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Default "Fat Friendly" Doctors...Any Suggestions? :?

I need a new GP, one who won't blow off EVERY problem with the answer "lose weight"! I have had some pretty bad experiences this year with a Doctor refusing to do anything about what I consider to be a significant problem (Chest pains! Probably anxiety related, but not at all dealt with!), because I hadn't lost any weight between visits! I need someone who will see beyond the weight and treat the whole person. I live in the Northern Virginia area, and would love some suggestions if you've got them. Anyone else in the same boat? Maybe we can do some informal Dr referring?
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Whenever I meet a new doctor, I do my best to address the weight before they can. I tell them up front, "I know I need to lose weight, and I've been trying all my life - and I will continue to try (and if you have any questions or suggestions I'll be happy to discuss them), but in the mean time we need to treat the body I have now, not the body I may or may not have in the future."

I've had a lot fewer problems with doctors since I've began doing this. My current doctor is awesome, maybe because he's struggling with weight issues himself (not nearly as much weight as I am, by a long shot - maybe 20 to 30 lbs at most, but he knows what it's like to struggle and even fail at weight loss and health changes like exercise. So he's a lot more compassionate than most).
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You might want to look at this list
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I've had this problem a lot. Even when I was only mildly overweight, when I got pregnant with my first child, I had to hear at every visit that the doctor expected me to lose weight instead of gain.
I have found that older doctors tend to let it slide more and concentrate on what's wrong. I know it can be hard to find, but if you can find a doctor who is overweight, it helps.
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I like kaplods approach to a new doc. I've been very lucky in the docs I've seen throughout the years. I've only had a problem with one who had a problem with my weight and I only saw him to treat my endometriosis. The only other issue I had my weight was when I was pregnant with my second son and I was only told that should I get up to 350 or over I would have to transfer to a different hospital because at the time that was what their OR tables were rated for.

I have a wonderful doc now who listens to me, even tries holistic approaches if needed and I would be crushed should I have to find another one. I hope you can find one that fits you and your needs.
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