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  • OK where is everyone?

    I am off to bed...my sister and BIL came over for dinner and my BIL who builds and works on computers checked out my computer and sat here with me for 3 hours cleaning up alot of crap on it! He says it needs another whole day's worth of work~ He is going to clean it up and download some programs to keep the crap out! Its amazing what creeps into your computer through the internet~

    Ok off I go, I'll check in on you all in the morning!
    TTFN Michelle
  • BARBg ....
    I LOVED those turkeys. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH !!!!

    CD ... don't you just want to kick that TOM out the door sometimes.

    Kerri .. hope you had fun shopping with mom. What did you buy ?

    Gail .. what did you buy ? You are doing great!!!

    Michelle ... I popped in Sat morning then my big game was on.
    OU WON !!!!!!!! They completed their season UNDEFEATED again.
    Now we have to win our regionals or conference or whatever.
    You guys get a two week break.

    Would love to write more.. but daughter is trying to sleep and I keep pounding away on the keyboard.
    Good night.
  • Good morning,

    Just a few minutes to post before getting ready for church.

    Yesterday, we spent the day down at mom's. DH went deer hunting and I helped mom clean house for Thanksgiving. Food was bad. Mom does not listen when I say not to fix so much food for us and that we're following WW AND we eat the food when its put in front of us. But I've journalled and counted as best I could so I have been accountable. I need lots of water today. I will end my week a few points over because today will be totally OP. A few more activity points earlier in the week would have made it possible to be under in points. Maybe that lesson should be learned! I have done better with activity points but obviously could have done a little more. Its really not that difficult to earn 4 points a day.

    I was a little ticked at my sis and her DH. They were at mom's last weekend hunting and got a deer. So, they came back this weekend even though they knew we were going to be there. They went back into the woods, where DH can't get to, and would have pushed any deer further into the woods. Mom's place is 20 acres but not all that much room for multiple hunters. Of course, now she's the great hunter because they teach Hunter's Ed out of Bass Pro and he works there so they have all the gear and everything. I would be too if I'd taken a year off from work after getting fired and not looking for a job. Ah, the joys of family. Can't hardly wait for the house to be full of them in four days. Sorry that turned into a rant.

    The pumpkin pie with the phyllo dough was pretty good. I'll do it again. DH liked it so that's a good sign. He even asked if I'd try it with other kinds of filling.

    Better scoot for now. Have a good Sunday!
  • Terri, I'm so glad to hear that the pie is good! I have all the makings to put it together, finally found the Phyllo aka Fillo, at WalMart Super store.
    I think your dh is on to something...I think apple filling would be great!
    I got enuf Phyllo to make the 'traditional' baklava that my dgd's expect every year.

    You have all put me in my place regarding 'small towns'! Mine has 5,000 population, but seems very small after moving from the suburbs of LA Calif!
    I LOVE IT!!

    must scooot and get ready for church...
  • Happy Sunday
    Hiya Ladies,

    Well, back to reality. After DH having the past 2 days off, he is back at work today until 7 pm. It was nice having him home. Yesterday, we took Jenniah and went to downtown Burlington, malling and out to dinner. I did well. Went to Curves yesterday morning, so made it 3 times last week. Last night DH and I watched "Secret Window" with Johnny Depp. Creepy but good movie.

    It sounds like everyone is doing really well with food, water and exercise. Considering it's 4 days 'til Thanksgiving, that's awesome!

    The pumpkin pie with phyllo dough sounds really good. Has anyone tried my pumpkin chili recipe yet?

    Well, better run. Have a great day everyone!

  • Hey Gals!
    I know I have been awol for a couple days. All is good, just busy. Today I got up early, hit the treadmill first thing! YAY! Then did laundy, emptied the dishwasher, organized my pantry and cleaned dog poop in the yard - someone has to do it. Now I am sitting my comfy chair checking in on my favorite gals! I only have a few minutes - we are on our way to Costco and then stopping at a friend's house to check out their finished basement - we want to get our done and are trying to find someone to work with.

    Not sure if you all check the weigh-in thread, but I had some good news on Friday.

    Gail - I just read your post about shopping at KOP and then saw your bio about living in N. DE. We may verywell be neighbors - or darn close to it. I live in PA, but just barely - we are right on the DE border off of Naaman's road. Small world! Where are you? I work up on Oaks, which is not far from KOP.

    Ok, as much as I love you all and want to chat more I have to round up the hubby to go run our errands.

    I'll talk to you later.
  • Hey everyone

    It is snowing! Wow! Ok, for many of you snow isn't a big deal, and since I live in Utah, most of you wouldn't expect me to get excited about it. Thing is, this tiny town is way down in southern Utah, and we maybe get snow once a year, if at all. It makes me laugh, because I know we had the air conditioner on in the car just last week. Freakish weather, but I have the biggest smile on my face!

    I get to walk tomorrow. I am excited and terrified all at the same time. Mostly, I am excited, because my heinie can't take much more sitting here in bed. Everyone keeps telling me to take it easy and not hope for too much, etc. They act like I'm made of glass or something. I appreciate the care, honest, but after a while you just want people to be excited with you and not sharing their fears. It isn't like I haven't thought of all these things on my own!

    I was thinking how much their response to my getting out of bed is like their response to finding out I'm on a diet or something. People come out of the woodwork with all sorts of dire warnings, etc. I end up reassuring half the known world that I'm not doing anything stupid or foolish, that the plan is based on sound principals. Again, I appreciate their concern, but I'm not an idiot. I approach pretty much everything I do with an air of caution. Sometimes I throw that caution to the wind, but not with things like my diet. I want to be healthy, not a waif.

    My sweetie just logged on, and I have to chat with him about a few things before he heads back to his studying. Second year med students have an incredible work load. The first year blew me away. This second year is so much more. I don't know how they do it, but I do have a great respect for anyone who can. 25 days until I get to see him! Wahoo!

  • Andria - Glad you're feeling better It is hard to live by all the "warnings" yet not fall under the area of being a waif. My mom had the same problem when she shattered her ankle.

    - Definitely! I hate that TOM, it always screws everything up for me. I feel like crap and am in so much pain I don't work out, I either over eat or under eat, I don't get anything done. I hate it

    Chris - Glad you're doing so well with Curves! And yes, I think we're all doing awesomely especially the holidays are coming up

    BarbPA- Sounds like you had a busy morning! Congrats on the good news keep up the awesome work.

    You know, I've never even seen snow! And I love hearing all this talk about small towns I've always wanted to live in a semi-small town. I live in a "city" at the moment. Tampa, Florida which at times may be considered a large city. Last I checked the population was 2,395,997 and that was in 2002.

    I did get to work out last night and I'm proud of it. I wasn't feeling too up to par and it was hard to get through the entire tape - but I did I got my 2miles and 30 minutes in. Today I'm gonna try for working out twice in the same day again. We're out of food already so my eating has been minute, but still healthy. Brown rice and veggies mostly Lots of water!

    I've been having issues with my parents about weightloss. It's really be upsetting me. See, my mother is also extremely obese. She's about 322lbs or so which is less than me but its much harder for her since she has many injuries and she's older (thats her excuse, not mine!). My father isn't really overweight though he's recently gained a belly. He was talking to me last night and he was saying how if my mother doesnt get down to 180 pounds by January 1st he has a big "surprise" for her. Which by the rest of our conversation.. seems like he might either leave her or something nearly as harsh.

    All of us know how impossible and unsafe it is to lose that much in only in barely a month and a half. He just doesn't understand it. She's also doing college full time, she has to clean the house and serve him dinner every night, and she is trying though she's not doing her best. I don't know what to do. I'm worried for her emotional status - what he could do to her if he pushes her like that, and what might happen. I want my mother to lose weight too but I know that 180 by jan 1st is not possible. It's really upsetting me. Is there anything I can do? My father isn't exactly a reasonable man - in fact its often his teasing and pushing that caused me not to want to lose weight when I lived with them. I just don't know what to do -whether I should tell my mom about the conversation or just try to talk to my dad more to get him to realize that she's trying and he's being too harsh. Any help?

    Sorry for the lengthy rant, but it's just been upsetting me lately I know that his pushing for extremes like that can really cause a person to not want to do it at all. I'm afraid for my mom.

    Well I love you all, and I hope you all have a great day.. I'm going to get back to studying
  • Hey gals - as promised, I'm back. The play that my daughter was in is called "Nickel and Dimed." In a nut shell, the author takes time out of her life as an upper middle class citizen to live the life of a low-wage working, single woman. She wants to experience it first hand and write a magazine article on it. She realizes that more research is needed and it ends up being a book. It's a very thought provoking play. The kids did a wonderful job! Ahhhh, now a reprieve - that is until January when they have try-outs for the Spring production.

    Went to conferences while waiting for the auditorium to open on Thursday night and daughter #1's choir director absolutely glowed with good reports about her. I'm thinking that someone is the teachers pet . Made mommy awful proud as well. He said that she's as good as, if not better than some of the older kids. Made me want to burst at the seams!

    Anyway enought braggin'.

    CD - I'm gonna stick my nose in where it doesn't belong, and give you my harsh two cents worth. There is no way possible for your mom to lose that much weight in such a short time. And, to lose it because he's "going to do something" is not the way to do it. I know he's your dad, and I'm sure you love him, but he's being a jerk. Have you thought that maybe if he does leave her, that she'd be in a healthier environment, emotionally, to begin seriously trying to lose weight? That maybe he's the sole reason you both struggle right now with weight?! I'm sorry, but men like that are a$$es. I'm sorry if you get offended by that. I can't imagine my dh talking like that to me. If he did, even once, it'd be the last time. I'd kick his sorry a$$ right out the door (and probably across the county!) and move on. I know I sound like the hard a$$. Ya have to understand, that my first husband was like that & I got rid of him darn fast. Sure things were a struggle right afterwards, but with the support of my wonderful family I made it. I moved on and now I have an awesome, wonderful sweet sweet man that I am proud to call mine. Talk to your mom. Chances are she knows how bad things are and that if he's said that to you, he's said it to her. And remember to be there as much as you can for her. Surround her with all the love that you can give right now. Obviously she's not getting it at home where she needs it. Remind her as often as you can how much she deserves to be happy. Send her little cards out of the blue with encouraging words, flowers, that sort of stuff. You'll both do okay, just lean on each other - and don't let him get you down.

    Okay, I'm off my now.

    My times up. I hafta go help dh unload, split and stack wood. It's that time of year. But, at least it'll count as exercise!

  • Power and Control Issues Rearing their Ugly Heads again

    CD, I have to agree 100% with Lisa and add my own 2 cents worth in as well. Your dad is struggling with issues much more troublesome in my mind than obesity. Power and Control. Men who intimidate women they supposedly love through the kind of emotional cruelty and abuse your father is subjecting your mother to need to get into therapy asap to deal with their anger issues. It's one thing for a husband/sig. other to be concerned about their lady's obesity for health concerns and to support her. It is entirely a different matter when they issue ultimatums over it. Sounds like it's a convenient excuse for him to leave her and make it "her" fault, instead of him being mature and taking responsibility for his own feelings and choices.

    I can't imagine you being in the middle of this. You have my hugs and support.

  • I've been reading this thread about power and control issues, and I know from experience how impossible it can be to lose weight in that environment. I gained weight over the whole time I was married, and about 95% of that time I was on a diet, or trying something insane to lose weight. I didnt start losing until I was happier with myself (and didn't have someone hassling me to do it). Ultimatums don't do anything to help lose at all, in fact I think they make us feel desperate and worse about ourselves, which means we arent in a mental state to lose anyway! I feel for you so much CD, being in the middle of it {{{hugs}}}.

    I've had an indifferent last few days, after a great start to the week, a salty dinner last night and the scales reflected it this morning at the dieticians - no loss, but no gain either. I am hoping the salt effect will disappear next week, and I will lose what I would have lost + some more! (Well, I can be hopeful can't I?)
    I went deep water walking yesterday in the rain, but this morning its wet and miserable (a rarity for here), I think I'm getting a cold and I couldn't face the pool. So instead of beating myself up about it, I'm going to take the day off stressing about it, and eat well, drink my water, and be productive with my thesis!

  • This is going to sound strange but I'm actually looking forward tomorrow going to work. I need to rest! I'm worn out from Christmas shopping. Actually this weekend I was busy being my father-in-law's personal shopper for Christmas--he gives me money and I shop Christmas shop for him for everyone in the family. I'm done with his shopping!

    I've done pretty well in the food department although the dinner I fixed for this evening is leaving me feeling bloated and just plain bleh! I had a pot roast cooking in the crock pot all day and even though I weighed the food I feel as though I've eaten too much. I hate this feeling. The scale is being stubborn--it's not moving at all. And I'm drinking a LOT of water. What the heck is that?!

    Michelle, I wish someone would come and clean up my computer! No telling what's found it's way onto mine!

    2cute, what did I buy? This is the Christmas shopping I do on behalf of my father-in-law: Hmmm...okay...a gift card at Pottery Barn for Heather (oldest daughter) and her husband Jim. A gift card at Casual Corner for my youngest daughter, Amy. A gift card at Best Buy for her husband Dale. The hubster got a gift card at Lowe's. For me? Yeah I even have to buy my own present--I opted for a pair of shoes at Clark's I've been drooling over. The two little ones (grandkids) got two outfits a piece and a Build-A-Bear each. Now to wrap it all. Ughhh!

    Terri, families--gotta love em. Won't even tell you about my family. Don't even get me started about my brother!

    Hi Joyce!

    Pumpkin Chili? Chris, I love chili!!! I'll go look for the recipe.

    BarbPA, nooooo way! I know Naaman's Road!!!! My oldest daughter and her husband live in an apartment on Naaman's Road! I shop at A Garden of Yarn up there in a shopping center (can't think of the name of the shopping center right now) on Rt 202 not far from the DE/PA stateline!!! Its that sweet little shopping center across the highway from the shopping center that has Banana Republic, Gap, and other stores. Can't think of that shopping center either! OHMYGOSH! What a small world!!! We'll have to meet!
  • I got interrupted. My Mom just phoned me to discuss Thanksgiving plans--we're going down to Va. Beach (VA) for Thanksgiving weekend. I'm not cooking. [Note: my big grin]

    Andria, good for you! I'm sure everyone is excited for you but they probably are a little concerned that you'll take off running. I imagine you are sick of being in bed and not being mobile.

    I'll be back later...my husband is literally yelling my name from down in the basement...
  • (Quote from Gail's post): Pumpkin Chili? Chris, I love chili!!! I'll go look for the recipe.

    Hi Gail...I copied it here for you so you don't have to go looking for it. It is awesome!! Enjoy!!

    Hearty Pumpkin Chili

    Chili is simply great for fall and winter warmth! Here's a chili recipe that uses the healthy flavor of pumpkin to give it extra flavor and texture. Enjoy!

    1lb ground beef, ground turkey or veggie burger patties
    1 cup onion, chopped
    1 cup green pepper, chopped
    1 garlic clove, minced
    2 (14.5-ounce) cans diced tomatoes
    1 cup pumpkin
    1 Tbsp chili powder
    1 tsp cumin
    1/2 tsp pepper
    dash salt
    1/2 cup grated cheddar cheese (low fat works beautifully)
    1/2 cup sour cream (low or no fat)

    In a frying pan, saute the ground beef/turkey or veggie patties, onion, green pepper and garlic until meat is brown. Pour off grease and add in tomatoes, pumpkin, chili powder, cumin, pepper and salt. Mix well. Cover and simmer for 20 minutes.

    Serve with cheese and sour cream as desired.

    servings: 4
    Carbs per serving: 1g

    I roasted eggplant, red/orange/yellow peppers, red onion, asparagus and mushrooms drizzled with olive oil and pepper in a 450 F. oven for about 30 mins. and then added those in as well. I also put in about a half cup of the shredded cheddar and let it melt and stirred it in. Let the simmering go on for an hour or two to let the flavors mingle. Oh my gosh...ladies, low carb, very healthy and let me tell you, the flavor is amazing and it is filling and full of fiber. You won't miss the beans!!!