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  • The scale and I are not getting along. Unless the jump is water weight from the sore kickboxing muscles I'm not sure what's going on.

    Winter is here I think - we had heavy rain for two days and a skiff of snow this morning.
  • Note to self:
    Don't eat salt potatoes with dinner on the evening before weigh in.

    I was psyched to reach my 10% goal today so I was quite shocked when I got off the scale. Managed to gain 2 lbs. since last week. Arrrrrrrgh! Most of it, I assume, from salt potatoes that came with chicken from a fire dept. BBQ on Sunday. They are very small 'tatoes cooked in brine. I had 3 on Sunday and the last 2 with dinner yesterday.

    I think I'd better measure, rather than eyeball, my portions this week too. I was getting too comfortable with my eating. Time to buckle down and follow the rules.

    Hope you all have a great day.
  • I have good news, my scale moved down a half of pound today. It puts me at a new low for the past months. Im excited!
    Eating has been perfect the past week or so, exercise has been happening most days. My IBS has kicked in full force in the past couple of days.I will not go to starchy foods to recover but just limit my raw fruits and veggies. I started back on my med for it.I go for months at times with no signs of flare ups.
    I have a baby shower on sat and a pampered chef party to go to. I will limit my food intake at both.
    Anyone got big holiday plans. Im trying to decide if I will cook for hubby and I or if we will go out to eat. Kids all have plans with inlaws this year.
  • Good morning all. Please be good to yourselves today.

    Stay strong!
  • Mornin'

    Bit colder today. Brrrrr

    Yesterday was POP and I stuck to my planned choices. Gotta figure out the rest of today before lunch.

    DEB: WooHoo glad your scale is showing your progress. Huge congrats!

    CAROL: Good idea. We need to remember ourselves lovingly every day.
  • Im back in the 220s barely. Its been a long time since I seen them! WOOHOO!! Hoping to be in the teens by the end of the year!
  • Deb, Keep it up! 220's are still a dream for me.
  • Quote: Deb, Keep it up! 220's are still a dream for me.
    and for me - so proud of you!
  • Thanks ladies...I have been here so many times before! I want to see them gone fast. I plan on working down to the teens again. I got as low as 212 a few yrs ago before I stalled and started regaining. I plan to go all the way down to goal this time!
  • Congrats, Deb! What an awesome achievement
  • Good afternoon all,Deb, what great news, so proud for you! I wanna join you.

    I have been a little under the weather the last few days, and having major leg problems. Not walking so well these days. This happens ever so often. I just use my wheelchair when it gets this bad. It is really irratating when you can't do what you want to do without pain. I am not cooking a great deal and food options have been poor. Men have a much different idea of a healthy meal plan. LOL! I will survive maybe! Just don't want to gain back any weight.

    Ohh, and tonights menu is pizza from pizza hut. Yeah, real low cal and healthy. I think I can get by with one slice and a small salad though.

    I hope you are all doing great and having a wonderful weekend. Ruth
  • Awww, Ruth, sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather. Hope it doesn't last long.

    Sorry just to fly by, all, but it's late and I should already be in bed. I'll try to be around more next week.
  • Wow, Deb! That is great news! I am actually moving in the other direction and running the risk of getting out of the 220s on the other end. Not good.

    I'm hoping to get a lot of papers graded today, but also need to do more yardwork and help hubby with some chores. *sigh* Hopefully this will be the last grading weekend for a while.
  • well my scales jumped the wrong way.I really think its fluid from having ham for lunch and pizza for dinner yesterday. Lots of water today!!
  • I have "salt fingers" this mornin' too. I'm going to be careful of sodium intake today. It's going to be warm here today. I plan to get out and enjoy it!