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Cndnchicky 11-19-2011 03:47 PM

A Question for the ladies
Hi Ladies! I am a new member here, starting weight for me was about 325-330. I am now about 315 and its been about 1.5 weeks. Anyways I was wondering if any of you ladies get Pelvic pain with Exercise? I dont have any pelvic pain at all until I work out... Whether it be walking alot, or especially when I use my work out bike. My bike is one that has a seat you sit back on, not the one where you are hunched over.

I find when on on the bike my legs hit my big belly and jiggles my fat there and then I seem to get the pains. Was wondering if anyone else has this happen?

lynnie923 11-19-2011 04:08 PM

when istarted walking I had pains in my pelvis because I was working muscles there that have not been worked in awhile. If the pain presist I would ask my doctor about it.


Gabe 11-19-2011 07:05 PM

Sometimes I get a little pain in the side of my pelvis. Right at the hip. Mostly when getting out of the car when I've been working out too much. But it's not really bad, so, for the most part, I ignore it.

That being said, when something is *really* bad, I stop what I'm doing right-the-heck-that-second.

joshanti81 11-20-2011 11:51 AM

when i started i was your weight plus one more pound and this may sound funny but when i started to workout (treadmill, stationary bike) i felt like i had to pee every time i worked out on these machines, i think it has to do with the pelvic muscles like the above poster said. BTW i have lost 57 lbs and i no longer get that urge.

silentarctic 11-20-2011 01:22 PM

I think whatever you are going through is normal for you. I honestly haven't had any unexpected pain because of excercise. If I have Sore joints I know its because I've used them when my muscles ache i know its because I tried to push them a little further than "easy" . if its really painful i'd talk to a doctor if it persists.

Cndnchicky 11-20-2011 07:49 PM

Thanks Ladies, Its odd it doesnt feel like muscle pain but it only happens after I use the bike really. I got a Dr's Appt. on Wed so Ill ask her about it. I had a uti a little while ago, was on antibiotics but I dont think it was completely cured, so going back on Wed to see.... maybe it could be a sore bladder that gets irritated by my fat belly jiggling around lol.

Amber1011 11-20-2011 08:31 PM

I get sore hips/pelvis when I exercise as well. I'm hoping it goes away soon. Sometimes I also wonder if it has anything to do with my height. Like when I try to use an elliptical it feels like my hips are being ripped out of my sockets. I'm wondering if the machines are built for short people

stranded 11-21-2011 12:10 AM

I'm also 315, and I get the pelvic pain and need to pee when I exercise (hand weights and walking on the treadmill). It's worse for me the closer I get to my cycle, and I have both a fibroid and PCOS so I assume it's related to those things. Definitely get it checked out if you're uncomfortable, it gets worse, or you get more worried about it though.

Justwant2Bhealthy 11-27-2011 04:13 PM

You said it was on the bike; I had the same thing happen to me. Turns out, it was all the weight being focused in the pelvic area on the seat of the bike. You might find the other kind of bikes better: called RECUMBENT BIKES. These ones have the full seat and are lower to the ground (and I had no pain on that kind). There is one that converts to a rower as well, which you might like too. I found rowing an excellent exercise to burn calories with no pain side effects ...

I just re-read your post; maybe you are already using that kind. You said your legs hit your belly which causes the pain. Have you tried angling your legs outwards (like a V) so your knees don't hit your belly? Have you tried the regular style of bike?

Again, it may just be that you need to find something that doesn't cause pain for you, but I would still have it checked out, just in case.

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