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  • Yesterday was POP!! Hoping to continue today. I have good choices planned and will not do any baking even though hubby is begging. lol
    I need to figure out a time to get some exercise in my day.
  • Yesterday was POP! Today will be POP!

    Looking ahead to weekend house guests and the need to feed them comfort food after a long road trip and the stress of seeing the changes in my parents. Soup will be Friday night along with a nice green salad and some sweet bite - not sure about that one yet. That's as far as I've got other than to know I have been given the list of things to bring to Sunday brunch at my sisters - not best choices - that will have to be my off plan meal for the week.

    Stay strong!
  • I'm POP too! Had to use a couple extra points and if I'd made better choices during the day those points would not have been necessary. As always I'm a work in progress.
  • I had a POP day! Scales are showing that IM pop! It sure makes it easier to stay on track when the scales cooperate!
  • Yesterday was POP but not pretty. I didn't cave but was at high side of calories. Today is leftover day - all POP.

    Stay strong!
  • Weighed in at WW this morning. Lost 2.4 of the 4.4 gained the previous 2 weeks. YAY. I'm feeling good and keeping myself motivated.
  • Hi ladies, I see I've been MIA a whole week here.

    Looks like you all are feeling good and working hard.

    I've been up and down in terms of eating--more OP than not, but not 100%. I'm not sure why, but I'm still struggling with kind of directionless depression, and my disorganization, which is always troublesome, seems worse than ever. I would have thought that by now, working on three years after my mother's death, I would be starting to get myself back together, but I'm having trouble pulling myself out of yet another funk.

    Work is part of it, I know. I'm teaching an extra class, and trying hard to find meaning in my work at the same time that the quality of what happens in the classroom is just going down and down, and my school is in trouble, and I have a lot of colleagues who aren't especially helpful or team players... and, soon, my two best friends are leaving, while another good friend who had planned to retire a year and a half from now is thinking of moving her retirement date up. I suppose it's not having children, and not having much of my own family left, but the thought of losing all my friends (I mean from the immediate area, of course) just makes me feel like there's so little point left. The students are so awful, most of them, that I feel like my job is pointless and I wish I could at least do something that's productive.

    Well, a student should be arriving soon, so I'd best sign off. Didn't even get to ramble about what I came here to talk about.... disorganization.
  • Angela -disorganization carries over from my house to my body!! I do so much better when I make a list of what I need to get done and mark them off. I tend to stay more focused on me when I do.

    I like Angela end of year goal idea! Mine would be to lose 15lbs from where I am now...
  • Funny, Deb, I was just thinking that looking at that end-of-year goal was motivational. Then I got extremely stressed (on top of already being depressed) and lost it and binged on cookies, something I haven't done in a while.

    So, technically, I should be done eating for the day, but that's not realistic. I'll have to be as conservative as I can and then try to make up more ground tomorrow and the next day.

    I did spend some time today culling some books from the shelves in my office. Part of the problem in the office is that I don't have any place to put anything, because my storage space is full, and so I need to clean out space so I can have a place to store things that are currently sitting around.

    I guess part of my depression has to do with the way I've allowed disorganization to creep into every aspect of my life: email, calendar, office, home, car, computers, online presence, even doctor's appointments. I'm currently overdue for appointments with my GP, eye doctor, ear specialist, and dentist. Oh, and I owe two different graduate students my special attention. So it's hard to know where to start. Anywhere seems trivial--cleaning books off the shelves seems ridiculous given everything I need to do. But, I guess I did also catch up with some email, though not nearly all.

    Anyway, I guess i'll just keep moving forward and hope that something I do is worth doing.
  • angela, try making a to do list. I know it really helps me to mark off things no matter how small they seem. It kinda motivates me and keeps me focused. Hubby always feels better when he cleans out the car. So maybe since it should be a nice weekend go clean out your car.
    I always love the way things feel after you have rearranged them. Maybe try swapping a few things around on your shelf.
    We have to get outside and get our stuff finished up today before winter. I heard the S word in the forcast for mid week!! Im not ready!!
  • Whoa, snow? I hope it's a lie.

    I managed to get a few things done--made one of my doctor's appointments, at least. Talking about how little I feel like doing things seems to help me get a little bit motivated.

    Deb, the to-do lists are a great idea, unfortunately I am the queen of undone To do lists. I make them, look at them, sigh, and get more depressed.... Sometimes a list for just the 4 or 5 things I have to do TODAY will help me get them done quicker. But whenever I face how far behind I am with everything, I get overwhelmed with shame...

    Anyway. Hoping everybody's having a good weekend. Deb, I hope you and DH got your outdoors things done.
  • Angela,

    I've been there, overwhelmed, down, and a lifetime procrastinator. The one thing I've found that helps me is to do things in 5 or 10 minute segments. Might be just grab a trash bag and go through a pile of stuff. Put it away or toss it for 10 minutes. It's amazing how much crap we have that we don't need. Other times it's 5 minutes to make appts, pay a bill, or 10 minutes to do stuff on the 'puter. Carry a kitchen timer in your pocket and don't try to do big things all at once. Stuffs been needing to be done for ages it doesn't have to be completely done now, but if you chip away at it, and don't add to it, you'll be surprised how much disappears/gets done in even a couple weeks.

    I've gotten really good at answering my own questions such as: "When was the last time you used this? Are you really going to read this again? By the time this fits will it be in style or just moth eaten? A lot is Fly Lady stuff and/or the guy that used to be on TLC saying "If it's of value to you why is it under the bed rather than displayed for you to enjoy?

    Believe me. My life is nowhere near perfect but I feel a bit better about it every time I take a tiny step to make it easier.

    Huge hugs to you my friend.
    Oh.... and set that timer for 15 minutes a day to be good to yourself, a soak in the tub, a good read or buy yourself a pretty flower just to brighten your day.
  • judy- I love flylady. I really should follow her method again. I have trouble keeping my housework done with the 3 little ones I keep.

    angela-The weather man is now saying rain and snow mixed but I have trouble believing him. Guess we will see on tuesday.

    I had a good day yesterday. We cleaned the windows at my daughters house. They should be moved in by Christmas. We also cleaned on the work shop out there and I got lots of exercise carrying scraps of dry wall to a pile outside. I had a solid 30 min of exercise and my arms are a bit sore today.
  • I binged yesterday. Hubby brought home warm doughnuts and I ate 4. I had skipped dinner because I wasnt hungry. BAD move! Time to put it behind me and move forward today.
  • We've had houseguests since Thursday. Food choices have not been so good. Yesterday I was POP until dinner - I'll take that!

    Stay strong!