300+ Wellness Goals-November 2011

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  • Oh no, is it a 3-day weekend for you guys? bummer for me.
    Tomorrow is my official re-start day. I finally get to go grocery shopping and am going to get a cart (do y'all call 'em buggies?) full of Power Foods! Go me!
  • Nope, no three day weekend here. Just CRAZY busy at work! Not doing great/not doing terribly! Not looking forward to WI though. It has been a few weeks. I am certain I will gain and I would not be surprised for a 4 pound gain too. I really need some motivation and a good kick in the butt! THis is getting ridiculous yet I do nothing major to fix it. I am crazy!
    I'm sorry for your gain. I hope it was temporary. Good luck with your official re-start tomorrow. A full CART of power foods sounds great! I can't wait to hear all about how wonderfully you are doing come Monday!!! When is your surgery. I'm guessing it wasn't today if you are shopping tomorrow. :-)
    Hope everyone else is doing well. Have a great weekend!
  • Oops, just read your surgery is the 30th. At least you have a little reprieve but I know it will be good when it is all over.
    Also I could not agree more with the comment of who decides to maintain 280? (I actually laughed out loud on that one). That is what I have done with 264! Really! It is crazy. We need off this maintenance slow moving train! You can reach your goal in 11 months! I know you can. And I believe I could be at 199 by the end of June but man do we both need a good swift kick! :-) We are in this together!!!!!!
  • Well, life sure does like to throw wrenches at us doesn't it? Not feeling like doing much but sleeping. I had to stay over til 3am at work Thursday and as usual it is effing up the following days. My sister came to see me today. We were supposed to go grocery shopping and make a meal together but she's just as exhausted so it was easier to say "let's just go out". And of course didn't make a good choice of where and went to Golden Corral. It was probably the best choices I've ever made there, but that's not saying a lot seeing I usually make terrible choices. I had a salad that was all power foods except a tsp of bacon and about an ounce of cheese. 6 ounces of steak, cabbage, green beans, carrots. 1 1/2 c Mac n cheese and a rice crispy treat.
    I'm going to the salon to have Moody cut and color my hair and then I hope I have a second wind so I grocery shop on the way home. I just have to keep reminding myself that if I do then I can veg out for two days with nothing that HAS to be done.
    we're just gonna have to keep prodding each other til...well, till we die I suppose, to make good choices, be healthy and stay healthy.
  • I had a great day today. Usually a weekend day, especially one spent with my mom/dad is NOT good for my diet. I DID end up eating out twice, BUT I made fantastic choices considering. Lunch was at subway, just a 6" turkey sub, no cheese, no mayo, no chips, diet pop. Dinner was Culvers, but I kept it to a mushroom swiss single, no sides. That is about 431 calories, and since I was really good the rest of the day I'm actually UNDER on calories. Too late to do anything about that now, but I'm still pretty proud of myself.

    Plus I got some Christmas shopping done, and completed a couple heavy lifting tasks during the course of the day.
  • Jen, it sounds like you had a GREAT day! How awesome is that! I'm glad it is going well for you.
    Goodnuff: Did you get the grocery shopping done? How was the rest of your weekend?
    I went to WI Saturday morning and I was up 3 pounds in 2 weeks. This is up 6.6 pounds from August 20th! Definately NOT good! I did go work out Saturday and I have told my daughter we are gonig tonight so I will be there. I am REALLY feeling hungry lately. It is a battle but I have not given up.
  • I've made a couple more steps: I ordered some of that PB2 stuff I've heard some people raving about, so I can't wait for that to come from amazon. (I'm CRAZY for peanut butter, so I couldn't pass this up when it was suggested!) So far so good food-wise at our department appreciation week at work. I didn't manage to keep any of my pizza for later (it was too yummy, and wouldn't be as good left over, so I'll have something else for a snack later) but I gave away the two little chocolates that were on my desk, and have been dead on plan for the rest. Passed up a little bit of extra work tonight because I have a gym date with my dad. Tonight is Monday Night Football, and I'll be staying overnight at my parents house with my daughter. Hopefully I can avoid any pitfalls there and be 8 days straight on plan!
  • Sounds like it was a very productive weekend and a good food one too for you Jen. Omgosh, 8 days on plan...that's awesome! As soon as you said Culvers I knew you had to be from the mid-West. My friend that recently moved to North Carolina was back for the weekend and apparently there aren't any Culvers out that way. I'd love to move somewhere that fast food doesn't exist!
    Tw, that scale is a sadistic biotch, you keep doing what you have been and I think you'll have a big whoosh! I did grocery shop but because money is still tighter than I expected I did the best I could. Today I made a big pot of steel cut oatmeal with dried fruit and nuts and I'm currently cooking refried beans in the crockpot.
    Today- leftover chicken Oscar with spinach artichoke cheese dip (read: fat, fat and more fat)
    Oatmeal, and pbutter toast.
    Im out of town the next two days and then out for lunch with a friend on Thursday. Working 3- 12 hour shifts this weekend. Ugh! Looking forward to surgery to slow things down a bit, lol!
  • Good morning! I had a wonderful four day weekend. Really enjoyed my time off, but boy, I was struggling to stay on plan. Had two over calorie days out of four. But hey, I had two ON PLAN days as well. Not seeing any change in the scale today, but I'm actually kind of thankful that it's not a gain.

    I'm doing a fly-by today, I'm leaving in an hour for a work trip & will not be back until Thursday. I'm sorry I can't be here, I will miss catching up with y'all. So until Thursday, tw, goodnuff, & littlebiskit, I'm throwing you some willpower dust and wishing you some POP days!!
  • Okay, I've been trying to only post pretty positive stuff, but I'm going to take a moment to whine: My department just set up a nacho bar. =0( If I really wanted it, I could figure out a ball park calorie count, but I think it's too early for me to do that yet. So I'm sitting here with my broccoli and hard boiled eggs. I love nachos. BOOOOOOO!

    Oh well. Holidays are coming up, there will be plenty of yummy bits and bites I won't pass up, and I'll be THINNER when it happens. Right?
  • Hang in there Jen! You can do it and you will feel so much better for it. I bet the chips are stale and the cheese is icky! :-) Your right, there will be SO many better things to splurge on in the next month so don't waste calories on boring ol nachos! BTW: I do love nachos just trying to help here. :-)
  • Goonuff: I love steel cut oats with the fruit and I love that I can make a weeks worth in the crockpot! I'm glad you were able to do some grocery shopping. It always helps to have "good" food available! I wish I would have a whoosh but I really have not done well food wise so I doubt the whoosh will come soon.
    rachealm: I'm glad you stopped by really quick. I am also glad you had 2 good days. That is definately better then ALL bad days. :-) Hope you have a good work trip and I'm looking for the willpower dust you sent. :-)
    I did do the bike last night at the YMCA. Let me tell you it is SO HARD TO MAKE MYSELF DO IT. Right as we pulled in the parking lot my daughter threw a massive fit and we did time out in the parking lot with her screaming/crying. I was determined not to leave! So I got her calmed down and checked in at the kids area and I was off to the bike. I sweat a ton and it was harder than normal. I was so tired that I passed on the weights for the night but I did the cardio so I felt good. I fell asleep about 9:40 watching MNF and woke up at 10 and went to bed. I slept HARD; missed a phone call and the rain. So I guess I really was tired because I RARELY miss the phone or rain. :-) I think the time change is catching up with me.
    Y'all have a great day!
  • Rachael, I agree. Two is better than none. So, good job! Lol miss you while you're away but will do my best with the willpower dust.
    Jen, definitely difficult to pass up, especially for a hard boiled egg and broccoli. Both good things but yeah, not nachos. Hooray for you for passing them up. I tell myself it's just " whatever", it'll be here another day and I can have it then if I want it. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.
    You know, tw, eleven months ago we said this year was going to be our year, and it has been. Look at us, we are still both trucking along and I'm pretty sure that we both have reduced our weight since 1/01/11! We both also have said we are here, no matter how long it takes us. And we are still here...even though it's taking us both longer than we intended. Girlfriend, we rock!

    This is a hard journey that is going to last the rest of our lives. I've been told that maintainence isn't any easier so this really is for the rest of our lives. Wether we lose, gain or maintain. Let's promise to never give-up on ourselves...pinky swear?!

    I did good today.
    Salad and salmon patty for lunch. Small ice cream cone...it was actually probably two servings but the victory here is that my brain and mouth ordered the same thing...a SMALL cone!
    3 small slices of pizza for dinner and a banana for a snack.
    Making progress!
  • I am not giving up on myself!! I went back and checked and as of Saturday I have lost 20 pounds since 1-1-11. That kind of makes me sad that in 11 months I have only lost and kept off 20 pounds BUT at the same time I have LOST AND KEPT OFF 20 pounds. I did good yesterday; I actually tracked everything and only went 2 points over. I have also done well today and tracked everything thus far. I even brought my lunch today. Yeah me! Tonight is the YMCA again. Hopefully my daughter will cooperate and I will do the bike and weights tonight. :-) I'm not sure what direutic I took but I have been going to the bathroom a lot today so that can't hurt the weightloss wirther. :-)
    I'm glad you had a good day yesterday. I love it when my brain and my mouth agree!
    This is a hard jouney but you are right; we are still here, we have made progress, and we are not giving up!!!!
  • tw & goodnuff It is so inspiring to me to read about your commitment to a plan AND STICKING WITH IT! We already know what happens if we don't do anything. I'm tired of being twice the size of everyone else. You are still here, you are still posting & supporting. That's pretty amazing stuff.