Let's get out of the 300's - #2!

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  • Hey All !! I am with you all on this goal. I just started Weight Watchers yesterday, and am determined to do it. My starting weight was 350 *what a shock after stepping on the scale for the first time in years* lol.. My big thing is motivation, but i find if i force myself out for a walk, I dont mind it when I'm walking lol... hugs to you all !! Best of luck to all of you, and hopefully we'll all meet up in the 200 land soon !!

  • Hey ladies! Just checking in! I had a rough couples of days staying motivated, but I did it! I have stayed on plan. I've done my 30 minutes/day everyday this week and I have eaten well. Problem is that I think the TOM is coming....When I weighed myself this morning it said 317 and I about threw up from that feeling in the pit of my stomach. However, I have been eating incredibly healthy and right on target so I guess I gained 8 lbs of water since monday? IDK

    Lynn - I will be with you today on the drinking water!

    silent -Hope you are doing well!!

    Jen - Welcome!! I am curious about weight watchers! Let us know how it goes!
  • Thanks Allison. I don't find it so bad yet. Lots of points, so a little more leeway. I just find as long as I get for a walk once a day, im best kind. However, I only had my first weigh in yet so we'll see how that goes lol... and I've noticed that the weight can fluctuate quite a bit during TOM. However, I also found that it came off soon after, well from previous "diets"
  • allison, we will be floating away!!!!
  • I weighed in this morning at 302.4, so down 1.4 lbs from last week. Ugh! I know that's a good loss, but I'm getting impatient. I was hoping to get out of the 300s by the end of July. *sigh* Just need to stay focused. You would think that after 15 months since starting I'd have learned a little more patience. Eh, I guess it comes and goes. Right now, it's no where to be found.
  • Congrats Ohlove!! You're so close!! Definitely really soon!! and what an awesome wait loss!! Wtg
  • Hey guys! Wanted to pop in and and
  • I dropped another pound so I am on my way out in a couple of weeks.
  • hi girls...it is awesome to see new "faces" here and even better to see our friends leave. i am having a really hard time trying to get back on my diet. i am at 312.2 as of today so 22.8 pounds total lost since jan 23 .. wow 6 months trying to lose weight..i think alot of it is a mental block trying to get out of the 300's, came close @ 305..oh well glad i am not 335 anymore regardless..

    hope everyone is keeping cool in this heat wave
  • Lynnie - Congrats on another lb, you are kicking but!

    Repto - having the same struggles, I keep trying to look at it that way too, 313 today is annoying but then I just keep reminding myself to be thankful I'm not 352 anymore. Appreciate the small losses, appreciate the maintenances and try to find new motivations.

    having issues in my personal life, my own fault have potentially lost some good friends over it which makes me But I have to accept that, if given the chance I will apologize but if they are "done" with me forever I have to accept that as well. I've cried, I may cry again but ultimately no matter how remorseful I am, I hurt other people I can't force them to forgive me, nor can I expect them to listen to an apology unless they WANT one.

    So after the intial sob fest, I picked myself up and tried to at least go through the motions of having fun this weekend, keeping active and busy and engaged with friends who have no involvement in the situation whatsoever. I am alone now and trying to not think so I'm here, about to go out and get some supper stuffs at the corner store and make something to eat. Will try and make it something semi healthful!
  • Oh Silent - that is sad - but yes all you can do is apologise...

    Good on you for healthful eating - so easy to turn to fatty comfort foods.

    Repto - only a couple of weeks and you could do it ! One big push through that barrier!
  • Hey ladies, just stopping by to say can't wait to see you in the 290s!
  • Silent - I've been in a similar position myself. It was a long time ago, I did lose some friends, but life goes on. You'll do what you can regardless of if they accept the apology or not.

    Lynn - Congrats on the pound, lady! You're doing so well!

    Repto - One day at a time. You can do this!

    I'm keeping all your seats warm down in the 290s & 280s thread!
  • Hey ladies - hope all is well! pushing hard for another great week!
  • Morning folks! Popping in for a and a