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Hpnotq 05-22-2006 11:59 PM

I'm new myself, but I've been made to feel right at home by everyone already. :)

waterchiklet 05-23-2006 10:17 AM

Attention: Contains some unhealthy food words that may be triggers for some.

Nightowl: I'm the same way with commercials. The nation is so concerned about obesity yet don't they realize that all those fast food commercials really do make people want to eat bad stuff. :doh: They obviously know how suggestive commercials are if they ban the ones selling cigarettes right? I wish they would ban food commercials personally. Thankfully with a DVR you can fast forward through them but some images still manage to get through to the old eyes. :rolleyes:

I used to watch the food network, but thankfully it isn't included in our cable package anymore. Every time I'd watch it I'd want to cook something too! :stir:

Booty shelf = big butt that is kinda like a shelf. Nasty image eh? All my weight is in my stomach, and butt areas. :sumo:

I used to fall into that *have to start on Monday* thing. Since its not worked in my life thus far I've given it up. Now I just count *days on program*.

I've banned ice cream treats, chocolate, cola-type/root beer type pops and bakery type things from the groceries. Any bad stuff that does get brought in goes in my hubby's special drawer. So far I've resisted going into it and really forgotten about it cause its in the desk that I don't use. If it ever does become a problem though he cares enough to not bring it in the house which I'm so greatful for. If I want to have this stuff myself I can go to the store and get an individual serving. That way I can still have stuff as long as it fits in my plan for the day.

Ediets sounds pretty neat. I'm very cheap though so I won't join unless it ever becomes free. :) What plan are you on at Ediets? :)

Haven't seen Brokeback Mountain yet. I did just see Wedding Crashers and thought it had some hillarious parts. Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants was also a very good movie. We get all our movies from our library. It takes a little while but free is so good. ;)

Kaybee: :welcome2: I also try and cut out gratuitious sugar, choose whole wheat when it's available and love whole wheat pastas. I'm not completely an angel when it comes to processed foods though. I do try and choose healthier ones and incorporate them into my healthy meals though.

Congrats at exercising a minimum of 4 days a week! To discipline yourself is hard but worth it. I used to do 5 days a week for an hour a day back when I lost the weight last time.

Since joining 3FC I've noticed a new trend of people having a target of so many minutes a week. Its micromanaging a bit, but interesting at the same time, especially for people with limited time. I'm thinking I might give it a go too. I know when I read the Dr. Phil book he outlined how much minimum exercise you need to do to get results so I think I'll start from there, when I get my act together. Right now I'm having trouble making time to get on the computer to stay accountable. :rolleyes:

Dusty: So by the sounds of it you are living at home? Having to be around people who don't help out by eating healthy with you sucks eh? I don't ever forget how lucky I am to have my hubby willing to just forgo the nasty foods that led me to overeat. Not caring what he eats is probably why he's never had a weight problem though. :)

When I used to *freebase* diet, (just kind of eating healthy without really counting), I used to eat a whole bag of rice cakes without thinking about it cause it was healthy. The other day when I wanted to snack I pulled out a bag that was in the back of the cupboard and had one then I went over and recorded it in Fitday. They aren't real bad but if you ate a whole bag that would be a whole lot of calories and for me they aren't that filling. I decided to choose something more filling for my calories cause for me if I'm not full I want more. Kind of disappointing on the rice cake front though. I suppose you can't really eat anything in mass form heathily anymore though. Except carrots!

Fluffy: :welcome2:

Had company yesterday and although I didn't plan my meals out before I ate them I made out pretty good by estimating at the end of the day. I even managed to have some extra calories left over at the end.

Off to feed the baby and hope all of you are either starting anew today or continuing on with sticking to it. :)

youwin67 05-23-2006 10:34 AM

Hpnotq, Yep me too, everyone on this thread is so nice. I Seem to fit right in. I just talk here for a more slow paced getting to know you.

Nightowl, yep we seemed to be prowling around at the same time of night!! I feel good, I actually got my butt to the gym today! I might do another work out tonight. I heard Opra lost a lot of weight doing an evening and morning exercise. IT'S WORTH A TRY!! hehehe!

Well, back to the bump and grind!

youwin67 05-23-2006 10:50 AM

Waterchiklet, Yep I live at home. I suppose it would be just as bad if I lived in a dorm. At least most my meals are cooked for me. I've seen how my friends who live in the dorms eat. I don't think I could survive eating only junk food!!

Yeah I've decided to give up rice cakes. They count as a whole starch for me on my plan and I only get 4 a day. I could spend that starch on something a little more filling a little more benefitial. Though, they are good for curbing that sweet tooth occasionally.

You are very lucky to have a supportive hubby! I would be happy to have a hubby at all, but that's a little too telling about myself hahaha that's why I am losing weight. I feel like, even if I do, it will be like buying a used car, you are obligated to tell the man you are dating, "I was once a fat chick" just like you are obligated to tell someone when the cars been in an accident. So even then, it will be bad lick for me! I hope to find someone who loves me no matter what, like you have! Make sure you tell him how great he is!! But I am sure you already do.

What do you other guys think about that? Assuming I actually achieve my glorious, way way out in left field goal...do you have to tell people of your struggle with weight in the past? Can you really change your whole life around and stay that way? Any thoughts, suggestions? (ok so maybe it's a lame attempt at a conversation starter, but this is something I can't push out of my mind.)


kaybee1966 05-23-2006 01:00 PM

Hello Everyone,

Welcome imnotfluffy, that's terrible that your allergic to gluten and wheat. I would efinitely have a hard time with that. I know there are some gluten-free breads out there made with rice flour and soy flour and other things besides wheat. Have you tried any of them? I've seen them in health food stores, but I've never tasted them.

Nightowl, my husband used to be allergic to strawberries too. He said he stopped eating them when he was around 8 years old because he had the same symptoms you did, but when he was in his late 20s he tried them again and wasn't allergic to them anymore. I've heard that you can outgrow childhood food allergies. He now eats strawberries several times a year and is fine.

I've done well with my eating and exercise. Sunday I went to the gym and did an hour on the elliptical machine and 40 minutes of weights and yesterday morning I walked 3.5 miles. I know how hard it is to get into an exercise routine. It felt like it took me forever to get to the point where I wanted to do it instead of feeling like it was a forced torture.

Hi Dusty, it's nice to meet you. I've seen the LA Weight Loss commercials, but don't know anything about it. What type of plan is it? Is it expensive? I know it's hard to lose weight when everyone in the house is eating all the things you can't. I got married 3 years ago and have 3 step-children that live with us and none of them have weight problems and eat and snack on whatever they want, whenever they want. I rarely buy any types of sweets anymore, but they still somehow end up in the house.

Well, I've got work to do, but will check in later to see how everyone is. Have a great Tuesday everyone!

kaybee1966 05-23-2006 01:57 PM

It looks several posts were made during the time I was typing my last post, so I just had to chime in again about a few things.

Heather, it's great to meet you. I meant to mention in my other post that I, too, have read the Dr. Phil book and try to incorporate a lot of what he says into my way of thinking. I truly agree with him that the weight is just a symptom of the problem and is not the true problem and if you only treat the symptoms without dealing with the root issue, you won't ever really get off the "diet rollercoaster". I definitely have problems with negative self-talk and have to work hard at changing that.

Dusty, I understand a lot of what you are feeling regarding future boyfriend/spouse. I have had a weight issue most of my life and I have gained and lost large amounts of weight several times in my life. I didn't meet my husband until I was 34 years old and we just happened to have met after I had just lost 90 pounds. Although I still wouldn't consider myself "thin" after the 90 pound weight loss, I still felt good and was happy and content with my body at that size (size 14) and I'm sure it made me more attractive just because I had so much more self-confidence. I'm also 6 ft. tall, so I grew up with the extra stress of always being taller than everyone else, even the guys. When my husband and I first started dating and it looked like it was getting serious I told him that I had just lost a lot of weight and that I had weight struggles my entire life. He didn't bat an eye and it didn't seem to be an issue at all for him. It took me several months before I had the nerve to pull out my "fat pictures" and let him see what I used to look like. He still loved me and we got engaged about 8 months after we met. We had a 14 month engagement and during that 14 months I started gaining some of my weight back (about 25 pounds). I started getting paranoid about it and kept losing and gaining back about 20 pounds over and over throughout our entire engagement. Now after 3 years of marriage, we have been through the 3 most stressful years of our lives -- not because of problems in our marriage -- just other issues having to do with his kids, ex-wife, financial, etc. I ended up reverting back to my old eating behaviors and turning to food for comfort and to cope with all the stress and ended up gaining a total of 70 lbs back and I hate it!! I feel blessed and fortunate that my husband still loves me even though I look a lot like I did in my "fat pictures", but I also know that he wishes I was back to where I was when we first met and I want to get back there because I'm sick of how I look and feel and I love my husband and don't want him to go through life with a fat wife.

Dusty, When you do start dating, I wouldn't blurt out on the first date that you used to be heavy, but when you feel it starting to get serious, I would let him know how far you've come. If he is truly the right one, it won't matter to him how much you used to weigh. He will love you for YOU!

waterchiklet 05-23-2006 10:03 PM

Dusty: I don't think you have to tell anyone you were previously fat - but why not. I've never been thin so I don't know. ;) I'd say be honest and if someone loves you they love you for you right?

As for keeping it off for life - I think in order to keep it off you have to get rid of the reasons you overate in the first place. Exorcise your demons. If those are gone and your mind reprogrammed you should with hard work be able to do it for life.

Kaybell: Well said. :)

youwin67 05-23-2006 10:18 PM

Kaybee, Thank you for the advice. I think you are absolutely right. I really got a lot from your story!

Both you and Waterchicklet are right, who cares if he knows or not, the man I wanna be with wont care either way. :hug: thanks guys!

nightowl88 05-24-2006 05:40 AM

Hi ladies!!!

I missed checking in with you guys yesterday (even though it's still Tuesday for me). I had a training class before work and then I just got home about 2 hours ago. I work from 3pm to 2am. Whew! Long day. So, I'm checking in now before I go to bed. I ate good today, within my calories, drank my water, however, no exercise again! TOM is also visiting me, so I wasn't feeling all that spunky (if you know what I mean). I wonder if that means I won't get a loss this week. :?:

Heather, I like ediets, but I think I might discontinue it soon. I'm not using it as much as I thought I would. Maybe I'll get back into it now that I've started again though. I'll have to see. It's not too expensive, $11.96/28 days for the basic use of the site. They give you a customized weekly menu and shopping list from the diet plan of your choice. I chose the ediets plan, which is basically low fat, low cal. They also have a personal journal to log your food, exercise, measurements, moods, etc. They have a special community forum (like these threads on 3FC) but you have to pay an extra $1.99/week. I did that for the first few months and I actually loved one of the challenges they have going!! They made it into a very intricate game where they have all these different teams that compete month to month to win coins and the team with the most at the end of the month get different prizes. Like a month free service or T-shirts and stuff. It's cool and very involved. Whoever created it is very talented and I wouldn't be surprised if they patent the idea.


Originally Posted by kaybee1966
I, too, have read the Dr. Phil book and try to incorporate a lot of what he says into my way of thinking. I truly agree with him that the weight is just a symptom of the problem and is not the true problem and if you only treat the symptoms without dealing with the root issue, you won't ever really get off the "diet rollercoaster".

Kaybee, I've heard a few of you mention Dr. Phil's book on here. What book are you refering to? I was never a fan of his talk show, but I have to admit he does have some very valid points and I get sucked in to watching it on occassion. I think it's his manner of speaking that bothers me, I'm not sure, I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe his books will suit me better. I should check it out at the library. I'd love to get to the root of my problem too so I can get off this ridiculous "rollercoaster" ride!!! :dizzy:

Dusty, I agree with the other ladies too. You aren't obligated to tell your new beau that you were heavy, but why not. If it's meant to be then he won't care anyway. And I agree with Kaybee about how she said she felt good and looked good because she had more self confidence. It's sooo true! You know that feeling you get sometimes when you hair is all nice and you got a new outfit or something? You just walk around all day feeling happy. You're a little more proud, your heads a little higher, you smile a little more, and you talk to people more. Well, that's what makes people more attractive, their positive and friendly attitude, not being a size 6. I work with a 24 year old girl who is just beautiful. She's blonde, blue eyes, very pretty face, great body (she's a tiny little size 2!) but she walks around all day with a sour puss on. People actually joke and say she looks like she's smelling vinegar. Now here is this gorgeous girl on the outside, but the men don't find her attractive because she's not approachable or friendly.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's not always what's on the outside that makes a person attractive and if that's what a guy is interested in, than you don't want him anyway. Don't sweat looking for a boyfriend, you'll find one when the time is right and probably when your least expecting to. I think for us single girls (I'm divorced), we should focus on ourselves for a little while. Let's get our life into order, take care of our bodies and our minds before we take on the responsibility of a relationship. We have the time now to do that and we should!! Things will fall into place.

Ok, well I'm exhausted. This post took me an hour to write! Time for bed. I gotta work again tomorrow night, but I'll try to pop in sometime during the day. Take care!

nightowl88 05-24-2006 01:25 PM

Well, I popped in but everyone must be busy on hump day. Oh well. Hope everyone is staying on plan and doing good. I gotta go get ready for work.

Have a good day!!

(I hope my snail starts moving again.)

youwin67 05-24-2006 01:36 PM

Nightowl, wow you put things in perspective. I am glad I asked that question you guys are really great. It made me feel a little bit better about myself, because I know I have a good attitude and that I can make someone very VERY happy. *grin*

Well Wednesday is going well. I weighed in and had a small gain. But I've stayed on plan, I always gain the first week I work out to I am not taking it too hard! Ok I'll talk later! Have a good Wednesday guys!


tlujan1 05-24-2006 11:47 PM

Tanya 36
Hi girls...I am a newbie as well. There are so many threads out there I get lost. I post and then two days later I forget which one I posted on. I live in a very high stress home. Just to tell you a bit about myself. I am fat...I guess you already knew that...LOL. Now all jokes aside...I want to have a baby and to safely have another one I need to lose the weight. The doctor says to lose about 60-100 lbs should be good. I would like to continue to lose the weight until I can blow away...or fit into a size 12 pair of levis...which ever comes first.

I am married and have one child...my beautiful son, who is 2.5. He was born 3 months premature and has a lot of medical problems: just a few, seizure disorder, feeding problems, chronic lungs...was trached and on a ventilator for 2 years. I would like to say I gained most of my weight during the stressfull time he was in the hospital, but I would be lying.

I am a recovering alchoholic...been clean for 11 years. That is where I gained most of it. Drink, eat, drink, eat, drink, eat....the more I drank the more depressed I got the more I ate. I also have a problem with emotional eating. I was abused as a child sexually and physically...so I would use food as comfort. That habit is so hard to break...I am still working on it.

I hope this is not too much info...but I guess it is too late.

The questions:
1. What diet plan are you currently on? Weight Watchers
2. What do you find motivates you the most? I would say my son and my mother. I like that I have more energy to run after my son. My mother is also working on losing 100lbs. So we do it together and push each other, and compete.
3. What can I do to help you stay on track? I think emails, or PM's every once in a while will help. I am constantly working with my son and a lot of time is spent at doctors apt. and ER visits and such. Did I mention I am stressed out. I like emailing people.

That is me...Tanya

kaybee1966 05-25-2006 03:12 AM

Well, Wednesday was not a good day for me eating-wise. My 19 year old step-son has been working at an Italian restaurant for the past several months and his goal is to become a chef. The chef at the restaurant he works at has been teaching him how to make the menu items and tonight my husband, sister-in-law and her husband went to my son's restaurant and he cooked us a feast. I won't even talk about what all we ate. It was the worst I've eaten in 5 weeks. On the upside, I did walk nearly 4 miles this morning, so that makes me feel a bit better. Today is a new day and I'll be back on track with my food and hope that Friday when I do my weekly weigh-in, I won't have done too much damage.

Tanya, welcome. It's nice to meet you. Wow, it sounds like you've overcome a lot in your life. Congratulations on your sobriety. That's awesome. Your poor baby sounds like he's been through so much in such a short time. How is he doing now? By the way, I'm a native Texan. Are you originally from San Antonio? I love SA, especially the River Walk area. I grew up in the Dallas area and also lived in Houston for 9 years until I got married and then moved from Houston to California 3 years ago. I definitely miss Texas a lot.

nightowl88 05-25-2006 06:17 AM

Good morning,

I just got home from work again, so it's still Wednesday for me. We had a problem at work so I had to stay late tonight (or should I say early - it was 4am). Anyway, I'm just making my daily check-in here with you all. I ate on plan today, drank my water, but once again no exercise. I'm too tired to even think about exercise right now. I have the next 2 days off though so I am making a promise to you all that I will get in at least 30 minutes on my elliptical machine each day I have off! Hows that? No excuses. And don't let me give you any either!!

Tanya, welcome! I hope you can find the motivation and support you're looking for on here. We're all just beginning to get to know each other on this board. Please don't be afraid to join in on the chit chat. We all have our own personal stories that got us to where we are today--weight wise, so don't ever feel like you're alone. We're all here to help one another.

Dusty, good job keeping a positive attitude about your gain this week. You seem to be quite familiar with your body and what works for you. That's a step in the right direction. Keep it up!

Kaybee, don't beat yourself up over your yummy italian dinner. It seems to take away the pleasure of eating it if you feel guilty afterwards, doesn't it? One of the things I learned from an old WW meeting I went to was if you go off plan for a meal, than just make it that one meal. Don't throw the whole day out the window and give yourself permission to splurge. Just say oh well, it was one meal, no big deal. I always thought that was good advice and it keeps me from straying too long. Enjoy that one meal and move on. Dont fret over it.

Heather, just wanted to say hello. Hope you're hanging in there this week. I know you have the little one to take care of so time is probably minimal. I just wanted you to know we're thinking of you.

imnotfluffy and hpnotq, are you guys still lurking out there? Come join in on the chit chat. The more the merrier.

Goodnight everyone!!

tlujan1 05-25-2006 12:57 PM

Kaybee Thanks. Well, I was born in Santa Barbra, Cali. then grew up in Kensington (right next to Berkely) Cal. then moved to Santa Fe New Mexico, then to El Paso TX (Yuck) then back to Cali-San Luis Obispo, then back to TX San Antonio, then to Austin for 7 years then back to SA then to Houston for a year then back to SA. I have been back now for a year. I absolutely love the Bay Area, but for raising kids SA is really great. It has a big city attractions with a small town feel. The people are supper nice here. But, I still fanticize about living in CA again and being a tree hugger and health nut.

NightowlThanks for the welcome. My biggest chalenge is that my hubby likes big women and the thinner I get the more I have to reasure myself that he will still love me. Crazy...because most of the time it is the other way around. My hubby is open for adoption but I think I still need to loss the weight for my health sake and so I can grow old and be an imbarasement to my children...right now my son just thinks I am funny. My hubby says that some day Camdon (our son) will realize that I am just crazy and losing it.:-)

Last night when I was wrinting my post I was so hungry...I went and drank 32 oz of water, it curved it enough that I could go to sleep. I have been wanting pizza so bad, but I always feel sick after eating it...too greasy. I have been having problems with coffee too....not sure why...but ofcoarse I still drink it...yummmm.

Okay I am just rambling now...let me stop. I have to clean house anyhow, my father in-law is coming into town. The only reasurance I get is that his house is always a mess. So, I don't have to bust my butt too much.

See you girls later and best eating wishes for today...Tanya

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