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NotTheCheat 01-27-2006 04:52 PM

Well – this morning the scale showed me at 337, which is one pound down from last week. I would love to say that I am entirely thrilled, and though mostly I am, of course there is a little voice back there going – “but I wanted more!” However, I am not going to let that little voice ruin the fact that 1) I lost something at all 2) During a week I was sick and on antibiotics, 3) When I have been working out and probably building muscle and 4) When I know I am retaining water (my legs were quite puffy this morning – a sure sign). I feel like my body is changing, although sometimes I wonder if that is my imagination from wishful thinking. This morning while dropping me off at work my boyfriend said he could definitely notice a change. I will measure myself tomorrow with the measuring tape and see. Regardless of either thing, I feel better and have more energy. Maybe one of the reasons I have given up in the past is that it just takes my body a bit longer to adjust to the process, or I just lose more slowly than the average. When I was depriving myself and not seeing results it was very to stick to a diet. Since I’m not doing that, I have all the time in the world.

About the workout – I am definitely feeling it today! I was going to go back to do the treadmill today after work, but silly me left my bag with my workout clothes in the car this morning and didn’t remember until after I was up to my office and my boyfriend was long gone with the car. :(

GarnetFairy – The club I am going to has TV’s but only for the treadmills, which leaves you on your own for distractions on the bikes and ellipticals. It is a fairly small place – they don’t have room to have a TV for each one. I am so close to getting an MP3 player – I take a long time to make purchase decisions like that. I think both for that and for walking it would be great.

Kayley – Glad your Andrew made you feel better.

Amber – I hope your uncle is OK. That is really rough. My father went through a period where he started passing out because his blood pressure was dropping too low. He got a pacemaker and he is OK now, but in the beginning it was really scary because we didn’t know what exactly was wrong.

Luan – 2 hours at the gym? That’s amazing.

Valerie – I got a sports bra (which I have never owned before) and wow does that thing hold me in! It was a little uncomfortable at first because it was a bit stiff, but I didn’t have to worry about things flying everywhere!

Tashabella – That must be so frustrating that you need to work so hard because of PCOS. I hope the GI diet helps.

Mazarin – 15 pounds since the New Year sounds pretty good to me. Keep up the good work!

Zelma – Thanks for sharing your before pics – you look so different – it is really amazing. I have plenty of before pics – even ones of me in a bathing suit on the beach. I’ll just have to wait to have some after pics.

Brenda – that is fantastic you were able to fit a 2x – congratulations! Sorry to hear about your husband’s grandfather. It is always tough to lose a loved one.

Sherri – I like the Just My Size bras, but it seems to be so personal – everyone’s bodies are shaped so differently. The sports bra that I just got was a Glamorise one through the Just My Size site. So far so good, but I have just worn it once so far and haven’t washed it yet.

Sarah – Happy birthday! The Applebees WW menu is pretty good – I had the Confetti Chicken there recently and really liked it. The one thing that bothered me was that they list the calories and info on the menu, but the information is not on their website. This shouldn’t be a problem for you if you are on WW, but I count calories and so I had to go by memory. Next time I will remember and jot down the info.

Lillion – Thanks for the tip on those egg rolls. I love Chinese food. I am going to try my first outing while calorie counting to dim sum tomorrow, although I am a bit worried. It has been quite a tradition for me, but some of those items can be dangerous. If I stick with the steamed stuff, get the boc choy and be conscious of quantities, it should be OK. I haven’t had any luck finding calorie info though, so I will have to piece everything together.

Ammi – I think I will try to go to the gym 4 days a week. I will also try to do a little something the other 3 days – even if it is just 10 minutes. I have always focused on food before and it just hasn’t worked for me. This time I am really trying to work on exercise (although watching the food too).

Felicia – Have you ever considered a career in event planning? You are totally amazing!

AmmiUK 01-27-2006 05:26 PM

Jill - it was very interesting to read what you said about pounds verses sizes. I remember you saying that at 40 lbs lost you really didn't look any different. Now you have proven what a difference exercise makes. I knew it before, but it's good to have it reiterated.

Felicia - Nancy is right, you should be an events planner, I can just see you planning weddings, or a politician's day!! Your blog is brilliant too, so maybe you could be a web site designer.

That is absolutely fantastic that you have lost another 3 lbs :carrot: taking your total for this month to 28 lbs. That is a brilliant amount for just one month. Over here we talk in lbs and stones, and you have lost 2 stone in a month, amazing :cheer: :cheer: :bravo: All that working out definitely is paying off!!

Nancy - I guess it's not surprising that you are aching today after such a good work out yesterday. You did good.

Well done on that 1 lb lost as well :carrot: I am glad you aren't letting yourself be dissapointed about it. I know we all want to see more than that, but as long as the weight still is going down that's the main thing. Well done :cheer:

I think you are going to see a big difference in your measurements if not always the lbs now that you are going to work out 4 days at the gym and 10 minutes at home on the days you don't go. I really am getting keen on joining one myself. The one I fancy, isn't just one, you can use a gym in any one of 5 Leisure Centres, plus you can use any of the pools and join in any of the fitness classes. It is definitely value for money.

UK gals - are any of you watching Celeb Big Brother? I really didn't want Chantelle to win, I mean she may be a celeb now, but she wasn't one, so really shouldn't have been there. Oh well, there you go, the public have spoken.

Ok see you all later,


Ammi :grouphug:

princesspuffypants 01-27-2006 05:47 PM

Brenda- Congrats on getting the 2x!!! im sure you will be beautiful for your family event. :)

sarahdafiregal - i used to be, but there are a lot of heavy people at the gym, and seriously, most people are just as consious that people are staring at them. just get a headset and get on the treadmill. the time will fly and you will never even think about it. also, i know a few chicks here are doing water aerobics. a good way to get great excersize but not be seen. once you go a few times you wont even think about it. i think thats part of the reason i go so long too. because if im having a self consious day today i can justify it with - well i went 2 hours yesterday, i can skip today :)

Julee - we havent covered that yet, but it just makes sence. we sabotage ourselves, then beat ourselves up about messing up. it just doesnt seem fair :)

ammi- i LOVE monsters inc. its probabally my favorite disney movie. as for the gym, i say go for it. first off, if you are paying for it, you will use it. you are worth it!

Kayley - you should talk to Planned Parenthood in your area. they can put you on a low progesterone pill. i know several people that use it to regulate thier cycle, and as a bonus not get pregnant (which isnt failsafe anyway - all 4 of my neices and nephews are pill kids). they should have some information on helping you not gain weight.

Nancy - i just love it. i feel great afterwards. when im not there, all i think about is - i should go to the gym... lol

ok i think i covered everyone. im off to see a TV show taping. the show is Crumbs. if you get the show its on ABC on thursdays at 9pm. its a good show. watch it so it doesnt get cancelled. Fred Savage is in it. :)

garnetfairy 01-27-2006 07:23 PM

Kayley - Check out the local MHMR facility in your town. I get my treatment free as a low-income person and was gettin my meds free until I got Medicare part D insurance, now I have a copay. Also, planned parenthood, as mentioned, is a great place to go for help when you dont have insurance

gotta go veggies are ready

honiangel 01-28-2006 01:50 AM

Valerie--Yeah my SIL is a piece of work alright. Sounds like your DH's is too. I just don't understand some people...

ZedAus, Nancy--My uncle is doing okay, thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. He has Atypical Pnemonia (which I don't think I can spell). I'm not sure exactly what that is, but it can't be good along with his diabetes and high blood pressure. He is in the hospital and stable.

sarahdafiregal--Thank you, very much.

Ammi-- :) I'm kind of attached to my name...and no it's not short for anything, I'm just Amber. I was named for a book "Forever Amber". (I've never read it, I should see if I can find a copy.) I like Amberly too though, it's very pretty. And yes it's absolutely brutal what break-ups can do to children. I'm so sorry that both Caleigh and Amberly have to go through that.
My uncle is still in the hospital but stable. And omg I am so tired of hospitals :) . I thought (once again), but...guess not. I pretty much grew up in them, so at least I talk the language :) so I can feel right at home.
I'll have to look into that about WW. I've looked on ebay and the copmlete sets are running kind of high. But I would like to see if I can get one of the point calculators. I'll just have to keep a close watch on ebay. My grandmother had much success with WW a few years ago (before the points program) but she only wanted to lose 15 lbs I think. But everyone I have heard talk about it raves.

FS72--Well I have just started my attempt, but I do a weekly plan and goals and post them on the fridge. There is a checklist for water, exercise and journaling and my mini goal and long term goal are on it too. I need to redo it, but I just laminated it and write (in sharpie) the weekly goals on it and check it off every night and then erase it and do the next week. That helps me.

As for my day...oh I was soooo bad today. We had a staff meeting that I missed last night (because of my emergency room adventure) and it was catered by Olive Garden. Well there were leftovers and our lunchlady, the angel that she is (no sarcasm there at all) Saved me a plate of lasagna, salad and a piece of raspberry cheese cake. I ate the salad. I took one tiny tiny bite of the lasagna and had a friend throw it away in her room :) . But the cheescake...ahhhh the cheesecake. That was my lunch. I didn't eat it all. But I did eat most of it. And the rest of the day was strictly fruits, veggies and a little grilled chicken. So, I compensated, but, doesn't make me any happier with myself.
I also went grocery shopping shopping tonight, just for me. I didn't consider what anyone else was eating but myself. I'll do the family shopping next weekend probably, but today was veggies, fruits, chicken breast, cottage cheese, fat free cold cuts, wraps...healthy stuff. I have to take my lunch to work, and take snacks to eat through out the day. Right now I'm trying to decide what kind of marinades to make for the chicken. I'll divide them up and marinade them and food saver them tomorrow.
Anyway...I need to go and do my 2 miles and get to bed, it's late here. I hope everyone had a wonderful day!

kayleystar 01-28-2006 05:44 AM

Sharon - Actually, my friend didn't even seem to notice that I had lost the weight, even when I told her about a non-scale victory that I had yesterday...all she said was "that's cool"....psh. I don't think it was TOM that got me down...I just always get like that.

Lilion - Ooooh! Chicken vegetable alfredo soup? That sounds YUMMY! New cookbooks are great. It's nice to get new stuff to try while dieting, so it doesn't get old. Wow about the bellydancing! I applaud them for getting up there and doing their thing! I would DEFINATELY be too embaressed/self conscious/scared! You are doing so great! You are definately going to get to your goal! A year from now, I have no doubts that you will be about where you wanna be! Just keep it up!

Ammi - Great idea walking to the dentist! I live in such a small town, where there is NOTHING in it, so to go ANYWHERE is at least 10-20 miles away...so no walking to the stores or anything for me! Thanks for your concern about me...actually him and I DID have a bit of a falling out. Nothing TOO serious, but it still really got to me...but things are very much better now. My Mom went to see the president of the union where she works, and he said that as long as she gets a note stating that she was under the doctor's care since July (when she was diagnosed), that she'll be fine. So they are going to let her keep the job! I was so happy to hear that! As of right now, the docs say that the cancer is gone. She's on a test panel for new meds that are associated with the chemo, so she'll be under close supervision for the next 6 months, and then she'll have checkups every 6 months for the next 5 years. Although, she'll be able to go back to work while she's on the meds. My mom is a trooper, and I'm so proud of her. 10 years ago, when I was 9, she was diagnosed with stomach cancer (which runs in my family), and they were able to remove the cyst before it ruptured, so she didn't require chemo or anything. Although, they gave her a hysterectomy as well...although she said she didn't mind, since I'm her only child, and she didn't want another one. She's a very strong woman.

Jill - Thanks for the info on the birth control. When I go to the health department, I'll ask them about something that won't make me gain weight. I'm not great with the exercising either, but I know it has to be done! Although, I LOVE how I feel afterwards!

Felicia - Fantastic job! 28 pounds in a month is really great! You must be so proud!!! Looks like you've definately got a plan down! I really can't make a plan, as I don't know where I'm going to be most of the time! lol...between work, school, and everything else, I try to fit in working out when I can, even if it's just little intervals. Since I get up so early in the morning, I don't wanna be in the living room with the workout dvds on, since it'll wake up my mom, but once she goes back to work, I should be able to do the 10 minute workout in the morning. I don't exercise all that much, so I'm going to start S..L..O..W! I know you will be able to achieve all the goals you set for yourself!

Nancy - One pound is still good! Every pound is just one step closer to being thin! Although, I definately relate. If the scale shows me at a 1 pound loss, I just feel like...blech! hehe...but on the other hand, if it shows 2 pounds, I'm alright.

Luan - The only Planned Parenthood around here is in Indiana, and unfortunately, they won't help you if you live in Michigan! Bull! So I'm going to go to the health department. That's where my friend goes, and they charge you based on your income. Since I only work FOUR :( days a month, I definately make too little to pay much, if anything at all.

Well, today is one of the days I work. They only have me scheduled every other weekend, so needless to say, I don't get much money! Yesterday, I had two non-scale victories! I was looking through a box with some of the clothes that were too small for me when I started the diet. I found a beautiful purple and gray mohair sweater from Fashion Bug. Size 22/24. It definately didn't fit a month ago, and now it does! I think it'll look better when I lose about 10 more pounds, but it FITS! I was so excited. Also, when we went to Walmart last night, they had this really pretty black fleece zip-up sweater on clearance. Usually, at Walmart, I have to get their size 30/32, which is so hard to find...but I picked up the size 26/28, and it fit! I was really happy with myself. I picked up the "Dance off the inches: Calorie Blasting Party" dvd at Meijer yesterday as well. It has a warm up, cool down, and then 5, 10 minute dances! I figure 15 minutes a day, or at least every other day to start would be good. AND I'll learn how to dance! I'm also fitting into my 4X scrub top! It's so pretty with all the hearts on it. My residents will love it! Well, I'm off to shower, and get ready for work. Hope you chicks all have a great day!

ZedAus 01-28-2006 06:44 AM

Thank you all for your beautiful comments. It is so wonderful to be able to share my progress with people who actually understand what I have done and am still doing. People here are thrilled for me and many don’t recognize me anymore, but they don’t fully understand just how much I have had to change to get to where I am today. Except for hubby of course, who has patiently taken each step with me. I know that you all understand the trials and tribulations we face every day and I feel so at ease talking to you about it. Thank you again, from the depths of my heart.

Brenda – Sorry to hear about the death in the family. I’m sure hubby will make the right decision for him about attending. It is a very personal thing, to decide whether to go to a funeral or not. I’m not good at funerals, so have to weigh up the pros and cons of my attending.

Congratulations on fitting into the smaller sized top! That is always a thrill for me. When I got my first size 12 (8 – 10 U.S) tops the other day I actually stuck the tag on the fridge!! Sounds silly, but it was the first size 12 I can ever remember buying. I would love to see pics from the wedding. I love looking at photos.

Sheri – Thank you for the lovely comments. I am constantly surprised at how I look. I still haven’t totally come to grips with this new body. I never get enough of looking at myself in the mirror or reflections as I simply can’t believe that it is me. The whole journey is just SO exciting and I know you will enjoy your own “wow” moments along the way.

Sarah – Happy Birthday!!! It is the 28th here, so I can wish you a Happy Birthday on time. I hope you have a wonderful day and a lovely meal out. I also hope that the service is better than last time.

Tasha – Thank you for the information about PCOS. I had always suspected that hormones affected my weight, but had never thought to ask the doctor about it. I may ask if I can be tested, just to check either way.

Julee – You mentioned that the pasta sauce upsets your tummy. Has that always been a problem, or just something that has happened since you have been eating better? I have found that since I have mostly been eating unprocessed foods for the last two years, many sauces and processed foods upset my stomach. It certainly makes it easier when eating out, as the temptation may be there, but I don’t want to suffer the consequences.

Kayley – Thank you for the lovely comments – especially about the stripes! I was SO thrilled to be able to wear that. I have spent many years looking upon horizontal stripes as the enemy. I wouldn’t even give a second glance at something with horizontal stripes. When I saw this dress, I kinda just tried in on as a whim. I was so happy that it didn’t make me look like the side of a barn. I hope your periods settle down. Mine are playing games with me I think. Two in a row, then thought next one was coming early, but just a little bit… now it is late. Haven’t been doing anything, so know it can’t be late for the obvious reasons. Kinda frustrating.

I hope you have a wonderful day with your friend. It is lovely being able to surprise people with weight loss.

I am SO sorry about what your mom is going through. As if she hasn’t suffered enough, now they want to take her job away too. It must make you SO mad! It certainly sounds as though she has a case for unfair dismissal, so hopefully she will either get her job back or a HEAP of compensation. Please let us know how things go with her.

It sounds as though you were feeling SO much better in your last post. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to fit into clothes that just a little while ago were too tight. It is like going shopping, but not having to spend any money. Have fun with the dancing!

Lilion – Thank you for telling me about your work. I shouldn’t be bothering you for advice – fingers crossed – as things seem pretty good this end. You must come across some very interesting, and probably frustrating, cases.

You are sounding SO positive about your weight loss, which is fantastic. You sound like I was, and still am, throughout my change of lifestyle. For some reason I just knew, and still know that this is it – I can’t see me ever going back to my self-damaging eating ways and lack of exercise. It is great that you are getting such positive comments from work, as the support always helps.

Ammi – Well done on making it to the dentist on the right day. (Sorry, but I had to get that in first) What a pain that you didn’t really need to go at all. I wish my dentist would tell me that I don’t need any work done. It just seems as though he finds more things each time, and my purse just keeps getting emptier.

You are certainly SO right about people not recognizing me. Hubby says that his main purpose in life now is so that people know who I am. So many people walk past me and then look at hubby, look back at me, look at hubby again… then either scream, hug me, or are simply lost for words. It is quite funny seeing all of the different reactions. I am loving it!

It is interesting that you mention being thin before hormonal changes too. I wonder how many people this affects. That may be something else I have to research. I am interested in Nutrition at the moment and am doing a lot of reading to find out how food and my body work. Now I may want to read up to find out how hormones and my body work. Keeps me out of trouble.

Jill – You are right about periods stopping when you are extremely overweight. I went for years with no period, then when I went on the pill they were VERY light. I have no idea what a regular cycle would be like, but I have a feeling I am going to find out in the coming years.

Felicia – I love your idea of planning out your month. I may try that as well. I don’t really have any problems keeping on track, but it may be interesting to actually have it all in writing, as much for the record, to see if I actually deviate from the ‘plan’ without realizing it. Thank you for that idea.

Nancy – I am SO glad that you are positive about how you are going, even if the scales only show a small drop. I am really trying to stay positive even when the scales don’t move at all. I have had people say that it looks as though I have lost lots more weight, so something must be happening – my scales just haven’t caught up yet.

You may have to keep a set of workout clothes at work with you, in case you forget again. I have decided that I am going to keep a pair of sneakers at school with me, so that when I send the kids to do laps of the oval for Daily Fitness I can join them and not use my good shoes as an excuse. At least that is my plan… not sure how it will go yet, but we start school again this coming week, so I will see.

You are VERY good to have before pictures, especially in a bathing suit! I can’t remember the last time I wore a bathing suit. Probably when I was in my early teens. It is sad really, as we live 5 minutes from the Indian Ocean, and have some beautiful beaches. I’m not sure if I’ll even get into a bathing suit once I am at my target weight as I have some loose skin to try and tighten before I want to show the world my new body.

Luan – You have mentioned being in movies and watching tapings. Do you work full time in the film industry, or just as a side job? I wish I had found this site before we went to the US for our holiday last Sept/Oct. We could have met. We started our trip in LA and spent a lovely day doing a tour of Universal Studios. We were staying at the Sheraton right near by, so we just walked there. The first day in the US though, we caught the train into Hollywood, which was a great experience.

Honiangel – I noticed that you are a preschool teacher. I am a teacher too. I usually teach grade 4, but this year I have been moved to grade 2 and I am NOT happy. I taught grade 2 years ago, for a long time, and I really needed the change to 4. A couple of years ago I threw out all my grade 2 materials, so I have to start from scratch again. I am really not looking forward to this coming year. The teachers start back on Monday and the kids come on Wednesday. I hope I can find some way to at least APPEAR to be enjoying my job by then. I don’t want too many disappointed kids on my hands. Do you have any favourite Early Elementary sites that you could recommend I visit? I definitely need as many ideas as I can get at the moment.

Well, I think I have covered most people. I’m trying to get on here every evening to respond, so I don’t get too lost with all the posts.

I’m just off to try and work out what I am going to teach my new class this coming week. I am actually worried that I may be getting a little depressed about the grade change, and I am trying to get my head around it, but it isn’t working. I just don’t want to work with this grade level again. I know that the kids will be adorable, but the subject content just doesn’t interest me anymore. I don’t even want to get my classroom together, but I’m forcing myself to go in tomorrow and do a few things.

Take care all and have a wonderful weekend,


princesspuffypants 01-28-2006 09:30 AM

Zelma - LOL thats kinda a funny story. technically, i work in the industry. i do lots of different things tho. i am currently producing an independant film, i do extra background work in TV and Film and i am going to makeup school to do film and print makeup. Universal was where i was today. i used to be a studio page on several sitcoms and one of my favorites had its last taping tonight. next time you come to the states we will have to get together :) or if i ever make it out your way :)

BeingMe 01-28-2006 01:20 PM

Zelma, you look so different in your after pictures. I agree with Sheri! I also wonder what I would look like when I at least hit 200.

Tashabella, I also have PCOS. I am trying to go the natural way. I am taking Vitex now and will resume my progesterone cream. I ordered some B complex, calcium, evening primrose and chromium which I hope to get in less than 2 weeks. Honestly, I don't like reading about it anymore because I get really depressed thinking about it. And I already have too many stress. But I plan to go to another doctor and have tests done after some months. I just hope I will continually drop the weight. In the country I live in rice is a staple food. A meal just doesn't seem to be fulfilling and complete without it. I am a carb addict but I had been able to stay away from rice for 2 weeks now! Although I let myself to eat 2 slices of bread everyday because I know it is unrealistic for me to cut it.

Brenda, way to go with the dress size! Isn't it a nice suprise? :D Eventhough I lost almost 20lbs it doesn't really show. My brother told me he cannot see the difference *LOL*. I am not fretting about it. I have so much weight to lose and I think when I hit 260 lbs it will be noticeable. By the way, I am able to wear my size 24 jeans again. I am so happy. It's really so hard to find clothes that fit me in here. It will be better though when I am size 20 already but that's a long way.

Kayley, I am sorry to hear about your mom's situation. That's terrible! I hope they'll sort it out.

I am feeling depressed again. My close friend is going to settle abroad for good and I won't be able to see her again anymore :-(. I really feel bad about it. I also blame my weight for not being able to see her that much. She lives in another city and since I don't have a car I'll have to commute in public transport. Well, you know how it is... people are mean and tell you that you need to pay for 2 people, they gawk at you like you are a freak, etc. There were even instances when they don't even let me ride! This is one of the reasons I want to lose weight.

On the plus side, I reached my January goal already! I am going to add weight training on my exercise soon. I can't wait for the end of February :lol:.

JuleeCeeS 01-28-2006 01:42 PM

Honi....do not beat yourself up for the cheesecake slip up. You did it, you acknowledged it, and it's clear that the rest of your food choices for the day were positive ones. If you are always in "diet mode", over time you begin to build up frustration and resentment and what you can't have...and the rebellion kicks in. If you do not have a little treat every now and then you will go insane and eventually wind up in a total binge/meltdown. You'll be fine!!!

Zelma: Alfredo sauce has sadly always upset my stomach...which is sad because I used to really like it. Now, not so much. The dinner I was at last night was serving alfredo sauce with the pasta (that I didn't eat) and someone asked me about eating it and I told them that I don't like it...and they seemed shocked...like everyone likes alfredo sauce. I did enjoy some red sauce though on my salmon. I was a little miffed that there was no plain salad but again..we do what we do and we move on. There were a TON of cut veggies and fruit and I did have a small piece of garlic bread and one homebaked cookie. Then I accounted for the points and called it a night. Tonight we are having dinner at my cousin's house. I think she said there would be chicken and salad so we'll see how it goes. It's her daughter's 5th birthday and when we were invited I felt sort of guilty for a minute about asking what was being served and telling her that Jason and I don't eat a lot of stuff. Then I got over it.

NSV of the day...went to Target yesterday and found the cutest skirt. It's an Isaac Mizrahi and I like his line because the bottoms are cut just a teeny bit larger and are more of a women's line than a junior's line. So I grabbed the 18 and took it home. I got it home and although it fits perfectly across my tummy (my biggest spot), it is clearly too big in the waist. But I love it and will still be able to wear it for a while. I also got a darling coat so I am happy about that too. I can't quite button it all the way up...but it wasn't really meant to be buttoned up so I don't feel too badly. It fits everywhere else.

Ok..I slept in and ate breakfast...now comes the big question...read a magazine or do an exercise video....hmmmm, what to do?

AmmiUK 01-28-2006 04:50 PM


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