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Good morning ladies! I had a wonderful day yesterday. I got 35 minutes done on my treadmill while I watched "Ellen". Kat mentioned that she watched Seinfeld while working out...I know planning out my exercise to my fav shows really helps me to get down there and do it! Does everyone like watching comedy while they work out? I think I notice a healthy trend here...we can laugh those pounds away! At least it makes the workout more fun and will keep us active

I have been wearing my pedometer again the last few weeks, striving for 7500-8000 steps per day and always making sure that I reach at least that. Then, this weekend, in our local paper there was an article about four people the two columnists had wear pedometers to see how many steps they were taking per day and followed them over a period of one week. The article was very good and, of course, of interest to me since I am working up to 10,000 steps per day, which is where they wanted people to be for just enough to keep you fit. Good gravy, I am going to have to walk 30,000 steps per day to get in shape *rofl* The one part of the article that kind of shocked me and made me really realize that I need to keep up on that treadmill was the part that said that the steps you're counting "must be done at an intensity sufficient enough to accelerate the heart rate modestly and for 10 minutes or more in duration." In other words, all those trips to and from the couch to the TV don't count. *gulp* I still think that movement and more of it of any kind is still going to be something I strive for, but my workouts HAVE to continue. If anyone is interested in reading the article, it can be found here:

Today my son gets off "restriction" or grounding, if you will)' He and his girlfriend decided to sneak out of their houses a few weeks back in the middle of the night. They only got to see each other for about 15 minutes because it started raining and my son was really worried we would wake up and find him gone, but ohh, the discussions we had about how dangerous what they did was and what he needs to realize about responsibility and our trusting him. I guess it was a hard lesson learned, early, which is good. He is only 14 and I worry about him being so wrapped up in one much so that he could not go one more day without seeing her *eeps*

Anywho, that's enough of all of that for today from me, I reckon...did I forget to mention I can be a bit long-winded? *giggle*

bella ~ Hi and welcome to the group too! We joined the same day...good stuff)' I did day care in my home for a few years as well. I remember very well just how exhausting that is. I had a real problem with people not picking their kids up by the time I listed as my hours, even though they all got off well before that time. Once in awhile things happen and I understand that, but when my son was younger and I worked, man, I could not wait to get off work and get to my baby! These peeps would stop off and shop and run their errands before coming to get their kids and that part of it was really hard on me to grasp. Then they would come in and sit down at the table, chat and relax while I continued to be the one to "watch" their children. I guess I was just too nice and accomodating and it was my fault they started doing that since I liked to show them what their child had done during the day, etc. and I actually didn't mind that part too much...if only they had gotten their on time in the first place.

2cute ~ Thanks for the welcome! The waters are delightful so far Sorry your time online is so limited right now, but I do hope to see you posts lots...your name and icon just tickle me to no end hehe

Mary ~ Hiya and thanks for the welcome! I am not sure of the whole story, but I do hope that you hear from and see your son very soon! *comforts*

Lucky ~ Woo...KitKat! Hmmm...too bad they don't have Kitkat flavored Slimfast *rofl*

kat ~ Graties on 2.5# loss *whistle* Your upcoming vacation sounds like just too much fun! Oy, it is ever so hard not to gain weight on vacation, but taking the bike sounds very wise. I always try to remember that exercise is a form of relaxation as sleep better, feel better and get some time to clear your head. But sometimes it's just so much easier to sit in the shade and watch the river/land/kids wander by and do their thing too...I guess it's all about taking the time and effort to get both "activities" into your day *L*

Terri ~ Thanks for the warm welcome! I am not sure why, but reading in your post about all the horses swarming over to you just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside even though all that horseflesh would kind of smother you in the heat for sure *L* I would give anything to have a horse. How many do you have? And I just *have* to know...why do you call your cycle "TOM"?? hehe

Lisa ~ Hiyas, thanks for the welcome and good luck with those kiddies!

Take care all!!

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Good Morning Wonderful Ladies!

I just finished up my yummy egg white omelet and thought I'd pop in for a minute before starting on work. I also had a fresh cup of fruit for my mid morning snack. I am finding it so much easier to eat healthy here at work than at home because we have a great cafeteria with lots of choices and they will basically make anything you want. Last night I got back on the treadmill for about 20 minutes. I am still a little sore from the retrieval procedure last week so I am going to work myself back into my exercise routine. I am really feeling no desire to go back to my gym - not because I don't want to work out, but I just don't love the place - great location, but just kinda "blah" on the staff and facilities. I am still contemplating joining the YMCA instead so I can take advantage of the great pool facilities. As long as I move this big butt somewhere I am happy!

Terri - Wow Gal, you are such a busy girl these days! It all sounds like so much fun. I would like it DH and I got out of the house more together. He just seems so content staying at home I can't get him motivated to go out much. Good to hear all your activity is helping you DH feel better. You continue to be such an inspiration to me -- I just read your posts and want to get moving!

Judy - Welcome Back!

Lucky - I'd be pi$$ed too! Sorry about that! Thanks for all your support! I can't wait to make you "Auntie Lucky"! (That goes for all of you!)

Kat - You go girl! You've been doing such a great job lately! Keep it up! Your vacation sounds WONDERFUL! Can I tag along!?!?! Thank you for the quote - I am going to print it out so I can look at it often!

2Cute - I hope you are continuing to enjoy your pool! I am jealous!

Thin - I do feel the love! Thank you! I don't know what I would do without all of you! How are the sunglasses coming along?

Judy - Ha! I know what you mean about puppies in winter. We got little Charlee - our Chihuahua in my avatar in February when we had over a foot of snow on the ground. She was 2 pounds at the time. It's great to have you back!

Syn - I am sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well! Thank you so much for your prayers! Glad to hear that food is a little better. Of course you didn't address the one subject I was hoping to hear about......How is your old "friend"??? Inquiring minds.....

Kit - WELCOME!! Thank you for the encouraging words on IVF! It is more of a physical and emotional roller coaster than I ever thought it would be, but it will all be worth it when I hold a baby in my arms! Good Job on the treadmill --- I always find exercise easier with TV to watch - oh, that reminds me the batteries in the remote died last night --- gotta remember to get them tonight --- the commercials are too boring.

Bella - WELCOME!!! Looking forward to getting to know you! This is a fabulous group of ladies!

Mary - Sorry about the probs with your son! Thinking of you!

Lisa - 16 Kids! Wow!! I use to be a school teacher and always wanted to open up my own in home childcare center. However, the past many years have given me a different direction....maybe when I have my own I'll re-think that!

Barb.g - You'll be headed up this way soon right! I am sure you have all kinds of plans, but let me know if you want to meet up for lunch or dinner!

Ok, please forgive me if I've missed anyone or anything. I have been goofing off a little too long and need to start on my work! I'll talk to you all later!!

Hugs to All!
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