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McDiet 03-08-2017 06:38 PM

1,000 Calorie Plan - Your Thoughts??
Hola -

I had a friend lose:tantrum: 40 lbs by dropping his diet to 800-1000 calories. As you can imagine, the weight dropped rapidly. However, he now leads a pretty active life and has kept the weight off for almost 2 years. I've read all the 'dangers' of going that low, but cannot imagine its even close to as bad as keeping the weight i currently carry (322 lbs)... So, about 4 days ago I started this 'crash diet' and hope to make it somewhere around 45-60 days at which point I'll reintroduce a little exercise and add 400-600 more calories.

Anyone need similar 'jump starts' into a diet? I just have to break my over eating cycle, but don't want to do permanent damage or really throw my metabolic rate completely out of whack...

Also, if you are kind enough to reply.. please bring some science based knowledge as to why this is or isn't a good idea??

Thanks to all


bloominbutterflies 03-08-2017 07:14 PM

Hello McDiet, and I went on a similar diet like this when I was 18. I lost 30 lbs it took me about 5 months. This doesn't sound like much but I wasn't overweight at the time being 145 lbs when I started. I ate breakfast and lunch...then no dinner. It was easy to control since I was a college freshman and didn't have many friends and no job. I'm choosing not to diet this way again because my life is way too socially active and I work full time and go to school. I would consider this kind of diet if I was on some kind of disability leave or in between jobs. I felt VERY tired and that diet plan took up my whole life in a sense, just eating, planning, starving in my room and waiting. It was kind of depressing really, but hey if it's worth it to you and you have the right circumstances.

McDiet 03-08-2017 07:28 PM

I appreciate the feedback! I wish I had the self control you do at night.. Nights have been the hardest for me.. majority of my cal's come after 7pm (prediet)..

what i've been doing these past 4 days:
breakfast: protein bar and coffee - 200 cal
Lunch - 5 egg whites, 1 yolk.. mix in spinach and tomatoes - 250 cal
Dinner - Light Progressive soups, tuna on one piece of toast - 350-400

i try not to snack, but if i do, i'll grab some homeade jerky, smart pop popcorn, or a piece of fruit.

sugar2go 03-09-2017 11:25 AM

I lost the last 40 punds going between 1000 and 1400 calories, would love to go down to 800 but can not really stick to that.
My doc says it's totally ok as long as I get enough protein and water.
I would not worry too much in your case, I think everything is more healthy for us than being this fat.

I have to admit with your plan I would be hungry most of the time, I try to get as many veggies in my plan as possible and I think in the evenings you could get more for your calories than just a soup or a toast.

McDiet 03-09-2017 12:57 PM

I appreciate the feedback! I agree.. i'll trade something short term and drastic than continue to live 300+ year after year.. I haven't been below 260 lbs since 10th grade.. and am now mid 30's. Time for a change!

I also agree about the veggies.. but I'm actually trying to make my self actually feel hungry this next month. I could definitely 'get full' and keep calories in check, but i'm afraid thats my problem. the constant need to feel full.

McDiet 03-09-2017 12:58 PM

I recently watched an interview that Penn Jillette did talking about trying to break his over eating habit. He literally ate potatoes for every meal for the first two weeks. Just to break that fat/sugar/fried food habit he had. anyone else see that??

he's been down over 100 lbs coming up on 2 years now.. pretty impressive

Blicca 03-10-2017 11:20 AM

McDiet - My biggest suggestion for you would be to try and lose the diet mentality, and instead find a way of eating that is sustainable for you in the long term. Because while you were undoubtedly lose weight restricting to such a low calorie range, eventually you'll lose focus with it and binge on the foods that you've been avoiding.

Focus on the foods you love, and find ways to make them healthier. If you can, instead of eating the canned soup, make your own soup so that you can control the sodium content. It's a whole lot cheaper and much better for you.

Best of luck!

Karencat 03-13-2017 06:27 AM

Dear MCDiet - have you tried working out how many calories you need to eat to lose weight - try MFP calculate or Livestrong.com my plates calculator to work out the calories you should be taking in along with exercise, recommend divide up points into 1/3s - 1/3 veggies 1/3 protein and last 1/3 in fruit and carbs -eat the 2 serves fruit first out of this .... Back to the exercise base it on 10,000 plus steps per day if you can ... its about 30 -60 mins of actively walking plus all the other little steps we take - start by walking every other day then try 2 on 1 off then see if you can walk 6 out of 7 even start small with 7000 like this any little bit helps with walking and
also drinking plenty of water helps reduce water retention / water weight too

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