-10 pounds. think theres a difference?

  • Hey everyone!

    I took pictures at 315 pounds and then again, one month later at 305.
    I have yet to show them to anyone so I'm not about to post them on here.

    But I just wondered if anyone around my starting weight noticed weight loss after just 10 pounds?

    My mom said she can notice it in my butt, lol.
    And my boyfriend says he noticed it in my face.

    But I think they're probably just saying that to make me feel good?
    I seem to think I notice a little bit of difference in different areas, so I remeasured and a lost an inch or two in certain areas, but then I just think that I probably measured wrong... it's like I'm in denial!
  • I am convinced that sometimes you hit a 5 or 10lbs spot where the loss is noticeable. Sometimes I can lose 15lbs and it doesn't really make a difference, but then I'll lose 5 more and all of a sudden its visible.
  • I can notice it in the way my pants fit... I think 10 pounds isn't that visible to others, but that inch or two you think you lost you're probably right about! Congrats!
  • Just enjoy the lose!! keep it going and everyone will notice!!!
  • Whether it's noticeable or not...ten pounds is a great achievement. Keep up the good work! I just now started noticing my weight loss, my pants are extremely too big!
  • Thanks so much everyone!
    You guys never seize to amaze me.