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Good Morning Ladies!

Today was WI and ...... drum roll please .....

I'm at 250.6!

I have decided I like the office scale and I'm not even going to bother with the one at the Dr's for now, even if it does weigh me a pound less! (Who am I kidding - I'll probably go there just to see if I can manage to NOT put the little weight slider thingy on the 250 mark!)

Needless to say, I'm so pleased with myself I could bust!

I have now been totally OP for two days (and today, which has only just begun and doesn't count.) Yesterday I ended the day with 29 points, 86 oz. of water and a mile walked! The day before nearly the same! I can't remember really the last time I was under 250! I SOOOO want to get there now!

Okay, I'm sure I had more to say, but I have to go brag somewhere else!

Hope you all are well and having a healthy, happy OP day!
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Thumbs up

Lilion! , way to go Lilion, you deserve the bragging rights....go to it! Ruth
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Red face Yeah, I did it....

I went to the Dr office just so I could weigh without moving the big bottom weight to the 250 notch! Really, I'm soooo tempted to move the slider to 249, 'cause that's what the Dr scale said and that's the scale I've always gone by...but I'm tired to running there when there will be a scale I have to weigh on here for another 6 months. Still...I GOT TO SEE A SCALE THAT DIDN'T SAY 250 ANYTHING!

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I'm on my way!
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Great job Lilion! Now isn't that motivation in itself!! You rock! I can't wait till I can hit the 249 once again!!
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Stop! Do not post here! Join us on the next volume thread!
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HI Chickees! I have been MIA. My daughter was not feeling well and my husband is home (he has a home office). Makes me feel like I am in Prison sometimes weird huh?
Thanks for welcoming me I did not feel left out you gals are THE BEST!!!I feel fortunate you let me in your LITTLE BIG CLUB LOL.
I am not gaining or losing. I have not been exercising hmmm???? LOL
Any suggestions on how to avoid gaining during That TIME OF THE MONTH?
It's coming up and I normally look for anything chocolate.
Lilion how is your back?
Elmay you are so good with info and seem to really stay on track with exercise!
Ageoldie I hope you are feeling better soon. I nearly drowned the last time in WA class. Those waves get big. LOL
2cute2befat Thank you for putting me in my place(my post LOL).
Big Hugs to all.
Gotta run have to play Taxi driver.
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