300+ Chat Thread: November, 2013

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  • Hi ladies...
    Hope everyone is having an awesome Sunday. I'm doing alright. I only work Fri Sat and Sun and I don't get much sleep since my son wakes up so early and I get off and go to bed so late. So by Sunday I'm a Zombie mamma.. I'll get to take a nap today though before work so I'm excited about that.
    Rewards: Yes I do reward myself. For each milestone I'll reward myself with a piece of clothing, a new purse, my nails getting done and so on. I'm a tattoo person so when I hit my 10% I did reward myself with a little tattoo on my hand. So those are my rewards..
    Fiona, the top and bottom sound so cute. Thanks for your advice. You know what I was thinking about that too last night. I wore this work shirt that I thought might be a little too tight because when my posture is bad the shirt opens up between the button holes.. YOu know where to see that gap. Well, I did safety pin it where needed but I was sure to have great posture all night so the shirt would stay smooth and not bulge.. Well, I made it all night without a back ache.. I think I will keep wearing these shirts to remind me to have better posture..
    OH and about the eating.. I'm an emotional eater. Like you I can go x amount of day total OP (on program) as I call it and then be totally bad the next 2 months. I haven't quite figured out what triggers it yet, but working on it..

    I hope everyone else is doing great!!
  • Good morning all from the house where dog training has become the primary means of exercise. Up/down/up/down/up/down/outside/inside/etc. all accompanied by stimulating conversation such as Out?, Go Potty, go potty, and Good Boy (that one gets a treat -- for the dog, not me!).

    Time4me -- which shade of red are you trending towards in finding your red? My natural hair color has some red in it, but it's sort of hidden by all the gray now. My roommate in college had this gorgeous auburn, curly hair that she, of course, hated. Are we ever happy with our hair? Good for you with losing a pound but what I'm really impressed with is turning down chocolate. I swear if someone gave me the choice of a million dollars or chocolate for the rest of my life, it would take a lot of consideration.

    Sassyangies -- Welcome back. This is a great thread for lots of support, plus the personalities are so interesting. There's lots of support, no one being judgmental, and it's fun to see what everyone is up to during the week. Sounds like you've got a lot going on in your life, but I loved the description of wearing shirts that made you remember to have good posture.

    Fiona -- love the rewards program.......sort of your own version of frequent flyer miles only for frequent pounds lost. Also laughed about your discovery of sitting sideways to tie your shoes and being happy about clipping your own toe nails. One thing about being at our size is that we get a lot of rewards just in being able to do every day activities more easily that others just take for granted. My reward was to buy myself three size 2X tops while I was on vacation in Arizona. They're still a little too snug, but I'm getting pretty close to being able to wear them. I think the last time I was in a 2X was back in 1989 or 1990.

    I'm sorry, Fiona, but I'm still impressed with your sticking with Induction longer than about 3-4 days. Yes, we all have those emotional eating moments, but the Induction phase of Atkins was always really hard for me. I like fruit, and not having any was just way too hard for me. I'd have a piece of fruit, and it was like I felt like I'd allowed the flood gates to open so everything became fair game. Totally my own mind rationalizing my behavior, but I'm still impressed.

    I think everyone has to find an eating approach that they can live with, produces results, and can be used in maintenance for the rest of our lives.

    On that note, yesterday was a horrible eating day, but so far I don't seem to have gained any weight from it. I mentioned that the Co-op annual meeting was last night. Well, while I like the people at the Co-op, serving on the Board is a source of great stress for me, mainly because there's a strong tendency to run it on a hope and a prayer as opposed to running it as a business. I keep preaching that we can have a philosophy that is demonstrated through how we run the Co-op, but we have to start making better business decisions. There are two contingents in the membership -- the ones who take responsibility and put in a lot of effort to keep the store going and the ones who definitely want the store but want everyone to go home feeling good. I suspect that they're already sampling the goods from WA's approval of legalized pot even though it hasn't been implemented yet. Oh well, one more year on my term, and then I'm going to go volunteer at the community center and with the Lions Club where there are paid staff members who understand that it can't all be a magic moment.

    OK, not to end on such a downer note, Toby is signaling his desire to visit the great outdoors. Have a great rest of the weekend.
  • Fiona- I'm glad you have a healthy relationship with the word. There are a few words that I just abhor, and since I can get neurotic at times I just do what I can to avoid them. oddly enough it's more if I say them outloud than read them.... I know I'm all kinds of weird.

    In other news... I am 1 pound away from ticker weight again.... so down 2 today... so back on plan it's scary. Tomorrow is my 'official unofficial weigh in day' so it looks like I might be right back on track...

    Getting a little irrational at work.... students don't have lines memorized yet and they perform in a week... so I'm upset (they don't care)... so my friend just told me to stop punishing myself and that I have nothing to prove and then offered to help me tomorrow since he's free... I'll take it... since it kills a piece of my soul everytime they don't care about drama...

    Hope you all are in happy places
  • Hi everyone!
    Fiona, we cross posted the other day. Good job ignoring the sweets in the store. I went on Friday and I never remember it smelling so tempting as it did. Also, thanks for letting me know I should start strength training. The other day I told my husband we should be doing it but I couldn't remember why. As for rewards... maybe I should have some. When it comes to all or nothing thinking when dieting this is something I have managed to improve on and I think that is why I am still here after so many months. Thanks for letting me know the neck/face exercises help you.
    Pluckypear, thanks for the explanation. I hope all goes well for you.
    Betsy, glad to hear your big news! Did you sample some of your cake?
    Time4me, good job saying no to chocolate cake. Stay strong.
    Welcome back Sassyangies! Good job stopping your regain before you came back with the dreaded regain + .
    I am in my weekend slump. I ate way too much and even thought for one second maybe I should take a break from this site. Hello slap in the face! Glad I caught that stinkin thinkin right away! So I am here and hope to get my goove back.
    Stay focused!
  • Betsy- I have this dark cherry red at the moment but it's incredibly subtle, my natural hair colour is a pretty rich brown with some golden tones... I like it too, but now that some greys are popping up I felt like it was time to colour! I have more of a mid auburn for my next colour attempt probably when I'm home at Christmas.... But I like dark auburns and am currently just doing the stuff in a box....
  • Another day of low carb. Not much to report. Kinda low on energy today, but I did manage to do a workout with leg exercises on one side, free weights for arms on both sides. I'm immersed in reading the Civil War novels of Howard Bahr: he's really good! I had a sugar craving in the evening, but I managed to let it drift away while I munched on turkey.

    I wrote my bio for the Alternachicks section of the forum: I only just realized yesterday that I am an Alternachick. But I still think the best support will come from 300+, because y'all know what it's like to make one's weight loss into a looooong journey into better eating habits and regular exercise. I wish I could stop worrying about the eventual issue with loose skin: it will happen if and when it happens, and there's nothing I can accomplish by worrying about it now.

    Best wishes for a nice day off, those of you who are benefiting from the 3-day weekend...
  • Hope everyone is doing well. Sorry I haven't been around in a while. Still plugging along though. Just trying to get everything ready for 2 concerts I'm going to next month. I actually bought a dress for one. And I haven't worn a dress in years so I'm excited about it and a little nervous.

    I was also nervous about it because I'm going to the concerts with a different friend both nights and I eat very strictly but luckily they told me they're on diets too so no pressure. I had fully intended on cheating on these days and decided against it since I'm doing so well and want nothing to jeopardize that.

    Hope everyone is doing well!
  • Good morning!
    I am up 3 pounds this week. I am not going to stress about it...
    Fiona, my loose skin concerns come and go depending on the day and what is going on in my life. A few weeks ago I had my blood pressure taken with a different nurse. She went to get the regular cuff. I saw her coming with it and questioned her about it, she gave me the it will fit comment. When she went to put it on she realized there was a whole lot more arm hanging down. We both got a good chuckle out of it.
    Watchout, good idea to stay on plan. It is easier to stay on plan then get back on plan. A new dress is very exciting!
    I am so happy it is Monday! I need to be in a rut to do this. Now I just have to get back on the treadmill.
    How is everyone doing?
  • I look in the mirror a lot more naked just to familiarize myself with my body. I'm sure I will have loose skin but either way we'll be healthier and generally look better. We put so much thought into what our bodies looks like and I think that's why it's so hard to succeed with losing weight. I say we just keep going and figure out the next step when we get there.
  • Happy Veterans Day, y'all!

    Here's a bit of science regarding small fluctuations in weight. A 70 kg. (155 lb.) man has between 41 and 43 liters of water in his body at any one time. If his amount of water goes over 43 liters, his kidneys excrete the excess. If his amount of water goes below 41 liters, he gets thirsty and drinks some. So his body naturally has a 2-liter range in how much water it contains.

    2 liters of water weigh 4 pounds. That means any time that man stands on the scale, he has to figure there's a 4-pound range within which his weight fluctuates, due to water content alone. This is a totally normal fluctuation. That person is only dehydrated or overhydrated when they're outside of that range.

    Now I don't know what the normal range of water content is for a 300+ lb. woman, but it's at least that much. So we all need to remember that we have at least a 4 pound range in our water alone, every time we step on the scale. That's why tracking a trend in one's weight over time, like on a graph you keep on the fridge, is much more meaningful than worrying about what you weigh on any one day. If the trend is in a downward direction, it doesn't matter if you see a 1-pound, 2-pound, even a 4-pound gain, at one particular time.

    So Ubee, you're absolutely right not to stress about those 3 pounds. =smile=
  • Wow -- that weekend went by quickly! In spite of being retired, I still think of the weekend as a special time and also tend to let down a little on the eating plan.

    Time4me -- Congratulations on being 1 pound away from your ticker weight. I've got 7 pounds to go and can hardly wait to be able to move it. I only change it when it goes down.....scared to change it when it goes up for fear that I'll accept the gain is permanent. Of course your kids don't know their lines.....but they'll magically know them in time. Or the worse that can happen is you have them perform reading from the scripts and announce at the beginning that they refused to learn their lines so please excuse the use of scripts. OK, maybe shaming them isn't the best teaching/parenting approach, but hope it all works out in the end. Your red quest sounds like fun.

    Ubee -- Thank heavens you came to your senses and decided to stay with us. Otherwise I'd have to cyberstalk you to get you back.......not sure how I'd do that so just take it for the empty threat that it is. Just glad you decided to stay with us.

    Fiona -- hope your energy levels are back up to normal. Mine go up and down, and I've discovered that it's always tied into how well I slept the night before. Maybe a nap would be in order. The loose skin may be a problem, but I look at all the things I have wrong with me from being obese for literally decades, and loose skin is the least of my worries. I'm old enough that losing a decade due to obesity means that I'm seriously looking at the end stage, and I'm not ready for that yet. So, bring on the loose skin if it means that I'll get back several of those "lost" years.

    Watchout -- two concerts sounds like fun and a new dress! Good for you. Enjoy.

    I got the house cleaned up yesterday, let Toby run around in the yard for awhile, and have been thinking about how involved I want to be with the Co-op. My grandnephew is having tubes put in his ears tomorrow so hopefully that will help with both the drainage and his speech. He's 3 and way behind on his speech -- although he talk all the time pretty much non stop. The doctor told my nephew not to be surprised if he asks what common sounds are because he's basically had pretty severely reduced hearing since a really bad ear infection last year. The infection went away, but evidently the fluid never drained off the ear. The big challenge will be getting him to put on the hospital gown!

    Have a good day.
  • Ubee- Good for you! Stressing over a small gain is not going to help.

    Watchout- It's funny, I find myself actually looking at my body more.... (probably desperately hoping to see the spot where the weight left lol) but I like your outlook!!

    Fiona- Interesting science... definitely keeps things in perspective...I do daily weight tracking and have a book which will keep my first year of weight loss. I have missed some days but not many, I could graph that and perhaps I will but seeing a list of numbers can help spot a trend too...

    Betsy- My friend offered to help me today, so he sat in my Drama class with me and I let him take the lead on show notes. He was my co-drama teacher last year and I think his input plus my calm lecture might have gotten through to them. We'll see what happens in rehearsal/class tomorrow. He also told me he was just telling them everything he learned from me last year (he had never taught drama before but do to scheduling I could only teach grade 9 Drama every other day, I had an English class on the other days so he did it and we did all the work and planning together). It was nice to work with him again and he enjoyed it.

    So I ended up with a new ticker weight! so pleased to be back on track.... I agree with you Betsy I only move my ticker down... then seeing it reminds me to get back to that weight...
  • Watchout, I too spend more time naked in front of the mirror. It is almost like a science experiment. I am so interested in the way things are changing. It may not all be pretty but it is fascinating. Just to let you all know how daft I am...I did not know about loose skin until I came on here a year ago.
    Thanks Fiona, you always know the right thing to say. I checked out alterchicks. In my small world we are all colorful characters. We all make the world go round.
    Betsy, I think you should buy your nephew some fun underoo's so he will put on his gown to show them off. I'm glad I caught myself trying to sneak off. All of you help me so much! Do you get snow where you live? Just thinking of Toby.
    Time4me, great job with your ticker! I wish I could see your play it sounds like it might be interesting in a fun way.
    My friend and I went to the thrift store. I found a pair of pants that I wanted in my head but could not find in the stores!!! I also bought a fuzzy sweater to wear at home only. It has a neon sign that says check out this chicks back fat! They have a BAD mirror in that store. I looked like an apple on sticks. When I got home I packed up 3 pairs of pants that I was told not to wear any more and gave them away.
    Stay focused!
  • I've been reading an interesting book: If I Am So Smart Why Can't I Lose Weight? by Brooke Castillo. It has some helpful tools for dealing with emotional eating. I've just now been reading the chapter devoted to how many people use eating as a way to run from their feelings, especially when they're strong negative feelings like anger, frustration, sadness, loneliness, guilt, etc. I thought the following lines were interesting, worth paying attention to:
    Your real work on this planet is not your weight or fat. The fabric of your emotional journey is not about deprivation and overeating. It is about love and fear and manifesting the magnificent person you already are. It is time to pay attention to your real life. Stop distracting yourself from your emotional life. Find out what you are feeling and feel it. It is then you can find the way to who you really are. I promise you, it is not just fat.
    I've had a lot of sugar cravings this weekend. I didn't give in to the urges to eat sweets, and as a result I had some strong feelings—mostly sadness, loneliness, and a longing to connect with friends who are thousands of miles away. I made a bunch of phone calls, but didn't end up getting in touch with anyone. And my best email friend has been acting kind of distant.

    Anyway, I want to say that it's an achievement for me, that I weathered those feelings without having to eat sweets. They weren't overwhelming. They didn't make me seriously depressed or hurt me in any other way. They were just feelings...my "real life," as Castillo puts it.
  • Good morning!
    I want to binge on sweets so bad today! I do not want to deal with my emotions!!!!
    Fiona, I think there are many vises to avoid feelings. Drugs, alcohol, shopping, being a mean boss and yelling at people... I think because we are all so busy we have less time being social with each other in that face to face time. (No not face time over the internet.) So much of that time we spent talking about our feelings and our lives. When we were done it often ended with a hug and a knowing that you were loved and accepted. We no longer have the balance of friends and family. Some of us are lucky to have a spouse that listens and shares. Like we have found out by being on here it takes a village. In real life our village people have locked themslves in their rooms with their computers and TVs or are at the mall... many of us are in arrested development when it comes to our emotional growth. Just my 2 cents. Please share more with us as you read. It is good food for thought.
    How is everyone doing?