300+ Chat Thread: November, 2013

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  • Good morning!
    Fi, you are sounding much better!
    Calorie cycling is where you eat more calories some days and less on others. I do it because I am not a strict dieter.
    I can feel my will power is gone so I will try to remember I have committed to being healthier. Most of you will recall I am not big into exercise. How come I have put on a "few" pounds yet I now fit in smaller clothes and people are noticing my weightloss? What ever it is it is helping to keep me going.
    I need to do a better job of planning a menu. How many of you are big menu planners?
    Fi, what else have you learned in that book?
    Jane, yes ever vigilante. I just have to remember to do it. I often forget I am trying to be healthy...
    How is everyone doing?
  • Fiona very true. I sucked at it before, took a month off, and now suck at it again!

    They've changed my antibiotics, so I'm hoping that's the answer. I'm trying to wean myself off all the pain meds too, although I'm not taking anything stronger than a muscle relaxant and an NSAID. I'm really hoping this second wave of antibiotics does the trick!

    My swim was even wimpier today because I only had fifteen minutes to do it! Our water heater quit, and our shower is on a pressure sensor. So I have to get ready for work at the pool, and I was running late. To top it off, I forgot my towel! So it's only 9:30 and I'm a little grumpy! Good news is the new heater is here, and it should be installed today.

    I'm not going to hop back on the scale until this infection hits the road, because I can feel how much water I'm holding on to. Hoping to see some progress soon!
  • Betsy- I felt like a nap after posting it! But things have been slowing down and I got my computer back today and all of my files are on it!

    Ubee- I'm not always this busy, but there are a few times in a school year where things pile up (report card/exam time, and then show weeks for sure) this year I have some added duties as a department head too.

    Fi- I tend to have 2 kinds of 'stress' in my life, and the stress pre-show is a kind I enjoy (other than it still causes nausea, sleep deprivation and headaches).... but I live for putting on/being in a show! I do try to take time every week for just me, just around show time I get so on edge, even my co-workers know how cranky/stressed I get.... My mum actually wanted me to take a break from being a Drama teacher, but it's what I live for now.

    General update- life is slowly resumng to normal... I have less than a month until I go home for Christmas and am super stoked to spend 2.5 weeks with my mum and dog. No idea where my dad will be. Parent teacher interviews are on Thursday, and just looking forward to another weekend...

    hope you all have a great day!
  • Hi everyone!

    Just peeking in to say hello! I hope ya'll are doing great. I've really been struggling with staying on plan. So, this week (started Saturday actually). I changed my plan to see if that helped. So, right now I'm having the big "whoosh". I actually like the "whoosh!".
  • workinghardatlosing— Nice to see ya! If you're struggling with staying on plan, why don't you try posting to this thread on a daily basis? I've only been here about 5 weeks, but I can say it's been very helpful for my motivation and my focus, just to be checking in on a regular basis.
  • Another day of Atkins. A lot of intense emotions blew through me today, but praise the Goddess, at least I didn't have any cravings. Had a good workout this evening: 5 sets of left leg lifts, light lifting for biceps, deltoids & triceps on both sides.

    By popular request from Ubee, some more ideas from Brooke Castillo's book, If I Am So Smart, Why Can't I Lose Weight? ('hope you won't mind too much, silentarctic): Castillo says there are four kinds of eating: Fuel Eating, Joy Eating, Fog Eating and Storm Eating.

    Fuel Eating is eating with awareness of nutrition and what makes your body energetic and well-functioning. Fuel foods are nutrient-dense: they include fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, & complex carbohydrates. Castillo suggests that you practice awareness of your hunger, on a scale from -10 for ravenously hungry, up to 0 for when you feel neither hungry nor full, then up to +10 for when you're absolutely stuffed. She suggests that you start doing your fuel eating when you are -2 level of hungry, and that you stop when you are +2 level of full. She says that fuel eating should be 90% of the eating you do.

    Joy Eating is just that—pure and simple joy. Joy foods are not necessarily helpful to your body, and often they aren't, but they are foods that taste good in your mouth. They can be any kind of junk food. The important thing is that you eat them slowly, with full attention and pleasure. Castillo thinks that most diets fail because they don't allow for the real world, in which people like the taste of certain foods, and want those foods for the joy they bring. She says that joy eating should be 10% of your eating.

    Fog Eating is unconscious eating. It's popcorn at the movies, chips in front of TV, food eaten out of the pot while you're cooking. You know you've been fog eating when you look at the empty can of nuts and you don't remember having eaten them. Fog eating is a bummer because you're distracted when you're eating, and you get no pleasure out of it. Castillo says you should NEVER engage in fog eating. She says you should pull yourself out of the fog as soon as you can, and reconnect to yourself: "This is your life; you don't want to miss it."

    Storm Eating is like binge eating, but she calls it a storm because all storms come to an end. Storm eating is eating when you aren't hungry, knowing you are doing it, and feeling unable to stop even though you want to stop. Storm eating is usually caused by depriving yourself of too many forbidden foods. If you're fueling your body regularly and allowing yourself some joy eating, usually the storm eating disappears. Storm eating may also be brought on by intense emotions that feel out of control. The important thing if you find yourself storm eating is not to judge yourself. You need to be kind to yourself, and try to figure out what is really going on. The damage that occurs from a storm is not the amount of calories you eat: it's from disconnecting from your body and then beating yourself up over it. Think of it instead as a learning opportunity. After a storm eat, you may not be hungry for quite some time: wait until your body is -2 level of hungry again, give your body the fuel it requires, and stop at +2 level of full. Then see if you can't schedule some joy eating as part of your regular plan.

    Thoughts? Comments? Experiences y'all have had with any of these types of eating?
  • Hello lovely ladies!
    I have had a very eventful year culminating in a fairly serious op 2 weeks ago. From my lowest weight of 19 and a half stone ish I am now 23 and a half stone ish still 2 stone lower than when I started 18 months ago. And do you know what? I don't feel as discouraged as I thought I would ! I know that I have lost 80lbs before and I can do it again....this time from a position of better health!
    I hope you are all well.
    Tis pouring with rain here in the Welsh mountains but it is still beautiful!
  • Good morning!
    Jane, hope your day is off to a better start.
    Time4me, do you have any special plans when you are home for the holidays?
    Working, nice to see you again. Enjoy your whoosh!
    Welcome Mountain walker! Good job not getting discouraged. 99% of this is mental work. In my opinion!
    Fi, happy for you that you did not have any of the dreaded cravings!
    Thanks for taking the time to share what you have read. I always like something to mull over throughout the day.
    I like all the different terms. I have a problem when joy eating turns into storm eating. I think it may be a chemical reaction because all my joy eating is sugar. I need to work on this because I will find balance!
    Also, I can not do the how hungry am I exercise. That part of me broke a long time ago and I have to figure out how to fix it.
    Fog eating was how I used to spend my days. At night I now play solitaire to keep my hands busy if I am watching tv.
    Coming here every day and being accountable helps keep healthy eating on the front burnner and if I can maintain most of the time and lose once in a while I am happy.
    How is everyone doing?
  • hey everyone nice to meet you
    I'm still learning how to navigate though
    This site and what everything is but just in case any one was wondering who I am my name is Sandra im married for almost two years and have a 8month baby I was trying to lose weight when I got pregnant than just let it go. I now weigh 307 on a good day... and my husband is kinda being a jerk about my weight mind you he has no idea how hard it is for me cuz he only ways 125.
    Yeah I know right!! Anyway hopefully someone here can help me cuz I'm the pickyest eater I know and no diet plans seem to work and mainly i just need to set goals and for someone to motivate without judgment.
    Thanks ladies .
  • Good Morning!

    Ubee I am not a big menu planner. I like to have a fridge full of fresh produce and fruit and I go from there. I like to cook but I prepare simple meals. Today I will have leftover halibut steak sautéed with onions, garlic, brussel sprouts on top of brown rice. I often eat foods like that, so it does not require much menu planning.

    workinghardatlosting Congratulations on the big whoosh! What type of plan are you following?

    FI Thanks for sharing more information. I find it interesting.

    Have a good day.
  • In honor of what Brooke Castillo says (see my previous posting) about joy eating, I just bought two slices of sweet potato bread at our Co-op bakery. Sweet breads are not one of my Big 3 dangerous foods, and if I eat no more than half a slice a day, I should be able to stay in ketosis. =big smile= I'm also really rockin' the thing about parking a long way from the store: what with taking my cart out and all the way back, that makes 4 stints of brisk walking!

    Sandra— Welcome again! Thanks for givin' us your name: names are so much more friendly than handles. My heart goes out to you about your unsympathetic husband. My husband used to be real skinny, too, but now that he's acquired a middle-aged paunch, he's more aware of the trials we fat women go through. We are here to help you as much as we can, and we are definitely not going to judge you. We all have slip-ups from our eating plans, and we know what it's like to commit to this long journey. You say you're a picky eater and haven't had any luck with diet plans...could you put together a customized diet plan from whatever nutritious foods you do like? Speaking only for myself here, I think it's more important to watch your carbohydrate grams than it is to watch your calories. Maybe you could start by cutting out sugar & sweets, white bread, rice, potatoes & pasta. But I'm sure the other posters wiil have their own ideas. As for motivation, well...what's motivating you? Why do you want to lose weight?

    mountain walker— Welcome! You sound like you're going into this with an excellent attitude: yes indeed, you can do it again! Please tell us more about your hopes, fears, plans, dreams, whatever you feel like sharing...
  • Hey again! I just put in a Richard Simmons DVD and completed it. My arms are soooo tired. I go to deep water aquafitness which is a good workout however without gravity it helps to do other things. I am proud I did the whole DVD, for me it is an accomplishment.

    Just wanted to share.
  • Good morning all. I thought I had posted yesterday, but guess I skipped a day. Everyone has been so busy -- great to read all the posts.

    Jane -- It's so good to see you back, although still having problems with the kidney stones and an infection is a bummer. And it is hard to stay on plan when you feel lousy -- that's when I want foods that are both comforting and help to release those endorphins. I did chuckle over the wimpiest swim every. I went swimming when I visited a friend -- first time in YEARS (make that decades). Well, I found out that all of this fat floats. I'm in no danger of drowning, but getting my body into a position where I could actually swim was impossible. Kind of funny, and definitely helped me understand why they used to call life vests Mae Wests! Sorry you had such a terrible start to the day -- no water heater, forgot your towel, short swim. Toby barks a hello to your Tobey!

    Ubee -- I'm with you on not ever being able to be in the I'll-never-eat-that-again (see Fi's joy eating category). My challenge is to keep my joy eating down to 10%. But I'm slowly getting better about getting back on track when I slip up, and yes, doing this for the rest of my life is now part of my thinking. I wish I could say that I do wonderful menu planning, but basically it occurs each morning when I enter it into MFP. Occasionally I will plan ahead if I'm going to make a roast or bake a chicken or make soup, but it's pretty much on the fly.

    Fi -- Good for you on getting back into Ketosis and especially on how it makes you feel. Loved the four types of eating. Way too much fog eating previously! (And still sometimes now!). You asked if I ever set aside time for myself. I chuckled, because while I'm busy, it's all stuff I want to do. After a long career as a project manager for IT projects, 60-70 hour work weeks, and all the stress that went with managing company-wide projects (I was at Wachovia back when it was a good bank), this seems like heaven. I like keeping busy and I'm getting to run my house and life in a way that was impossible for so long. So, thank you for being concerned about the me side of life, but please rest assured that I'm definitely getting plenty of me time.

    Time4me -- Sounds like this weekend will be a little calmer, and looking forward to going home for Christmas is such a sweet anticipation.

    Workinghard -- keep that whoosh up. In spite of feeling like you're living in the bathroom, it does feel like you can literally feel yourself shedding those pounds -- even if it is water weight.

    Mountainwalker -- welcome and what a great attitude. It sounds as though your appreciation of where you live is like mine. Sometimes I just go out on my deck, wrap up in a blanket, and look at the mountains and the trees and the misty clouds, and wonder how I got so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

    Sandra -- welcome and let us know what you like. I'm with Fi on needing to count carbs. I count calories, carb, and sodium; but with one of the diet apps, that's not hard to do. I experiment with calorie counts and carb counts to see where my sweet zone is. Right now, I'm keeping the calories at about 1200/day and the carbs between 50-75g but no more than 100. It's working for me, but I truly believe that everyone has to find their own best way of dieting. And then stick with it -- that's the hard part.

    OK -- guess I'd better get it in gear and hit the gym. We had our first hard frost last night, and Toby was thrilled (I was less thrilled!). He thought each blade of grass was a popsicle. I'm finally almost back down to my lowest weight before I went nuts. I have 3 more pounds to lose. I'm still wondering what happened that I gained back 20 pounds and think of where I could be if I'd just lost that 20 pounds from my low weight point instead of losing it for the second time. But at least I got back on the wagon, and I am giving myself a great deal of credit for that. Previous history would say that it was the start of the long slide back to where I started, but not this time! A lot of that credit goes to coming here every day and getting support!
  • Im not 300 lbs now but I started there so im jumping in and saying haaaaaiiii!! ::
  • Fi-Wow thanks for the advice I've never tried to count carbs I've done the calorie counting thing with a little success but I'm ashamed to admit I didn't stick to it.I think cutting all those things from my daily meals is going re be tough but I can do it I have to do it for myself and for my baby girl .

    Betsy-thank you as well your diet plan sounds amazing Iwould love to know the name of the app you use ,if that's possible. I have no idea how many calories I should be eating or how many carbs or any of those things i think i can really be alright with counting the amount I eat .

    As for healthy food I like umm I think the healthiest thing is chicken breast if that's even healthy I dont really like any veggies or fruit I can stand bananas sometimes but other not so much ... My eating habits are horrible and I admit it .i need to change the way i eat but everything taste so bad to me i dont even know where to start ...

    The few times i went to the Dr for nonweight related things they would always tell me the same thing that i need to lose weight i would smile and say i know but in reality i just dont know how . i dont eat large amounts of food just lil bita os bad food and alot of soda thats my weakness soda i think i might evwn be addicted to it, cuz when i dont drink soda for a whole day my head will start to hurt and it wont go away till i have some its something i hate to admit and not even my husband knows . But i understand i have to stop with the all the soda ans choose water .i just wonder if that has happend to anyone else and how they delt with it.

    Well cant wait to read your replies .

    307 want to be 250 for now .