10 Days In The Life Boat #43

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  • Welcome to the newest segment of 10 days in the life boat.

    Remember this is not a "challenge" but a place for accountability to ourselves and support.

    So what is your plan for this 10 day segment?

    Grab an oar and join us doing our best to stay dry.
  • my plan stay under 1200 calories , drink at least a gallon of water a day and jump daily on the mini tramp increasing my time every few days.
    Day 1 - was perfect.
  • For my 10 days I plan to do some kind of extra activity in my daily routine to get my burn on... I also plan to make sure I am keeping track of everything I eat and drink.
  • Yuck, got damp yesterday.
  • damp day today here...will be dry tomorrow!!
  • Hey, Judy, Deb, good thing we got the life preservers in order last week. Get yours on and get butts in seats!

    I want to get a little more conscious during this 10-day segment. I'm going to stick to my WW points, but I also want to meet these goals: cook breakfast at home on at least 2 weekdays; organize my pantry and plan for the week on Sundays; and add strength training sessions on Sun., Wed., and Fri.

    I'm rowing away today.
  • yesterday. Back in the boat today and determined to stay there!
  • Still safe and dry, Judy?

    I had an okay day; exercised and tried to plan my food, but it was icky out so I didn't go to the grocery store. Also my scale is up, though I've been OP; I think it's hormonal. It's annoying, but I won't let it throw me off balance.
  • Dry day yesterday,
  • Dry all weekend! I've been OP for 10+ days. Trying to stay that way! Accounting for every nibble and even lived through our dining out sessions this weekend. Want to add exercise soon, at least some stretching on the floor. Feeling stiff! I weigh in on Weds... last week only 1 pound. Hoping that improves.
  • Yesterday was almost okay. Today I gave up and jumped in hoping I could swim some sense back into my head. Grrrrrrrrrrrrblub, blub, blub......
  • Judy- grab my hand and get back in this boat!! You have pulled me back in many times!
    I had a dry day again yesterday, I gave in to laziness and didnt cook last night so we had tv dinners, not much food and high in sodium but controlled amount of calories.
  • Thanks for the hand Deb. I've got a warm dry towel and I'm going to super glue my butt to the seat.
  • Dry so far this week! I've managed to keep out of the water. Tonight might be a different story, but we shall see. I'm only 900 calories into my 1950 calorie allowance. And I'm down 2.5 lbs since last week when I went to the doc today!
  • Not 100 percent yesterday ..... but getting there.