Old Hens - 40+ And Ready To Lose - Volume 35

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  • Hi girls! I feel as if I haven't been here in ages. Well, I haven't, I guess other than to send welcome notes to all the newbies and manage threads. By the time I get done with all that I'm too pooped to post. Argh!!!

    I was up until 4 AM last night/this morning listing stuff in my new eBay store. Boy, what a chore! My right wrist has been killing me from all of the typing and mouse work.

    Tomorrow Honey is going to a home improvement expo across town. Both of the boys are going along so they should have a fun day together. I'm grabbing my friend and we're going to an antique toy show. She's really into that kind of stuff and I've got a few old pieces too. I thought it would be fun. We don't spend nearly enough time together, she works afternoons, so I figured this was something we could do for the afternoon.

    I really should stay home and get more stuff listed, write reports and maybe even clean house, but why do that when I can find something else to do.

    I know this won't be replies to everyone, I'm sorry about that. One of these days I'll have to just "start from here" fresh again, but tonight's not the night.

    Lilion: Congrats on that nice loss a few days ago. GOOD JOB! *I have one of those Seal a Meals and I thought I would love it but the black rubber gasket came off and it really didn't last more than a couple of packages. Now it's taking up space in the closet.

    Ruth: Did your mom ever go back with your sister or are you still "entertaining"?

    Terri: Good vibes : coming your way for house hunting. You'll know it when you "feel" it and it sounds like you're already doing that. The house next to me has been up for sale since June and vacant since July and is still for sale. The housing market is terrible here. With the new Ford plant closings it's not going to get any better soon.

    Ok girls, I've gotta run. I promised Honey I wouldn't stay up until 4 AM again tonight so I'm going to hit the hay. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Love ya bunches!
  • Well here I am at 4 am again. LOL
    Except this time I just woke up instead of just going to bed. LOL
    I was in bed at 9pm last night watching tv. I was reading by 9:30pm and ASLEEP BEFORE 10pm. LOL BUT then I was wide awake at 3:30 this morning.

    Liion ....I agree 100% that it is NOT good to stay up as late as I so often do.
    And it frustrating waking up so early if I go to bed early.
    If my darn bladder would hold more longer I could sleep longer. LOL
    I must say though.. my house is sooo clean. If anyone wants to see it... you better get here soon because I know it won't last long. LOL
    Well everything but my clutter filled bedroom.

    Terri ... good luck making your decisions on the new house. I remember when we bought the house we are in now.. I cried SEVERAL TIMES stressing over "if it was the right house, right location"??? We knew the price was good for what we got ... but worried if we should buy or not. The worry of "could we find a better choice"???
    When my sister bought her new house she cried worrying if she was doing the right thing too. LOL But now.. we are both very happy.
    I totally understand about the comute being 40 miles each way.... but I would think to find a place with the room you want for your horses will need to be farther out.

    Barbg ... meditation is good for all of us. Meditation is a form of relaxation.
    It is like all other good things for us... we must do them continually to reap the benefits longggggg term. When I lost 80 lbs one time I used meditation/relaxation techinques and it definetely helped. But I did not continue with it and thus I lost the benefits I reaped.

    Thin... you are such a busy lady. Good luck with your ebay sales.
    Have fun at the antique toy sale.

    Garnetfairy ... Get that butt of yours out of your funk !! LOL
    Make a 'conscious decision' to think positive, act positive, BE Positive.
    I know it is hard to do... but it IS DOABLE !!! It requires ACTION on our part... you can do it !!!!

    Wendy ... my son put laminate flooring in his house and they LOVE IT !! Much easier to take care of than real hardwood floors and great for dogs and kids. Their carpet got so stained from the two. LOL
    I have to ask... what does the Ciao in Ciao4now stand for ?

    Gee ... I have been here too long. I know I owe more of you replies but I need to go. Hubby is awake and waiting on me to plan out our day.

    I don't know if any of you have read the thread called "I have a Question ?" or something like that ... but I found it very inspiring. If you have not read it... I highly recommend it.
  • Good morning ladies, I don't have time to say much more than how are you? Yes, Thin I am still entertaining my Mom. I am not sure when my sister is coming for her. She has had some medical issues and when they are resolved, she will come.

    I would stay and do some replies, but she is waiting for me now....so until later, Ruth
  • A Blast From the Past...
    Hi Ladies! Remember me? I haven't fallen off the face of the earth....although it's been so long since I posted you may have thought I did. I've had my hands a little full lately and I wanted to share with you what I've been up to.....

    This little guy is such a joy to have home with us. We've waited so long to hold him in our arms and now he is here! I was hoping to find a lot of my old-timer friends here to share with...maybe I can lure them out of hiding with this cute little face!

    I will pop in when I can. I'm sort-of on leave until 4/17. I agreed to work 10ish hours a week from home while I am out. That way I have time with my new son and can keep up with some work.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


    What a beautiful baby boy.!!!
    You have a wonderful experience ahead of you.... at least for 13-16 years until he turns into a teenagere. Just kidding. Your life will never be the same.
  • Congrats Barb!!!! My heart leaps for you! I was adopted and feel very fortunate to have been chosen by my parents. My Mom is my BEST friend!
    Let's hope that the teenage curse (that my son is currently going through) never stops at your door LOL.
    2cute- Ciao (pronounced chow) is Bye or hello in Italian. My mom is Sicilian.
    I see references to DH (damn husbnand?) if I may can I say DS for d*** son?
    My husband is a saint my son on the other hand... let's not go there LOL.
    Today is Saturday and we all have chores. I am putting mine off to be with you gals LOL.
    I have to get back into writing down what I ate. It really made a difference. That is my goal for today.
    Time to pull up my hair and whip that kitchen in shape.
    Have a great Saturday!
  • Me again I just read Garnetfairy's post and YOU CAN DO IT! I was furious when I read that your doctor used that tone with you! I have to say my doctor has never brought up my weight and it bothers me. I have mentioned it to my Mom. Mom said that it is probably because my blood pressure is fine etc. I am in the same boat with you. I made an appt to have him look at some moles. My appt is Feb 24th and I would love to be an extra 10lbs lighter. Let's show those doctors that we are new & improved!!!
    gotta run have those chores waiting for me
  • OMG Barb! I have been waiting for this announcement!! CONGRATULATIONS! Isn't it just awesome being a momma?? LOL Thats the southern in me coming out already!! Momma and daddy they say down here! I am going to be up your way the weekend of June 24th...I wanna come see the baby!! I'm so happy for you and Jeff!! How are the pups adjusting to the little one?? He is such a Happy baby! You have got to be on cloud nine right now...he is just beautiful!!

    Wendy your enthusiam inspires me!! Hey can you hop on over to NC and come do my chores too?

    2Cute...I've been up since 4:30 this morning! The dog this time! She needed to go out! Then of course the boy wakes up! I did have a nap this afternoon!

    Teri good luck with your decision on the house. Only you can decide for sure and you will know if it is the right one! My mom and dad came here last May and planned to stay for 2 weeks but found the house they wanted at the right price and left early to go back to RI and sell theirs! It all worked out for them and 30 days later they moved here!

    I have to run to petsmart now and get the dog a new collar. I had her tied out front and the boy was playing with her as I sat on the front porch and he ran across the yard and she took off after him...I looked over to see if she was going to "Hang" herself and she just kept on running right across the side street! Her collar buckle snapped like a twig! SHe isn't use to being on a chain so I thought for sure she would just come to the end of her rope and choke herself! I couldn't believe my eyes when she kept going. She came right back for a piece of cheese...bribery works on the dog too!

    OK I just babbled there! Will catch you all later so come back out and pOst Post poSt and posT!!

  • Wendy.. thanks for the info. I knew chow.. but not ciao. LOL
    I had to laugh at DH. Actually I think it is suppose to mean DEAR HUSBAND... not D$#!! husband. But I must agree .. the second choice fits mine today more than dear. LOL I would have gladly given him to you this afternoon.

    BarbW ... Hope you are enjoying your new role of Momma.
    They just announced on the news a family that lost their 2 month old son today. The dad fell asleep on the couch with the baby and apparently rolled over onto the baby enough that he died of suffication. It is so sad. The news were saying how many babies die in bed with their parents all the time. I just wanted to alert you to this danger. Don't want anything like that to happen to Carlton.

    Okay... no more replies. I am trying to figure out more stuff on the new server. Every time my granddaughters get on my computer to play their Barbie games they mess up my IM. I can't get it to work. I need to find a cheap computer for the grandkids and keep them off mine. LOL
  • I am feeling a little better. I got good news, my mom got a shirt and a pair of pants at an estate sale for me and they both fit...but get this...the pants are a 22 a long way from a 32 !!! Hurray!!! so maybe even if the scale is not moving so much I am losing inches. They are a little tight but wearable!!! I am so happy about that! The only place they are tight is around my belly and butt ring (where they are on the same level). every place else fits fine especially the waist. Ta Da, good news of the day!
  • Hello out there to everyone; Hope this finds you all doing wonderfully. I consider myself still to be a newbie. I joined up a couple of months ago, came by a couple of times and then haven't been back until now.

    I'm hear to reach out and cry for help. Yes literally. I know we've all said at one point or another, "Ok this time I'm really going to do it", lose weight that is. Well, I can't tell you how many times I've said it, but, and yes this is a big "Butt"....LOL. I may not want to do this, but I am feeling deep down that I have to, because if I don't I may not like where my health is headed. The thing about this is though, (and that's why the face and cry for help). I don't have the desire to do this. Maybe it's because I don't know how to get started. I do know that I'm going to go back on the Weight Watchers Point System, that seemed to help before, but the exercise part I'm not sure of. I need SUPPORT; lot's of it. I was thinking of Curves. I know they are for women, but what about just getting started/fat women? Can anyone help me with that question?

    Thank you all tons for listening to me. I feel sometimes that if I can just sit here and type and feel that someone is listening to me, I may just be able to do this. So, for all of you,
  • How wonderful that is Garnet!!! Congratulations.
  • Thank you Fawnice! Welcome back to the thread! You definitely need to be concerned about your health. A lot of the women I have typed to/with on the 300 + thread and the 100 pounds in 1 year thread go to curves so I would think that you would fit right in. And what if there is no one larger than you there...you arent their to pick up someone, you are there for you and your health which is more important that worrying about being the biggest person at the gym!

    You deserve to have better health and a more comfortable body! It obviously bothers you to be your size or you would not be here. If weight watchers works for you, work it...even if you cant go to meetings you can go long enough to get the materials and work it on your own! It is up to you to make the decision about are you worth the effort. I dont know you but I say you ARE worth the effort!!

    It is a struggle for all of us, permanent, healthy weight loss never comes easy it takes effort and changes, permanent changes to make a new you! Stop using your body as a garbage can and put in healthy foods instead...give up the "clean the plate club" and get a smaller plate so it looks fuller...when you go out to eat get a to go container and put half your food in it and have it for lunch the next day. If you do it first thing, it is easier to do. If you dont want to be at curves yet, get a couple of exercise videos/dvds and workout at home in front of your TV. Leslie Sansone has Walk Away The Pounds videos and they are available on ebay, half.com, and amazon for reasonable prices. They are walking in place with some other moves that are not too hard for us big women but it works up a sweat and as you get used to one routine you move on to the next one. It comes in 1 mile, 2 mile, 3 mile, and 4 mile tapes. You will be surprised how quickly a mile goes by (20 minutes). And it takes very little space to do her tapes!!!

    There are lots of things you can do right in your home if you can motivate yourself to do them until you are comfortable to go to curves or a gym or even to walk in your neighborhood. Get some little dumbells, they start at 2 pounds and you can get them at Walmart cheap. Buy an exercise book and off you go to tone your muscles. Dont try to bite off too much at first, build up gradually so that you get used to working out and it becomes part of your weekly activities. I work out every other day usually. Sometimes at the gym and sometimes with the tapes. Plus I use the dumbells whenever I want to work my arms more. usually on my off days from the gym.

    Well, I am writing a book here. Anyway I know you can do it; but, you have to know you can do it.

    If I can do it, I figure anyone can! I am going all the way this time instead of stopping after losing 20 pounds or so...I am on a quest! I do not want to be diabetic and I do want to be around to be a grandma when my son and his wife decide to have a baby...I want to be here for my son...and I want my quality of life to improve....All of these things can be mine for just a little work and change...they can be yours too...decide that you are worth it! Because you ARE!!!
  • Good almost morning!
    I see I am not the only one up at outrageous hours. Hello to all of you night owls or early birds as the case may be. I am an early bird! Always have been. I love the early morning hours!

    Fawnice, I have fell off the wagon so many times I have permanant bruises on my backside! I keep coming here in spite of my poor performance. It really does help me to get myself up and try again. I think most of us here have failed to stay op at one time or another, some of us more than others That would be me! I never want to drag anyone down with my lack of control, but I need this group! Right now I am doing well, but I can never be sure of today or the next minute. I am a binge eater and have been for as long as I can remember. I managed to lose over 100 lbs on WW years ago and gained it back plus some. I lost 90 odd lbs in the 80s and have gained that back plus! UGHHH! I assure you I didn't set out to do that! I hope that I can lose and keep it off this time. Join me in the quest for a smaller body and better health.

    2cute, boy can I relate to the computer and grandkids! Every time mine visit they put a bunch of stuff on my desktop that I don't know how to get rid of. They have changed my settings etc. I have thought about forbidding them using it, but then I would have them running wild through the house. LOL! Better to let them play their games!

    Garnetfairy, I like your positive attitude toward losing weight. A positive attitude is a big step toward achieving your goal. AND, you will if you keep that mind set. (wish I could )

    Michelle, How is it going?

    BarbPa, That is a gorgeous little boy! I am so happy for you. Is motherhood everything you hoped for?

    Terri, good luck with the house hunting. It is a big step, but it is what you want, and I am sure you will pick the right property. It is a little scarey isn't it? Some days I would sell mine in a heartbeat. The thing that stops me is the thoughts of moving all of this stuff! That and the fact that we live in a nice quiet neighborhood.

    wendyinnm, When you get your kitchen whipped into shape wanna come do mine? LOL! I need to replace shelving paper and the thoughts of trying to get down on the floor for the lower ones boggles my mind. OUchie on the knees!

    Hi Thin! Quit working long enough to say hello! You too Barb. (ageoldie). Well girls I think that is everybody on this thread, or at least I hope so! Hi Valerie whereever you are! Outta here for now. Ruth
  • How Cool You All Are
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. You took time out of your busy schedule to answer me, and what more can I say. I have been online getting ideas from WW. I need to get my book out again. Yes, I am going to find my Sweating To The Oldies tape; it really jazzes me up, but you do need some room to do it, so I'll have to do it in place for awhile.

    Garnet: I'm going to be checking out Leslie Sansone's tapes Thank you for that; and also for the nice long reply. It does me good.

    Iwillbe: Yes, I know what you mean about losing with WW and then putting it back on again. See, that's the other thing I think is my problem just because I lose 10 lbs does not mean I should stop. What's up with dat?

    I hope everyone has a wonderful day. 2 lb weights eh? Ok, I'll get a pair this weekend.