300+ Chat Thread: November, 2013

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  • Hi Everybody!

    I am checking the forums before I get DH his dinner. He has to work at 6 p.m. He also worked a morning shift at another store.
    I made the tvp meatless loaf and it is fairly tasty. I used to use yves veggie just like ground product but stopped because it is so expensive compared to straight up tvp. The yves products are also full of sodium and they have additives. I used to love the taste of yves products but now find the tofu dogs disgusting. They have to have changed to product in some way. Also the just like ground is too sweet for me now. So if I am going to have some type of processed soy product it may as well be textured vegetable protein that is organic, no gmo's and nothing else added.
    Tonight I will stay in and watch a DVD. I have a few from the local library to watch. I will have tea with lemon and a sweet after dinner I am sure. I count WW points and I will stay within points.

    Mountainwalker I can imagine the entire experience of having chickens would be lovely eggs or no. There is a movement with urban dwellers to have chicken coops in their back yards. We have city regulations against it but people are lobbying to change it. I think it is our pull back to nature, we have strayed from it for too long.

    Ubee and Betsy I love coffee too. I cannot imagine a day without it. My DH has a part-time job at Starbucks and one of the perks is a free pound of coffee per week. I am spoiled.

    Fi Congratulations on getting under 300. I get so excited when I get under any grouping of 10. Sorry to hear you are down. I think losing anything and keeping it off is a huge achievement. I look forward to reading more of your postings.

    I am sore from my morning aqua fitness class but in a good way.

    By the way my name is Andrea.
  • Hi everyone! I'm exhausted, I'm counting down the hours until bedtime. Not soon enough that's for sure! I hope you all are doing great!
  • Y'all talkin' about coffee? Oh man do I love my coffee. And the great thing about Atkins is I get to put real cream in it...Mmmm. Any special beans y'all like? i move around among the lighter-roasted varieties: Sumatra is a longterm fave, but currently I'm into Mexican Chiapas. I make a blend with mostly Chiapas with a bit of Colombian for extra tang. In addition to the cream, I add Sweet Drops stevia (a great brand because it's pure stevia in liquid form) and a dash of vanilla, plus cinnamon sprinkled on top. Two big mugs of that, and I'm good to go until lunchtime.

    Well, I moped all day about my lackluster weight loss, but when evening came and it was time to do a workout to my favorite rock-n-roll radio show, I perked right up. =grin= My husband Bob pointed out that with all the legs and arms work I've been doing of late, I may have increased my muscle bulk enough, it made the number on the scale higher. Isn't he a sweetie?

    Andrea— Nice to meet you! =smile= Good for you to be doing aqua fitness! I think I may join the local class they call "aqua-cizing" as soon as I've lost enough to fit in my largest swimsuit. Maybe in a couple of months... What DVD did you watch? Bob & I just watched the latest James Bond, "Skyfall," on Netflix: we really enjoyed it. I've had a serious crush on Daniel Craig since before he became Bond, and Judi Dench is fabulous in this one.

    Ubee— I'm so impressed you're into size 18 jeans....whoa!! You don't have your weight posted (why not? you should show off how much you've lost, girl!), so I had no idea you were that small. Thanks so much for the encouraging words: they really helped. What's "oil pulling"?

    Betsy— I'm glad you're thinking about getting your "me time": I know you like all your activities, and I like my work as well, but serious "me time" is more indulgent—something you do for no other purpose than to make yourself feel good. My personal favorite is just lying on the couch with my eyes closed, listening to music or my CDs of ocean waves.

    Jane— I hope you're feelin' better, and that you got your hot water back.

    Melissa— I'm lookin' forward to hearin' about how those dramas went...

    mountain walker— Any chance you could post a photo of your lovely part of the world? I'd love to see one...
  • Coffee.........mmmmmmmm. Must say I am a fan of South American coffee myself but have become something of a coffee snob and can't stomach instant any more!
    I have tried several times to give coffee up for Lent and lasted about an hour and a half!
    I am planning on sorting out the Wii to start some gentle exercise this week and am allowed to start swimming this week, less than three weeks after fairly major surgery ....isn't modern medicine wonderful!
    Eating is going OK though as I am a bit limited in what I am allowed to do yet boredome is a bit of a challenge!
    Have a lovely day!
  • Good Morning!
    Hi Andrea! You lucky girl having your husband work at Starbucks. Which coffee do you like best? My special beans are oraganic, Ethiopian, 100% fair trade Peace coffee. I found out about it in the documentry Black Gold.
    I really admire all of you who swim. I am always so cold. Do you all swim in extra warm therapy pools?
    Nice to see you Working!
    Fi, I hope you gave your husband a big smooch for that! He's a keeper! Thanks for your kind words. I am not that small. 18w in vanity sizing is like 22 back in the 80's. I will take it because it is good for me. I have a thing about posting my weight and my first name. I am working on figuring out my hang up.
    Oil pulling is http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-10517...ld-be-too.html
    Mountain, forgive me if you have already shared but, what is your weightloss plan?
    How did it get to be Saturday already? This is typically such a high calorie day for me. Let's stay focused!
    How is everyone doing?
  • Good morning ladies. I have a mental picture of us all at our computers with coffee cups clutched in our hands.......haven't figured out how we're keying and clutching at the same time, but I don't let the details get in the way!

    Fi -- Any month where you lose is a good month. And to be under 300 pounds -- I am so proud of you......and definitely a little jealous. Yes, having any breaks while on any type of low carb diet does interfere with the weight loss, but you lost! In terms of coffee, I usually get a Colombian mixed in with a Starbucks decaf (I'm not supposed to drink straight up coffee any more). I add in cinnamon when I grind the beans.

    Ubee -- They make clothes that don't have an X after the number???? Good for you on getting into the smaller sizes. And you put on your shoes without sitting sideways. I would count that as my exercise for the day because I would have been jumping up and down to celebrate. Never heard of oil pulling -- interesting article.

    Andrea -- Sounds like you found a good TVP recipe. Hope you enjoyed the DVD. Getting a free pound of coffee each week -- great benefit!

    Workinghard -- Hope you're feeling more rested this morning and had a good night's sleep.

    MountainWalker -- Good for you with getting back into some gentle exercising so soon after major surgery. And, yes, modern medicine is a gift.....most of the time.

    My brother-in-law's dog is over to play with Toby, and they're outside romping around. I'll let them in soon, and they'll both collapse on the floor for a nap. Today is shampoo the rugs day in prep for Thanksgiving. Tomorrow is dusting and bathrooms and trash. Monday is setting the table and getting the bedrooms ready. Tuesday is brining the turkey. Wednesday is cooking day and getting the floors done. I've got mainly hardwoods throughout the house, and with a puppy and living in WA, they need a good cleaning. And Thursday is Turkey Day. I LOVE this time of year -- am generally a pretty happy person most of the time, but I'm one of those obnoxious people who smiles and hums a lot during November and December. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
  • Hey girls sorry I haven't written in a few days I missed writing to you all .
    I'm kinda sad I wighed my self today and went up to 314 this is one of if not the heaviest I've ever been and I'm feeling kinda lousy about that .
    betsy I looked up that app it is pretty amazing I am going to try it out to see how it goes .thank you
    fi I think you and the other ladies might be right about the ccaffeine withdrawal I never even thought about it .I can't even believe it I don't drink regular coffee and here I am with a caffeine addition. Thanks for pointing it out to me .
  • Tonight I'm melancholy for some reason—not a black mood, more like a deep blue. But you know what? I actually do not think that eating cookies would make me feel better. I'm utterly amazed. I've been lying on the couch, listening to the Beatles on shuffle, and examining my melancholy. I have zero cravings for sweets.

    Whoa... Maybe there is light at the end of the long emotional eating tunnel I've been in.
  • Good Evening!

    I had a nice afternoon getting my massage and having lunch out with DH.

    Mmmmm coffee chat again. I like dark roasts and right now komodo blend from star bucks is a favourite. I would like to only drink organic fair trade like kicking horse brand but it is not in my budget and I am grateful for the free coffee.

    Fi Good for you on working out to music! I watched the indie film Compliance. The movie was well acted but so disturbing I almost turned it off. I am glad I saw it through though. It is very much based on the true story of the prank call to a fast food manager and how the manager detained and did horrid things to an employee believing the person on the phone was a police officer directing her. My next movie needs to be uplifting. But I was hoping to get out to see 12 years a Slave so not sure.

    Ubee I wish the pool was a warm therapy pool. I find it fine once I get moving. It is usually fine, not chilly but not warm, just typical. I jump in the deep end to get in quickly.

    Betsy I also add cinnamon to my coffee, I shake it on top before drinking. I also love this time of year. I want to get out the Xmas decorations soon.

    Sandruca We all begin where we are. I was over 330 one time, maybe even as high as 350, not sure. The number does not matter, the steps to wellness do, Imho.

    Mountainwalker hi
  • Ubee, the pool is not as warm as it could be but once you get moving it is OK! We love swimming in the sea in the summer which in this part of the world always means 10 mins of"ooh, ow ahhhhhh" before you are fully submerged! So any thing warmer than that is OK!
    Fiona W well done on Beatles vs biscuits!
    Sandruca please don't be too harsh on yourself. the older I get, the more I am realising that silencing our internal condemning voice is such a large part of treating our bodies better. Be nice to yourself.
    I have been persuaded to put up the Xmas decs next week!!
    I know I have shared that we have moved? Well we could no longer afford the upkeep on our old house and moved to be near a hospital I was hoping to get work at. My poor mental and physical health meant that I was unable to work but we had already committed ourselves to moving.My 17 year old daughter has stayed in our old town which is 50 miles away, with a lovely friend as she is in the last year of A levels (hoping to go to Uni to train as a Doctor). Sometimes I am overwhelmed with guilt at leaving her behind but we didn't really have a choice. My internal voice shouts loud sometimes! I must add that she comes home most weekends and is doing really well so it's all my punishment of myself! Honestly! I should take some of my own advice!
  • Good Morning!
    Betsy, I am happy for you that this time of year brings you such joy! That is so nice that you set up a play date for Toby. I am wondering... when you have things like this to look forward to, does your eating improve?
    Sandra, glad to see you. If it helps any my weight went up 8 pounds when I first started. Stick with the plan. This is not a race, it is a lifestyle change. Boy, do I wish I had realized that when I was younger! We have to do the same things to maintain. Give yourself some time, you just had a baby. Your baby isn't ready for college and we will all need a lot of time to get this right.
    Fi, glad you can see the light! Please keep it shining so we can all see it!
    Andrea, good for you for getting a massage. I had one once, it was a gift. I was not comfortable with my weight and it was not such a great experience.
    Mountain walker, hugs to you for doing what you feel is best for your daughter. I think we should all unpack our bags because there are no more guilt trips allowed! (If only it were that easy!)
    Jane, sending you wishes of warmth and good health.
    Today I have made two very important decisions. First I am going to take some advice from Fi and not weigh myself until Christmas eve. Second I am going to try cinnamon in my coffee!
    How is everyone doing?
  • MountainWalker I refer to that inner voice as my inner killer and I too am working at snuffing that voice out. So nice you get to see your daughter on weekends. And how exciting to be putting up the Christmas decorations soon. Fun!

    Ubee I go to massage therapy around twice a month because it is covered by my work's extended health care plan. Although I might now have to wait until January as I think I have used it up for the year. I think it depends on getting a good massage therapist. I was referred to mine through a friend from work who is also plus sized, not as large as me but still plus sized. I was very self-conscious in the beginning, but only for the first few minutes. My massage therapist put me at ease, she is wonderful. I strip down to just my undies but am covered with a sheet on the table of course. The table is nice and wide and comfy too. I am so grateful for being able to go as it helps my physical and mental health. She literally cured things that Dr.'s and physiotherapists could not help me with. I hope you enjoy the cinnamon in your coffee.

    I went to bed around 1 a.m. as DH did not get home from work until after 11:30 last night. I had an evening of watching my guilty pleasure junky reality tv. I got up this morning and spent half an hour on my morning routine of feeding cats, getting them fresh water, scooping the litter, washing my few dishes from last nigh, sweeping the kitchen floor, making coffee and taking all my pills. I am on the forum now having my coffee. and watching Coronation Street while DH snoozes. My one cat is sunning in the open window and my female kitty is sleeping in the kitchen ever hopeful that a second breakfast is on the way. lol

    In awhile I will shower and go to do my errands. I usually go to the library on Sundays to return my movies and pick up anything that is ready for me. I need to find a book too. Then to the grocery store to see what I can buy with my few dollars until one of our paydays next week. Then home to make DH an early dinner before he goes to work and then I am going out with my sister to Swiss Chalet for a chicken dinner. Then home to have tea and watch The Walking Dead is anyone a fan?

    Ttyl Andrea
  • Lovely Sunday.
    Hi everybody,
    I have had a lovely Sunday. I wasn't well enough to go to church...I am not allowed to drive yet as it is too soon post op and find sitting in the car uncomfortable,so sitting on my stool as chief adviser,my 8 year old boy and I made bread from half whole meal and half white flour ( compromise as son and hubby both loooooove white bread!).
    I managed to only have one small roll too which I was proud of!
    In our new house we have a Rayburn range type cooker which is a bit of a challenge as I only ever cooked with gas.
    We are making cakes for the school xmas fete this week so had a trial run which turned out well. My little boy is quite a good cookbless him!
    We are now playing on the Wii...it's lovely just to be enjoying each other's company!
    Am hoping to start my exercise regime tomorrow if pain allows.
    Keep on keeping on my fellow chicks.
  • Good morning. It's another gorgeous day here in the NW -- this is such a treat as this time of year is normally very, very, very rainy.

    Sandra -- Don't let hitting your highest weight discourage you. It's just a number and one that hopefully you'll never see again. I started out at 396. Still can't believe I was up that high.

    Fi -- Glad that you decided it was blue and not black and that the cookie monster didn't invade your thinking.

    Andrea -- A massage and lunch with DH sounds like a great day. I'm still in the too-embarrassed-to-get-a-massage camp, but it's on the list as a reward for when I'm more comfortable with the whole idea. Your morning routine sounds comforting -- when I'm on the road, I miss the routine of doing the little things in my own place.

    MountainWalker -- I had to look up a Rayburn and initially it was a shock to realize that your Sunday was almost over until I did the time figuring -- the wonders of the Internet! Your 8 year old sounds like a jewel, and I imagine that your 17 year old is having a wonderful year. Sort of a spread your wings test with the safety of home each weekend. I was 17 when I left for college and loved it. My Christmas decoration go up next week as well.

    Ubee -- No, in past years this time of year is when my eating would really just go nuts. Last year I bought these huge gum balls for the grands (a box of 500) which I went through in a few weeks. Put on 30 pounds in a month, and that is what finally convinced me that I had to get it under control. See note to Sandra about starting at 396. But this year I know that I will have big meals on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, but am really working on staying on plan as I want to get to the 70 pound mark by the end of the year. Good luck with the not weighing......I simply could not do that. But, cinnamon in your coffee is lovely.

    Had an off day yesterday as I had some chocolate that I bought for when the boys are here. The interesting thing is that my stomach is really upset this morning. Has anyone else experienced that? I'm finding that while my plan is to allow myself to have some of the big 3 every once in a while that if I overdo it, I'm not sure that it's worth it the next day. I'm hoping that I'll find that if I just have a serving instead of binging that it will be much better. Anyway, back to eating normally today.

    Off to get some things done at the Co-op and straighten up around here. I found a new turkey recipe I'm going to try and have decided that I don't need to clean today at all. Becky is back again today, so Toby will again be a pooped puppy tonight. Last night he only moved when I took him out and put us to bed.
  • Oh y'all, I'm not doing so hot. I'm getting depressed. Have I said that I'm bipolar? Well, I am. This happens to me from time to time.

    But I made it through another day on plan, and I did my leg exercises this evening. That's gotta count for something.