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Default 300+ And Ready To Try Again...#886


We are a group of individuals who weigh or have weighed 300+, or near there. This group was formed to provide a place for others like us to find support and hope. We are aware of the distinct problems that come with weighing over 300 lbs.

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We often use a "Topic of the Day" for discussion.

Motivational Monday
Tuesday Tips
Wednesday Wish List .. and What you are doing to obtain it.
Thankful Thursday
FUN Friday ... don't wait until you lose your weight.
Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Share your Success Sunday

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We often find them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears ... joys and celebrations.

We have several extra threads going on simutaneously such as Monthly Challenges, Weekly Weigh-ins, Recipes, Bios, and more. Please feel free to check them all out.

We have found this thread to be more than just a support group...
we have found it to become a home. We invite you to join us.


I know you'll all agree that we are really thankful for the free services here at 3FC. The sisters offer all of this support and information with no charges to us. There are a couple of ways though that we can help out.

If you are thinking about buying anything at Amazon, why not help out 3FC at the same time? You can do this by clicking on the button for Amazon on any page in the forum, or by clicking on the button on the main 3FC page at . A portion of your purchase price will be given to 3FC by Amazon. It doesn't increase your price at all, but it does help out 3FC. You can use any of the links that you see on the site in order to help contribute to the site.

Also, BTW, in case you didn't know it, you can view the message boards "ad free" for a minimal charge. I think it's like $15 for 6 months. A very small investment to be rid of the annoying ads and make your pages load quicker.
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i am going to try a few personals this evening.

Nancy- the water arobeics is a great suggestions. I have done it in the past and i enjoy it I will have to see if they offer it near by. The taking a book to the computer show sounds like a good idea that way you can be there for him but not bored out of your mind.

Luan- congrates on finishing the Make up program. Seems like just yesterday you were starting ( I have been lurking her for a long time even though i do not post often I am strengthed by all of your journeys)

toofatforyou2-have you talked to your doctor about your diet? I echo the concern about you not getting enough calories. Sound like it is a special challenge with little hunger pains to guade you but still you have to eat and this can be a great time to diet smart.

Crock-I am sorry for your loss

Nancy- you are so right about the energy vrs the scale. Ithink we have to strive to enjoy the journey. It is exciting that you are considering going aoll the way and that you feel you can. Try not to worry to much about the relationship on the way down (it could take years to get to 150 at least many many months) you never know how it will turn out withthe boyfriend. He might not find it so easy to leave. If it is a good realtionship it could survive, it is easier said than done but I hope you can enjoy the ralationship while it last for a few more seasons or for a life time.

Kayley- it is great that you are feeling better. getting back to exersizing and going to talk to some one are great steps. 60 pounds gone are very impresive. seeing old friends can be a great motivator. keep up the good work!

to every one else good luck with your plans... remember we are in this for the long haul.

Writing this has kept me from going to the store for a sweet treat. Thanks for being here, I need this board.
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Hi All,

Well this will be my final installment for tonight, or should I say my first for today lol, it's 1.34am now.

Patti - well more drama on the street tonight, interrupted my TV it was so loud, how rude lol. This woman has her daughter, the daughter's bf and two children live with her. It's not a happy house and there is always fighting. So tonight the woman got locked out by her daughter, yep, not the other way around and there was plenty of shouting and door kicking, and yes the police involved. I think I should write a book lol.

Anyway, I guess I can see how having cancer and the treatment for it would motivate you to lose weight. I guess you want to lose weight and live your life to the full now, and you are making a great start.

Kayley - Reiki is a type of spiritual healing, I was sceptical of it doing any good, or me feeling anything except silly, but it was the most amazing feeling. My counselor put her hands above where I have wounds that need healing and although she wasn't touching me I could feel heat where the wounds were. I also felt so relaxed, every muscle in my body seemed to be twitching as it went to sleep, unbelievable.

I am sure you will lose that 10 lbs before you go on your trip, but even if you didn't I bet all your friends will be gobsmacked when they see you. You have lost a great amount of weight and it shows even if you don't realise how much!

By the way it wasn't just kind words I said when I said I know you are going to make it to your goal, it's the truth. You are so determined, and are doing so well, there will be no going backwards for you! You should be really proud of you, and I hope Andrew is as well.

And hey, you aren't a dork looking at wedding dresses. I started admiring them and deciding on what styles I liked, plus what kind of wedding and engagement rings I wanted since I was about 12 lol. It's never too early to start, and at least you know you are getting married even if it's not this year!!

Good on you for doing exercise, and helping your mum out in the garden too, I bet you lost a few lbs today!

Julee - seems to me that we all have husbands or BFs with what we consider weird hobbies, or in some cases addictions lol. Daren loves computer games. He is totally addicted, he can be playing one game online and be really into it and then see another one and say, oh I want that. He has PC games, PS1 and 2 games, Gameboy games, even old Sega games. He has games on his PDA, and on his cell phone too. I have lost count of how many he has. All the time I am on here he is on his computer, but also all the time I sleep he is on it too, I think on average it's about 8 hours a day at least that he plays. As for games conferences thankfully they are too far away to have to endure lol, although he knows I want to go to Vegas again and says it would be nice if we went when an Everquest conference was in town. Yeah right, I am going to go to Vegas to spend the whole time at a games conference. LOL no way. I hope when you marry Jason that he will stick to his promise and remove most of his comics. I am guessing he won't throw them away, will he put them in storage?

Ok well it's sleep time for me now, so I will see you all tomorrow. Hope everybody enjoys the weekend,


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HI everyone
how is everyone doing ?
I have been hitting target and 75% off sale to make confirmation favors for my son
seeing all that candy
man I would love some
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MovingandShaking - I hope this is all for the best. I have a lot of self esteem and self worth issues. He's going to be a busy busy man, trying to "fix" me.... You'd think that 60 pounds would show more than it is...but I don't really notice much different at ALL. UGH. not going out for that sweet treat!

Ammi - Hope you are able to get some good sleep, with all that continuing racket going on! I know lots of people look at wedding stuff before they even get engaged (or even get a guy/, but I just feel silly, I guess...I don't know...heh.

Sandi - Good luck avoiding all that CANDY!

One of the things I need to learn to do is drop grudges, and getting rid of my animoscity for certain people...I guess that's just another thing I'll have to talk to Ron (my counselor) about. The list just keeps growing.
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Hi all,

Kayley: I sure hope that you are able to accomplish wonderful things with the couselor. I just started going to one too via Dr. orders. I don't know how long I will last though. Good luck to you.

Nancy: How are the MRI results? I am so sorry to hear that your BF is so rigid about you not loosing weight. I understand about being with someone you are attracted to etc. but when there is real love, all of that is overlooked. Maybe he will think about it and reconsider when he sees how much hapier and healthier you are after loosing weight. I'm sure thankful that my hubby didn't leave me because of my tremendous weight gain. I know there are lots of people who whould have.

Crock: So sorry about your loss. Hugs to you.

Brandnewme: Good luck with your new program and at WI.

Val: I know you are on the road but just wanted to tell you that you are missed.

Ammi: LOL. I was dying to tell you about how wonderful everyone sang on American Idol, except Kellie. I loved the music they sang enough to purchase Rod Stewart singing them. I may have to look into it. I never thought I would like that kind of music. I always thought it was too mellow for me. I must be getting old. LOL.

Everyone else, hope you are all doing well and are blessed.

As for me. New meds are still a champion. I haven't had one single panic attack since I statted taking them and the counselor gave me "homework" to go out of my house every single day which I haven't done in months and I have been doing it every day panic attack free! I feel so hopeful. I also have been doing the Curves diet which is a big deal for me because I have never been on a diet other than eat only when hungry what ever you want. So, I spent a lot of time today, 1st day of phase 1, planning my meals and watching carbs and calories. It was interesting and kind of fun in a weird way. I am learning a lot too. So, take care all.
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Hello All,

Boy oh boy did I have a late night last night, I didn't end up going to sleep til 4.30 am. My downfall to all my diets is my late nights, I always end up eating what I shouldn't. I have tried to have early nights, but I still end up waking up and going for a midnight snack lol. I will have to learn how to control these urges lol.

Sandi - isn't it dreadful when you have to see a load of easily accessible candy and yet you can't have any. I am glad you have managed to hold off from eating any, I don't think I could be that strong. My willpower these days is at an all time low!

Kayley - I am terrible for holidng grudges too, I think I take after my mum there. If somebody does something wrong, I may forgive them in time, but I never forget. Then if they do something again I bring up all the wrongs they have ever done. It's terrible, and yet I never thought of it as a problem until you mentioned it. Maybe I might talk to my counselor about it too?

Annie - I really did enjoy American Idol, and I can imagine with you knowing how much I just love (not) Kellie, that you would have been itching to tell me she had done terribly. But darn it, not terribly enough, if she reaches the final I am NOT going to watch it because if she wins I might just put my foot through the screen lol. Seriously, she has a sweet country voice, but that's all it is and when she tries other genres it as Rande would say 'just doesn't work for me' lol. Do you have a fave yet? I like Elliot and Taylor, though I don't think either will win, I think maybe Katherine will, but I would happily eat my calories either lol.

Sharon - haven't seen you on MSN lately, is everything ok. It's now my turn to worry about you.

Garnet, Jill, Velma, Christine, Brenda, Andrea (all of you), Lori, I am missing you guys. I finally get myself back on track and start writing regularly again, and now some of you are away. I hope you all are doing ok and write soon.


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moving and shaking.. no i am not under a dr. s care but i feel like i do eat enouhj to be well i usually have a splurge every weekend one time lol! i upped my treadmill this morning so maybe this durn plateau will let loose!
ammi , sounds like a very lively street you live on! maybe earplugs would help lol!i bet it is annoying though!
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I'm bringin' SEXY back!!!
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Morning all.

I am so happy teababy is back to school on Monday. Freedom!!!! LOL No, I'm sure I'll miss her........for about five minutes. teeheehee So, my plan is when I get her up in the morning to get on the bus, I'm going to throw my workout clothes on. Once my brother leaves, he sleeps in the living room, I'm throwing on Turbo Jam and get moving. I'm going to try to make that my regular routine, we'll see how it goes.

Out of nowhere, my left ankle is bothering me and I'm hoping it goes away soon so that I can exercise. That's the first thing I want to work on, just getting exercise back into my routine. I have to buy new billy bands so that I can start my bootcamp workouts again. Between my brother and my daughter, the old ones are broken. My brother and his big feet stepped on them and well, you know the rest.

Anyway, hope everyone has a fantastic and fulfilling day.
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Because I deserve it!
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Hi everyone. I've not been able to post for over a week now. Work is so busy again, trying to get first quarter numbers final and SEC filings done. I hate when it is like this. I start feeling very resentful towards my job, my company, my boss and my co-workers because when I get stressed and work long hours I stop taking care of myself. I get home late, I eat late, I go to bed late which, of course, means I can't get up early to exercise. My eating has been HORRIBLE. I am skipping my WW meeting today. I just can't face it. I plan to get back on track today. My body feels so sluggish with all the fast food, sweets, and diet cokes I have put into it this past week. I hardly drank any water at all. I can't figure out why I add to my misery of having to work so much by treating my body so badly.

We have to work this weekend as well. It won't be today because the air conditioners are being maintained today it will be too hot to be in the building for very long. So tomorrow we all get to go in and work away our Sunday. Well, not all of us. Some of us (not me) are princesses and get to work 8 hours a day while others of us take up the slack and work 12 hours a day plus the weekends. My boss has assured me that once we are past the first quarter filings we are all going to sit down and redistribute some work. Yeah, right. The "princess" is a newer person that has been hired and for some reason my boss protects her. I can't figure out why. There are 3 of us in the department and two of us are busting our asses and this new chick does not. It's really starting to tick me off. I don't know why he protects her from having to do the work we do.

Anyway, I did skim through all the threads that I missed but there's no way I can post to everyone. But I did want to say to Kayley that I am glad you went to an appointment with the counselor and I hope it helps you to start feeling better.

Well, I am going to go take a walk now. Need to get back on track with my April exercise goal. I hope to stay up to date with the thread alot better than I have the past week or two. Take care everyone!
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Working it out...
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Hello Everyone!

I woke up sad, sad, sad today. Had another nightmare about my ex...I am afraid this whole thing is going to take a long while.

Nancy - (BTW, did you get my email?) I understand that your love your BF and that his preferences will eventually, if they are not already, forcing you to choose between your relationship with him and your relationship with your body/self/health/fitness. But, I disagree with Dogpal; matters of taste are not overlooked by love, no matter how much of it there is. The fact is, he may not be attracted to you when you are at your goal weight. Then again, taste is not all that influences a relationship. And, neither you nor him can predict how you will feel about each other and your relationship in a year - once your body is smaller. I am certain this cannot be easy for you.

A while back you posted a question regarding compromise in a relationship. I have been thinking a lot about you and that question - composing an answer in my head for when I have the time to write. I guess that's because the same question has been floating in my brain for a while. Without getting into too much detail, my major problem with my currently-ending relationship is that I compromised too much of myself. I have had this underlying feeling operating constantly: I am not lovable enough to find someone else so I have to do whatever it takes to keep this one. I cannot begin to tell you, nor do I think I want to admit this to anyone other than my therapist, how much of myself I compromised. Suffice it to say, it was enough to make me put up with behavior that was not only insensitive and selfish, but demoralizing. And I stayed in it because I didn't respect myself enough. Now, I'm not saying that your situation is anything like mine. But, what I am saying is that awareness and vigilace are key. Yes, one must compromise when in a relationship but that doesnt mean you need to do what I did and compromise oneself. Keep taking as best care of yourself as you can; keep being aware of what you want from your life and what kind of body you want inhabit as you achieve those things; keep having conversations with him; keep making decisions that are best for you; and, in the end, your road will take you where you need to be.

Ammi - Oh, I LOVE Reiki - I've been getting it since I first moved to CA, over 10 years ago! I belong to a whole woo-woo crowd out here in CA. It's funny, cuz I was just laughing at myself about it recently. Just on my day off one of my friends was talking to me about how great her last Fire-Walk was (done those myself but don't feel inclined to ever do them again) and in the next hour another friend was telling me she was seriously considering training to be a "Vortex Healer" which, if I am to be honest, I cannot for the life of me understand. I mean, she has tried to explain to me what 'Vortex Healing" is and I try and try to understand it but I haven't been able to!!! Seems most of my friends are into one woo-woo thing or another. I love living in CA! ::::giggles::::

Dogpal - I am so very happy for you! I cannot begin to imagine how liberating it must feel to be able to go out of your home without having a panic attack. I breathed a big sigh of relief and said a prayer when I read your post. WOW, what a blessing for you to have found medication that is working. I predict this will be the beginning of many good things in your life. :-)

Kayle - I did my first therapy when I was 18. I was completely depressed and more than a wee bit suicidal. It literally saved my life. I have found that people in life have many, many choices. Some of us choose to look at our behavior, our past, what has influenced us to do the things we do and use that information to break free of unnecessary conditioning and to propell us forward. Others choose differently. There are advantages and disadvantages to everything. But I have chosen to follow awareness and continued personal growth. It's not always easy - but no matter what you do, life isn't always easy. So, you might as well be walking through it with you eyes open. At least that's my attitude. I wish you the best of luck with your work with Ron. Remember to be compassionate and loving towards yourself - especially the parts of yourself you hate; they are beaten up already - you might as well show them that love is the other possibility.

Julee Claire - (what a gorgeous name, btw) I am glad your visit with your mom is going well. Isn't it nice to finally feel grown up? It has taken me forever to get there with my own mother. I hope your visit continues to go well!

Tracey - I admire you and your willingness to take a look at what you are doing and deciding that you need to do it differently. I am sure you will find your way.

Wyllenn sweetie, you've been quiet. How are you handling your husband's layoff?

Mel - I've decided to go to the gala with her. Each tix was 1/3 of my very exhorbitant San Francisco rent and I really want to go. But, in my head I've been rehearsing dropping her off at her house after the gala and getting in my car and driving home for the night. Someone else asked if this was a pattern of mine, I think it was Ammi. Yeah, I've tried to leave before and every time she gets soft and loving and I stay and things go back to being bad. So, it's natural for her to assume that this time it will be no different.

But this time is different. I have been on my no-diet diet since the beginning of the year; I've been CONSISTENTLY getting up at 5 AM to work out for almost two months now, which for me is akin to walking on the moon - something I thought I'd never, ever be able to do; I have managed to resist more than half the urges to binge this year and have minimized the lenght of the ones I could not resist; I have lost inches off my body and about 30 pounds of weight (new scale was delayed; it arrives on Monday so for now, it's "about 30 lbs" till I can update my signature on Monday). And every step I take in the direction of taking care of myself makes the contrast between the relationship I have had with her and the life I have with myself even more marked. All the things that were keeping me in that relationship, that have made it impossible for me to leave for over a year, are now much weaker than I am. So, this time I can do things differently. I feel liberated somehow. It's going to be hard for a while longer though...

OK, I'm off to exercise. I skipped my workout on Wed. and Friday this week cuz of my relationship drama. So, I have 604 minutes to do and only one week to do them. Watch me gooooooooooooooooooo! ::: grin :::
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Working it out...
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Oh yeah,

And Amy_violet, WHERE ARE YOU?

Luan - Congratulations on finishing school! Oh, you get to make people look better or worse with your skills. How fun is that! And, I predict you'll become very popular amongst your friends during Halloween! :::grin:::

OK, sorry to all those I missed. I'm going now, really, I am.
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Teahoney - has your teababy been off school because of Easter break? My girls have both been off but because they go to different schools they have had different holidays. Beth has had her two weeks off and goes back on Tuesday, and Caleigh has only had one week off and goes back in another weeks time. Oh the party can begin then lol Seriously though I find dieting and exercise so much easier when the girls are in school, it's good to get into a routine, and as you have to get up early anyway, it's the best time to exercise. I hope that Monday will see you sticking to your plan and doing your exercise. I hope your ankle will be better by then.

Xena - good to hear from you, although sorry to hear that work isn't the best right now. I wonder if the little princess who has all the favouritism is sleeping her way to the princess treatment?? Or maybe she's related to the supervisor, you will have to do some investigative work lol. Seriously I am sorry that you are getting put upon while the likes of princess get the cushy life.

Maria Lucia - I am so happy for you that you are so motivated to diet and exercise and to start feeling better in yourself. If that is helping you stick to your guns about not going back into a bad relationsip with your GF then it's brilliant. You never know, she might even respect you more when she sees you aren't prepared to give in and take her back. Do you think you could remain friends with her or does she want all or nothing?

I hear you on the question about if you stay in a relationship for love or is it because you don't think you will be able to find anybody else. I never had intentions of leaving my ex because I took my vows seriously, and I didn't want Beth to come from a broken home, though today that's the norm rather than the exception to the rule. But although I wouldn't leave him I know I thought about it, and I used to also think that I would never find anybody else. I mean if my own husband was repulsed by me, how would anybody find me attractive and want to date me. In the end he made the choice for me and left me. I was on my own for 5 years and although about 9 months of that 5 years I tried night clubbing, I still never had anybody want more than a drunken kiss. I seriously did start believing that I would die a lonely old woman. Daren came into my life then though and he for the first time in my life has made me feel beautiful. Ok only beautiful to him lol, I still feel ashamed that I have let myself get so big, but with Daren I feel beautiful and cherished. And I believe that even when I do lose the weight, and please note I said WHEN not if, lol, I am sure he will love me just the same I hope you and all the single ladies here, and the ones in not so good relationships will one day find their soul mates and know the happiness of being with the 'right' one. Sorry did I make everybody vomit then LOL.

Glad to hear you love Reiki, do you have many sessions of it? Must say it does sound like you live in a place with a lot of 'interesting' people lol, have to say I have never heard of Vortex Healing before lol. As for the walking on fire, come on, give, what's the secret to doing it. Even if you can block out the pain surely your feet still get burned??

Amy - I just remembered that you posted about deciding to move closer to your BF, and I can't remember if I commented on it. Well if I didn't, let me just say I am thrilled you have made that decision. It's too hard on the old heart strings to be too far away from the one you love, and I am sure when you live closer to each other love will just continue to blossom without the lovesickness that comes from living far apart.

Ok time for me to go figure out what to have for tea. My tummy is and taste buds are screaming out for PIZZA, but I will have to ignore them both and go for something a lot less naughty lol. Bye for now.


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It is a rainy day her in West Virginia, and a little cool 61 degrees (ammi~ 16 c), I am still down from the sudden death of Becky however, I will soldier on. I am going to go see Shannon ( the husband) next week after things settle down a little, The sent Becky to the Medical Examiners office so It will be a bit before we find out what happened to her, I am assuming Heart attack.

I went trout fishing yesterday with some friends, and I caught 5 trout, one golden ( they are hard to catch), I thought Nascar racing was on last night, but I was a day off, and it is tonight at 8pm,, anxious for the race to come on, I will exit to that world for a bit.. should do me good, I have tickets to go see the Coca Cola 600 in Charlotte NC on Memorial day weekend, our hunting club has a poker run on Saturday then I am up at 9 am on Sunday to go to the Race, 4 hr drive to the track, we are staying over night, it is a night race, so That will be my first night race,
This PMS,, well actually MS, is such downer to me, I feel soooooooo bloated and FAT when I am on my cycle, plus I am always heavy flo.. ugh,,, Not very good timing, death and PMS and MS at the same time,, IT sucks, I wish I had a relationship with a good man, I always feel that this would make me more complete, Once a month I go through this for a week, but the other 3 weeks?, well I just need to be "in love" for a couple hours on the weekend, ya know what I mean? I took a picture of my face yesterday, and I can see that I am losing weight,, Ammi.. I will try to share that with you when we chat some time...

Take Care ALl.

MariaLucia~ have not seen you on Yahoo.. are you not on that often? Take care of your self.

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Kayley – Pizza once in 5 months? Sure, it might be better to have not had it, but don’t let your one off day overshadow your 149 other good ones. I think that is a pessimism so many of us share. We minimize our achievements and overemphasize our stumbles. Don't let the one negate all the other successes!

Ammi – Have you heard of the votefortheworst campaign? I think that is one of the reasons that Kellie is still there. Also, I think it is because so many men think she is hot. I think she is a flake and a fake. I am really hoping she goes next week. You may be right about the fact that since I am losing slowly he may have a chance to adjust to it and find he is OK with it. Only time will tell. I guess it is just hard for me because I feel like if it isn’t going to work out it might be best to move on. Also, if you find you really want to eat late at night could you save a few points for then? I find it is very difficult to change our patterns to start and easier to find ways to work with them.

On Reiki, I once had a Reiki/massage session and it was one of the most incredible experiences in my life. I thought it was the massage but when I got one recently it was nowhere near the same experience, so it must have been a large part the Reiki that was so amazing.

Patti – That is so great that you are using the cancer as an impetus to move forward rather than letting it hold you back. Truly inspiring!

Julee – I definitely sympathize with the geek thing. Now I have some geek aspects myself – the whole sci-fi thing, and I am a bit of a gamer at times (I’ll get something new, play for awhile and then lose interest). Most of the computers are downstairs. Yesterday he went with a friend and picked up a Vax - I am not kidding. It is freaking huge. He also has an AS400, also huge. We have a 2 bedroom apt with a downstairs rec room type thing and the only computers upstairs are in our office – none in the bedroom and not spread all over the living/dining room. I totally put my foot down on having the house filled with computers. It is OK for them to have their place, but I don’t want them everywhere.

MovingandShaking – I find it so helpful to come here when I am tempted to eat something. Having such a great support system changes everything for me.

Sandi – I definitely need to stay away from the on sale Easter candy until it goes away. I have a hard time saying no to a bargain sometimes and can find myself making excuses like – “wow, it’s so cheap – I’ll buy it for work”

Dogpal – The MRI went OK, but I have to wait until Friday for my consult with my doctor. Then I have a feeling she is going to say the H word, so I will then need to work on getting second, and if needed, third opinions. I am SO glad this new medication is going so well for you.

Xena – Your work situation sounds really frustrating. I wonder why they are babying the new girl so much? It is definitely unfair and it sounds like she needs to step up. If you all were shouldering equal portions of the work hopefully you all wouldn’t have to work as many evening/weekend hours. Thank goodness for small miracles in the form of air conditioning repair.

Maria Lucia – I think you have hit the nail on the head with the difference between compromising for the relationship and compromising oneself. Sure, there are going to be compromises, like making room for computers, or not minding if he decorates his bathroom completely in bright orange, but when it comes down to the core of who I am there can be no compromise. The thing I have to figure out is what size I really want to be, and honestly I don’t think I will know til I get there. So, I will just have to live with the uncomfortability for now. Life is not always comfortable and not all issues are cut and dry.

Crock – Glad you are finding things doing things you are enjoying. Hey – why are you just sharing your picture with Ammi?

I ended up telling my BF that I would rather he meet up with his friend at the computer show rather than have me go with him and he asked “are you sure that’s ok?”. It was kinda cute – he didn’t want to make me feel lonely, but I would much rather he go on his own so it is definitely ok. I like having the time to myself. Today has been a lazy day so far, reading email and other stuff. We will probably go to a movie later. I still want to see V for Vendetta, but I’m not sure it is still playing.
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