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thinthinker 01-29-2006 01:02 PM

BarbW: What a beautiful photo array you provided for us. CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby boy!

Ruth: I can certainly understand about your sister. I hope she feels better soon. I'm an only child so it was just mom and I looking after dad. When it's mom's turn, I'll be on my own. That's good AND bad. At least I won't have to disagree with anyone but myself on her care. ;)

Fawnice: I'm from a crazy way of thinking so take this whatever way you think it deserves. :lol: When I'm so totally OP for awhile and feel like I just can't get back up again, I try to focus on one thing at a time. There would be no way that I could manage journalling, counting points, exercising, getting all the water in and getting all the fruits and veggies in all in one fatal swoop. So I try and concentrate one one thing one week, counting points. Then on week two I'll add actually journalling it all. Then week three doing the first two and adding all the water. Then week four doing it all and adding all the fruits and veggies. It just seems less overwhelming to me. Now some might say that's crazy, but at least it eventually gets the job done instead of trying to do it all from the get go and deciding after just a couple of days to quit again. :shrug: Like I said, I have a weird thought process, so just take this for whatever it's worth to you. [[[HUGS]]] Nice to see you back BTW.

2cute: Good to see you!

Wendy: Is your avatar a picture of your home? It's really cool whatever it is.

Michelle: Hope you were able to find a new collar. I can see your mouth gaping as the dog runs away. Oh my!!

Garnet: GREAT attitude! Are you a January gal or did you just pick "garnet" for some other reason?

Ok, this was my pathetic attempt to start over. I've addressed (however poorly :o ) everyone who posted since I did last. I will try to keep up a little better from now on. See ya later. Love :love: ya bunches!

Lilion 01-29-2006 02:34 PM

Good Afternoon Ladies!

Thought I'd try to sneak in one here before someone else starts a new thread! I've been lurking instead of posting all weekend...forgive me. :^: Just haven't felt like saying anything!

BarbPA - Congratulations to you!!! What an absolutely beautiful baby boy! There's nothing at all like a baby boy. What a wonderful journey you have before you!

Wendy and Garnetfairy: My primary doctor only told me I should lose wieght one time...and it was three months before my wedding and I told him I couldn't afford to have the dress altered again, so it would have to wait! My cardiologist, who I got after I was hospitalized with BP of 210/135 and a heart arrythmia so severe they insisted I be on a moniter 24 hours a day, I asked him if I should lose weight (I was 314) and he said, "Shouldn't we all?" NEVER trust a fat cardiologist to be blunt with you about weight. By the same token, I had a OBGYN nurse practitioner say to me, "You've gained 106 lbs in the years you've been coming here. You won't be a patient of ours much longer if you don't lose weight, because you'll be dead." WOW! I didn't listen to her either. Anyway, I think doctor's fall into two groups. Those who figure you are smart enough to know you are fat and that if you don't ask for help you won't accept it and those who think it's their job to shock you into feeling bad about yourself.

Oh, and Garnetfairy, Great NSV getting into those 22's! :D

Faunice: It is good to see you back. I don't know what to say but that we are here for you, to support you and listen to you and to cheer you on if that's what you need! You sound, however, like you want to lose weight, you just don't want to work at it... And you have to want to do this to do it! I totally understand where you are coming from. I spent YEARS not particularly wanting to do anything about my weight. When I was put on BP pills, I knew I needed to lose weight. When I was hospitalized, like I said before, I knew needed to lose weight. When I couldn't walk to my car without feeling like someone was sitting on my chest (from my heart arrythmia + fat), I knew I needed to lose weight. But that didn't stop me from ignoring that need. I still ate Sonic 750 calorie burritos for dinner and ice cream every night. Until one day, I stopped. One day it all hit home and I and my DH just said, we have to do this, and we started doing it. I believe attitude is key. I know you want to lose weight, I know you aren't ignoring the need, or you wouldn't be here. So repeat after me..."I CAN DO THIS." Now, I like Thin's and Garnetfairy's suggestions...start small, and build. We're here to help!:hug:

Ruth and Thin: Sorry, I'm all out of replies! :lol:

I'm at work on a beautiful Sunday and I'll never get this stack done by 5 p.m. so I best get to work. I'll report in tomorrow!

wendyinnm 01-29-2006 02:38 PM

Hi girls! I am feeling kinda blue today. I liked what the scale said but my hormones must be out of wack. I will get on the treadmill and take some extra B-complex.
Thinthinker- no not my house but most homes look like that here. My neighbors house does. Adobes (that style of home) are sometimes small. We have 3 large dogs & 2 kids. Our kids will be nearly all grown up in 5 years. That is when we will sell this home and buy a smaller one more than likely an adobe.
Sorry I am going on & on about nothing.
I wanted to tell all of you Thank You. I really feel very connected to you girls.
Hate the Blues.
Have a great Sunday and keep on doing the weight loss strip tease!!!!
Luv ya guys!

2cute2Bfat 01-29-2006 04:35 PM

STOP !!!! Do NOT post here. We are starting a new thread so come join us in Voume #36
See everyone there. :wave:

garnetfairy 01-29-2006 06:36 PM

My good news is, I went to the gym today to work out did almost an hour and a half...but I couldnt wait until Tuesday for my weigh in since I was there I had to get on the scales and .....I lost 3 more pounds...Tra La

I just finished WATP for 1.5 miles tonight...wow, are my legs tired!

Happy Day everyone!!

oh yeah, for my birthday I am having fat free, sugar free instant chocolate pudding for lunch and fat free, sugar free instant lime jello for dinner...hoorah

thinthinker - Today is my birthday and yes garnet is my birthstone and that is where I get my screen name.

I hope you have had a great weekend and stay with us on the forum...It does not seem to be really active since Ive joined...maybe it has not recovered from the holidays?

Lillion - thank you for the encouragement on my NSV. I finally found out what that meant. Boy was I lost.

Wendyinnm - How wonderful to live in adobe, I bet it really keeps the temperatures steady with little help. Ive always loved adobe but it would probably melt here in TX with our humidity, rain, and heat.
I hope you get over your blues. I have been down too the past 3 days but am feeling a bit better now.

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