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ryanmi72 05-28-2006 09:32 PM

Hello All-

I'm Michelle. I just joined this site, and am glad to see a 300+ 30's section-turns out, I am both! :) I had dropped about 40lbs since September but gained most of it back because I was on Steroids for 3 months! So, I am back to square one...anyway, just wanted to say Hi and hope to chat more with all of you!

tlujan1 05-28-2006 11:28 PM

Crunches...you mean crunch bars, right? I just messing with you, I am in tx , but I am not stupid. That sounds painful...so I am in :-)

We went out to my folks house today and I kept messing with my sister (have 2 older and younger....both big and beautiful), asking how much do you weigh? Just trying to get an idea of what my goal should be. I have it at 190, and that is the same as my younger sister, but she is 5'5" and I am 5'9" so I think I would be a stick and that weight. She is blumpy, but hot. She is so beautiful, she gets out of tickets, guys are always trying to marry her, and she takes what she can get and moves on....She has guys falling over themselve just to get the pleasure to mow her lawn, some times they will even clean her house for her, and they won't even be dating her. It is too funny. Now my other sister said she is about 250 and she is 5'5" as well, so it is hard to tell what I would look like at that weight...and she has no girlfriends (boobies) she does have a girlfriend-she is gay- her girlfriend is about 5'2" and 115 wet...they have been together for about 17 years.

You should see some of our holidays...too funny. My husband is African American, I am Mexican Irish American. So this is what it looks like during the holidays....my sister Moe (gay) with Japanese girlfriend Susan, some of their transexual friends, My other sister Juls (bi-sexual) bring her next catch of the month, and Me and Hubby with our Black Irish Mexican Son....with lots of our friends from all over the world and views (liberals and conservatives). It is always a lot of fun.

Now when we start playing cards...that is when it gets really fun. Roody bunch of people.

My parents are also a lot of fun. My mom is a blast and my dad tells jokes and bs's the whole time. We don't have much family so our friends are our exstended family.

I guess I should talk about food....Well I passed on the garlic butter bread...I was quivering like it was coke...hard to pass up. Then my mother baked my a potato so I didn't have to eat the mashed potato...nice mother. She also made a fat free cake, so good, even the men ate it. But, I drank 2 cups of coffee because I still had benidrill left over from the night before.

Now I am hungry, and thursty...I guess I will have to go drink a gallon of water the ease the appitite.

I am so happy I found 3fat chicks, because it has helped me to focuse on my results, talk and really stick to this. Last night I went and made a calender of my progress and It will take me about a year and a half to get to my goal. I think it is worth it.

I saw this post from this dude that lost over 300 lbs in a year all on exercise and eating right...I was so inspired. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I even had a dream about it last night. I look forward to all of us getting to our goals together. Ohhhh I am going to cry....

Well I am going to venture into the other forums, since we get so much solicitation to join in :-)

See you all later you hear....Tanya

nightowl88 05-29-2006 05:51 AM

Hi again ladies,

I just got home from work again (still Sunday for me). I did a 12 hour shift tonight, uggh....I'm tired. But not too tired to check in with my chicas to see how you're all doing!! Nice to see we have another newcomer. :welcome2: ryanmi72!!!

It's weigh in time for me tomorrow when I wake up..... ooooh!! I feel like I did good! I'm hoping for a 2 lb loss. :crossed:

AND don't forget our exercise challenge starts tomorrow, or today for most of you, well let's just call it Monday. Tanya, glad you're in with us too (nice try with the crunch bars!!!) ;) OK girls, bring on those crunches baby!!! Our abs are gonna burnnnnn!!!

Good night.

tlujan1 05-29-2006 09:26 AM

I am up early this morning...I got no sleep last night or maybe 4 hours. My hubby was snoring so loud and remember I had 2 cups of coffee earlier...I am going to be hurting today. Everybody is still asleep, even the young one...so I am drinking my green tea and doing my thing.

I looked up some stuff about belly dancing, talked to hubby about it, but he was happy, he said isn't that the same as stripping, why don't you learn to do that? Jerk! I am going to check out the class anyhow. We are not the riches people so money is tight, but he goes out to eat all the time, so why can't I spend $35 to take a class. Right girls!!!!!

I used to want to be a belly dancer when I was a kid. Now I have a big old belly and I want to put it to use.

Talk to you all later.

By the way it is nice to have new comers.


ryanmi72 05-29-2006 09:31 AM

You spend that $35!!! Especially if he goes out to eat all of the time...I'm sure $35 isn't going to break the bank, and besides, if it's something you enjoy that makes you feel good about yourself, then it's money well spent! :)

Good Luck-Have Fun!!!

nightowl88 05-29-2006 12:41 PM

Good afternoon ladies!
I weighed in and I'm down 4lbs!!! :dance: Yay!!!!!! I get to go change my ticker thingy now. I'm glad it's moving again and in the right direction!

Who needs Shakira when we got Tanya. I'm with you babe!! Go for it, shake them hips and drive your husband wild!!

I'm off to go work on those crunches and then get ready for work. Have a great Memorial Day everyone!!

tlujan1 05-29-2006 10:31 PM

Hey girls I am hungry and I just ate dinner...I hate that. Got to get that water. Well too much fun today...I was talking about the belly dancing to the hubby again and he protested, then he was telling me why...one of his friends and him went to one of the many purades that we have in SA and saw some belly dancer...and his friend commented about the dancers about them being crazy and in their own world not here on earth. I told hubby...well, I am just going to have to invite him to my first recital.

Well, I did the cable thing and did a beginners class of exotic dancing. They were teaching you how to walk, and roll your hips, and do the squat roll...not pretty. But, I was doing the siductive walk and the whole time you can hear my knees pop and crack. Sad!!! I am so sore.

Well, I did my crunches...60. I suprised. I had asked my hub (james) to hold my feet and count for me and he agreed to do twice as much as I did...so ofcourse I tried to do a lot. Well, that poor man was huffing and puffing...he was dying. Inside I was laughing so hard. I hope he keeps it up with me. My little one Camdon, wanted to do them too. So he layed down on the mat, and I held his feet and he just moved his knees from side to side, and I counted out loud and praised him...he had a blast with that.

Well, got to go girls, time to put little one to bed and drink that water.


tlujan1 05-30-2006 02:26 PM

Where are you girls????

Heather 05-30-2006 04:53 PM

Hey there new chicks! Just wanted to let you know that I started a June exercise thread and encourage you to join us over there!

Right now we're setting goals -- how many minutes of exercise to do for the month (hey, those crunches can count!). Then we'll be posting what we do. It's GREAT for accountability, and you can set any number of minutes you like for any kind of exercise you like!

We also keep track of the group exercise during the month and are seeing how quickly we get to 100,000 minutes of exercise for the year (the 100K challenge) -- we are over 62,000 minutes in!

I hope to see you all there!

nightowl88 05-30-2006 09:08 PM

I'm still here!!! Sorry about not checking in all day, I had to work overtime again last night and didn't go to sleep until 8am this morning. I slept most of today away, now I'm just trying to get some stuff done around the house. Today is my only day off this week. Enough about that, blah blah...

So, yesterday I did 110 crunches. It was funny because I was hungry at the time, but I wanted to hold off eating until I got them out of the way (or I probably wouldn't ever get around to doing them). So, anyway I did them and realized that I wasn't hungry anymore. I wonder if it was because my stomach muscles were tightening up and it pushed away the emptyness in my belly. I don't know, whatever it was, it worked. I didn't eat anything until 3 hours later. Nice!!!

Today I was at home, so I used the blue Ab Lounge chair thingy that I had sitting in my closet for 2 years!! It was very comfortable doing the crunches on it, but I only could do 100 today because my stomach was hurting a bit from yesterday's crunches. I was afraid that if I did anymore I wasn't going to be able to get out of the chair. You have to kinda do one last crunch and sit forward to put your feet back on the ground (well I do anyway, I'm 5'5" and my feet don't touch the floor if I'm in it). The manufacturer says it holds up to 250lbs, but it felt like it was sturdy enough to hold me, it squeaked just a little bit.

Well, that's it for me. I wonder what happened to the other chicas on here. They must've had a heck of a holiday weekend if they haven't checked in here yet. Hopefully everyone is doing ok and they're just too busy. Come on back ladies, we miss you!!!!

Tanya, way to go trying out the exotic dancing! I bought this bellydancing DVD awhile back and tried it (come to think of it, I think I just watched it). I don't remember much about it now, but you just motivated me to pop it back in the DVD and try it again. No watching, this time I'll give it a go. Is anyone else like that? Do you watch an exercise program and then a few minutes into it decide that it's more interesting if you have a seat and just watch them work out? :lol: I do that all the time, it's so pointless!!!

youwin67 05-30-2006 10:54 PM

I am alive, and kicking (and screaming)! I fell into a sort of depressed state over the weekend. I think it was the heat mixed with the stress of the summer fellowship. I HAVE got to start writing good poetry soon or I’m gonna look like the biggest fool on Earth at the reading. I don’t know why I thought I could do this. My poetry is lame at best, now I am gonna have to drink 8 glasses of wine before the reading just to keep from fainting. …actually, If I drank 8 glasses of wine I’d prolly pass out on the podium.

Tanya, YOU GO GIRL!! Exotic dancing!! Woooooooowoo! I am impressed! Your hubby is gonna be so glad you did it I just know! And your little boy sounds just adorable. Belly dancing seems out of my league. I can’t even wear shorts!! Plus your family sounds great.

Nightowl, wowww you are doing good. I am eating my words! Both you and Tanya are kicking my lazy butt. I only did 30 crunches today and 20 the day before. Pplus I set my alarm to get up and work out but last night I had all these terrible spider dreams (I’m a terrible arachnophobic!) and the alarm didn’t even WAKE me! UGH!

Well I have a lot more to say but later. I took a sleeping pill to make myself go to bed early. AN herbal thing. I’t’s getting to me so I am off to sleepy land so I can wake up sooner and get my butt to the gym!

Oh and I was down 3 pounds today!! That’s since Friday!! I got 10 dollar credit on my account for losing over a holiday! Yayyy me.

Ok more later I swear! Good job ladies! You are rocking the challenge! And I am gonna go over and pledge on the workout thread. Something low to begin with!


tlujan1 05-30-2006 11:49 PM

Hey girls...I am here again. My hubby is playing his video game...So I am in the office with you all. I did another 60 crunches tonight and it kicked my butt. I was reading on another sight about doing potty squats....So, here is how it works...you squat 10 times when you go to the bathroom. Obviously with your undies on, or off if you profer. So if you go a lot like me you could get in about 100 squats a day or even more. I started late today and forgot a couple of times...but I got in 20. I am sure I am going to get more in tonight. I am diabetic, and I peeeeeee like a race horse, normally at night when I am trying to sleep.

NightOwl: I used to do that with a girlfriend and I. We were both big girls and we would fix lunch and watch a work out video. Now wonder Iam over 300 lbs.

Dusty: we share the fear of spiders. I hate them. I have nightmare about them all the time. Yuck!! Look, poetry from the heart is never bad poetry. I write poetry as well, do what is right and sounds right to you...and from the heart. Write about your journy in life, the good, bad and ugly.

I did this picture thing where I got a thin lady and put my face on it. I look cute. I have not been thin since I was in high school....well, grade school. And you know I have a **** of a lot more wrinkles and gray hair. My face is so weathered especially in the last 2.5 years because of all the stress.

Oh well....I am getting tired...talk to you girls later.


kaybee1966 05-31-2006 02:35 AM

Wow, everyone has been so busy around here. Welcome idlewild, it sounds like you have a good plan in place to be successful at getting healthy. I’m glad you joined us. Ryanmi, I hope stick around. Nothing sucks more than regaining after having lost a substantial amount of weight, but you’re at the right place for support from others that have gone through the same frustration..

Dusty, you are a great writer and I love reading your posts. They make me laugh, so I’m sure your poetry is much better than you think.

Congratulations on everyone’s weight loss!!! Way to go!!!! [B]Nightowl[/B], 4 pounds is awesome! I didn’t get in on the crunches thing, but I usually do an ab machine at the gym and am up to 150 crunches (2 sets of 75) on the ab machine. I haven’t actually gotten down on the floor and done crunches in a long time, but I should try it next time I feel hungry and see if it makes the hunger pangs go away like it did for you. Being able to start out doing 110 crunches it awesome. It would take me awhile to work up to that many at one time.

Tanya, Happy Belated Birthday to you. Belly dancing sounds like a lot of fun, I hope you take the class. Your story about putting your face on a skinny person’s body made me laugh. A couple of years ago my husband (who is a computer guru in his spare time) had a full-length picture that he took of me up at Lake Tahoe on his computer and he used some type of photo program and manipulated the photo and made me look really skinny. It looked so real. I looked like I was about a size 10 (I haven’t been a size 10 since probably 8th or 9th grade). I wish I could find it so I could tape it up on my desk to look at for motivation.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. We had a pretty nice one. Sunday my husband’s brother called and invited us to come over their house for a cook-out. They have a huge beautiful backyard with a pool, so it was nice to sit by the pool and relax with a few glasses of wine. I rarely drink alcohol, but it was nice to let my hair down for a day. I actually ate very healthy that day. My sister-in-law made a big salad and they grilled a bunch of vegetables along with the meat, so I filled up on as many vegetables as I could which helped me not overindulge in anything else.

Yesterday I ate a little off track from what I would like, but nothing horrible. I walked 4 miles yesterday and today I went to the gym for 2 hours. I also went ahead and weighed this morning since I didn’t do it on Friday and I lost 1.8 pounds, so I was happy about that, even though I was hoping for a bigger loss, but I am definitely not complaining.

Some of you asked about how I exercise so much and a lot of it has to do with the fact that I work from my home, so I have the benefit of being able to schedule in routine exercise time. I used to work a second part-time job outside of the house, but quit a few months ago, so I now just schedule exercise time into my daily routine. When I haven’t exercised in several weeks or months, I have a hard time giving myself that kick in the butt to get started, but once I do it for a couple of weeks straight, I really enjoy it and I actually get addicted to it. I realized several years ago while I was on a mission to lose weight, that I actually LIKED exercise instead of hating it. It has since become just as much of a mental health necessity for me as a physical health necessity. My life and household are extremely stressful right now and I constantly battle depression, so exercise is like therapy for me. Having an hour or two away from everyone and everything to exercise keeps me sane. Even when I fall off the wagon with my eating, I try to still keep up with exercising.

Have a great night!! Keep up the great work!

thinthinker 05-31-2006 09:45 AM

Hi Girls! :wave:

I'm stopping in quick this morning to share. I don't know if you've seen this or not, but I thought I put it out here.

The article came up on my MSN home page this morning and of course I had to check it out. http://health.msn.com/centers/cancer...36151&GT1=8155

Down in the article it mentions the American Cancer Society's Great American Eat Right Challenge and that's the part that's really kinda neat. http://www.cancer.org/docroot/PED/PE..._Challenge.asp

When you go through it, there's alot of cool info. It's full of video clips so it actually seems like someone is talking to you. It's all interactive with cool things to click on and get more and more info. I haven't totally perused the whole site yet, but it looks interesting. Pretty neat. Thought you might like to check it out.

CIRCLES 05-31-2006 09:43 PM

Hello Ladies

I ran across this thread over the on Monday. Really like what I saw and was trying to read all the postings but that was not working beacuse I did not get back on line until today. I figured I better jump and introduce myself and try to catch up to who everone is as I go along. Really wish I had found you guys before you all the way to page four, but better later than never I guess.

Well a little about me......
It was said that any age was free to join
I will be 41 June 7
Married 11 yrs
Son 9 yrs old
Need to loose over 100 lbs

Look forward to getting to know all of you

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