Reality Sucks

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  • We've all had our wakeup calls. You can do something about it, though. And when you see your doctor next time, she is going to be so excited to see that you've made changes and lost weight!

    We're here to help support you. You can do this!
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    SLAP. That was my reality check, and I tear up as I type this. I am embarking on a very long journey in which I have to lose at least 198 lbs. I'm scared. Very scared. South Beach is what my doc wants me to try first, and I am terrified. Any support and encouragment would be most appreciated.
    You can do this!! I was where you are once and right around the same age as well and I promise that you can do it. You're incredibly fortunate to have a supportive doctor AND spouse that will help you on your journey. Use that to your advantage!
  • Nice that your doc is supportive. I see my doc twice a year, and when he saw I was losing weight, I swear I thought he was going to hug me. Although, I havr doing well, my counselor suggested this sight because I don't like how I react to life sometimes. Now that I don't overeat over feelingd, I need an outlet. Good luck.
  • Welcome to 3fc. you're going to get all kinds of support in here. How wonderful that your fiance WANTS to do this with you! He must be a fantastic man and lucky to have you. And you to have him. Good luck on this journey.