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tlujan1 06-03-2006 11:43 PM

Hey girls I am back. I went to a little party tonight...no dancing on the tables. I didn't drink. My best friend came down, and it was great seeing her...she really lifted my spirits and allowed me to cry as well. She is moving to SA reaally soon...and that makes me so happy.

I took Camdon for a little walk today. He wanted to hold my hand and then when we came back he let go and took off running. He enjoyed it so much. I was realizing that I need to take him out and go for walks because not only will it help my butt get smaller but It will help him because he likes it so much. I have been thinking a lot about how Camdon is going to immitate my habits. I watch a lot of TV, but I don't want that to be immitated...so I need to get out and do things. Go walking, go to the park and other fun stuff.

I am so emotionally tired right now, it is hard for me to think. I will write to you all later.


nightowl88 06-04-2006 06:25 AM

Hi Ladies,

Tanya, I'm glad to hear your friend will be moving closer to you. That is great! You really need someone to lean on this time in your life.

Your walk with your son sounded wonderful too! You are right about kids picking up their parents habits, good or bad ones. At least you are aware of it while he is so young. You can still change the bad ones (or at least not do them in front of him so much--like watching TV.)

Nancy, so you decided to join in on the crunches? Awesome!

Well ladies, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about the whole gastric bypass thing.... and I think I'm going to talk to my doctor about it. Last summer my old doctor suggested I attend an information class. I ended up going and I met about 4 people (men and women) who had the procedure done. It was amazing to listen to their stories. They brought photos and one lady even stayed behind after the class to show us her scars (about four 1-inch sized ones). I went back to my doc and told her that I wasn't ready for such an extreme option to lose weight. I wanted to lose it the old fashioned hard-work way. Plus my brother has Crohn's disease and had 17 feet of his intestines (including his colon) removed due to it. I couldn't imagine having a surgery done to mess with my insides just because I was fat! It just doesn't seem fair to my brother. Anyway, I told the doc no and put the thought out of my head. Well, a month ago I got a letter in the mail from that information class saying they were having another meeting and gave me the date and time to attend. It got me thinking again... I have been overweight since I was 8 years old. My lowest weight as an adult was 220lbs. I think I'm just destined to be fat and I will go through this struggle the rest of my life. Maybe I should do the surgery to help me. I know it changes your eating lifestyle forever. Your stomach is reduced to the size of an egg. But maybe that's what I need. I don't know. I'm a little down right now. I feel like I've been obsessed with my weight and eating and exercising so much these past few months that I'm tired of it. I want help. What do you ladies think? I know it takes about 6 months to schedule the surgery, so I have some time to think about it.

Thanks for listening (reading). I just needed some advice and to bounce it off someone else. Thanks.

NotTheCheat 06-04-2006 09:38 AM

Nightowl - My best advice about the surgery thing is to go and read the section of the boards here about it. It is not a magic cure and has some permanent and nasty side effects. You have already lost 30 pounds - it may seem like a long road, but doing it the old fashioned way will build the habits and know how to hopefully keep it off forever.

There was also another thread here in the 300+ section about it awhile back which I will go find . . .
The question was a little different, but the responses might be helpful.

Of course in the end if you feel it is the best decision for you then you should do it, but definitely find out everything you can first.

thinthinker 06-04-2006 02:05 PM

NightOwl: Here is the section here at the Chicks that Nancy was referring to: http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=78 It's full of lots of information on all types of weightloss surgery. Good Luck!!

youwin67 06-04-2006 03:26 PM

Hi guys!

Nancy, woo hoo joining our crunches is great. Maybe I should announce our little challenge game on the numbered thread or as a whole new thread.

Tanya, You are too right about setting good examples for the kids. I donít have kids yet, but I am desperate to have them some day. I imagine popping in a work out video because children LOVE to do that kind of stuff. I think it is amazing, something so miserable as an adult, can be so so fun as a child. I wish my mother had formed those habits for me as a child (I donít blame my mother of course, not in any way shape or form). It sounds like you are doing the right things though. I canít imagine there is any better motivator than a child.

You paying for Wiggles tickets cracked me up. Now THAT is competitive parenting. Itís ok, I am 22 and I donít like live concerts anymore either. They seem soÖI dunno. I would only really go see two music groups right now if they came by my way and thatís U2 and Billy Joel (Iíve seenU2 3 times and Billy Joel once, see music doesnít date you!!). Iíve gone to all of the others and every time I go to a concert someone spills beer on me! I must look like a depository or something! My friends think I donít want to go because Iím fat and donít want to get excited like thatÖumm two words for them: (Censored). I just donít feel like going and screaming and shouting with masses of idiots. I grew out of that after high school.

Iím looking forward to getting to 300 as well. I am eeking closer and closer.

Nightowl, you are absolutely correct. Being honest is one of the most important things to be in this epic battle of ours. Your McDonalds weakness the other day rings so true for me as well. Itís something that nags and begs at you and we give in to this temptation and pay for it later by feeling awful. I know it doesnít feel this way, but itís nothing to be ashamed of and I applaud your ability to admit it. In my worst days, I would stop on my way home from school and eat a large fast food meal, then come home and eat dinner as if it never happened. It became almost daily. These things happen. You admitted it and judging by your recent post, I donít think youíve forgiven yourself for it yet. :hug:

I have gone the route and back again of considering weight loss surgery. One day my motherís friend Cindy came over, and as conversations usually go with me and Ďnormalí people, we began talking about my weight problem. Cindy said ďGastric bypass surgery! A woman I used to work with got that! It works!Ē My mom said Oh really, all interested despite being a nurse. Oh yes yes! Itís great, sheís lost SO much weight! She picks up the phone and says Iíll call her! She called the hospital department the lady worked in and asked to speak to Amy. Then she put the phone down and said ďOh my God, she died.Ē I just shook my head. Iím dying to lose weight too, just not literally, thank you.

I think we all have times, when we reach that point. A peak of desperation. A depression that comes from our size, the unfairness that we feel in public, in private, even in the way we regard ourselves. I think we have to be gentler with ourselves and more understanding.

It is a long hard road. However, when I planned out my weight loss at the center, I set a date. Planning out the amount of weight I will lose compared to the amount of time it will takeóI should weigh 150 pounds by December 7th of 2007 assuming I lose an average of 2 pounds a week.

That is a long long timeÖfor some people. But for meóthatís no time at all! Thatís ok. I will work hard until then. I will deal with all the tears and the sweat and long long days of feeling like a second class citizen.

I guess my point is, a whole year of this is hard guys. Really darn hard!!

But to analyze a little---why is it hard?

I believe it is because eating is a social sport, a recreation. You have a nice night because you go out to dinner. For my family, it has always been when we gather together once a day around a table as a family. Itís what you do when you go out with friends. Itís the social playing field for human beings. We eat with our families and with our friends and with our loved ones. Every holiday is pretty much a celebration of good food and warmth. Because food makes people happy, something that tastes so good can be a memory and the people you had it with. No one remembers a meal where they ate alone.

Soóthe point of my ramble. The hardest point of weight loss for me is that I canít escape it. My family and my friends and even my co-workers know I am dieting. Every meal is faced with ďCan you eat this?Ē and ďSorry honey, I made dessert for everyone else, if you wanna go back to your room itís ok.Ē And ďDusty, we are going out to eatÖohhh you canít go.Ē My friends want to drink and sit on the floor and watch movies with a tub of ice cream. My co-workers give me these looks of pity and donít invite me out anymore.

If I keep this up. I will have to do this hardcore for a yearóthen be mindful for the rest of time. Work out a few times a week, make a few healthy choices and enjoy life. That is what doctors recommend anyhow. If I get gastric bypass surgery, this will be my life forever. Every holiday will be misery. Everyone will know who eats with me. My social life will involve this forever. I will have the tiny portions and I wont ever get to sit there with my friends again and be normal.

There is a phrase I was told in weight watchers: ďEat to live donít live to eat.Ē This phrase IS a good thing to go by, however, it only works on a certain level. Eating is a human social activity and it is part of what our lives are. Imagine your favorite restaurant. It doesnít compare to McDonalds, going out and sitting with the people you love and enjoying good food. Demanding your partners ďtry this-you have to, itís so good!Ē and sharing that dessert. I am not trying to sound food obsessed. I am only trying to accentuate the role food plays in our daily lives. Letís face it, if we all lived all by ourselves on an island, would it be half as hard to eat right?

I just wanted to give my perspective. Nightowl, I think you can do this the hard way but I understand if you opt for the surgery. Like you, I have been overweight since I was a tiny little kid. I never spent a single day of my life feeling pretty or skinny or feeling special. I have always been an outcast. Being skinny probably feels like a million billion dollars. And I bet I can make it feel even better if I work hard to get there. Itís just that Iím doing this to feel healthy and accepted, and I donít know if I would EVER feel healthy, normal or accepted with a stomach the size of an eggóthrowing up because I took a drink of liquid too fast. Plus your body shinks and you will have to have surgery for left over skin where you ARE still YOUNG. Young, I swear it! And your skin still has Q-10 and elasticity and can bounce back. Just think about it and know whatever you decide to do we support you 120%! :hug:

Ok guys I have babbled long enough. I am sorry for this super long post!

** if you have read this far, please go to the consession stand to your right and collect your reward for reading the longest post ever!**

And letís do the workout music exchange! Anyone who wants in PM me and Iíll organize it!

Back to the bump and grind,
Lots of love,

nightowl88 06-04-2006 03:27 PM

Wow!!! Thanks Nancy for sending me that link. I didn't realize so many doctors were pushing people to get the surgery done. I figured if a doctor was that concerned to have me attend a bypass seminar than maybe I should seriously be considering it.

Thinthinker I checked out some of the threads on the WLS area and now I'm intrigued by this lap band procedure. It seems much less drastic and it's also removable. One woman returned to work only after a week. The hospital near me only does the RNY procedure though.

Well, there sure is a lot of info out there to think about. I have a doctor's appointment on the 14th to renew my prescriptions and meet my new doctor (my old doctor moved on). I'm curious to see if this doctor will encourage the bypass surgery as well. Hmmm....

youwin67 06-04-2006 04:33 PM

I heard about the surgery that is not permanant too. Except they say you gain 20% of your weight back pretty quickly! I don't know I have had this surgery run through my mind so many times too. It is so scary to me, but also seems like that quick fix I always day dream about! *humnph* stupid fatness. *shakes fist at own belly*

youwin67 06-04-2006 09:29 PM

wow so many long awful posts from me today: Here is a short one.

How tall are you ladies?!

I am 5 foot 8 inches.

I am just curious.

tlujan1 06-05-2006 02:26 PM

I am 5'9".

Nightowl: I have a few questions. What is your BMI. That is the most important thing. How is your health? I would be leary of a doctor who wants to do major surgery on somebody, who has not yet had bad effects of being overweight...their main goal is to make money. A lot of times they will tell us all these stats on how many people lost weight with it, but what about the mortality rate, and did any of these individuals gain the weight back, did they have better health post surgery. The lap-band is much better...especially since you are NOT morbidly obese. I know people that have had both surgeries. I have a friend Lisa, who got it done and she was 300+ lbs and she lost the weight fast...she has tons of health problems. She looks thin, but kind of funny...like a long chicken neck, but that is just my opinion. She got pregnant post surgery and had her baby premature...the baby was extremely small and she had a hard time feeding the child. Something to consider it you want children. She is thin, but at what price. Now the other friend Cindy got it done and she was 400+ she lost 100lbs in a short time and that is it...yes she is still 300+ lbs and having a hard time lossing it. One of the things she said is that your body gets used to the small pouch and you still gain weight if you don't eat right. All of them had problems with throwing up.

Now the Lap-band friends. One friend was about your same weight, she lost 30lbs and that is it. She had so many health problems before surgery and even more after. Now my other friend...she lost over 100 lbs and looked great...she started having problems because she couldn't take her medication with out it getting stuck. So the doctors removed to band. She quickly gain 50lbs back and now is in the process of getting it placed again. If I had to do it...I would do the Lap band.

Note to self...all of them had saggy skin. Palmers just came out with a new cream that helps with that...but I am not sure if it will work.

I will be behind you what ever you decide. But, please weight the pros and the cons of doing surgery. The only reason why I considered it was because I have several chronic illnesses and it could help with that. But, if you are not already sick, I hope you decide to do the least evasive solution. There are also a lot of new medications out there that help with weight loss...that is if you are healthy. I can't take them because I have thyroid problems.

To be honest with you...if I had the money and my insurance covered the Lap Band I would get it done. I would never get the Bypass because I feel food is life, and I love to eat and try new kinds of foods, if I could not eat then what kind of life would that be for me. IE. I went to Barcelona and all I really talk about is the food that James and I ate...not anything else. It is important to me to try stuff. But that is just me.

Dusty: we must be twins...I love U2. I followed them in concert in Chicago, then Wincostin, and Milwakee. I have seen them so many times.

I made some baked apples today...oh so good. I am going to go out and buy some more apples. I also made a quiche for my hubby and Cammy...tried it and so yummy. Unfortunately I can't eat it. Too much cheese and eggs and yummy stuff. I might eat a small slice for breakfast.

I am going to start the belly dancing on Sat. I will let you all know how it goes.

Did some crunchs yesterday but I lost track of how many. I did crunch then held it for 10 secs then released...and kept repeating it. I lost track of them.

Thanks for all of your post and replies to my many issues. I have cried, and now I am looking forward to finding out what is going to happen.

Do you all have iPods?

I don't work out to music...well, dont do a big work out...I go to Target for my walking. But, I am going to start walking soon. So would like to do the music thing.

I will write more later...kind of hungry..


nightowl88 06-06-2006 01:17 AM

Hi ladies,

How are you all doing? Thanks for the advice about the gastric bypass. I like hearing what everyone's opinion is on it. I'm actually watching one of those plastic surgery shows right now (Dr. 90210) and a doc is doing surgery on a 21 year old girl who had gastric bypass. She lost 120lbs. Her stomach and even her "private" area are being worked on due to excess skin. I never thought of the private area being affected too, but it makes sense. That area is plumper as well when you're overweight so there must be excess skin there as well.

Tanya, my BMI is 48.1%. I believe that is considered morbidly obese. I have history of heart disease in my family. My father died of a heart attack 3 years ago, he was only 58. And my mom had quadruple bypass 5 years ago. She had her first heart attack when she was only 43. That scares the *bleep* out of me. I am on cholesterol and blood pressure medication right now. In fact, that was one of the reason's why my doc wanted me to look into the gastric bypass surgery. She thought it would be covered under my health insurance because I am already on those meds.

Well, enough about me. How are you holding up? Be sure to keep us updated on your son's condition. Also, I want to hear all about this bellydancing class once you start taking it. I actually contacted a local bellydancing class back in January (through email) and I asked if it mattered that I was over 300lbs and if you needed to be in good shape to attend. The lady responded back that the women who attend her class are all different shapes and sizes and she has no concerns about my weight. Sometimes I think I make a bigger deal out my weight than others do. Anyway, be sure to let us know if you like the class.

Also, are you saying that you want to join in on the CD swap with us? I have tons of music on my computer, but they are all MP3s. Does your CD player play MP3s? I think if the CD player was bought within the past 5 years it will play them.

Dusty, I guess I'm a shorty compared to you ladies. I'm only 5'5, which isn't really short, just on the shorter side of average. :lol: Does that make any sense? Did you get my PM? I replied back to you and gave you my email address. I didn't hear back from you yet. You're probably busy.

Where is everyone else? Kaybee, Heather? Are you out there? Hope all is well.

tlujan1 06-06-2006 01:41 AM

Hey there Nighty, i dont know about the music swap. I could do CD's because I got my stereo back in the 80's....yes, back in highschool and it still jams. I got it back when CD's just came out...I was a cool girl in school. It has a 5 disc changer, plus a double tape deck, it used to have a turn table, but I put that away....it dated me too much. Atleast I am still not using Atrack.

I did sit up tonight...60. I also went walking around a store for a couple of hours. I left with only one thing. I want to put a bunch of cool music on my iPod and start walking. I am getting a bike on friday. I am getting a PeeWee Hermen looking bike. I figure with a big a$$ seat to match my butt. I already have the kid carring thing for the back. I just hope my butt is not in Camdons face too much. Poor Kid.

I haven't heard any thing from the docs. I am just messing with Medicaid, and Insurance right now. What a pain.

You know those Extreme Home Makeovers...I am going to be appling for one. I hope they sellect us. I need to work on the aplication and the video. Our house isn't too much of a mess, it is just really old. Especially the window, they are single paign and are cracked and also don't close all the way. The house is really hot during the summer. I also think it would just be a great encouragement to my family to get a re-do on the house. It is not very child proof-especially for a kid that has seizures.

Wishful thinking...We will see.

I will talk to you all later.

Nighty I love your dancing carot...at first I thought it was a hot dog.


tlujan1 06-06-2006 02:36 PM

hey girls...Just a little joke here, thought it was funny:


If my body were a car, this is the time I would be thinking about trading it in for a newer model.

I've got bumps and dents and scratches in my finish and my paint job is getting a little dull, but that's not the worst of it.

My headlights are out of focus and it's especially hard to see things up close.

My traction is not as graceful as it once was.

I slip and slide and skid and bump into things even in the best of weather.

My whitewalls are stained with varicose veins.

It takes me hours to reach my maximum speed.

My fuel rate burns inefficiently.

But here's the worst of it --

Almost every time I sneeze, cough or sputter...either my radiator leaks or my exhaust backfires!

Have a good day y'all.


waterchiklet 06-06-2006 08:21 PM

I'm still here! And on plan. :) I had written a response yesterday but then my power cord fell out of my laptop so I lost it. :headache:
: :welcome3:

Michelle: :welcome2:

Nightowl: Congrats on the 4lbs! About the starting a new thread thing the people in the other group told me they do it because some people are on dial up and its faster for those folks. Quite frankly thatís one of the reasons I'm here. I can't keep up with the posts over there with the small amount of time I have to respond whenever I can. I hope this thread doesn't start anew personally. :) Oh and I pick the blue swimsuit. Its definitely more flattering. Can't say I'm a fan of the green.

The thing about gastric bypass is that if you do lose the weight you donít lose the reasons behind overeating. Once you have it done you are limited for life to eating small amounts of food the size of your fist or something like that. Plus you can die. I wouldnít do it. Losing weight fast can make you have fat rolls too. Just a thought.

Dusty: Congrats on the 3lb loss! And great idea about writing stuff in Word. J

I think your goal date is the right way to go. Dr. Phil wrote about that in his book as well. As for it being a long time, this weight loss thing is a lifelong thing cause once you get to goal you are maintaining for life.

I totally agree that food is a social thing Ė which is a big problem for me and a lot of people I think. Not being able to celebrate and have all we want is a bummer but really itís the only way if you want to be thin. If you set your mind to be bitter about not joining in, you will be. The time you spend with family shouldnít be centered around the food but the company. Donít get me wrong, I understand. Its that way here too.

When I get together with family I like to cook a nice meal, and usually that used to mean slathering on butter or high calorie sauces. Now I try and come up with something good that is healthy and really they have complimented me on how great it tastes. Its not easy but for me now itís a lifestyle and Iím trying to get to the finish line. Maybe you could be the role model to get them to eat healthier.

On the tall question Ė Iím 5í5 which Iíd like to think is average even if my 6í2 husband thinks not. ;)

Circles: :welcome:

Tanya: Are you serious about seeing Eva Longoria & Tony Parker? Were you all dining at a fancy restaurant or just a normal restaurant? Iíve never seen anyone high profile before just a couple of Canadian rock bands.

Nancy: :welcome2:

I wanted to weigh in on going to bed hungry as well. Often hunger is mistaken for thirst, although Iím not insisting it wasnít hunger. If you are going to bed hungry maybe you arenít choosing foods with enough fibre to keep you full.

Our boy got his 4 month needles yesterday and wouldnít you know it got a fever as well. My motherís intuition told me he was fine but Daddy was worried so we ended up going to outpatients. Heís perfectly fine and was a completely good boy at the ER not crying at all for the 3 hours we were there. What are the odds of that?

On the way home hubby got McDonalds and I didnít get any. Even though I was starving since we left before supper I decided I would have my planned pizza lasagne meal tomorrow instead and bank my calories came home had a bowl of cereal and went to bed. Some days are better than others for making good choices but so far so good. Try and keep track of those days you screw up, there might be a pattern so you can plan for your overages. Just a thought.

I havenít been able to get on to 3FC cause hubby borrowed a board game (Warcraft) from a friend and weíve been playing non-stop. Finally tonight I get a break. :dizzy:

I think we might have found a dog toy that is indestructible. I hope by saying that I havenít jinxed myself either. We have been through a myriad of toys and our AmStaff has burned through them all. This one is made of Kevlar nylon I believe and so far so good (its been 5 days I think.) It stinks though so its in the wash. He loves it though. We call it the Ďbambooí cause it has a little tag that says that on the front. I donít want to recommend it yet Ė but if it lasts much longer I will!

Thatís all from me.

kaybee1966 06-06-2006 09:43 PM

Sorry I’ve been out of the loop for the past several days. We had 2 graduations this past weekend in my husband's side of the family, so we were busy with ceremonies and family gatherings and I got no exercise and my eating wasn't the best. Sunday night my husband’s oldest daughter dropped off her 9 month old son and I had to babysit Sunday night and all day yesterday. I didn’t get a minute to myself and got no sleep or exercise again. (I refuse to refer to myself as a “step-grandmother” since I’m only 39 and I’ve never had children of my own – the word just makes me depressed).

So today is a new day and I finally managed to get some exercise in.
It sounds like everyone’s been busy and had a lot going on.

Tanya, I’m so sorry for all that you little guy is going through. I know it’s got to be heart-wrenching to see him go through so much. I saw his picture on your “myspace” page and is so adorable! I am a Christian and I am definitely keeping your family in my prayers. That would be SO COOL if you got chosen for the Extreme Home Makeover show. I love watching that show. I wish I could get a home makeover, but know I would never qualify.

I think taking Camdon for walks is a great thing because it gets him out to enjoy the outdoors and have bonding time with “mommy”, plus it gives you exercise at the same time. I babysit my stepdaughter’s son usually 3 or 4 evenings a week while she is at work and have been wanting to take him for walks, but the stroller I have for him is too short for me and it causes me severe back pain, so I finally found a taller stroller at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago and now I love taking him for a walk every chance I get. It really calms him down.

I also think it’s so great that your friend is moving to San Antonio. I miss having my best girlfriends living close by. I get so lonely. It’s been the hardest thing for me to adjust to living so far away from everyone. I have a few friends here, but no one that I would consider a close friend.

Dusty, kudos to your for getting up early and exercising!!! It is sooooooooo hard to wake up early to exercise, so I admire your willpower for doing it!

As far as a cd exchange, I haven’t really been listening to music that much during my work-outs lately, but have been listening to audio books for the past couple of months. I don’t know why, but I’ve gotten almost addicted to them right now. I go to the library and check out a book on cd every week and listen to it while I’m exercising. And when I’m not listening to audio books, I usually listen to contemporary Christian music, which probably wouldn’t be very popular for the CD exchange, but I think that’s a great idea for those interested to do the CD exchange.

Also, I think I’ve already mentioned how tall I am, but if not, I’m 6 ft tall, so regardless of my weight, I’ve always been a “big girl” by most people’s standards. God I can’t stand it when people/strangers say “gosh, you’re a big girl!” or “man, you’re so big!!”, especially in social setting in front of lots of people. I don’t mind saying it about myself with my close friends or if my girlfriends (that are also really tall or overweight) say it to each other in a private conversation or in a kidding way, but for strangers and people that don’t really know me to say that, it feels like they’re trying to humiliate me. And the other pet peeve, which I’m sure we’ve all heard “You have such a pretty face…..it you just lost some weight, you’d be a knock out!!” Do people really think that we would think that was a compliment?? I guess they think that overweight women don’t really get complimented much so we would just jump for joy at any back-handed compliment. Okay, sorry about that…enough ranting about things that irk me.

Tanya mentioned “going to bed hungry” a few days ago. I too, go to bed hungry some nights because I have a rule of not eating past 7:00 p.m. and sometimes by the time I go to bed at 11:00 PM or midnight, I’m hungry, but force myself not to get up and go raid the fridge at that time of night. According to Oprah’s trainer and nutritionist, Bob Greene, the hunger you feel late at night is a good thing and that means your body is losing fat. It sounds logical to me, so whenever I start feeling hunger pangs late at night I try to imagine my fat melting away at that moment.

Nightowl, wow, the whole gastric bypass thing is a huge decision. I know it’s not something I could do unless my life literally depended on it. I just know myself to well and like Dusty mentioned about the social aspects of food. I enjoy going out from time-to-time with friends and family and having a nice, relaxing meal and a couple of glasses of wine, etc. It’s a treat for me since my husband and I can’t afford to do it very often. I know I would go into a major depression if I knew I couldn’t enjoy going out to a nice restaurant and have a steak or whatever, again. I know a few people personally that have had weight loss surgery and none of them seemed to be really happy with their decision. My mom’s best friend’s daughter had it 2 years ago and lost 160 pounds, but she just looks sickly all the time. I’ve only seen her once since she had it and a few pictures since she is in Texas, but my mom talks to me about her all the time. She still has problems keeping food down and even though she takes all sorts of vitamins and nutrients to replace all those that she can’t get from food any longer, my mom says she looks so unhealthy (skin, hair, nails all look unhealthy because she doesn’t get enough fat in her diet) and she’s virtually become a hermit because she’s so depressed that she can’t eat normally and can’t eat any of her favorite foods ever again. She originally had the surgery because she thought she would snag a boyfriend/husband once she lost the weight, but now she rarely leaves her house or goes out socially because she’s so depressed and doesn’t want to watch people enjoy a meal. The other person I know that had WLS (bariatric surgery, I believe) was a lady I used to work with many years ago. Her husband was about 500 pounds and she was over 400. Her husband did not have the surgery, but she did. She lost a lot of weight, but never looked good because she had all the loose skin hanging and since her husband didn’t change his eating habits, she eventually fell back into eating back too and last time I heard from my former co-workers, she had gained back nearly everything she had lost before the surgery. I’m sure these may be some extreme cases, as I’m sure there are thousands of people who have had the surgery and it saved their lives and they are happy with their decision, but my personal opinion is -- regardless of if people have weight loss surgery or not, if they don’t deal with the emotional issues of WHY they are overweight in the first place, I don’t think many will be truly happy even after they lose all the extra pounds, because they are still carrying around all the emotional pounds with them.

Well, this has turned into a novel and I’ve got to watch the baby again in about 30 mins so I’ve got to get off here.

Have a good evening everyone.

youwin67 06-06-2006 10:15 PM

Hi guys! Sorry I’m so slow these days. I feel so so busy plus my early bedtime sorta cuts about 4 hours off my internet time. But I am feeling healthier because of that—and that is good. Plus it makes me work out, and that is GREAT. I just have to workout, I feel so good all day. Plus now everyone in my life is asking me. Even my silly boss who comes in every morning with wet hair and says “did you work out!?” it’s crazy yet motivating.

I received a new job today. I will be designing the website for the Office of Provost for my University. Tomorrow I have to teach a class on using a website called Community of Science (COS) which is the system the university and I use to search for grants and funding opportunities for research. So tomorrow I teach a room full of bio-physicists and Eco-chemists and what ever else!! They think I am an adult employee of the university, if they knew I was an undergraduate student I’m sure they would not even come. So my boss and I keep up the façade. I’m a little nervous!

OK guys I’ll write personals later. I have a lot to say (what’s new) but my fingers wont let me say it. I still can’t write my poems. It’s becoming the bane of my existence. Eeek. Ok girls—on the flip side!


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