300+ Chat Thread: February, 2014

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  • Ubee ~ Yes I did enjoy our errands today and Yes I went food shopping or non food shopping today both at walmart. We're going to the Village Inn for a late lunch early dinner at 2 so Im looking forward to that.

    jane ~ Im sorry your still carrying water weight but thats good that your back on plan.

    Melissa ~ Im sorry your coming down with something and that you forgot your notes that you need to write your paper for your test that is 1st period.

    Im looking forward to getting my walks in today, Im gonna walk for the 1st time today after we get back from Village Inn and then I'll do it two more times before bed. I know I usually walk once at 11 am and then 2 pm and then one more time before bed but I couldnt get my walk in this morning cause I had a doctor's appointment at 7:45 this morning so anyway I hope everyone has a great day today.
  • Checking in a bit late today. Down with a bit of a cough. Seems to get worse whenever I talk, LOL.

    Glad to hear that everyone is doing OK.

    Dogs were VERY pleased that I'm home, though. I'll be working from home for a few days completing some employee writeups, so they'll be in heaven.

    Take care,

  • I'm doin' a little better today. Bob and I had a long discussion last night about how I need to be more self-protective, not only with respect to my Belgian friend Robine, but whenever I get into intense friendships with people who are deeply wounded. It helped me start focusing on taking better care of myself, and get free from obsessing about the loss I've suffered.

    For about ten days there, I didn't do my leg exercises, but now I'm getting back into the habit. 'Couldn't quite do all 600 leg lifts last night or tonight, but if I keep at it, I'll get back to where I was.

    And I'm finally starting to realize what an enormous accomplishment it is, that I haven't eaten one single cookie (or anything else with sugar in it) all through this heartache I've gone through. Whoa... I'm so pleased about that.

    Ubee Thanks for asking about my birthday plans, but it's eleven days away, so I haven't had any thoughts yet. I suppose I'll have a bar of very dark chocolate, and a bottle of champagne would be nice, but I doubt I'll try to get Bob to go out to dinner with me: his agoraphobia is so bad, it's a big stress for him to leave the house. And I want him to come with me to my cardiologist app't on the 25th, so that's all I'm going to ask of him. I'll save the notion of big plans for next year, when I turn 60.
  • A little low on calories today only 943. I spent the day preparing and cooking an Italian Dinner fundraiser for the Shriners. It included home made lasagna and I resisted temptation and did not eat any even after my customers labeled it as outstanding.
  • Terra-glad you're staying on plan with the walking. Wish I had a bit more time for that, but I just make time when I can(that's certainly better than nothing).

    Fi-Glad to hear you're in a better place today. Its amazing how many people that we don't think are "damaged" really are once we get to know them. Good deal about avoiding the sugar during this time. Hope you don't mind a few comments from a fellow weight struggler.

    Larry-AWESOME. Lasagna would be a toughy for me to turn down! Also, I'm so glad to see people donating their time to good causes.

    Be safe-waiting for snow and messy weather to come in here around lunchtime.

  • Good Morning!
    I slept through the night and feel great! My food is going good and I am slowly but surely getting moving in. Today I will ask my surgeon if I can start using the treadmill again.
    Dean hope you are feeling better. Glad the doggies are getting something positive out of it. What flavor coffee are you having today?
    Larry do you feel weak the next day when you eat so low? When I used to count calories I was always so hungry the day after a low day.
    Fi I'm glad you and Bob had a talk about setting boundries to protect yourself. No cookies or sugar! You've come a long way! Good job Fi! I always stop to think what I would have done in this situation before I started getting healthy. Yikes! I am not a big fan of big plans for birthdays for myself, so a chocolate bar sounds good! Glad you are doing better Fi.
    Terra how was your dinner? What did you have?
    Time4me hope today is better.
    Jane good for you for being able to fast! I try but...
    I am off to make some coffee. Have a focused day!
  • Checking in...today was a better day... very busy though.

    Only 1 more day until a 3 day weekend

    Fi- that is such a good accomplishment to not have had cookies/sugar at all during this!! Way to go for both doing it and knowing it!

    Hope you all have a good day
  • Jelly donut coffee again today... Mmmm... I always said that I wasn't a "fru-fru" coffee person, but I certainly seem to migrate to some of the flavors. I guess I can have the scent even if I'm trying to avoid the real thing, LOL. I allow myself a tiny bit of sugar(less than 1/2 teaspoon) and a touch of actual cream.

    Dogs are in hog heaven. Both of them curled up under their little blankets. Amazing that chihuahuas and some of the other small breeds really like to be almost swaddled.

    Watching the weather in case I need to try to close the office early... Not supposed to start here until after lunchtime, but we have some folks that live waaaay out in the sticks.

    Take care,

  • Larry I am extremely impressed that you could avoid lasagne. That, next to perogies and sour cream was my all time favorite food!

    Lost 5 pounds of water after my fast (only made it 20 hours - When I'm off plan too long before a fast the cravings are stronger). Unfortunately still have five pounds to go. I can't believe how much I retain no matter how I hydrate.

    Overhaul is starting where my roommate works, so I'll have the house to myself for quite a while. I also have to start dog sitting for a friend tomorrow.
  • S'mores coffee to start the day this morning... Mmmm, just has that little hint of chocolate.

    6-7 inches of snow last night. Very pretty, but the chihuahuas will NOT step foot in it, LOL.

    Everyone be safe today.

  • Down another pound in water weight today, probably could have been more, but I overdid it on feta cheese last night. (I made the mistake of buying a giant jar at costco and I can't keep my greedy fingers out of it). I'm barely worrying though because I'm a week away from TOM and I will most likely be eating carbs this weekend.

    This may be TMI but I really think my lower belly (I'm shaped like a "B") is shrinking and pulling up. At least it seems to be. Maybe it's just wishful thinking since the scale is not really moving and I haven't done much to put on muscle.

    The logistics of this dog and house sitting thing are already a nightmare and my friend has only been gone for 4 hours. It will be easier on the weekend but tonight and tomorrow will be tricky. I can't just pack up and leave my own house for two weeks because I have my own animals.
  • Dean ~ Yeah walking when you can is better then never walking at all

    Ubee ~ I had a ham and swiss sandwich,a cup of chicken noodle soup and a slice of cherry white chocolate dream pie, It was a pick 3 type of meal.

    2 hours before I walk for the 1st time today. Y*E*A*!!! 1st walk of 3 today.
  • Good Morning!
    What is going on with this thread? Spring will come. We can do this.
    I need to go shopping but first I must make my list.
    Have a healthy day!
  • Quote: Larry do you feel weak the next day when you eat so low? When I used to count calories I was always so hungry the day after a low day.
    Ubee I seldom ever feel weak. On very rare occasion my think my blood sugar takes a dive, I get the shakes and I have to eat something right away. This is rare though, happens maybe twice in a year.

    Back in the 1970's I was experimenting with water fasts. I would take no food, no juice, no coffee, no flavorings in my water like a squirt of lemon. I had plain tap water only. I did a few 10 day fasts and then decided to do a longer one and I went 40 days without food. I had low energy then. I used to describe it as operating on about 2/3 energy level. I caution anyone reading this not to try 40 days of fasting. I ended up in a hospital with total liver failure and the doctors informed me that I was going to die. I guess God had other ideas because for unknown reasons my liver started functioning again and I am still on the green side of the grass.
  • Hi I'm new here!

    I've been lurking for a month before I joined. Anyway, let's just say that there needs to be major changes in my life. Me and my husband are young and we want to have a family. I've always been thick(NOW fat) and never really made a serious attempt to lose weight(dont have one of those stories). But I gotta leave the Popeyes, Hershey Chocolate with Almonds, etc alone.

    So far I'm doing alright, 12+ pounds lost. But I'm curious. I manage to exercise 3 times a week but does it really aid weight loss(outside of tightening muscles/skin)? I was looking at some of the success stories if you will on here and many have dropped 100+ pounds with no regular exercise routine and just calorie counting?