops hurting. Itís amazing. I used it to get through school. I took it in a container and took a teaspoon before each class. It was sooo nasty. And I cheated and put more honey in than usual. But it worked. I dunno if your sore throat was that sore, but I am prone to strept so I often use itÖfollowed by a barrage of complaints and whines (at least Iím able to talk!).

My class went well, thank you for asking. I think I went a little too fast but I made sure everyone was with me as I went. I was really nervous beforehand and the lab wasnít set up right so I had to find those arrogant tech guys to come set it up. They accused me of breaking the projector but my boss stepped in and told him to set it up and leave. I love it when the boys get tough hahaha.

YES I am close to 200ís. I canít wait. I know I will cry, even though I seen stuck at 301 right now. Itís my bodies way of teasing me. I canít wait! Thank you all for your support. I will get off my overgrown butt and back to the gym! I wish I had a pool so I could do water workouts.

Gonnabefit: hello and :welcome:

OK ladies, I am gonna o nowÖNO WAIT Iím not going yet.

I wanted to tell you guys about this article I read and I am following now. Itís how to shrink your belly fat using belly shrinking foods! I am always looking for this because if there is anything I loath itís my tummy. Ok here they are:

Whole grain things (mmm muffins) 3 times a day!

Ĺ cup of blueberries every day! (I mix mine with fat free yogurt and Ĺ cut of whole grain cereal every morning)

1 cup of bell peppers (yuckóbut Iíve been doing it:p )

And 1 cup of grapes a day.

Ok not my favorite foods. But Iím giving it a try! One tipóremember that GRAPES CARRY SPIDERS AND OTHER BUGS IN THOSE LITTLE SLOTTY BAGS!! This scares the **** out of me. So get grapes in the store and immediately put them in the plastic fruit bags and TIE it before you put it in your cart. Then when you get home, fill the sink and submerge them in water for several minutes!! There were two cases of black widow spiders in grapes at my supermarket and I live in michigan/Ohio border. That is messed up!! Thatís like the stuff my nightmares are made of! Yikes! OK now that Iíve convinced everyone to no longer buy grapes everÖ.try to eat a cup of them a day. I take them off the vine and put them in tubs and put them in the freezer. Frozen grapes taste better, last longer, and are generally spider free :D!

Ok I shut up now! Byebyebye!

tlujan1 06-13-2006 07:54 PM

Hey y'all
Hey girlzzzzzzz.
Today, wow, what a day. We went to get the CT scan for Camdon, and got there about 7:30am and they did not register us untill 10am. Talk about slow. Well, I did not want to put Camdon under because he has a hard time with anystisia (sp?) so they said that they couldn't put him under anyhow because of his medical history, and if they did they needed a doctor present. So, they said lets try to get him to go to sleep. FAT CHANCE. Camdon is a typical 2 year old boy. Well after an hour of messing with him, trying to get him asleep, I said forget it, lets just wait for the doctor and do it then. Well, our next CT scan is JULY 20th!!!! Dang! Well, we left the hospital and not 2 minutes later, Camdon was asleep. Murphies Law!

I have been lurking every day..several times, but didn't post because I didn't want to come accross as bored or crazy. So, I will just tell you up front that I am bored and crazy, or just bored of being crazy.

We went to the Folk Life Fest this Sat. and walked around for a couple of hours. This festival has food from all over the world and crafts and dancing singing....just tons of fun. So I did my work out there. I also went to Walmart for a few hours and walked around until other peoples kids started getting on my nerves. I bought a few things.

We are going out to eat tonight to a place called Flemings. It is my mothers 60th birthday. In fact, got to go and get ready. I will be back on tonight and let you know about all the yummy stuff I ate.

See ya...T

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