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Default Old Hens - 40+ And Ready To Lose - Vol. 5

This thread is a sub-set of the 300+ thread.

This group is for those dealing with the challenges of having a significant amount of weight to lose and being fit which becomes harder after 40. If you're an old or new friend and not over 40 and feel this is the place to post, jump right in.
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Howdy, howdy!

I've been busy this afternoon listing books on What a chore! Actually it's a whole lot easier than listing stuff on eBay. Now to see if any of them sell.

Well, the family room project has just gotten worse. The guys hung three sheets of panelling yesterday and we woke up this morning to them all bulging from the wall....big bubbles. They had to rip everything down that they did yesterday and re-do it again today.

Food was decent today. Two meals, breakfast and dinner. Everything we did, we did late.

BarbPA: It sounds like you had a busy Saturday. I hope today was more relaxing. Although "lounging around" doesn't sound TOO stressful!

BarbG: I wholeheartedly agree with you, listing on eBay is ALOT of work. I have so much that needs to go up there too. That's why I started with the easy stuff.

Lilion: I look for the best "bargain" on those Lean Cuisine Skilet dinners, meaning the lowest in calories and fat grams. They're really very tasty. * You might want to try what I used to call "soup day" to counteract your meal at Outback. Fix yourself a pot of your favorite low point soup (there are several listed on the recipe thread) and then have a bowl everytime you hungry for one day. I used to do that just to have a low point day stuck in for better losses each week, but it does work well to counteract a food fest too.

Tina: I'm soooo glad that Trey is doing the program with you! I know when you posted last....long ago....that you thought he was going to try. That's WONDERFUL. "The Baby" did WW with me the first summer I was on it and lost a bunch just like I did. Now he's back up and so am I.

Ruth: Painting the panelling isn't any big deal. Honey suggests that you wash it down with something called liquid sandpaper though so that the paint sticks better. You could also run sandpaper over it but the liquid sandpaper is easier.

Mary: Sorry it was raining for Peter's big day. I hope it went well anyway.

Ok, girls, my back is killing me and since the boys are watching Jay Leno and all of his cars (some dang program) I guess I will head up to my bed to stretch out and relax. This office chair has about done me in for the day.

See ya later. Love ya bunches!

"Between tomorrow's dream and yesterday's regrets are today's opportunities."
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Good Evening Ladies!

Well, thought I'd quickly stop in and say Howdy! Food was, if anything, worse today than yesterday and even the day before. Boy what a weekend! I was trying for a bit at the in-laws. But nothing they had today was low-cal. Somehow I don't think taking the skin off the KFC makes up for the three pieces of polish sausage and the two servings of cheesy potato cassarole. And if that wasn't enough, we stopped at Dairy Queen AND Taco Bell on the way home!

At least after we got home we took a mile walk around the neighborhood. I so didn't want to, but DH said the fact we didn't want to made it more important that we do it. What a wise man - I do feel better for having the exercise. We even walked the route with the big hill - so I feel even better, because I couldn't have done that six months ago!

QueenB: I love your posts! They're inspirational. They say how I'm trying to look at this weight loss program - as a lifestyle change instead of a diet. Only you say it so much better than I! How old is Trey? I think it's so great that he's your "buddy".

Ruth: You said "maybe the sandwiches etc. won't cause major damage, sometimes it helps to eat more for a day, seems to encourage more weight lose when you jump back on plan." After this weekend, I've got my fingers crossed for that!

Grannie: How nice for you and your DH. My own mother wasn't baptised until I was - at that point she would have been about 52. Each in their own time!

Thin: Don't know about "soup day" but the plan is definately NO MORE EXCESSES this week. AND every day we don't make it to the Y - we do the mile walk. At least, that's my plan!

Well, Later Ladies! Have a good night and a happy Monday!
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Good morning,

Hmm, doesn't look like I posted much over the weekend. Not sure why, other than the weekends fly by much too quickly with never enough done. It was fairly uneventful. Feeding horses, cleaning house, paying bills, playing with the dog, laundry, moving around, etc.

We did go to see my BIL who is still in the nursing home (he had three strokes following surgery at the end of January). I was really surprised that his speech was so much better. Most of the time, we understand only a small amount of what he tries to say but yesterday I understood most. And the left eye is beginning to open. Progress but he still has a long ways to go before he can go home. But there may be hope now.

After that we went over to visit a church where our former pastor is now serving as pastor. He is the one that came to see us in the hospital when DH had his heart attack and surgery. We didn't know him but he made such an impression that I told DH that I was going to his church and he was going to baptize me as I'd wanted for a long time. He was MIL's pastor at the time and he got us on the road back to the life of church. He's still a great pastor but his churches were too far away for us to get involved. Always seems to know what you need to hear.

I started my morning off with 15 minutes of pilates which I haven't done hardly all summer. Then out to feed the horses so I walked around while out there.

I need to get going quickly here or be late for work. Sorry this is short but gotta run! I'll try to catch up tonight.
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Good morning Chickies,

Terri, so glad to hear your BIL is improving. I know you went through that really hard time with family when he first had the strokes - I hope that's all sorted out now. I'm also glad you got to visit that pastor at his church. It really makes a difference when you have a good pastor. I'm in the church I was at when I split with my husband 7 years ago, and afterwards found he was unfaithful with another member of the church. Many people have asked me whether I would feel better in another church, but to be honest, I wouldn't feel at home anywhere else, and I appreciate my pastor's preaching - like you said, he always seems to say what I need to hear.

Lilion, good to see you did the exercise when you didn't feel like it. Sounds like your DH is a wonderful support.

Thin, don't you just love renovating?? Sounds like the family room project is being a lot of "fun".

As for me, I gained 6 lbs this week. I didn't exercise, but I didn't eat crazily either. It's just my stupid body that gains/maintains if I don't exercise. After feeling awful yesterday - like a total failure - I have made a decision to change my focus.
Instead of focussing on losing weight, which is a losing battle for me at the moment, I'm focussing on getting fitter and healthier even if I stay this weight. I need to strengthen my muscles to help my arthritis, and get generally fitter / healthier so I can keep up with the kids, and not be tired all the time.
So I'm going to stop concentrating on the scale, and concentrate on how much exercise I do per day. I shouldn't gain weight doing this, but I'm not necessarily going to lose either.

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Wowser, quiet group today!

It was a quiet day at work too. Tonight, I went out to feed the boys at the barn. I took out my english saddle and decided I'd ride Tanyah a bit for the workout. I did get some riding in but not as much of a workout for the legs as I had intended. Cheri came out and we talked for awhile. We didn't discuss our leaving or any of the other tense topics but rather just talked in friendly terms about other stuff; letting life just go on. That was a relief. I did learn how to get off the English saddle without using the stirrups. It isn't easy to just let yourself lean forward and then swing off without falling on your butt!!!

No dog walkie tonight as its too hot for him plus my left hip hurts tonight. Feels like something is seizing up in the joint or else wants to pop out of place. This is the hip that a tendon was torn away from the bone at some point and occassionally gets like this. More celebrex! Maybe I'll go to an othro guy and have it checked further someday.

Mary - That is so cool that your DH got baptized - rain or no rain! My mom got baptized in July down at the river! (Yes, we sang Shall we gather at the river before heading down!) I hope DH gets offered the job soon!

Ruth - We didn't get to the boat ride until Saturday early evening but it was very nice. We have a fishing pontoon but haven't fished yet this year. I took my kayak out while DH stayed in a cove. Way fun and good for the upper arms. I need more of that before its too cold. How's the remod going?

Tina - Keep talking about the exercise; I'm trying to get myself back into it. When I have to leave the house at 5:45 am to go feed the horses, I'd be glad to give them away! Our goal is to try for land again next year so we don't have to drive out to feed them. That is awesome that you and Trey are working together. Great bonding time too! I agree with what you said about attitude. We feel guilty and feel like we "cheated" when we've done something like have a shake on a hot summer day. Do thin girls feel like they've cheated? Doubt it so why do we? Great post.

Lilion - Ouch on the overage on points. That garlic bread adds up. We used to do garlic bread a lot but at 4 points each I had to give it up. Just move on!

Barb.G - Hope you stuff sells on Ebay. I need to get busy and see about selling some stuff myself. Maybe to pay for all the horse crap (stuff not real crap) I've bought this year. Are you feeling better this week?

Barbpa - Still got your sanctuary? I need one myself. I've been doing more reading here lately and relaxing at home in the morning sounds so lovely. Hope the rest of your weekend was good.

Thin - How's the back? I used to do those lean cuisine skillet things. Maybe I should have one in the freezer for those in case days. In case DH wants Popeyes fried chicken. I'll have to check out I have a bunch of Oprah bookclub books to sell.

Judy - How did the dog show and the visit with friends go? Sounds fun!

Michelle - How was the BBQ? Day one without the boss was great today!

Steph - Great to see you popping back in - come back again!

Leanne - TOM just sucks when you're trying to lose weight. I especially hate WW WI's during that time because I always feel that I need to justify what the scale says. Put the scale in the closet. That's what I've done with mine now so that I only weigh in on WW days. Its helped my attitude. Sounds like a great attitude adjustment with focus on all the right things.

Okay, I think that gets me caught up. If I've missed anyone, it wasn't on purpose!

Goodnight ladies!
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Hi ladies! I hope this Monday night finds everyone well and happy. I was MIA from here this weekend, but just busy and getting some much needed R&R from the head cold. Finally feeling better, slow but sure. But, I did go to my WI on Saturday a.m. and I'm down again!!! I finally hit my 30 pound mark!! The down side is I also did something to my right knee, and it's causing me a lot of pain, even though my hard head is still walking at night. I just don't feel right unless I've gotten my walk in. I figure it's probably the healthiest addiction I've had in years!! I'm walking slower, and trying to take routes that don't have an abundance of hills (although finding that in Missouri is a joke!!) Took my son and his "girlfriend" to play mini-gold yesterday, and we played two courses. At least it was exercise!

Thin - You're job sounds great! Getting to try different places to eat and watching movies and getting paid for it. Now, if only I could find one that would pay me to sit and read books (the ones I like)! We've also done a large amount of remodeling within the past year and it is a huge pain in the butt! But it's also worth it in the long run. Good luck with that family room.

Terri - This humidity is a killer right now, isn't it? I spent two hours in walking the neighborhood with my son tonight, as he was collecting for his paper route. I was sweating buckets WAY before we ever got home! Left the fur babies at home because it was just too darned hot and humid and knew we'd be out there a while. The lake sounds great! I'm so glad you and Cheri have found your way back to normal conversation. I know that has to take a burden off of you.

Lilion - Don't beat yourself up for the weekend. We are all human and we all "fall of the wagon" now and then. I have, and probably will again. Just dust yourself off and get right back on. Look how far you've come! You've done great and have been such an inspiration to others. How many times have you taken that sewing "dummy" up? Just get right back in the groove and you'll be taking it in again!

Tina - I think that's great your son is doing WW with you. How old is he? My hubby is doing the plan with me, although he's dropped 40 pounds in a lot less time than it's taken me to drop my 30, and now he's thin and even the doctor told him not to lose any more. My son walks with me everynight and we both really enjoy it (or at least he let's me think we do!!). My son is 13, will be 14 the last of November.

Mary - I'm so happy for you and your DH! My DH and son got baptized a few years ago, and I just sat in that pew and cried my eyes out. It's such an absolute peaceful feeling when you get to see your most treasured loved ones find their way to God. It really brought us all closer as a family. Our family is definitely grounded in our faith and it helps in everything we do. God bless to both of you!

Leanne - Don't worry about that 6 pounds. I agree with you. I also get too wrapped up in the number and not the healthier lifestyle I've managed. We need to look at the picture as a whole, and not a number.

Ladies, it's now 10:00 p.m. and hubby will be calling on his lunch break any minute, and I've yet to get my breakfast and lunch fixed for tomorrow (yes, I always do both the night before). I know I've missed some folks, and I apologize. Hope to have more time soon.

Take care. - Kim
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Good morning Hens, This is just a quick flyby!

I think I am in renovation He--! The painters have not finished here yet. I am thinking that this will never end .

I am struggling with staying OP. Everything seems to be going to you know where in a hand basket, and I am totally stressed now. Checked my credit report and it seems someone applied for a loan using my name....Not me! I am trying to find out what that was about. Got my bill for DSL and it was higher than I was told it would be, and on top of all of that (as if I need more) the painter didn't include doing the doors and dooor facing in his estimate, or so he says! Now whoever heard of painting a room and not doing the trim? Ok, you get the picture. If I was a drinking woman I would be in such trouble! Vent, vent, vent. Sorry guys! Don't read if you hate to hear whining.

Gotta go now and get ready for another day of.....whatever! See ya later, Iwillbe....Ruth
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Hang In There
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Just checking in. I had a really down day yesterday, wanted to cry all day. I;m still not feeling well, and didn't want to be at my job, worried about my mom, concerned about our business, wishing I could wave a magic wand and make all my problems go away.

I did go exercise yesterday, but when I got to work, a drug rep had brought in breakfast, so I had a big bisquit with sausage and a couple slices of bacon. Lunch and dinner was okay, and I resisted to urge to pig out when I got home!

Today will be better for my, hope it's a good on for everyone.

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Good Morning Ladies!

Just a few minutes before hearings start, but wanted to stop in and say HI!

I've been scrupulously OP since Sunday. Seems like longer. Eating under points and walking our mile Sunday and Monday. DH and I have decided that every day we don't work out at the Y we'll walk a mile. Thank Heaven for him - he keeps me honest. My fat little dog is happy too to be getting exericise. She needs to learn to pace herself though!

BarbG: I can't even imagine all you are going thru right now. I know we can't help, but we're here for moral support if you need us.

Ruth: Don't you let that painter get away with overcharging you! Some contractors will nickle and dime you to death if you let them! I haven't had any real identity theft stuff happen to me yet, but a friend of mine recently had her secretary arrested for getting credit cards in my friends daughter's name! Amazing what people will do!

DoxieMom: on the 30 lbs gone!!! You should be very proud of yourself.

Terri: When I was in law school I took english riding lessons for a time. Scared me to death! I felt like it was a LONG way down and I had nothing to hang on to. I guess that was my first inkling that I was going to have a thing about heights...never realized it at the time. I was never able to get up without a mounting block. The big ole' butt just wouldn't swing into the saddle.

Leanne: Hope the new plan works well for you. We are trying to look at this as a lifestyle change rather than a weight-loss plan and really, as much as I'd like to lose another 80 lbs, I'll be happy if I don't gain back. I bet you'll find that 6 goes away soon!

Well, Justice awaits. Gotta run. Have a happy, healthy OP day!

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Good morning, everyone! I hope everyone woke up to sunshine and blue skies this morning. Michigan is getting back to their heatwave after a brief reprieve last week. Back to the 90's this week! YUCK!

Yesterday was a much better food day. I don't know whether Honey's announcement that he had lost 3 pounds since our challenge started last Thursday. ARGH! MY scale only showed a .3 loss!

But this morning I weighed and I was down 2.3 so it's just taking me a bit longer to MOVE THAT FAT!!! Of course I certainly don't take this scale reading as a loss until next Monday, but it's always helpful when the scale moves (at least for me).

Lilion: I'm proud of your commitment to the Y or a walk. No if, ands, or butts.... it's EITHER OR!!! Good for you!!!!

Terri: I'm glad you were able to track down that Pastor that you like and have a nice visit. I'm also very happy to hear that your BIL is improving some. That's promising. * My back is doing well. It took about 3 days for it to feel like it wasn't bruised. Ya know, I've just gotten tired of eating out. I know that sounds crazy, but I have. I'm tired of not sitting down in my own kitchen to eat. Don't get me wrong, I don't like to cook and anything more than opening a package and putting it in a skillet is too much for me, but I'm going to try. That's the only way this weight will come off and I know it. The Lean Cuisines really help because I'll get to 5:00 and then start thinking about what to make. I'm not the great meal planner like you and DH are. I really should take some direction from you, but in the meantime, I'll plug away at making simple stuff on the spur of the moment. .....Although tonight IS Subway night.

Leanne: Good for you doing a re-focus. Sometimes that's what we need to do and whatever works!

Kim: CONGRATS on hitting the 30!!! WooHoo! But I'm awfully sorry to hear that you messed up your knee. OUCH! You better just baby it until it heals or you'll feel it in later years.

Ruth: Hang in there Chickie! You can stay OP even with all of the turmoil in your house. Just YELL!!! Relieve that stress! And don't let that contractor give you any crap. There's no way that the woodwork isn't included in their painting bill. Now, maybe, I would give them the benefit of the doubt on the doors, unless the doors were the color of the old room originally, then I would think they'd have figured they needed to repaint them. Hold tight!!! [[[hugs]]]

BarbG: Oh honey, I'm sorry you're having such a rough time. 2005 just really isn't your year. I hope things start turning around for you real soon. Love and prayers. [[[hugs]]]

"Beware your thoughts
For they become your beliefs.
Beware your beliefs
For they become your actions."
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Hey there chickadees!!

Sorry I missed you the last day or so, but this weekend was nuts... AND a complete and total wash.

With dh being on seconds, the only real time we get to spend together is on Saturday evenings (I work on Saturday till 3pm) and Sundays. Well, he had to work this last Saturday on seconds. He went into work right after I got home and worked till a little after 2am and was on the way home and got called back in. (not only was he working, but was also on call) So he had to go back to the plant to sign papers to ok the line to run and didn't get in till after 4am.

Sunday, he had to work, but was only supposed to go in for a couple of hours. He went in around 4pm and left around 7:15. He had barely walked in the door (maybe been home 30 minutes) and there was a deviation on the line and he had to go back in to release new product. He got back home a little after 10pm and got called at 11:03 for an audit. I was furious! The whole frickin weekend got taken away and now I'll have to wait till next Saturday to spend any time with him, if he doesn't have to work again. I know it makes me sound like a great big , but I really miss him not seeing him all week and then when the weekend is nuts like that, it drives us crazy.

I'd also like to mention (while I'm griping) that I hate the sugar medication that I'm on. Just one day, I'd like to have a regular bowel movement. Yeah, yeah... I know, TMI. I know that it says I might have diarrhea for the first couple of days while my body is adjusting to the medication, but for 5 months!! Come on... give me a break! Please.

Lilion: Trey is 12 years old. He has always had a really big appetite and even though it's affected him somewhat, he's always played sports and that seemed to combat some of it. Now, he's decided to not play this year and I'm worried the affect it might have on him. The thing that has made me really happy though is that he decided this on his own. It's one thing to have "Mom" tell you that you need to lose weight to be healthy, but quite another to decide it on your own. I am very proud of him.

Leanne: I just had to comment on this:
I have made a decision to change my focus.
Instead of focussing on losing weight, which is a losing battle for me at the moment, I'm focussing on getting fitter and healthier even if I stay this weight.
Good for you!!! Sometimes it's just a matter of continuing to exercise and take better care of ourselves that does the trick and by doing that, everything else falls into place.

Terri: I've been contemplating on the question you asked:
Do thin girls feel like they've cheated? Doubt it so why do we?
I think I've got an answer on that. I was at a restaurant one day and sitting right at the next table was a girl that couldn't have weighed more than 130 lbs. She ate one of the dishes that I avoided like the plague (rich, creamy sauces and loads of pasta) and even finished it off with a piece of cheesecake. I remember staring at my salad and baked fish, thinking, "How can someone so tiny eat like that?" Then it dawned on me. What she's eating, she doesn't eat every day. If she did, she'd have a weight problem too. I think the difference between overweight people and people that don't have a weight issue is that they generally make really good choices and only have that occasional splurge. Overweight people have a tendency to splurge all the time, know what I mean? So, I guess they never really feel like they're "cheating" because there's no evidence on their body to prove it. I crack myself up sometimes.

DoxieMom: I'm glad you're getting over your head cold.. those things can be miserable!! Also, wonderful news on the 30 lbs. gone!!! I know it's hard, especially when you're trying to lose weight, but take it easy on the knee if you can, that way it will have time to heal and you'll be off and running in no time! Also, I think it's awesome your son is walking with you.... it's a really great thing.

Ruth: My goodness hon... it sounds like you're having a really horrible time with the whole painting thing. I hope it gets done soon so life can go back to normal for you... whatever that is, right? Just remember though, as stressed out as you get, you are the only one that can control what goes in your mouth. Don't let this stuff get to you, ok?

Barbg: Awww, I'm so sorry you had such a bad day. {{{Hugs}}} We all have them from time to time, I guess. I hope things get better for you and good job on not letting it turn you to food when you got home!

Thin: Isn't that just like a man for you? If they try to lose weight, it just seems to fall off. My dh, even if he's not trying can lose 4 or 5 lbs. while blinking an eye and I'll work my tail off and see a lovely .6 loss. Oh well, it's better than a gain, I guess!

Well, my chickapeas... I'm off here for now. It is so nice being back here with you all. I love the feel of the thread and if you'll have me, I plan on hanging out for quite some time.

Everyone have an awesome night!!!
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Thumbs down

Blech! DH and Kids and I went to Ryan's again! I know not to go there, because I always, always, always overeat. And I did it again. But at least when we got home we still did the mile walk and BOY do I never want to do that when overly full again!

So much for being scrupulously OP this week.

Aw well, tomorrow is another day.
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Hi all!

I wasn't even thinking when I ended my last post so abruptly. Kinda like hanging up on you all. I had a call from a friend in need who wanted me to pick up prescriptions from his Dr.'s office, which is right around the corner from me, by 11:00 and so I pretty much did my replies and ran. So sorry!

Anyway, about food yesterday, I got up and fixed myself a couple of fried eggs and toast to go with my pills. I'm taking so many between the scripts and the other vitamins and suppliments that they themselves are almost a meal! But I have found, through experience, that my stomach does not like to be empty when I take them so that's what I had. Then a friend called and asked me if I wanted to go to lunch with him and his daughter. Well, his daughter is going back to college so I won't see her for awhile and I thought I would say yes. The trouble was what to order since I had just had a good breakfast. Well, this restaurant we went to had a fruit plate so that's what I ordered. The dang thing was huge, probably 4-5 servings of fruit all totalled. BUT, it came with a cup of soup and a small bowl of cottage cheese. So, I gave the cottage cheese and the soup to my friend and I just ate all the fruit. I figured I needed to get my servings in for the day anyway, so what better way than to pick through that as I enjoyed the company.

I had some free dinner coupons for a job that never got used so in the evening we went to Logan's Roadhouse. If you like fish and they have a Logan's near you I thoroughly recommend the Grilled Tilapia (I think it said "Southwest" or something similar) My gosh was it scrumptious!!! They served it with a nice salad and baked potato. There were two large filets, so I took half of the fish and half of the potato home and had them for breakfast this morning.

Speaking of today, today was a good food day as well. After the fish breakfast, I had lunch with 2cute's daughter and HER boyfriend. I was excited to finally meet him, it was a treat. Such a nice guy! Anyway, I had a grilled chicken salad for lunch and then we did Subway for dinner. All in all, two good days and let me tell you IT FEELS GOOD!!!!! I've been able to get in all my water so life is good. Excercise? I hear some of you saying "what about exercise?" Well, one of these days that part of the whole plan will come into play too.....I assume. Just not quite yet. One thing at a time!

Tomorrow I have to go fight with the bank. I have not gotten my bank statement in yet but the boys have and #1 Son got a whole list of every bank account that MY name is on, and their balances, in his envelope as part of his statement. Now, his account does have my name on it as a joint owner (you know, just in case) but why he got account numbers and balances for the accounts with my name and "The Baby", my name and Honey, and my name and my mom's is totally beyond me and I would think violates some privacy policy somewhere. I'm sooooo ticked!!!!

Also tomorrow I have a date with my mom for lunch and the show. I'm going to take her to see Must Love Dogs. I was able to see MOST of it the other day and I sorta have to sensor stuff for her cuz she's not real fond of violence, swearing or sex in the movies that she sees and that pretty much cancels most of them off the list these days.

"I think I've got an answer on that. I was at a restaurant one day and sitting right at the next table was a girl that couldn't have weighed more than 130 lbs. She ate one of the dishes that I avoided like the plague (rich, creamy sauces and loads of pasta) and even finished it off with a piece of cheesecake. I remember staring at my salad and baked fish, thinking, "How can someone so tiny eat like that?" Then it dawned on me. What she's eating, she doesn't eat every day. If she did, she'd have a weight problem too. I think the difference between overweight people and people that don't have a weight issue is that they generally make really good choices and only have that occasional splurge. Overweight people have a tendency to splurge all the time, know what I mean? So, I guess they never really feel like they're "cheating" because there's no evidence on their body to prove it. "
I think you may just have something there because all the rest of the time I see the skinny people do more of the pushing food around the plate action than I do really eating.

Lilion: Tomorrow is a new day. GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!! Good for you taking the walk anyway. Just remember how that felt, walking and being so full, the next time you're out to dinner and choose more wisely. I've stopped finishing my dinners when I'm out. I'm just NOT going to feel that stuffed feeling anymore. I don't like it and I'm NOT doing it. Period. It does take some practice though. [[[hugs]]]

Ok, now that I have chatted with you all properly, I think I'll go to bed. See you all later. Love ya bunches!
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Hi Ladies,

I haven't disappeared. My DSL line is giving me fits. So I've been off line. This is a flyby as I get ready for work. Dog show was fun. Food was great. Had a lobster roll for dinner and stayed w/i my points.

TINA: I see you Tony is racing at the Glen thise weekend. It'll be a change from them only turning right.

Gotta run.
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