300+ Chat Thread: May 2014

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    We are a group of individuals who weigh or have weighed 300+, or near there. This group was formed to provide a place for others like us to find support, inspiration, and hope. We are aware of the distinct problems that come with weighing over 300 lbs.

    We want to invite everyone (roosters as well as chicks!) to join us in our journey. We share laughter and tears, heartaches and fears ... joys and celebrations. We also share what works for us and what doesn't.

    We have found this thread to be more than just a support group... we have found it to become a home. We invite you to join us!
  • Good May Morning to you all!
    Restless I'm sorry you have so many ailments. I give you kuddos for showing up to work everyday.
    Sam good luck at your doctor appointment today. No more doughnuts!
    Betsy the 80's is hot. 4.5 hours on your deck? I would be too tired to crawl into bed. I've been thinking I really need to work on my stanima. Most woman 10 years older then me can run circles around me, even the ones my size.
    Terra When I was walking I was thinking of how you are just walking the pounds off. Slow and steady. Thanks for being a good example.
    Fi how is BERP coming along?
    Silent are you feeling any better?
    Jane ,Dean, Jennifer, and Unsuspected thinking of you and hope all is going well.
    Cookies did not turn out well. I had to make sunbutter from sunflower seeds. I had too many other recipes going at the same time so I took a shortcut...
  • Ubee - Not sure I'm okay just... stil have a sore throat, and still feel a bit uncomfy at times its not pain just... discomfort figure its nothing to worry about as yet. I'm fine.

    Aerobics is cancelled today I need to drag myself to the gym instead I am so not good at motivating myself to do that kind of workout at the right intensity. Ah well will try and psych myself up this afternoon so that I'm ready to go at 5pm.
  • Good morning all and Happy May Day. It's gorgeous here -- can see all of us frolicking around a May Pole (that vision should provide some humor for most of us).

    Ubee Love, you make me laugh. STOP go to May. Yes, it is hard to remember when it's no longer the previous month. You are a dear for making sure we at least have some idea what month it is. Thanks, again, for taking the initiative to set up the new thread. Ah, yes, a shortcut. My dad used to take those when out driving. One time we ended up in Wyoming......long story. Hope the next try with cookie making turns out better.
    Silent Arctic Hope the sore throat goes away. It's been weeks since you've been at 100% and Ubee and I are beginning to take on the pallor of being wall flowers without you to take care of our social lives. I do admire you that you're still trying to work out -- good for you and seriously, I hope you feel better soon.
    Restless OK, I won't be complaining about that little stiffness in my back from hefting the screens yesterday. Well, I will complain, but just not on here. YOur job sounds fascinating and the fact that you love it is such a gift. And, yes, this group is very supportive and I've learned so much about getting the weight off -- both from a dieting perspective but as much from a mental perspective.

    I've just got to fill up the bird feeders and the upper deck will be finished. The screens are up, all the chair/table covers are stowed, everything is clean and now it's supposed to start raining again and get colder. I still have to plant all of the planter boxes that hang off the railing, but won't do that for another couple of weeks.

    Food wise I lost 9 of the 17 pounds I gained during April. I'm beginning to feel hopeful that maybe this time I'll get down to my lowest and actually be able to keep on going instead of just regaining it for the 5th time. Off to the gym and then starting on getting the yard truly whipped into shape.
  • Ubee Thanks for the kick in the ***! NO MORE DONUTS!!!! I needed it....and I know I will feel better staying away from it.

    Silent Hope you psyched yourself up to work out this evening...It sucks when you still are under the weather though...Feel better love bug!

    I had my ultra sound today. It was very uncomfortable and at times it was painful. The nurse who did my ultra sound was very nice and even apologized if she hurt me while she was moving the wand around. I could watch everything on a tv above me which was kind of cool...It actually helped keep me calm because I was so nervous. I could still see some cysts inside my ovaries when she pushed on my stomach to get a better look, but I couldn't tell exactly how big they are now since it was on a big tv. I won't know the results from them for about a week. I have to wait for the doctor to call me then I'll either go in or we'll just discuss it over the phone. I'm trying not to worry that anything bad will come of it. I already knew I had the cysts, I am just hoping that it hasn't gotten worse in there since the last time I was checked.

    After my appointment I was very sore and felt like crap. When I eventually got home from work I just ate dinner and layed down for a little bit, but I did end up pushing myself to get up and try and work out. I decided just to do some cardio and not lift any weights to take it a little bit easy. I tried to do the Alpha Cardio from Focus T25, and by I'm not ready for that yet. There's so much jumping around that my fat is being thrown every which way and it kinda hurt...So I still have awhile before I can feel comfortable doing that. I just stuck to my Cardio Party on Turbo Jam.

    Nothing much else to report...I stayed on plan today even with a company rep buying lunch for us I still ate a salad and just got one with a ton of veggies on it and added my own piece of chicken I had brought from home.

    Tomorrow is Friday and I am looking forward to the weekend! My friend and I are going to hang out, I'm going to treat her to lunch and who knows what else we'll do. Going to the farmer's market too on Saturday and maybe DH and I will get that walk in on Sunday on the beach that we like to try and do.

    Night everyone!
  • Would love to join your "group", still looking for likeminded people that understand the length of the way if you want to lose more than 5-20lbs - all the struggles and worries -and that life has to go on at the same time...

    Still haven't had the chance to read all the last days, so I just try to take my chance and get to know you all better over time.
  • Today I have tagged as my "Day One". I feel like Im cheating...bad. With all the health issues I have, I caved last week and saw my PCP and asked about weight loss meds. I have some pretty bad breathing issues, I use O2 when Im home and in my BiPap at night, and along with that, I have super bad pain making losing weight even tougher than tough.

    OMG....Im rationalizing arent I? UGH I cant even explain right >>jus' kidding<<

    But I AM determined to get as much weight off as possible and as fast AND healthy as possible.

    SO, Im keeping a journal where I'll record my blood sugars throughout the day, how Im feeling, what Im eating or going to eat, any exercise and just how Im feeling overall. I will also record the meds. I dont take many scripts other than pain meds and Metformin along with Insulin. But I do take some supplements and now Ive added Phentermine to the mix. (PLEASE dont yell at me for the Phen...Im still a little perplexed and feeling guilty, like Im cheating or something)

    I just know I cant afford to waste time or ply myself and others with excuses. So, please can I share here and be a part of the support and care Ive seen here even if I am taking a weight loss med?

    Here's an older pic of Killer drinking a bottle of water. LOL She's a true Diva and only drinks bottled or filtered water. This was taken when she was still NOT 17.7 pounds.!! LOL

  • Sam....
    Ive had ultra sounds like that and they do hurt. A year or two ago they thought I had a blood clot in my leg so they did an US. Thankfully I had no clot but they sure slapped me in the hospital on bed rest fast enough. UGH.

    I know its hard but please try not to worry. Worry never helps and it just makes ya feel yucky. I know thats easier said than done but just know you have a world of support here.
  • Betsy.

    Congrats on the weight loss...that's pretty awesome. How'd you do at the gym? Im so jealous that you can do that. I would love that option, seriously love to be able to do that.

    I usta love going to a local (H)Motel that had a huge warm pool that they'd open to the public during certain hours of the evening. It was like 20 bucks a month and you could swim as often as you wanted during those evening hours. Four years ago I moved to where I am now and just never looked for another place to go.

    Have an awesome day. Im off work today because I started this new med this morning and didnt want to risk any side effects happening while I was at work. So I get to explore here and read and get to know y'all
  • Silent...please take care of you. A sore throat that wont go away is not cool, it's soooo draining and just makes ya feel ucky (my grandsons favorite word).

    UBEE....where you at in Wisconsin if I may ask.? It's been so cloudy and cool and rainy the last couple weeks here. I live in Madison, just off of Highway 30 , actually smack between Highways 30 and 51.
  • Hey gals,

    did 45 minutes on the eliptical last night IT thinks I burned 550 calories, I'm not so sure about that I tried to push myself but just didn't have the 'mojo' my heart maxed at 135 and was MOSTLY around 130. I did 20 minutes of weights and abs after that lame I know I should have done way more of that stuff when it comes to weight loss thats more important. I don't know maybe I should go to the tough love but I don't know if I can handle it.

    Scale was down a little although I'm sure it was just dehydration or the fact that the VOLUME of food I ate was a little less , not real fat loss but...292.4 hopefully its starting a downwards trend and i can ditch the 290's in may. I have a follow up bloodwork and then appointment will be made in July so I'd like to be down at least afew more KG to prove that i'm trying. It seems lame but I'm okay if I could lose at least 2.5 kg a month I'd feel like I wasn't totally being lame.

    betsy sorry you have to find someone else to live vicariously through. Repeteadly my friends and I say we are dull and boring no one believes us.

    Sam - Thanks TGIF eh? Hope we have good weekends all around.

    Restless - Thanks I hope I feel better soon too, at this point its just annoying not getting in the way of life though.
  • Good Morning!
    Restless I live near Green Bay. So I have to be honest. I don't get the whole thing where you feel like you are cheating. We all have to dance to the beat of our own drum. We are all so different and what works for one may not work for another. We all have the same goal, to lose weight, get healthier and look as fab as possible. Yes, we sometimes hand out advice but we all are a take it or leave it group. We get how hard and complicated this is. Glad to have you with us!
    Sugar2go welcome! Don't worry about catching up just jump in and join us. When you are ready feel free to tell us more about yourself.
    Sam hugs to you honey. Let us know how it goes. If it is any comfort my cysts popped. I'm proud of you for staying on plan during this difficult time. I will always call you out on the doughnuts. Been there done that and started a year long slight gain/stall. Not what you want!
    Betsy 9 pounds down! Good for you! You and your imagination with a May Day Pole! Time for a second career in Hollywood!
    Silent I hate it when a illness lingers. Please do get better, Betsy is starting to scare me with her May Day Pole! We need to pick your/our social life back up. If you think you are dull where does the leave Betsy and I??? Great job getting in all that exercise. Not sure if I can give you tough love you are so sweet. The scale is really moving down for you lately. Good job!
    I had a light bulb moment. I have been eating like a horse. It started when I changed my exercise from the evening to the morning. I also noticed I only have that problem when I go on the treadmill. So a new change...try to walk outside or as a last resort go on the treadmill in the evening.
    Also realized my clothes do not make me feel attractive. Going to work on changing that even if I do hate shopping.
    Food is planned and I am done being fat!
    Have a peaceful day!
  • Ubee ~ Im glad to hear I've been a good example and Im glad to hear that you were thinking of me while you were walking, I think about you when I walk as well.

    Sugar2go ~ Welcome to the thread

    Silent,Betsy,Sam and Restless ~ Hello Ladies

    Im gonna walk for the 1st time today in 30 mins and then I'll walk again after dinner.
  • Good morning all. It's beginning to cloud over here in preparation for the rains returning. Hopefully I can at least get the front yard whipped into shape today before I give out.

    Terra You're definitely our champion when it comes to getting outside and get moving. Time for me to stop procrastinating on that front and get walking more. Supposedly I don't because the a fib means I have shortness of breath some times and my knees hurt and my hips hurt and and and. But, knowing you walk at least 3 times a day means I can walk at least once. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Ubee Today is Community Day here in our little town, and there will be a may pole with kids dancing around them. I'm not kidding -- it's a big event here, the kids get a half day off from school, and the whole town shows up. Old kings and queens are invited, but they don't have them do the may pole thing anymore because one year one of them dropped to the ground. She was ok, just cavorting around the May Pole was too much for her. Good for you on the breakthrough with the impact of when and what kind of exercise you do has on wanting to eat. I kind of feel like I had the same thing happen. With both of us lighting up bulbs from our insights, I'm surprised that the night sky wasn't lit bright enough to read by!
    SilentArctic Sounds like you're doing so much to keep you on track in spite of still feeling punk. Wow. When I feel lousy, I tend to curl into the fetal position and not come out of it until I'm back to normal -- or what passes for normal for me. Keep up the good work. I totally get wanting to be down a few more pounds/kg when you go to the doctor. Doctors are our approval vehicle in so many ways -- especially since they're usually the ones who say something like "you need to lose weight" and assume that the weight loss fairy will visit that night, wave her wand, and the magic will happen. Good luck.
    Restless I'm with Ubee -- taking medications to help with weight loss is not cheating. Finding what works for you is what's important. And you may find that posting on here helps not only with support, but with thinking through a lot of what got you to the point of wanting to lose a lot of weight to begin with. That's what's happened for me. Instead of jumping from one diet plan to another (my old habit), I've come to realize that 99% of my weight loss is tied in with modifying behaviors and is a mind game of sorts. So if the phen helps with getting you in the right place, then don't feel guilty about it.
    Sugar2Go Welcome. Just jump in and start posting. It's a supportive group, we understand how long this journey is going to be for us and coming here helps to keep all of us on plan.
    Sam So sorry that the ultrasound was painful, but glad that you have that behind you now. Can't believe that you came home and worked out. Good for you. Have a great weekend with your friend and DH.

    The realization that I tend to have binge urges right after exercising and after a lot of house/yard/play time has led me to start carrying Tootsie Roll pops in my purse. They're 60 calories each, seem to stave off the mad desire for potato chips, ice cream, and chocolate (usually all 3 end up being eaten once I get started!), and for the first time in a very, very long time, I actually feel like I'm in control of my eating. Or at least getting in control. It's very empowering. Hopefully this will last, and even if I do slip up, that it will be easier to get back to than has previously happened. Most of you know that I've gained and lost the same 20 pounds 4 times now. This will be the 5th time I'm shooting to get to 333 pounds which is one of my milestones. I really think I can do it this time. A whole lot of the credit goes to this group with helping me think through what's going on and analyzing what's really going on in my head. THANKS! Off to the gym and then yard work.
  • Thanks for understanding!!! I just swore Id never take "diet pills" and maintained that for a billion years LOL. BUT...Im sick of wasting time and needed a good kick start. I do feel that I gotta do what I gotta do to get rid of this. It isnt something I plan on doing til _____.

    So far I like the fact that Phen doesnt make me "feel"..anything...not hyper, not tired, no giddy, not not hungry. I just dont feel like eating. I know with taking insulin I have to be very aware so Im testing my blood sugars a lot and keeping glucose handy just in case.

    Over all....I eat healthy and have for several years. I know most of my issue is eating too much or too often. Im hoping the Phen will "slow me down"..as in make me think before I take that first bite and that'll give me the cause to pause and decide if Im eating because Im actually hungry or if Im eating just to eat. Sounds kinda goofy I guess.

    I swore Id never let myself get "here" and yet, lo and behold.....here I is
    How this happened Im not sure but it was a wild and crazy ride for sure.
    Being in casts and on crutches repeatedly surely hasnt helped. Recovering from repeated knee and back surgeries is extremely limiting and face it...bottom line is they're ALL nothing more than excuses and that's what Im trying to get away from. Thanks for listening

    ....oh I shoulda warned y'all....Im a talker