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  • The auditors have left now and I am ready for the work day to be over so I can get to the gym. It feels weird to be so excited about that. We'll see how I feel afterwards! LOL

    Wow – this board is hopping! I would love to respond to everyone, but I know I will run out of time. . .

    Ammi – Don’t feel too bad about messing up the wrong days for your appointments. A few years ago, my boyfriend and I went on vacation with his parents because they have a time-share at a beach and we were pretty broke at the time. So Andrew got the date from his parents, I asked for the time off well in advance, the week came, we packed up the car and he was going to come and get me at work on Friday afternoon so we could drive down to their place. Well, as he was on his way to come get me he calls them to see if there was anything we could pick up for them, etc. You know where I am going with this . . . he got the week wrong. Our vacation wasn’t until the next week! So last minute everything had to be rearranged and boy did I feel stupid for not thinking of at least emailing his mother to verify. At least we were a week too early rather than a week late! However, going back to work for that week was one of the hardest ever.

    Heather – I was a chubby child who fought with my mother ALL THE TIME about what I could eat and what I couldn’t eat. It really became a power struggle between us. She was also heavy and was always trying to lose weight, yet I know she also hid food and ate secretly because I would find all kind of candy wrappers under the seats in her car. It was a major case of do as I say, not as I do. If you are making healthy choices and working to treat yourself better, your daughter will see that. Also, you might want to check out a book called Preventing Childhood Eating Problems. Your daughter is still young enough that hopefully she will be able to eat intuitively.

    Also, with exercise, my mother was always trying to push me to exercise. She signed me up for gymnastics, cross-country skiing, dance classes - you name it. The problem was that I always felt she did it so that I would exercise and lose weight – not that I might actually enjoy skiing or dancing or whatever. It became a kind of punishment and I rebelled and she finally gave up. It took me many years (OK – only just recently) to stop thinking of exercise as anything but a punishment because there is something wrong with me, but to actually think – hey, my body might actually like doing this. Sports might be something I would actually enjoy.

    I know that she did all this because she loved me so much that she wanted more than anything for me to not experience the difficulties of being overweight. Unfortunately, mainly to do with my rebellious personality traits, this backfired – big time. As far as school goes, would packing a lunch help?

    Well I guess I will have to come back later . . . I have run out of time!
  • Good Evening All,

    Thankfully tonight has been uneventful, phew I had a lovely tea tonight, a quick and easy one, vegetable grills and chicken savoury rice. It's one of my fave easy meals, filling and tasty.

    Sharon - sorry that I didn't catch you on MSN, I was writing a snail mail letter after I posted on here and the time just got away from me. I was happy to see your post and love the sound of your evening meal. Was it as delicious as it sounds?

    Christine - That's brilliant that you did some exercise and felt so great after it. Those endorfins really give a great buzz don't they! I didn't even know that there was a Biggest Loser exercise DVD. I should imagine those reviews are right though. You see how hard the people are pushed on that show. If you do get it though I am sure that you will be able to change some of the moves to suit you. You will have to let us know how you get on with it if you do buy it.

    Yep my day didn't start out very good but thankfully things seem to have settled now. The kids were even well behaved tonight, no attitude at all. What a nice change lol. I think Daren will fix the door this weekend, we just have to pick up a few bits and bobs for him to do the job. I think we might even walk to the shop too and that's a good 40 minute walk!

    Garnetfairy - it's amazing how much there is to read on a thread if you haven't been on for even half a day. It's worse for me because while I am sleeping in the UK all the Aussie and US gals are writing away. When I get up and check the site there are loads of posts for me to read and reply to. I love it though, I love reading all about how people are doing.

    No I don't eat any sugar free candy. Mainly it's because I know I couldn't stop at just a few, but secondly the sugar free stuff has a laxative effect on me which is a bit of a nightmare seeing as I have an ostomy How do you manage to stop at just 5 of them?

    It's been quite a day here today, hearing from the people who have been sexually abused. I am sorry to hear that you are one of them. I am so sorry that you had to go through what you did, how you move on after something that terrible I don't know. I know if you don't that they have won, but it certainly can't be easy. Thank you for sharing your story and letting the others that they are not on their own.

    Do you find your psychiatrist helps you in any way at all. I see a therapist and I find that I often tell her things with the hope that she will offer some advice, or at least let me know some options for dealing with various situations. As a person, and a nutritionist, and a reiki healer she is amazing, as a therapist I am not so sure.

    You sure did buy a load of exercise DVDs, you aren't going to be getting bored any time soon are you.

    I know what you mean about our door, but in all honesty anything more than a door knob kind of lock would look a bit much. It would also scream out to any robbers that this is the room to rob lol. I think Daren made quite a bit of noise kicking the door in, and I like to think that if the neighbours didn't know we were in that he might have phoned the police. Thanks for your concern though, it's much appreciated.

    Sarah - how cool that you are a firegal? Do you love the job? Are the men sexist at all, or have they learned not to be now that we are in the new millenium??

    I am glad you are trying to listen to your 'good' voice. You are right that we ARE going to do this. We are going to exercise and we are going to shift those lbs!!

    I read you message to Garnetfairy and I totally agree with you about Richard Simmons. He is SO funny, just watching his DVDs makes me laugh. Now I just have to get fit enough to do the exercise not just watch it I would love to meet him one day too, in fact I would love to go on one of his cruises. How brilliant would that be. Food would be catered to you for your dietary needs, exercise would be included, sometimes with Richard, and you would see all the beautiful places the cruise goes too. What more could you ask for?

    Congrats on the weight loss, 2.2 lbs is pretty brilliant You are obviously doing something right! You know I think it's a top idea to ask your hubby to choose a recipe from your WW recipe book and have him cook that for your special meal instead of taking you out for a meal on your birthday. It would mean more because he has cooked himself, and it would help your diet a lot because you will know what points you are eating. I hope he goes for the idea. If he still wants to take you out perhaps you could go to the cinema? Not long now til you turn 35, I hope you will have a wonderful day.

    Julee - I can understand you getting angry when people find out that you have been sexually abused and they start with the pitying look. I know when I have read your story and some from the others on here that my first thought was anger that people I have come to know and like have had to suffer abuse, and then admiration that you all seem to have not let those pigs win, and you have gotten on with your lives.

    Kayley - I am glad you are at least reading posts even though you don't feel up to writing much. I am sorry that you are having such a down day I hope you get a better night's sleep and will feel better tomorrow.

    Luan - I love what you said about making a healthy choice when we want to binge so that we actually feel better about ourselves rather than feeling guilt when we do pig out on the bad stuff. I know I get that feeling every time I don't have my night time feasts. BUT there will still be times when I know nothing will help my mood except a nice big bar of chocolate. Those days though I should really try to exercise more to make up for the over indulgence.

    Nancy - oh wow, that sure was a big mix up with dates Thank you for sharing the story, it sure does make me feel better to know that I am not the only one to totally mess up dates. I am glad you still got your holiday, and I reckon it's a laugh looking back on what happened even if it wasn't so good at the time

    I can hear the sigh of relief that goes with your statement that the auditors have finished now Now you can relax a little and then concentrate more on enjoying your time in the gym when the work day is done. You will have to let us know how you get on.

    Ok, well ER is starting now, so I am going to finish up now and concentrate on some of those gorgeous doctors lol. Luca is my fave Take care all and have a good night,


  • ammi - DEFINATELY!! im not saying that chocolate doesnt solve wars! what im saying is, maybe not the whole bar? there is no reason to deprive yourself of anything at all. because thats what causes you to binge usually anyway - kinda like.. if its bad, and ive already started eating it - what difference does it make if i eat the whole bar? its just a thought
  • Hiya Chickies!!!

    It amazing how much I have missed in a few days! It's good to hear about all the loses! Congrats everyone! There are 4 of us staying in 1 bedroom and I am about to go crazy! I really can not wait until next Friday because I LOVEEE my space! My sister, Friend and I are all going to go and see "Big Momma's House 2" on Saturday and going to eat at A&W...My sister told me that they have really good veggie burgers so I am going to have one of those. I am also going to sneak in a bag of baked lays into the movie, that way I won't be tempted by the buttery popcorn. Sorry I am not around much this week but I will be after next Friday...Yayyyyy! I hope everyone has a good weekend....Take care

  • Luan - I totally get what you are saying, and you are right, we would feel better if we could only eat some of a bar of chocolate instead of the whole thing. I just wish I could stop at some lol.

    Hope you are having a good day,


  • Butterflyns - have I missed something, why are you sharing a room with 3 other people? I can imagine how it drives you nuts though!

    I have seen the previews for Big Momma's House Two, and it looks really funny. I am sure you will love it, and I hope you will tell us all about it. I hope you can sneak in those crisps so that the popcorn doesn't tempt you.

    If you don't get chance to post again, have a great weekend,


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