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Mazarin 01-27-2006 07:50 AM

Hello everyone, I've not been around much, been studying, working, cleaning, sleeping, studying! bla bla bla....

My weight, well no loss this week, but 15lbs down since the new year, I gained a 1lb this week!

I need to try harder! I am or have been not eating that well this week... I need something to motivate me to get back on my tracks

ZedAus 01-27-2006 08:15 AM

Hi Everyone!

First of all I want to point out the link to my picture page that Iíve added below my tracker. I have added some pictures, including some Ďbeforeí pics. I know that I always like seeing before and after pics, so thought some of you may be interested, although I have posted one of them before. It is funny that people always ask whether I have Ďbeforeí pics and they find it interesting when I tell them that when you get to be as big as I did, you do NOT like people taking photos of you. So I donít actually have many clear pics of me. Iíve had to crop them out of other pics.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments. It made my head swell even more! Just what I needed.:D

Michelle Ė When I was bigger (300 to 350lbs) I didnít really notice that great a difference in my clothes fitting when I lost weight. Things started to show a LOT more as I got closer to 200lbs. I get a lot more comments now, when people havenít seen me for just a few months. Things start toning up I think. I actually found a WAIST towards the end of last year. That was a novelty as I donít think Iíve ever had a waist. Too skinny as a kid and too big as an adult. Donít worry if the clothes arenít loose now. It WILL happen. It is lovely of your DH to comment about it.

Kayley Ė I was SO happy to read that Andrew came over and you felt so much better. It is great to have a Ďtonicí like that. I'm sorry that you had another bad day after that though. My period returned with the weight loss, once I went off the contraceptive needle. Not much fun huh? I hope things settle for you soon.

Nancy Ė Well done on your gym visit! I am most impressed! It sounds as though you got a really good workout. You will have to let us know if you find some aching muscles you never knew existed tomorrow.

Amber Ė I will keep your uncle in my thoughts and I hope to hear positive news on his progress soon. I dread ever getting calls about loved ones being seriously sick. I donít handle things like that well at all. It sounds as though you are the strong one in your family. They are lucky to have you. Well done on getting some exercise in even after all of that!

Valerie Ė It I so great that you still manage to live a healthy lifestyle even when you are away from home. Many people use that as an excuse to fall off the wagon, so well done! I hope that you have positive readings from the weigh in when you get home, but at least you feel so much better about your new lifestyle, so that should count for something. Iím glad that something I said triggered an Ďexerciseí thought for you. I used to be the queen of excuses for not exercising and now I just get off my butt and get moving because I know it has to be done, no Ďifsí or Ďbutsí. Iíve heard so many times that you need to find an exercise you enjoy. HAH! Iím not sure Iíll ever Ďenjoyí exercising, but I donít mind the treadmill and the exercise bike, so Iíll just be happy about that. How many laps of the truck are you up to now?

Ammi - Sorry, but I just had to have a chuckle at your 'cabbage' moment. That REALLY sounds like something I would do. I write so many things down and then forget to look at the notes anyway, so I'm not sure why I bother. At least you got a good walk in and could see the positive side of things.

We didn't do anything thrilling for Australia Day. Hubby and I went to the zoo and gave our visitors some quiet time as they were due to fly out very late that evening. We never go to the fireworks in the city because we are not keen on crowds and couldn't be bothered driving home through all the other traffic. I would love to be able to get a hotel room overlooking the river one Australia Day, so we can watch the fireworks from the peace of the room. I think you have to book WAY ahead for that though. Did you make the pavlova? I don't actually think that they are too bad for you - well, the meringue part anyway - as my dietician friend has said I can have a meringue if I want one. Mind you, all that added cream could make them a little dangerous.

Tasha - You are the only other person I have heard say that they were a skinny kid and started gaining weight when they started menstruating. That is exactly what happened to me. I've never checked whether I have PCOS, but perhaps I should. Just thought it was interesting - I don't know what effect hormones have on weight exactly, but I'm sure it's something.

Lilion - I have to ask - because I am SO nosey! - what exactly do you do with the law? Are you a lawyer, judge? Hope you don't mind me asking. You've probably said it a hundred times, but I don't think I've caught it. Not that this should surprise anyone.

Heather - I don't have children, but I hope you can find a way to help your daughter without alienating her. I know when my mother kept offering me 'diet' ideas I just resented her. Mind you, I was an adult and SHE was overweight, so I kind of figured that this was the pot calling the kettle black, as they say. I can only suggest that you lead by example, which is what it seems you are already doing. Hopefully some of your good habits will eventually rub off and she will soon see the benefits. Oh... I don't suppose giving her father a good kick in the pants would help huh? Good luck!

Felicia - I LOVE how positive you are! Keep it up!

Christine - It is wonderful to see you enjoying your exercising so much. I may have to go and look for some Walk Away the Pounds DVDs. I hear so much about them, so want to give them a go for a little variety.

Garnetfairy - Thank you for the comment. I still need to lose some weight to get to a 'healthy' weight, which has always been my goal. Not far to go though. I am still 170lbs, which surprises a lot of people when they hear that. I must hide it well.

Sarah - Congrats on the weight loss! I have heard that it is OK to eat at an Italian restaurant as long as you stick to lots of vegies and tomato-based sauces, not creamy ones. Hope that helps. Oh... and you probably should pass on any breads, especially the garlic bread.
If Iíve missed anyone, please forgive me. I may have missed some posts as we had a VERY late night taking our visitors to the airport around midnight. Iím NOT a night person, so Iím not exactly functioning on all cylinders at the moment.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and find many things to be thankful for.

Take care,


going to lose 200 01-27-2006 08:38 AM

Good Morning Everyone!

I don't have much time. We found out last night that hubby's grandfather passed away and he lives 4 hours away. We havent decided whether or not we are going to go to the funeral or not. I am not pushing him and it is totally his decision. Personally I think he should go but he hasn't seen him in 3 years now (at his 80th birthday party)and maybe it is best to remember him like he was on that day.

I do want to share a victory with you all. Although the scales seem to be broken (jk) or at the best... stuck, I actually have good news! I went shopping for a posture bra ( ugly!) last night on the advice of my physiotherapist. Well, I didn't find one there that fit but I walked by the most beautiful top! Steve's sister is getting married in July and it was quite sheer and airy which I knew would be perfect. So I grab the normal 5x and go try it on... way too big... I asked the lady to get me the 4x. Figured I would buy the 3x and MAKE sure it fit in July. Well guess what.... I had to buy the 2x! and it FIT! Mind you, it will fit a lot better by the time the wedding gets here but it FIT! *L*:D

Stayed home from the pool to comfort hubby last night. And my shoulder has been moocho sore! I did order a new bra online last night and is to be delivered next week. Crossing my fingers that it works! I want to be able to buy a universal gym!

Sorry I don't have time for indiv responses. Hubby is out of the shower now and on his way downstairs!

Have a great losing day!
Brenda :wave:

Sheri~C 01-27-2006 10:03 AM


I loved looking at your pictures this morning, you are just lovely! I keep looking in the mirror and wondering what I am going to look like once I lose as much as you have. It is strange to not have any idea what kind of body I have! I don't know what to expect, it is a bit like unwrapping a package and finding another wrapped package inside that one and so on.

Brenda: Sorry about your GFIL passing away, I lost my Grandmother in September and I hadn't seen her in a couple of years. It was hard to say goodbye. Wonderful that you are getting into 2X I am looking forward to that too, or better yet just out of the x's altogether! Let me know about the bra, I have been trying to find a good one, I am getting so tired of the way they roll up at the back, I imagine a lot of us have this problem.

Has anyone else found a good supportive bra that doesn't roll up?

Have a great day everyone, I am off to walk the dog and then get to the gym for my circuit training, I will think of you all as I sweat more of these pounds off!

sarahdafiregal 01-27-2006 10:03 AM

Good Morning and Happy Friday Everyone! Here's to another great week gone by and to another week coming up. You are all awesome in my books!:hug:

Brenda Ė Please accept my condolences to your DH and his family on the death of his Grandfather. I know words wonít ease the pain but know that I am here for you and thinking and praying for you too. On a happier note hurrah :cheer: on the victory of getting a 2x shirt. How wonderful that made you feel. Who knows, when you try in on in July youíll have to get a 1x!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Zelma Ė Youíre pictures are so amazing! You have come a long way and you deserve all the happiness life has to offer. You are beautiful and your pictures show it.

Valerie Ė Oh Boy! I have the same problem you do with exercise excuses. Itís too cold out. Itís too dark out. Itís too cold in the basement. My knees hurt. Iím tired (I tend to use that one way too much!). Weíll have to start thinking of excuses to exercise. I feel better afterwards. Itíll get easier with time. Iíll get fit and lose weight quicker. We can do it girl!:tread:

Luan Ė You deserve a pat on the back for going to the gym for two hours! I am still too embarrassed of my body to go to a place like that for a minute let alone two hours. You are awesome girl!

Honiangel Ė I understand about the money issue and WW. I will also keep your Uncle in my prayers. Keep your chin up. Youíre awesome!

Nancy Ė That is so cool that your trainer isnít a buff sort of guy. Whenever I think of personal trainers I think of the buff guys who are over tanned and covered in oil who like to watch themselves workout in mirrors. :lol3: Glad you got a guy who seems normal and just loves fitness. Iím anxious to hear how your weigh in went. Let us know!!

As for me, I threw the idea to DH about making me a birthday meal out of a WW book. He had a look of horror on his face. :fr: Actually, money is tight right now and I know heíd choose something elaborate for me. So he suggested that we go to Applebeeís so I can stick to my program and still have something good to eat. The last time we went my meal was disgusting and our waitress was less than pleasant. I complained and ended up getting a coupon for a free entrťe and a non-alcoholic drink (OK with me since my DH is in recovery). So thatís where weíre going tomorrow. I might save points to try the WW cheesecake. MMMM!

Hope everyone has a fun filled weekend.

Hugs to you all!:grouphug:

Tashabella 01-27-2006 10:45 AM

Zelma ~ My doctor who diagnosed the PCOS told me the hormone imbalance causes the weight gain and having the excess weight keeps the hormones imbalanced (it's a continuous cycle). He basically told me to "deal with it" (but he was an old-school guy so I'm going to keep searching for answers, and that was 11 years ago ~ things change in the medical community every day).

Fat cells are full of estrogen, by the way, so they add estrogen to the amount your body naturally carries, which can keep your hormones and your periods all out of whack (even for those who don't have PCOS).

I read the other day that most people who have PCOS are overweight, however the few that are not have to fight to keep from gaining (and work very, very hard at it). Doctors and scientists have not been able to determine why some people with PCOS can stay at a normal weight (something like 10 percent or less) and the others cannot (all the rest). (I hope they will figure it out soon! LOL)

To answer your question ~ yes, hormones can have a profound effect on your weight.

Brenda ~ I am so happy for you with that 2X shirt! Way to go!!! :carrot:

JuleeCeeS 01-27-2006 11:03 AM

Kayley: I have been in the Pill since I was 17 (and I am 32 now) and when I strated to lose weight my period started doing all sorts of weird things...namely showing up early with a vengeance. Your body is experiencing some hormonal fluctuations and losing weight can really kick them off. Be patient but look at it as a sign that you're doing something good. Obviously if you keep having problems, see your doctor..but keep going!!

Luan: Your candy bar analogy is something we talk about in WW all the time. You figure that if you've already made a little slip up then why not go whole hog and just blow everything. We tell ourselves that it has to be perfection or nothing and we are so quick to call ourselves failures. it's like someone who on a Tuesday knows that she will be doing a lot of eating over the weekend and decides to kick off the weekend on Wednesday. Being able to identify it as a pattern is a great first step but it's something we have to be so careful of.

Ammi: I actually don't see a shrink. Jason and I keep talking about going to therapy (individual not couples) but it hasn't happened yet. I was worried at one point because a long time ago he said that he couldn't move forward with our relationship in terms of engagement, moving in together or marriage until he had started therapy. Time went by and he was no closer to therapy than he was the first time he mentioned it...but he got past it. he still wants to go but thank goodness he got past it.

Nancy: I was always a Target shopper...on the Plus sized side. Now I am able to buy everything on the women's/junior's side which is so exciting and saves money as well. I love having the larger selection of clothing and saving $3-$4 per item for something comparable from the other side.

I think that's all for now. I have an appointment with a florist at 10am and errands to run all day and a dinner to go to with my HS youth group kids tonight. It's at someone's house and I know they are serving pasta...so I have to be sure to run past Whole Foods and get myself a nice piece of salmon. Thankfully it's also a potluck and there are lots of people bringing salads and fruit..so I will be in good shape. Fortunately also I do not like alfredo sauce...it upsets my tummy.

Happy Friday!!!

kayleystar 01-27-2006 11:04 AM

NotTheCheat - Good job getting to that gym! I'm glad your trainer isn't all pompous and whatnot.

Luan - You too, on hitting the gym! DVR rocks...hehe...I'm saving up for an external burner for my computer, since I download lots of things from LimeWire...uh oh! :o

Valerie - So glad to see you post!:hug: It's great how you keep up with your diet and exercise while on the road all the time. You're very committed. It's great when your hubby/the one you love can tell you've lost, as they see you everyday, and don't notice as quickly as someone that hasn't seen you in a couple of months! You're doing great!

Zelma - Your pics look fabulous! Such a change! And I think you look GREAT in the stripes! I stay away from them for REASON! lol...Haha...yeah, I'm not really enjoying the period now...I never minded not having one, even though I knew it wasn't good for my health...and because I only got one once or twice a year, it was EXTREMELY heavy...like insanely...which is NO FUN!

Brenda - Sorry to hear about your loss :( Luckily, you are there for your hubby. :hug: That's fantastic about getting into the 2x!!!! I can get into 2X as long as it's a cotton t-shirt (men's). Women's shirts are always smaller...and they cut them so SHORT. I don't WANT my pudge showing, thanks very much! lol

Sheri - Good luck at the gym! PUMP IT! :D

Sara - Haha about your DH...that's about how Andrew (my b/f) would react...or he'd say, "as long as I can cook it in the microwave". I finally, after over a year of dating, got him to COOK ON THE STOVE! He can now cook eggs...lol.

Well, I'm going to be going to get my paycheck, and do a little bit of shopping today with a friend I haven't seen in a month. She saw me when I lost my first 5 pounds, but she has no idea that I've lost another 25 since then! :) Then, later on, Andrew and I are going to go to Meijer, and get the "dance away the inches" dvd. Won't start using it until TOM goes away...but I wanna have it for when it's done! My mom got fired from her job last week...which was completely RIDICULOUS. She's been out since July due to colon cancer, and has been having chemotherapy treatment up until last week. She was planning on going back to work within the next couple of weeks, once her doctor gave her the ok. But they said that she didn't have proper documentation saying that she was getting treatment! HELLO...the INSURANCE HAS BEEN PAYING FOR IT ALL ALONG! She's going to talk to her Union President today, so I'm hoping they say that they messed up, and let her keep the job! Cuz it would be completely WRONG if they fired her for getting cancer. And she could sue. Although, she probably wouldn't *sigh*. I'm in a really good mood today! I downloaded a bunch of dancey music, and have been dancing away (when no one's looking of course!) I went to the school's library the other night, and they had a book all about bellydancing, and how to...maybe when I drop another 60 pounds or so, I'll try it. That'd be fun! And good toning of the stomach muscles! Well, I hope you all have a great day! I'm OUT! :)

kayleystar 01-27-2006 11:16 AM

Tashabella - When I went to the gyno for the first time, about 8 months ago, when I told her I didn't get periods, she automatically just told me that I had PCOS, and didn't do any tests or anything! She just put me on pills, that were for women going through menopause! Talk about ridiculous! I'm 19 years old! Oi.

Julee - I'm definately not giving up this time! I refuse to be fat for the rest of my life! I'm at the perfect time in my life to lose it, before I get any medical problems. Hope you have a nice dinner...glad you are going to be able to stay on plan! :)

Tashabella 01-27-2006 11:43 AM

Kayley ~ It usually takes years for an accurate diagnosis (I presented with symptoms 13 years before they diagnosed mine). My doctor did a vaginal ultrasound when I was 26 and could see the cysts rupturing (that were causing me pain). It was a miracle that it was happening at just the right time so he could see it. Most people don't get that lucky.

Maybe your doctor is really good and has good experience to know what she's talking about. But who knows? Next time you go, ask her what expertise she has on PCOS. She might surprise you.

I'd be a little skeptical too. It's like how they label everyone with some pain as having fibromyalgia or kids that are overly active as having ADHD. Sometimes they like to put quick and easy labels on things.

I will say to you though that I also was on those hormones (the kind for menopause) at about the same age. She could be right. Get a second opinion if you don't believe her.

Frankly, at your age, I wouldn't worry if I didn't have a period (unless you're trying to get pregnant or something). That's not a bad thing (as long as they have done the appropriate tests to determine that nothing else is wrong). (You may require more hormones if you get your period and it doesn't stop, however.) Try to learn as much about it as you can so you will know more than they do!

kayleystar 01-27-2006 11:54 AM

It was really messed up. I didn't actually SEE the gyno. It was her assistant, and I never actually met the gyno that the office was for, nor ever talked to her. That doctor or assistant...whatever, was on my step-dad's insurance, which ran out in Dec. 2005, since I'll be 20 this year. So as of right now, I don't have any doctors of any kind. I was going to go and get on birth control, and just regulate it myself, but if it keeps coming on it's own, then probably not, even though Andrew wants me to get on it, to be extra safe, I guess. Although, I don't wanna gain the weight that usually comes with birth control. Not when I'm doing so good. I think that's another reason that I'm waiting for the depression medication. Although, at the momen, no insurance...yeah, that'll be my excuse. I'm hoping that the more weight I lose, the less depression I will have. So I'm going to wait it out for a little bit. And I'm definately not trying to get pregnant! lol...Andrew and I both don't want children.

voodoo1 01-27-2006 11:55 AM

Just a quickie, Kayley, glad you are not feeling down anymore, do you think it was to do with TOM, I ALWAYS get down or ratty a day or two before it starts. Good for you dancing, mucic always lifts your spirits, even marilyn manson cheers me up when I put a cd of his on!!!! I bet your friend is going to go crazy when she sees you, it will make your day, I bet.
Brenda, well done with the top, you will wow them at the wedding!!! Sorry for your hubby's loss.
Garnet and Nancy, good for you both exercising, wish I could get a trainer and child care, too expensive, but like you, Garnet, I get the vids and dvds out to exercise to.
Gotta go, the boy's dinner is done,

Lilion 01-27-2006 12:23 PM

Hey Chicks!

Well, I tried to read everyone's posts and thought I might make some responses, but I doubt I'll get more than one or two out. Forgive me! :^:

I was very OP yesterday, I think. I had a Pampered Chef party last night and they made the most wonderful soup! It was called chicken vegetable alfredo soup. I think it wasn't too terribly fattinging. I only had a small bowl. I'll post the recipe in the recipe section if anyone wants. I'm off tonight to buy lowfat alfredo sauce so I can make it myself! They also had the usual incredibly fattening cake - but I only had a tiny piece of it. I cut it and then looked at it and thought, "that's not enough" but I went ahead and put it on my plate and didn't get any more. I was proud of me! I asked the consultant if she knew of any lowfat recipes for the stoneware bundt pan because I've been on WW so long...She proceeded to show me one of their cookbooks and when I looked I saw she had the point values written in at the bottom of all of the recipes! Turned out she was on WW for a while herself! So, I bought the cookbook, of course. The recipes looked really simple and yummy!

I had 7.5 pts left when I went to the party, so I think I was okay. I had beef stirfry for dinner with egg rolls. I have to tell you about these eggrolls - they are Van's Eggrolls and they sell them at Wal-Mart. The also have a website if you do a search you'll find it. They are really, really good and lowfat if you bake them to heat them. They run like 2 WW points each for full-sized eggrolls.

Zelma: I am an attorney, but I work as an administrative hearing officer for a division of the Dept. of Social Services. Basically, if the Division does or tries to do something and one of the people affected asks for a hearing, I am the Judge for that hearing.

That being said...please, no one ask me for legal advice! I've done this so long it's the only field I have any knowledge remaining in and the law differs so much from state to state I'd do more harm than good! :)

Brenda: My sympathies to your DH and family. I did want to say, Great NSV though! It's exciting to move down a size (or 3!)

kayleystar: I just wanted to say, in my Medieval group there are a number of women at or close to our size that bellydance. Scary. But I do applaud them for getting out there!

I feel really, really good about my weight loss today. I actually came out and told two men in my office that now that I've lost 79 lbs I really feel like I can lose the rest and actually weigh what "the charts" say I should weigh....(One commented I was just going to disapear - a bit of an exageration, but I said I liked that idea. I'd get a paycheck and no one would bother me because they wouldn't notice I was here.)... I've never, ever been a "normal" weight. I would have to get to 170, which is another 80 pounds, but I'm 1/2 way there and, although I know it will get more difficult, I think I can keep losing. I truely feel like this is it - I won't gain back this time. :) I just feel really positive today!

AmmiUK 01-27-2006 12:50 PM

Hello All,

I am late posting today. I have loads of posts to catch up on, but first let me tell you that I chose to walk to the dentist again today, so yay, another 30 minutes to add to the exercise thread :carrot: Going to the dentist although on the right day was a waste of time though. I was supposed to have an impression done for a cap that I am having made for a broken tooth. I haven't been having any pain from it, and the filling in it is rock solid. So my dentist decided I needn't have anything done at all, and to wait til the filling falls out!! So there you go, not a case of prevention is better than a cure, it's a case of do the job when it absolutely can't wait any longer. Anyway.............

Kayley - I am glad to hear that a visit from Andrew made you feel much better before going to sleep. Had you had a falling out with him or something? I find on days when depression is really getting me down I just sleep sleep sleep. I wake to eat, and then I sleep again. Having had depression for 4 years it's no wonder I have got as big as I am. No exercise and just waking to eat. Anyway I am glad you are feeling much better today and that you are having fun with all the dancing :hug:

I was sorry to hear about your mum, and I hope the union rep can sort it out. How on earth can her employers say she hasn't got proper documentation about the treatment she has been having when like you say, the insurance people have been paying for it all along and that will all be documented!! It's crazy. I am sorry that your mum had colon cancer, and I hope the treatment has done it's job. Did she have to have a temporary colostomy? I know a few people who had them because of bowel cancer and are happy to be rid of them. I didn't have bowel cancer, I just had Ulcerative Colitis and yet my ostomy is permanent. Funny how things work out. I do hope your mum will keep her job and be enjoying good health again soon.

Garnetfairy - I loved reading all that you are thankful for. I feel much the same about everything you said, this site and the people on it are amazing.

Were you well enough to work out today, I read in your post to Nancy that your cough has gone, so that's great news. I had a cold in November which turned into a cough and it took until a week or two ago for me to shift it totally.

Nancy - I was happy to hear that your first session in the gym with your personal trainer was such a success. Sounds to me like you have a really great trainer and that you are going to enjoy working off those lbs. Enjoying the exercise you choose is I think a vital part of actually being motivated to do it. How often will you work out?

Oh yes you are very right, I could put the money I save on taxis towards something for me. What a good idea. Something in a smaller size. I am really desperate for a new bathrobe, and although I can find some in my size I would much rather buy one when I can get a one size fits all one that will actually fit me lol. So there you go, my walking incentive is a nice new bathrobe :D

Amber - what a beautiful name, is it short for Amberly? Daren has another daughter called Amberly. She lives with her mum and her mum has moved away and not given us any contact details because she doesn't want to see Caleigh who is living with us, and in turn doesn't want Daren seeing Amberly. It's a sad affair isn't it when kids get so involved or hurt by parents splitting up.

How is your Uncle, is he still in hospital. I should imagine you are fed up of seeing those hospital walls. First with Anja, and now with your Uncle. I am so sorry that Anja was so unwell, it must have been so terrible watching her struggle for breath. I am glad she recovered fairly quickly though and can be at home where it's always the best place to get over an illness. I hope your Uncle will be home soon too.

Do you know anybody who does WW there. Or could you sign up for ONE of their classes? If you go to one class you can get all the info you need about how many points you can have etc, and get the points calculator, or just get the freebie card calculator, and with that in your hot little hand you could do the WW diet. That's what I do. I went to WW years ago, got the info, went to a couple of classes and then stopped. But every time I diet I use all the stuff I had before. It's worth paying for just that one class to find out all you need to know. I think you could even order some stuff from Ebay like the points calculator, works out much cheaper. If you really would like to WW it's worth looking into. I find it's the best diet for me, I just need to stick to it long term :D

Luan - did you enjoy watching Monsters Inc? I love that film, and like Valerie, I too have a blue monster that talks. Daren bought him for me as a present when I got out of hospital in 2002. I love what he says too, he's adorable.

Sounds like you are really getting a good work out in the gym. I think I will definitely have to join one sooner rather than later. There is a council one run that I could join for $20 a month because I am on a low income. I think I will set the wheels in motion and get the application forms. Daren could join too $40 a month is much less than the private gym was going to cost us!

Valerie - great to see your post and to hear you are doing well. I think you are amazing even attempting to stay on track with your diet and exercise when you are on your travels, so I say :bravo: to you for doing as well as you are.

Thanks for the :cheer: for me walking instead of taking a taxi. I did used to walk a lot before I had my Ulcerative Colitis. Then I had to be within seconds of a toilet or there would be accidents, so even going out was kept to an absolute minimum, and no way could I walk anywhere. I am glad to be able to walk places again now, and am going to make a point of doing it more often.

Tasha - I hope that the new GI diet you have found will work for you. I think you are doing the best job you can in trying different diets and hoping one will work for you. I mean if the docs or a nutritionist aren't going to do anything to help you, it has to fall onto your own shoulders to work something out for yourself. I am not a fast loser when it comes to losing the lbs, so I know that it can be a little disheartening when you can lose 4 lbs in a month and others lose that in a week. We all lose weight at different speeds, and I think we just need to focus on the fact that no matter how slowly it is coming off, or even if it stays the same, it's much better than gaining.

I was sorry to read about your sister. I can understand how frustrating it must be to see her going from one abusive relationship to another. Let's hope that one day a decent man will come along and sweep her off her feet. He can show her what a real loving relationship is meant to be like.

Alison - nice to see you posting, and I think you are doing brilliantly losing 15 lbs already this month. I am sorry that you are a bit lacking in motivation. All I can say is to keep looking forward, keep picturing yourself doing all that you can't do because of your size, and hopefully that, and reading all the inspirational posts here will help you to find the motivation again.

Zelma - WOW, I knew you looked pretty darn good in the most recent photos, but it's like you are looking at a different person when you look at the before and after pictures. I showed them to my hubby, and he said, that's not the same lady is it. I bet people walk past you on the street now and have no idea it's you. You have done such a wonderful job to lose so much weight, you amaze and inspire me :cheer:

You said that Tasha is the only other person you know who was skinny until they got their period, well you can add me to that list. I was stick thin, then the onset of puberty came and so did the fat and the stretch marks. Oh and the pimples!! I never had trouble conceiving though, so I guess that means I wouldn't have PCOS.

I am glad you at least had a day out on Australia Day, funnily enough I never really celebrated it when I was there, but I think more of it now that I am here. No I didn't make the Pav, I was going to do it on the weekend, but I think I will resist. I know I wouldn't be able to stop at one piece, so I will wait until an occasion when I will let myself have a bit of an indulgence. I know the meringue is very low fat, half a point per shell, but a pav, ah well that's a whole different ball game :lol:

I am glad you had a chuckle at my cabbage moment, I can laugh about it now too. And the receptionist didn't even mention it today when I was there, so that's good. I have two diaries and I can even get times and dates mixed up between writing in the one upstairs and then the one downstairs :dizzy:

Brenda - my condolonces to your hubby and yourself on the loss of his grandad. I know he was a good age, but it's never easy to lose a loved one no matter how old. My ex's granny died at 98 years old and he was as heart broken then as he would have been had she been 58. I hope if your hubby does decide he wants to go to the funeral that it isn't too awful. I hate funerals. I just hope I 'go' before Daren, I don't think I could face that :(

Onto a lighter note. :bravo: :cheer: :carrot: :cheers: that is an absolutely fantastic NSV. Imagine thinking you would need that new top in a 5x only to have to buy it in a 2x and have it fit. I bet you felt like dancing around the dressing room. Well done :hug:

I am sorry that you couldn't get the bra you wanted though, and I hope the one you ordered from the Internet will be just as good.

Sheri - brilliant question about the bra. If anybody answers and can say where to get a good support one without the thing rolling up at the back, then I want to order 10. Preferably without an underwire, they kill. I get bras from my local 'big' ladies store, but I have never found one that is comfortable.

I hope your walk with the dog was a good one and that your circuit training went well. I definitely need to join a gym :D

Sarah - sounds like you will still have a great night and not too expensive either with the free starter and non alcoholic drink. I hope you get better service and nicer food than the last time though, and that you will try some of the WW cheesecake. Will you buy one or make one from scratch?

Julee - oh sorry, don't know how I misunderstood about you seeing a shrink. Not that there is any stigma attached to it these days. In fact if you haven't seen one, aren't seeing one, or wouldn't like to see one you are the odd one out these days lol. I am so glad that Jason didn't decide to hold out on getting engaged until he saw a therapist, and he better not go backing out of it now. All of us here will be after him lol and what a site that would be :lol: Seriously I am so happy things are working out for you both with or without a therapist.

What flowers do you think you will have in your bouquet and in the church, did you get any ideas at the florists today?

Lilion - :cheer: well done on making some great food choices at the party, you have much more willpower than me. I would have been tucking into anything and just calling it my treat day. You did so well, I am proud of you.

It's lovely that you are feeling really good about your weight loss today, and so you should. You have worked hard to get to the size you are now, and I am sure you will get the rest off too. You will be just like Zemla, nobody will recognise you. Keep up the excellent work and keep that feeling of pride, you earned it :hug:

Well I do believe I have caught up now, hi to Lori, Wyllen, Jill, Shadie, all the Brendas, Katie, kAtie, Felicia and anybody else I have missed. Hope you are all doing well and have a great weekend. Bye for now,


Ammi :grouphug:

jillybean720 01-27-2006 01:25 PM

Hi everyone! I'm having a really hard time keeping up with the threads when I don't log on every single day--and the fact that we jump to a new thread every 30-or-so posts makes it even harder for me to keep up! So I apologize for not having individual responses, but I do have a few things to add to some ongoing conversations...

About BC pills and hormones and all that good girly junk--I (similar to Julee) have been on "the pill" since about a week after I turned 16. My doctor told me that the pill he put me on shouldn't cause any weight gain. I DID gain weight, but I don't blame the pills--I blame the fact that I'd had surgery and couldn't move much for 3 months :dizzy: In any case, I think the pills are great for regulating my cycles (before them, I was NEVER even remotely regular) and for loessening my cramps. I've heard about estrogen in fat before, too. When some women get extremely overweight, their cycles can actually stop completely due to the imbalance. Losing weight starts evening out that balance, but of course, not all at once. Even while on the pill, I was spotting when I wasn't supposed to be for a few months, and I noticed that those few months happened to be when I was at my recent lowest weight (about 269). I have since gained at least 10 pounds back and did not have that spotting this month. Hmm...

As for clothing sizes vs. pounds, I had lost 40 pounds and still was the same size. Because of this, I REALLY believe that exercise is even more important (and not just cardio, but also strength training). I feel this way because during that 40-pound loss, I wasn't doing much exercise at all, and NONE of it was strength training. In the past, however, I had dropped a pant size without hardly dropping any weight at all, though I was exercising nearly every day and doing weights 4 days a week. I wish I didn't HAVE to do the exercising (I HATE sweating, hate lifting weights, hate getting out of breath, hate having to shower afterwards...), but I know that it is a necessary evil. So, sometimes the scale will move, and sometimes the clothes will loosen up, but not always at the same time, and not usually at the same rate. I ave actually seen people ask, "How many pounds do I have to lose to go down a size?" and I hate it because that is an impossible question to answer :dizzy:

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