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  • As far as helping an overweight/obese child....get out n do active sports, etc together and NEVER use food as an award.
  • Well I had a weird day, definitely the kind of day that reminds me I'm Bipolar, not just prone to depression. In the morning I was quite happy, but as the day progressed I got more & more driven and compulsive in what I was doing, and all wound up on the inside like I had a motor in there that was going redline. Finally I pulled myself out of my work, with great effort, and took one of the prn's I have for when I'm swinging in a manic direction. My manic symptoms are hardly ever euphoric: they're usually some version of a workaholic at warp speed—very uncomfortable, not at all fun. But the prn helped: I spent a long time meditating and got grounded again. =sigh of relief= I recently withdrew from one antidepressant (Effexor) and got started on a new one (Cymbalta), and I think it's taking my neurotransmitters a while to adjust.

    Meanwhile, my eating is on plan, and I even managed to do 3 sets of leg exercises tonight. (Usually I do 5 sets, but who cares?) Now that I've made it to Day 5 of my no-emotional-eating mini-goal, I'm starting to get nervous... what if I do actually go 30 days without an emotional eating episode? I don't think I've ever gone a full month without that behavior pattern, not since I was like 19 years old, or even much earlier. What will happen if I pull it off? Eeeek! I'm filled with dread, and I don't know why. I need to figure out why it scares me so much....

    I hope y'all are enjoying your pre-holiday activities. I'm still too blitzed to be able to address everyone individually. I will say this, though: where is Melissa?? I was expecting her to check in with us after the big drama productions at her school. And I'm thinking about silentarctic and Jane, too, wondering how they are doing...
  • Hi Everyone!

    So nice to check in and a buzz of activity in the thread.

    Ubee Yes I do love dark shows. I am a fan of American Horror Story as well.

    SMSDREAMER2007 Thanks for sharing so much of yourself here. I use a laptop because my desktop died last year and I use an Ipad. However I have the first Ipad and it is a pain as it will not load flash player but it is fun for surfing. But I hate sending long emails on it or my phone. I find on the Ipad I make too many errors and cannot type fast enough. When I am working I need a desktop because I do so much work on it. I need a big screen for reading papers etc.

    Mountainwalker Cooking with your son sounds like so much fun. And water polo is a great activity.

    Fi So glad you are feeling better. I have thought about upgrading my Ipad. Do you know if the Ipad 2 you have is very different from the first Ipad? That is the one I have. I imagine there is a big difference. I looked at your art work and loved it, I really like andy's exquisite corpse party, part 1
    Wild! How do you find your inspiration?

    betsy2013 I hope you feel better soon.

    I am staying in points but still struggle with eating too many foods that I am not happy with. For example I wanted a quick dinner and picked up a can of low fat cream of mushroom soup, the kind you do not add water to. It is 8 points and really not worth it. No nutrition and very high in sodium. I have this nostalgic pull towards this kind of soup but it never tastes as good as I imagine it will.

    I have been busy with meetings etc.

    Good night.
  • Hey ladies....

    Sorry for my absence, things have been hectic in my life.

    So drama updates... the dress rehearsal and show went well. Students and teachers enjoyed themselves and I was quite proud of my students. They are currently working on a final scene in class and will start rehearsal for a winter show next week.

    I also had parent interviews and those went well....

    Now I am kind of just counting down the days until I go home for Christmas (20 days by the way).... Still loving playing poker every Thursday, came in 3rd out of 11 last week and looking forward to tomorrow. Then next week I have a tournament in Maddi (city I used to live in)

    Weight loss has been on hold.... been sitting at my ticker weight (or up a little, but today at my ticker weight) for 2 weeks... was not feeling it, but now starting to feel motivated again.

    In a bit of a dark place emotionally, trying to work through it...

    Went shopping last night, and bought a Christmas figurine, a Mickey Santa designed by my favourite artist Romero Britto, I was so excited when I saw it!

    Hope you all are doing well
  • Good morning ladies. It's the day before Thanksgiving in the US; and, Ubee, you're right -- I LOVE the holidays. Feeling better today so I can get the prep work finished up pretty easily.

    Fi -- Your collages are amazing. I have absolutely no artistic talent -- my brain just doesn't work that way -- while my sister was a very talented artist who could even do portraits. Of course, since I have no artistic abilities, I'm always in awe (and probably a little envious) of those who do. Thanks for sharing these with us.

    Ubee -- WOW -- didn't realize that my 30 pound weight gain memory from last December was so impactful.....although I do have to admit that I'm not going to let that happen again. I am impressed that you're trying the no weighing as I'd have to have my scale removed from the house to stick to that. Good luck! Loved the info on Dr. Kadile -- what a novel concept -- accept that there's probably something physically causing someone to be morbidly obese as opposed to just a lack of will power.

    SMSDreamer -- Congrats on getting down to 273! Your life sounds so busy with going to school -- I well remember when I was in grad school, married, working, wondering if I would ever have a moment to myself again. And I definitely didn't try losing weight during that period although I should have. Good luck!

    I just realized that while tomorrow will definitely be an off plan day, that the menu isn't all that unhealthy -- or at least there are healthy options. My rule at holidays is that everyone gets to have one dish that is special to them. So, mashed potatoes for my nephew, mac & cheese for younger grand-nephew, corn casserole for niece, green beans and turkey for other nephew, etc. The grands and one nephew are spending the weekend, so I imagine that the left overs will be pretty much gone. Guess I'd better go get it in gear. I doubt if I have time to post tomorrow, so just want to take the opportunity to wish everyone (in the US at least) a Happy Thanksgiving.
  • Hello Everybody!

    It is so exciting to read about some of you getting ready for American Thanksgiving. Enjoy.

    I have on Christmas music, Bruce Cockburn to be specific. I love him. I have the coffee pot brewing and my sister is on her way for a gab session. I am definitely bringing out the Christmas decorations this weekend and getting my tiny but real pine tree on Sunday, it is the 1st after all. I want to get my Christmas shopping done before the second week of December. I have a holiday brunch and gift exchange mid December with my friends that I brunch with once per month. I also have a lovely holiday dinner coming up in our December Board meeting with wine and a gift exchange. Can you tell I love it???

    My eating has been on plan so far today. I purchased some low fat (with good ingredients) hummus last night and just snacked on that with cucumber slices. So refreshing and filling I need to do that more often. For breakfast I had oatmeal made from groats with blueberries, yum. I am planning on halibut for dinner with kale and spelt pasta and tomato sauce. It is the evening snacking that can get me.

    There is a light layer of snow on the ground and it looks crisp and lovely. My kitty Sophie is sleeping on my desk beside my laptop as I type. My other kitty is likely curled up on my bed. I want to change the sheets today but I have to wait for him to get up first. LOL

    I hope everyone is having a good day. After my sister visit I am off to purchase some items at the Drug store and to browse a little at Winners for Xmas ideas.

    I will check in later. Bye for now.

  • Hi Everyone!
    SMS, thanks for your advice. Would you mind sharing some for me about how I could help my daughter who is your age, found out in the last year she has PCOS, newly married, and has gained 75? pounds in the last 2 years? I so do not want to see her spend her adult life obese. Been there done that I do not want that for her. Any help from anyone would be appreciated.
    Fi, I give you so much credit for staying on plan during this difficult time. Thanks for showing up it gives me one less person to fret about. Like you I wonder how others are doing.
    Andrea, you brought up something to think about. I wonder if I should make a list of foods that do not taste as good as I imagine them to. Certain cheap candy bars no longer taste as good as I remember, also fake mashed potatoes. It might be helpful for me. Thanks!
    Melissa, glad all is well at school and you are maybe getting your weightloss mojo back. I am excited for you to come home and see your mom.
    Betsy, the old me so wants to come eat at your house tomorrow!!! There would be no scraps under the table for Toby. Yes, your 30 pounds in one month is helpful. Anytime I would have a rapid gain I would not go near a scale. It is also easier for me to see my behaviors in others. I really do appreciate you and everyone sharing their experiences.
    Today I went grocery shopping and two things happened. First I bought a special treat for tomorrow so wish me well. Second, I couldn't remember where the cookie aisle was!!!
    How is everyone doing?
  • Fi- im sorry you are having a rough time but good job on recognizing the manic and taking your pill!!

    Plucky- right there with ya in the not worth it cravings

    Time4- aww huggss!!! Been there and maintaing is WAY better than gaining it all back plus more!

    Betsy- thanks! Its not "easy" but its not "hard" our budget doesnt allow for eating out so I might as well cook healthier options if im gonna cook!! The off plan but not unhealthy will definately be our thanksgiving on saturday too!!

    Plucky- sounds like a fun planned day! Glad you enjoy christmas...I used to love it too but in recent years I tend to be pretty humbug about it; not sure why.

    Ubee- the biggest thing for pcos is diet. Many discover in time that they habe some aversion or intolerance to gluten and/or dairy which since those are both inflamation triggers and pcos is in part an inflammatory disease they don't help. There are meds and herbal supplements, etc I could suggest but honestly I think simpler is better. My suggestion is for her to cut out anything "white" for a month or two. After about 2 mos then maybe cutting out starches all together. About 95% of the women I've talked to who have pcos ( im in quite a few pcos suport forums) say that cuttibg starches ( bread, pasta, potatos, etc) out has helped them improve EVERYTHING. In addition to cuttingout starch of course drinking LOTS of plain water is important. Congrats on forgetting where the cookie aisle was btw..woot!!

    Offucially 273 today; kind of bitter sweet but still another 36 lbs to get off until I am at my lowest *crosses her fingers and grits her teeth*
  • Good morning all. I woke up at 5:30 this morning -- mainly because I'm so excited about it being Thanksgiving. I have wonderful memories of past Thanksgivings at one grandparents house or the other. And I definitely want Nate and Casey to have those memories when they look back on their holidays in 50 years. I'm one of those tremendously lucky people who had a great childhood, parents who loved me unconditionally (which included providing discipline when it was needed), and it's allowed me to grow into a basically happy adult. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

    Andrea -- your day with your sister and a little shopping and beginning to get ready for Christmas sounds wonderful. Sounds like your eating plan is right on target as well. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Ubee -- I laughed about your not being able to remember where the cookie aisle is. I think you should post that as an NSV......I sure still know where the chips, chocolate, and ice cream are located!

    SMSDreamer -- Sometimes having to resort to fixing meals at home because it is cheaper leads to some great habits. I live in a very small town, and while we have a few restaurants here, one does tend to get tired of the same menus. Having to drive at least 20 minutes to get to the nearest restaurant that serves something different is definitely a motivator to just fix something at home. Of course, being retired and having the time to cook helps too -- hats off to you for going to school and then coming home to cook a meal.

    I'd better get it in gear. Funny thing about today's meal -- normally I'd be looking forward to gorging myself all day on all the food and eating until I am uncomfortably full. This year, while I'll definitely have some items that aren't are on the diet list, I'm just looking forward to a nice meal with family. Don't really want to gorge myself on anything. Hope everyone has a wonderful day -- whether you're celebrating American Thanksgiving or not.
  • Just checking in to say "HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!" to everyone. I'm working on Day 7 right now of my project to go 30 days without an emotional eating episode. I'm not going to the turkey dinner hosted by my sister-in-law, because if I went, I'd have a couple of glasses of wine. The wine wouldn't be a problem in itself, but I'd get just enough disinhibited that I'd want to have a piece of pie, or whatever else was sweet & tempting. Once I started having sweets with the family, I'd be a setup for going out and getting cookies afterwards. That's a chain of dominoes I just don't want to knock over.

    I'm not big on Thanksgiving anyway, or any other family-related events, because I had an abusive childhood. Too many bad memories. So... sorry if that constitutes raining on anyone's parade, because I certainly don't mean to do that!

    I do use this time of year to make lists of things I am grateful for. Close to the top of this year's list is 3 Fat Chicks: I really appreciate the support and sharing in this community. Thanks, y'all!

    So have (or I hope you did have) a great turkey day, everyone!! =smile=
  • SMS, thanks. I talked to her about it and I am hoping it is creeping into her mind. She is not one to take a lot of advice. Maybe as she sees me losing it may help motivate her.
    Betsy, you give me hope that families can turn out OK. Your attitude is amazing. Your family is so lucky to have you and you them!
    Fi, I am right with you on being thankful for 3 FC especially my 300+ friends! Lurkers too!
    I had such a strong plan for today. Our daughter had behavioral issues this morning which changed the menu. Then we all started stressing about IF we were going to have family drama. Then we ate a bunch of food before everyone came. Seems all the drama was us worrying about the drama. Everyone had a fuzzy time. I am depressed because I want life to be easy. Sorry if I am raining on anyones parade...
    Time to make a small turkey veggie soup.
    How is everyone doing?
  • Hi!

    Ubee It's funny because some junky foods I still really enjoy such as the chocolate bars you mention. I do enjoy lovely very dark chocolate in small amounts too and really have no urge to binge on this but I still like an occasional snickers, coffee crisp or crispy crunch. But there are definitely foods I eat and regret. I have binge foods that I try very hard not to buy. LOL I do not forget where the cookie aisle is but I can never seem to find the rice.
    Oh how I sometimes dream of an easier life. It can be tough.
    Mmmmmm the turkey soup sounds yummy.

    SMSDREAMER2007 I am also on a budget and have really limited how much we order in or go out to eat. Both DH and I like to cook which helps.

    [Bbetsy2013][/B] I hope you enjoy your dinner and your company.

    Fi Good job on the 7 days of abstaining from emotional eating. I struggle with this daily. You are not raining on any parades by sharing your emotional experiences. I find it helps to connect to people like you when you share so openly. I used to think I had a lovely family or origin until I opened my eyes and had good therapy. Then I realized hmmm if my family is so lovely why all the drama, why do I feel so badly about myself when around them etc. Now I love being with family because my family is my DH, my two kitties, and my few close friends. I do not spend time with my family of origin because I refuse to be around toxic people. I used to have my Mom stay with me for Christmas and try to hard to make her happy like I did as a child now I send her a small gift in the mail, a card and barely speak to her. My life is much better off for it.
    Also good for you that you are taking care of yourself and avoiding a dinner that you decided will not serve you.

    DH is making a healthy version of chicken parmesan for dinner and it smells amazing. I will sauté up a pile of baby kale, with garlic, red onions and mushrooms to go with it. yum Then we will watch a movie, his choice so Spider Man, and will have tea and a sweet.

    Good night.
  • Betsy- I hear you on the small town, very few restaurants part. I live in a small town of 3000 people and our nearest grocery store is in another town 45 ish miles away. The sad thing is my school is over an HOUR away so picking something up between there and here on my school days is VERY tempting especially since it's just me most nights because my BF works the swing shift. It does create great habits though..now if I could just get my BF to join me in those habits...

    Fiona- ditto, ditto, ditto and did I say DITTO?? I had the same thing and I did not go to my mothers today using the lack of gas money as an excuse she lives over an hr away and with gas prices it costs me $20 round trip) but we are having my boyfriends family over here on saturday so I used the day to clean.

    Ubee- Something I noticed not only in myself but also other PCOS sufferers is that gettign the diagnosis and realizing exactly HOW MUCH pacos affects your life, your health and various systems in your body including the digestive system, reproductive system, endocrine system and even nervous system to name a few...many go through the stages of grief and don't want to think about it or try anything until they are ready. It's like losing weight...just because one of us is ready to make the change doesn't mean everyone is. She will come around and find her own way when she is ready. My best advice to you is just support her; don't talk about it to her unless she starts the conversation and read up on the condition as MUCH as you can so that when she is ready to make changes she will have you to turn to and to support her; that is something I never had. Everyone in my family kept telling me "well you can always adopt" and "well I don't have it so I don't understand it" Both of which are two of the ABSOLUTE WORST things you could EVER say to someone with PCOS.

    Plucky- I wish!!! Can I borrow your DH and have him teach my BF how to cook? He cooked breakfast this morning but that was with me standing over him and micromanaging how he cooked. If he had a regular knife in his hand he would have cut himself like last time he tried to make breakfast!!

    So far OK today. I am a little over because I have had a TON of fried chicken but besides breakfast that's about all I have eaten today. I did clean a lot too. I think my carbs might go a little bit over 100 today :\ Sadface but it is what it is. I am coming to the conclusion that my goal is to at least not gain by wednesday. Between today tomorrow and saturday we shall see how that goes!!
  • Wake up everyone! Are you all still sleeping off your turkey induced nap?
    Andrea, we finally have enough money that we can afford to eat out. The good news is that I can now afford salads and fish after years of the dollar menu. I do not like to cook. I don't hate it, I just do it. Your supper sounds so good! Keep up the good work.
    SMS, she does bring it up otherwise I would butt out. Do you have any place special to recommend where I could learn more?
    As for me...Mexican for lunch. I did well except for the chips and cleaning my daughters plate!
    How is everyone doing?
  • I'm here, Ubee! Your Mexican lunch sounds good: that's something I'm really going to miss if I adopt this low-carb lifestyle on a longterm basis: refritos, tostadas, tortillas, chalupas, all those wonderful Tex-Mex carbos. At least the spicy cheeses and guacamole will still be allowed!

    Dreamer— All your ditto's have got me intrigued, I must say. I get the sense we might have some powerful things in common, if only we could sit down somewhere together & compare notes. =smile=

    Andrea— I definitely know what you mean about the toxic people. I feel very fortunate that I'm old enough my parents are no longer in the picture: my father died in 2007 at age 80, and my mother, in her 80s, is much less scary now because she has senile dementia. Sad to say, but true. I wish Bob & I had a couple of kitties: we usually have two oriental shorthairs—we've had two pairs so far—but our last one died in April, and we're waiting for our breeder to come up with another couple of littermates for us. I can't wait to get some kittens runnin' around our house, but it's going to be a few months...

    Betsy— I hope your T-Day meal was all you imagined it would be, whether you stuffed yourself or not. =grin= Thanks for the compliment on my collages. I just started making them in 2010, so I still have a lot to learn. It's a fascinating medium, and it's great for making creative use of magazines and junk mail that would otherwise be tossed.

    Melissa— Your Mickey Santa by Romero Britto sounds fabulous! I hadn't heard of him before, so I googled his stuff: very impressive. I like his patchwork approach with bright colors & vivid patterns. I hope your emotional dark place isn't too dark, and that going home for the holidays will be healing for you.

    silentarctic and Jane— Still hopin' y'all will come back and check in with us...

    As for myself, I'm doin' well. I'm still havin' my lowest grade of depression for a few hours each day—always in the afternoons, which is my doldrums of the day—but I'm crossing my fingers that it will resolve as my neurotransmitters stabilize in the aftermath of the medication change. I have so many ideas for collages I want to do in the upcoming weeks, several of them with deadlines, I'm going to need all the good moods & energy I can get. Plus I have Christmas presents to wrap and get in the mail...

    My big news is that I've had a real breakthrough on the emotional eating front. I was reading threads in the "Chicks in Control" section of 3FC and stumbled across one devoted to Kathryn Hansen's Brain Over Binge. I downloaded it and read it over the past couple of days, and boy is it amazing! Hansen has a well-explained and boldly simple idea about how to avoid emotional/compulsive/binge-type eating behavior that I think is going to be a real game changer for me.

    Hansen's story of binge eating many thousands of calories at a time and then exercising like mad the next day to purge that consumption is very different from my own mild binges with no purging. Nonetheless, I think I can really make use of the mental technique she describes. I have yet to test it on a serious craving, but already I feel relieved, as if I've been given a powerful tool for dealing with my inner Cookie Monster. I don't want to spoil it for any of you by giving a lame summary of the book: if you have issues with storm eating, to use Brooke Castillo's term, you've simply got to read this book.