300+ and Ready To Try Again... #442

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  • WELCOME !!!

    We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
    We share laughter and tears.
    We share what works for us and what doesn't.
    Long ago we started a Topic of the Day.

    Monday........Motivation Monday
    Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
    Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins
    Thursday......Thankful Thursday
    Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
    Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
    Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

    We chat on Wednesday and Sunday at 8:30 EST, 7:30 CST.

    These are not required topics ...just ideas to share.
    We have found them very helpful.
    We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

  • We have moved again.
    I hope everyone has found us in our "new" new location.
    If not... you aren't reading this I guess.
    If you are... and you have anyones email address be sure and send them a note that we have moved again.

    If you are reading this only by clicking on a link... then we are found under "Support Groups". That site is found right under the old "Support" forum we used to be in. Hope that helps.

    I like this new location better than the first spot they put us. Thanks Suzanned for moving us back among the living. LOL
    I no longer feel like such a step child. LOL

    I am confused though. We are under "support groups" now... but above the other groups. I kept missing us. LOL Is that temporary or what?? If you look under "general" in the main forum.. we have our own forum. Weird. I know that probably does not make any sense if you have not seen it for yourself.

    I too like the idea of a bio page and a recipe thread. But be sure to tell us in the main thread that you posted a new recipe.

    Is anyone making a Christmas Card Exchange list ??
    If not... who will volunteer ?? If no one else... send me your snail mail addresses and I will get them sent out to everyone.
    I want my cards !!!

    Okay... instead of posting a longer post... I am going to go try and PM others to tell them where we moved to. See you all later.
  • This site may be good. Good morning all I like the idea of the BIO and Recipe thread too.
  • Good Morning!
    Thank you all for you thoughts and prayers! They mean more to me than you will ever know. I am sure my dad will come through this surgery with flying colors, he is a tough cookie. It's just so hard to see him continually battling something.

    I am hoping to get Jeff to help clean out the garage today - that is, if I ever get him out of bed! Lazy bones!! Now that we have the new car we have to do some revamping to get everything to fit - it's a little bigger than his old car. So, I figure there's no better excuse to get him out there to help.

    I believe Michelle was putting together the Christmas list. Is that right?

    Terri, Kat, Michelle (are you joining us) - Are we definately on for NYC the Saturday after Thanksgiving??? I'll be taking Amtrak and that's a busy time so I will need to make train reservations. Let's figure it out. I hope it works out. I think we'll have a great time!!!

    Kat - How is your dad doing? When does he go to the Dr?

    I know our new "home" is going to take some getting use to, but I think we can have fun with it! I like the idea of a Bio page and recipe page. Maybe also a scrapbook page. Other ideas?

    Time to get moving for the day. Have a good one!
    Talk to you later!
  • I was doing the Christmas list but Thin has volunteered to take it over for me since I have been sooo soo busy with work, school and Andrew. SO if you all who submitted your addresses to me would be so kind and PM them to Thin I am sure she will get it together and send it back out to all of us! I had a few minutes yesterday and started writing my Christmas cards already...I did a little Christmas shopping yesterday and was in the spirit...now I have to wrap too!

    I really gotta run to the grocery store and get some good healthy food for us to eat this week. Then we have to clean out one of the toy boxes...the goal is to get them cleaned out before Santa comes with more toys! Uggghh!!

    Oh and was it Andria? In terminator 3 it was "SHE'LL BE BACK"!

    TTFN Michelle

    Oh and by the way...I am really liking this now....I think the recipe thread and the bio thread is a great idea cause sometimes I forget who does what, lives where, likes what? And I just bought two WW cookbooks, one Pizza Pizza and the other one pot meals. I will share!!
  • Good morning, girls! Just stopping by to see who has found their way over here.

    I went back under "Support" this morning and brought up Suzanne's post about moving our thread over here so that all of our folks will see it better.

    There is no need for references to where we were moved first, since those who never went there, will never know. Suzanne changed the link that she had put with her notice to lead HERE instead of there. So there's really no record that we were even anyplace else.

    I don't know why when you go to "General", "Support Groups" AND the "300+" shows up, but when you are at the top of the entire forum, you only see "Support Groups". Anyway, both lead to the same place. HERE!

    I'm still in the process of chatting with Suzanne and maybe in the next couple of days we can get that Bio page and Recipe page started. I think we would like it permanently tacked to the top of the list so that it doesn't have to keep getting brought back to the top.

    It would be easy enough to tell when a new posting is made to either of them because *1 the little light would be on, and #2 the time, date and poster appears in that column on the right called "Last Post".

    New subject: Have any of you ever had one of those days with your spouse or significant other that was just a communicating nightmare? OMG, that was yesterday around here. I wanted a Big & Tasty, he wanted a Big & Tasty, neither of us knew it. STUPID! Went to do my "showgirl" thing. He wanted to see a movie, I didn't want to see THAT movie. We left mad. Went to lunch together and said not hardly a word to each other. Geez, it was awful! Today will be better. We started it off right (if you know what I mean ). Now he's tied up with the race and I'm doing laundry. What could be better than that?

    2cute: We are above all the other groups because we now have our own little sub-forum where we have the ability to expand a little. In other words, if we get a bio thread and recipe thread up and running, you won't see it on the list to choose from when you just go under "support groups". You will see it only once you hit the "300+" at the top of the page. Then all our threads will appear (as they do now) AND you'll have a Recipe thread and a Bio thread. Sound good???

    Mary: I agree with you, I think we're going to like this set up. I just think it's kind of neat that Suzanne thinks we're active enough to have our own little home.

    Barb: Hope your strategy to get the garage cleaned out works. It wouldn't at my house!

    Michelle: I always loved the job of weeding out the old toys to make sure there was room for the new! NOT! Of course, by the time I unearthed something from the bottom of the box that the boys hadn't touched in months, they would come hurrying out saying I couldn't get rid of their "favorite" toy. Yeesh! The best bet is to do it when no "little eyes" can see you.

    Terri: It sounds like everyone is in the clean out mode. I wish I could get some ambition for it. Too much crap! Don't know where to start.

    Katrina: You'll like the new format, give it a minute.

    Andria: That is terrible about your hostess. I would have been livid! It sure makes your profit per hour go down when you have to spend 1/2 the darn day! Good for you avoiding all the goodies. In a frustrated state, it must have been especially hard.

    Lucky: I like the cheerleader too. All the new smilies are really cute. I do agree with Tina though, we need one flippin' the bird (for those "special" occasions! )

    Well, girls. I think it's time to make breakfast....or is it lunch?? Lost track. Either way, I have to run. If you'd like to get in on the Christmas Card exchange, please send me your addresses by PM. Some of you know I already have your address, so just a quick note to say "you're in" would be fine. Talk to you all soon. Love ya bunches!
  • Um...Thin, I DO like the new format!

    Barb...I'm definitely going to NYC...what time does the Amtrak train get in? The trains pretty much run all day and night here, so I can work around your schedule. Where should we meet? Grand Central? Terri's hotel lobby might be best since it's right by Grand Central Station, right Terri? I'm psyched! Shall I burst into song again? ",,,It's Christmastime...in the city!" Lots of prayers for your dad and thanks to all wishing mine well. He goes to the doc on Monday...hopefully they'll get that biopsy scheduled very soon.

    Back to laundry!
  • hi guys... just peeking again to see how many made it here.
    I like this location much better but still a little confused.
    It makes sense to put groups under "support groups" ... but aren't most threads a "group" of some kind ?? The ones left in the original "Support" section are groups also.

    And if we are just in with "Support Groups" then it is no diffferent than being under "Support".

    When it made a difference is when we had our own "Heading" ... like "Support" ... "Support Groups"... "300+". Does that make sense to anyone other than me.

    when you look under "General" we have our own "heading".
    But otherwise we are under "Support Groups".
    And one more question.... under "support groups" we are at the top ... above the others. Will it stay like that??

    Okay Thin... since you are our spokesman ... can you straighten my feable little mind on these topics. LOL

    I am only here for a minute. I am trying to hang those swagging curtains in my new bathroom... but they just won't coporate. Grrr
    I need to go back and try AGAIN.
  • I don't think I'm going to make NYC this time! I think we may be going to RI for the weekend. I have friday off and John is working on getting it off too! I am going to be so jealous!!
  • Hi ladies!

    Kat and Barb - I'm so excited about NYC. I'm bummed that I have so little free time that is mine. However, I can't complain because without chaperoning the SGD, I wouldn't be there at all.

    Just as a reminder, on Saturday, I have from 9 am to 1 pm free. That's when they are rehearsing and I have to be back to make sure the girls have lunch before we're off on group activities.

    I also have Friday morning off like that so I'll have to figure out something to do. There is so much it is overwhelming. Especially when I have to make it fit that time frame - gosh, I'd hate to get lost and be late and then have the organizer be pissed and send me home early.

    We're watching the Chief's game now. They suck today. I've got laundry started and now I'm going to work on bill crap.

    Have a good afternoon!
  • I'm back! I keep going back to the "support" area and making sure that the notice of our move stays pretty near the top so all of our friends find us.

    Katrina: You and Me....laundry, Baby!

    2cute: I do believe that we will stay at the top of the "Support Groups" area. The reason we are the only ones there is because Suzanne is just starting the movie process. I assume there will be more at the top later on. I like that we will always know we're at the top and not have to scan the page to find our thread. I kinda like that all of our threads come up together. No more going back page after page and looking for something someone may have posted a couple of threads ago. They're all right in a row.

    Michelle: Got ya down.

    Terri: You too. I'm envious of yet another group of us being able to get together. Sure sounds like fun.

    Well, girls, I'm outta here once more. See you soon.
  • I need to SCREAM !!!!!!
    I cannot get these darn curtains to swag the way I want them to.
    Does anyone have a tip for swaging sheers??
  • Ok, was it just me or did 2cute's post before her last post make anyone else look like this? The way I look at it, I don't really care where we are as long as we are together. I'm not sure where we were the first time since I never saw it, but I'm not bothered at all by where we are now. It seems to me like we've just got a little room all to ourself and I think the bio and recipe threads sound like a GREAT idea. JMO

    I can't believe that today is the last race of the season. I don't know what in the world I am going to do with myself until February. You guys are going to have to keep me real busy, ok? Tony is in 2nd place right now and I'm as nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs. There's still 100 laps to go though....so I must calm down.

    I'm so jealous of all you guys that live so close to one another. It would be so nice just to be able to hop in my car and drive a couple of hours and meet up with all my friends. Maybe I can just mail myself to one of you guys....what do you think?

    Thin: First off.... thank you for my birthday present. That was SO thoughful of you, but then again.... you are ALWAYS so thoughtful. And you're right..... I do owe you a note and I'm sure to make plenty of use of your gift. P.S. I'm totally IN on the card exchange.

    Barb: I'll be saying a prayer for your Dad, I'm sure he'll be just fine. Good luck on getting that garage cleaned!

    Mary: I agree with you too.... I think our new home may be a happy one. P.S. Are you watching the race today?

    2cute: You crack me up!
    I want my cards!
    You sound just like me. I want mine too! I can't wait till they start coming in the mail. Are we going to include pictures or no?

    Michelle: I've been meaning to tell you that I am very proud of you for getting back on track. You are always such an inspiration to me and you always give such good meal ideas. Keep up the good work!

    Kat: You stink! I'm sorry... I just had to say that. I bet it is absolutely beautiful where you live this time of year. Break into a chorus for me...ok? "It's Christmas time...in the city". When you get together, give everyone a big hug for me, ok?

    Terri: Bills and laundry, huh? Are you sure we don't live in the same house? That seems like what I've been doing most the day too.

    Well guys.... there's only a little bit left in the race, so I'm gonna hop out and watch the rest of it. I hope you know how much you mean to me that I'm actually posting while it's on.

    Have a great day and I'll see you later or sometime tomorrow.

  • Tony's 1st!!!

    The race isn't over yet though....so
  • HI all just stopping bye for a peek. I have a pot of soup on.