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Default Gaba ??

Hey everyone so here's my journey . I was one day sitting in the hospital with very high blood pressure and blood sugar of 17. That made me change my life around. I started a keto diet . But doing keto I felt I only ate bacon and beef and eggs. Not really any veggies of fruit and barley water. I I lost 56lbs in a month and a half. I started devolping panic attacks which led to many hospital and doctor visits. So I made a trip to the doctors and which I was prescribed to 10mg Lexapro and 2mg lorazepam. 3 days on these meds I started to devolp unwanted thoughts such as self harm or harming others. So after seeing a psychiatrist he took me off them. It's been 3 weeks off these and I still get some thoughts but I've improved a little . So with a final visit to my doctor he said because I was on Lexapro for 7 days and lorazepam for 10 these effects should be out of my system by now. So he said your going to have these thoughts because the transformation your body is going through. I started a nutritionist diet with help from a nutritionist. I was 566lbs and down to 492. Is this something people go threw specially with all the changes ??
Also this prob could mean my gaba is low .
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I think I might know a little of what your going threw. After I lost around forty pounds I went through a dark space. I was depressed, lost, angry, self destructive, and emotionally empty. It took some soul searching lots of venting to my sisters (any supportive humans will do). To start bringing me out of my funk. Then the little changes. Made myself go out side, cleaned out my closet,started a couple of crafts(the challenge of problem solving, keeping busy, and completing something help me), and ate more dark green vegetables (Iím doing the low carb too). What is working for me may not work for you just want you to know your not alone.
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It's possible the change in hormones from weight loss is causing these thoughts as well. I don't have to lose or gain much to see a big difference in mood which my GP said was likely hormonal. When I gained weight a couple years ago after an accident I went to the dr without an appointment, I was so scared of the way I felt, but for me Lexapro didn't work because it made me nauseated. GP changed my dose of metformin and it really helped, though I noticed when I lost 15lbs of the weight I gained I started getting panic attacks.

It's different for everyone but my go-to with panic attacks is to hydrate with water or Gatorade, then have some lemon lavender tea, and find a quiet place that's kind of dark. It helps quite a bit. I also take St John's Wort but only after asking the GP if it was okay.

Good luck hon
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Not sure about all these fad diets, as they sometimes cause the practitioner to go on a mini binge. Try out some teas or herbs that suppress the hunger. It's worked great for me. No need to go to any extremes, just ease in there
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