300+ Chat Thread: February, 2014

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  • Ubee ~ Nope I dont use myfitnesspal but I do have an food and weight loss journal I use, Nope we wont have any veggies again until when go shopping on either Monday or Tuesday.

    Fiona ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! I hope you are having a wonderful birthday today.

    Im gonna walk here in a few mins and then I'll walk again tonight before bed, I'll try my damnest to walk again before bed, I dont know if damnest is even a word LOL, Sorry if its not.
  • Terra - LOL i think "damnedest" is the word you are looking for but, we knew what you meant totally. You are such a Walk-Star (rhymes with rockstar!)
  • Happy Birthday Fiona

    Lunch is my largest meal of the day. DW wanted to go to Golden Corral and I made it a Volumetrics Meal. I pigged out at lunch but it was only 715 Calories.

    Golden Corral - Green Beans, 1 cup
    Golden Corral - Cut Corn, 1/2 Cup
    Golden Corral - Baby Lima Beans, 1/2 cup
    Golden Corral - Southern Style Black-Eyed Peas, 1/2 Cup
    Golden Corral - Cabbage, 1 Cup
    Golden Corral - Small Salad With Low Fat Italian Dressing
    Golden Corral - Baked New Orleans Style Fish, 1.5 each
    Golden Corral - Salsa, 2 Tablespoons

    Dreamfields - Elbow Pasta, 6 oz
    Delmonte - California Petite Diced Tomatoes (No Salt Added), 1 3/4 cup
    Chicken by the Sea - Pink Salmon Skinless and Boneless, 4 oz drained
    Giorgio - Pieces and Stems Mushrooms- No Salt Added, 1 cup

    Apple Fresh - Granny Smith Apple, 1 medium (154g)

    Day total was 1,595 calories, My goal is 1,700
  • Good Morning!
    I am giving myself the talk today about how I can not expect the weight to drop 10 pounds a day just because I am on plan. Impatience can be good in that it encourages you to try harder or bad because it makes you think of throwing in the towel. I am going to keep at it!
    Fi how was your chocolate bar er I mean birthday?
    Larry you are a big rabbit! Good job!
    Terra The Walk-Star! I like that! Did you ever figure out how far you walk or do you just go by time?
    Silent whoa there is housework mojo???? I can tell you are really going to keep on with this and make your goal. It is just the things you say in your posts.
    I really want to see us all succeed!
    Have a good day!
  • Thanks everyone for the kind words! I have really been trying to rock it with working out and eating right. I think I'm starting to balance both but need to keep the mojo going so that I can continue to succeed.

    I got on the scale this morning and it said I gained 1.2 lbs. I'm going to chalk that up ad water weight because of my TOM and just keep rolling with the punches. I usually don't take weigh ins around this time too seriously because I know it doesn't mean I haven't lost fat.

    I returned my balance ball yesterday and got the new one with a better weight limit. I'm going to blow it up and work with that today to see how I like it. This one even came with a dvd to show you what you can do with it. I'm pretty excited about trying something new.

    I'm off to make breakfast and get ready to get my hair colored. I'm going purple again because I missed it so much I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!
  • silent ~ Okay well thanks for telling me what the right word was

    Ubee ~ I just go by time but it would be cool to find out how far I walk through.

    I woke up at 10 am this morning to start my day. Right now Im drinking a nasty Coca-Cola to wake up, I really wish I had my regular Cherry Coke Zero but oh well, I'll have more at 2 pm when my mom gets home, She's going to Dillions on her way home from work today but anyway since its Sunday Im not gonna walk today but I'll start walking again tomorrow. I did walk last night though so that was good. I just plan to relax today though. My plans for this week is Tuesday I have an appointment to go too and when we're gonna go to Walmart and we're also gonna go to the tag office and Wal-Greens as well, Not in any order though. At 2 or 3 pm We're gonna go to a sit down restaurant just like every week and then we'll come home for the day. Wed. My boyfriend's parents are coming to our city for an appointment and then my boyfriend and I are gonna go out to dinner with them. Thursday Im gonna go to my peer support meeting and thats all my plans for this week. I hope everyone has an awesome day.
  • Just popping by to with Fiona a happy birthday!!!!
  • Thanks, y'all, for all the birthday wishes, all the happy faces and balloons!

    I hope the rest of you will be emboldened to announce your birthdays as well. The support for healthy choices even when celebrating is really nice to have. How about everyone go ahead and tell us your birthdays, so we can jot them down in our datebooks? Come on, don't be shy...

    I had a nice little party with Bob last night. That's the second recent occasion for which we've had a party for two with the food just bein' a large Greek salad. He likes it, I like it...I think we have the makings of a tradition. Nothing like crunchy veggies and olives and feta cheese to lift the spirits! I had one little piece of garlic bread, then left the rest for Bob to eat. My dark chocolate bar with tiny chunks of ginger in it was sublime. But the real highlight of the party was that Bob bought me five (!) new books with gorgeous images in them that I can either scan or cut up (yes, I do cut up new books) for use in collage: lizards of the American Southwest, textiles of India, folk art from all over, science & technology, and strange maps. We both had lots of fun playing with them, and I am SO inspired!

    I'll make more personal comments tomorrow, when I've finished the collage I'm working on right now: it's got some time pressure on it. I hope everyone's psyched for an AWESOME week!
  • Popping back in here with yall :P

    Larry - You had alot more constraint than I did! Would've pigged out at Golden Corral. Much better for me to just stay away lol

    Terra - Seems like you have a good exercise routine. Do you do any running?

    Ubee - I hear ya! The impatience for the weight to come off can be discouraging, especially if you are doing daily weigh ins(I'm doing that February Daily Weigh IN - in the 100 Lb forum). Even if it's weight gain from TOM, the number needs to go down...down DOWN

    Fiona - Never really had much Greek salad before, the Feta cheese sounds good anyway. I was in Whole Foods yesterday and saw they had a huge selection of Dark Chocolate. More than I normally see in usual haunts like Walmart and Target.

    Sam - That's good that you are comfortably into the 2X and 24 size range. It's much more difficult to find 3X's in a lot of stores(heck even 2X's sometimes). Walmart and Macy's sometimes have 3X's for great looking clothes but I think everyone gobbles them up by the time I come around! Cato's Plus Size and Lane Bryant for me since I'm a 26/3X currently(used to be a 28 at one point in time)

    AFM, just wondering where I gained like 4 pounds in the last week from. I had TOM almost all week and I'm introducing more water into my diet. Also, for calorie counting and MFP, I only went above 2000 Calories one day. From what I've googled, this seems normal and apparently your weight goes back to normal a week later ???? lol
  • Sunday means weigh in day for me..... Was down 4.4lbs for the week! Was happy to see that. I have been sticking around 2000 calories a day and that seems to be working for me. Got out ad went for a nice walk today with DH, DD, and the dog on the walking path we have down the road. 1st time in months that I have been able to walk that far with out my knee hurting, or betting numbness in my back from the weight. I may not be able to see the weight loss yet, but I can at least feel it by the activities I choose to do.
    Hope everyone is ready for another WONDERFUL week!! I am so proud and inspired by everyone here. Thanks for being such a AWESOME group of support!
  • gurlnextgen, I had the same thing happen a few weeks ago. Gained 4lbs and had no clue why, but the scale caught up with me the next week and I was down 7lbs. I think our bodies are just figuring things out.
  • Good Morning!

    Sorry, I check out on the weekends. Too much computer time during the week. I was down a pound sunday morning... I'd prefer more, but I'll take what I can get!

    Had great weather this weekend, we were able to get out with the doggies and walk some, and got a nice long ride on the motorcycle in yesterday afternoon.

    Have a great week!

  • Good Morning!
    Dean one pound is great! Glad you got a ride in, must have felt great!
    Erin good job on the scale victiry and the non scale victory! Each are very important and motivating. How is your daughter healing?
    Gurlnextgen Good luck figuring out the scale! As for me I just keep at it and that stupid scale eventually catches up.
    Fi I am glad your birthday went so well. Greek salad is so good I love feta and olives and it makes even better! Having a little trouble with cutting up the books but I understand it if I remember it brings you joy. Now you have me thinking of that chocolate in my pantry...
    I am ready for an awesome week! It is frigid here but SPRING IS COMING!
    I have my food planned for the next 3 days so I feel good about that. Going to work on increasing my exercise because I am feeling stronger. Also going to face the pile of paperwork today.
    Who is going to join me for my awesome week?
  • gurlnextgen ~ Nope I dont do any running, I only walk

    Im gonna walk twice today, Once at 2:30 pm and the 2nd time later on tonight before I go to bed.
  • Hello all, I started my morning routine, I go by Fly Lady on house organization, and Let me tell you following and having a morning routine, I got so much done today and its only ten am and I am not even tried, I am now down two pounds.!, I am new here so bear with me if I don't get around to greeting you all and responding. I even started planting flowers outside.