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StarvingPoet 08-20-2010 11:08 AM

100 Reasons I Hate Being Fat
Just putting this out there so I can refer to it when a need a boost of willpower. Feel free to add to it, if you like. :)

100 Reasons I Hate Being Fat

1. Not being able to shop in a 'normal size' store.
2. Not being able to run and play with my children.
3. Getting winded after walking twenty steps.
4. Feeling like a beached whale.
5. Not being able to sit comfortably in restaurant booths.
6. Not being able to sit comfortably in theater seats.
7. Constant stares from other people.
8. Not being able to make love with the lights ON.
9. Sweating like a pig.
10. Having to stand behind people in pictures so others won't see my whole body.
11. Having my picture taken - period.
12. Chaffed thighs
13. Sore knees
14. Sore back
15. Sore feet
16. Sore everything
17. Getting winded taking the stairs.
18. Worrying over whether I'll fit in amusement park rides.
19. The seat belt in my car barely fitting me.
20. Flabby arms
21. Not being able to cross my legs.
22. Lack of self-esteem
23. Lack of self-confidence
24. Not wanting to go shopping with my girlfriends because of my size.
25. Lack of self-control
26. Having to sit on the bottom row of the stadium seats because I can't climb to the top.
27. Having to order tent-sized clothes from catalogs.
28. Not being able to enjoy going on vacation (anywhere).
29. My kids not being able to wrap their arms all the way around my waist when they hug me.
30. Not being able to wear sexy lingerie from Victoria's Secret.
31. Not being able to wear sexy high heels.
32. Everything jiggling when I walk.
33. Not wanting to go out in public.
34. Feeling like a disappointment to my husband and children.
35. Not being the healthy, happy wife and Mother my family deserves.
36. Getting winded when I try and exercise.
37. Not being able to walk half a mile without feeling like I'm going to have a heart attack.
38. Hearing "You have such a pretty face. If only ..."
39. The view from hotel mirrors. (WHY do they have to put them in front of the bath tub?)
40. The view from any mirror.
41. Double chins
42. Having to swim in shorts and a t-shirt.
43. Being envious of slim people (especially women).
44. Feeling self-concious ALL the time.
45. Supposedly "helpful tips" from complete strangers.
46. Hurtful comments from complete strangers.
47. Hurtful comments from family members.
48. Hurtful comments from friends.
49. Worrying over being able to fit in a plane seat. (Therefore, I drive everywhere).
50. Not being able to ... ahem ... do certain things with my husband.
51. I've never worn a 'little black dress'.
52. Sagging breasts
53. Sagging everything
54. Being fat and forty.
55. Not being able to eat normal food in restaurants without people staring at me.
56. Never enjoying a manicure because of my fat, stubby fingers.
57. Never enjoying a pedicure because of my fat, stubby toes.
58. People staring at the contents of my cart when I'm grocery shopping.
59. The countless money I've spent on fad diets over the past 25 years.
60. Snoring
61. Depression
62. Sleep apnea
63. Not being able to sleep in the bed with my husband because mattresses aren't comfortable anymore. (I've slept on our sofa for eight years).
64. Not being able to run and play with my nieces and nephews.
65. Being the largest female in a family full of beautiful, slim women. (Cousins, sister-in-laws, etc).
66. Holiday get-togethers with the family (refer to #65).
67. Summers are miserable.
68. Not being able to tie my shoes without getting winded.
69. Not being to shave my legs without getting winded.
70. Ugly skin tags
71. Worrying about chairs breaking when I sit down.
72. No amount of haircuts, new makeup, or new clothes make me feel self-confident.
73. Feeling worthless and lazy.
74. My children being picked on because of my size.
75. Feeling like an embarrassment to my husband.
76. Never being able to find a perfect fitting bra.
77. Granny panties
78. Diet food
79. Seeing old boyfriends who knew me from my 'skinny days'.
80. Seeing old friends and classmates who knew me from my 'skinny days'.
81. Having to shop in the men's department at Walmart for larger shorts.
82. Doctor visits
83. High blood pressure
84. High cholesterol
85. Tears
86. Being too ashamed to swim in a public swimming pool with my kids.
87. Too many spare tires.
88. Having to buy extra large bath towels.
89. Not being able to fit comfortably in a bath tub.
90. The view from hair salon mirrors.
91. Feeling too self-concious to exercise in a public gym.
92. Not being able to stand with my feet together.
93. Waddling like a duck when I walk.
94. No energy
95. No motivation
96. Constantly tugging at my clothes.
97. My husband can't pick me up and hold me in his arms.
98. Small bathroom stalls
99. Missing out on my children's lives.
100. Missing out on MY life.

*Repost from 100 Pound Club*

Iianae 08-20-2010 12:10 PM

<hugs> I hear you and I am there too. I am going to print this and hang it up in my house because this is EXACTLY how I feel. So everytime boredom, anxiety, stress or sadness drive me to the fridge I want to SEE this and remember why, at the EXACT MOMENT I need to remember, I can't do that!

Thank you!

StarvingPoet 08-20-2010 02:08 PM

You're welcome. :) You're doing great! :)

LiliK 08-20-2010 04:33 PM

Steph, I think you have a fairly comprehensive list... {Hugs}. I feel the exact same way. But we're doing positive things to change the situation, so yay!!

PJK 08-20-2010 11:26 PM

1). Galded skin (skin breakdown) especially under the belly. Painful and causes me to be very self-conscious-Worse in Summer! Wheeeew!
2). Difficulty standing for more than 2 mins. at a time
3). Turning over in bed and taking all the covers with me, and having a bed that springs are broken and sticking up, and not being able to afford a new one
4). Feeling exhausted mentally, physically, and spiritually
5). Having lack of enthusiasm, discipline, self esteem respectfully
6). Isolation!
7). Fear of success, Fear of failure (again!)
8). Unwanted facial hair (lack of estrogen)--Post Menopause! I am there
9). Inability to take a real shower! I have to improvise! looking forward to the day!
10). Being borderline diabetic, and knowing the dangers of it!
11). Inability to walk more than a few steps without having to sit down
12). Feeling wedged into a car, cramped, suffocated feeling
13). Stuffing down my emotions with food
14). Taking medication for high blood pressure, depression, and diabetes (prevention)
15). Not being able to wear shoes with laces because I can't bend over to tie them.
16) Being afraid to get back on a bicycle after so many years! I would love to ride.
17). Not being able to play with my great nieces and being actively involved in their lives
18). Scanning a room when I walk in to see if I am the largest person there, and whether or not there is something I can sit on.
19). Wanting to dance
20). Wanting to stand in front of others (again) and tell my story in hopes of helping someone else!
21). Having bad teeth!
22). Not feeling worthy!!!!!!!!!!!!
23). Grocery shopping and having to use one of the carts to ride in!
24). Losing self respect and feeling ashamed each time I have to start over-yet grateful at the same time that I have another chance!
25). Not having the energy.motivation to go back and get my Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology
26). Being afraid to go to any of my high school reunions! I graduated in 1978
27). Feeling like a spectator in my own life. My life running me instead of the other way around
29). Not speaking up for myself
30). Watching others move around seemingly effortlessly!
31). Having to wear knit pants and shirts because nothing else fits (having to buy largest size, and because they are "cheap" they roll up!
32). Not being able to wear pretty clothes, pretty lingerie (not being able to afford it
33). Feeling hopeless
34). Not being able to ask for what I need
35). Not being able to walk in the park or hike like I use to
36). Feeling like I smell bad
37). All the money I have wasted on fast food
38). All the money I have given away (especially, (in the past) on men because I thought I had to in order to keep them around
39). NOT feeling feminine--It has been a long time since I felt like a woman
40). Repeating the same behavior (s), yet expecting different results!
41). Fear and Denial--unwillingness to face truths. Did something happen to me when I was a child--at the hand of my father, my uncle?
42). Being 50 years old and still paying rent, having little to call my own, this disease of compulsive overeating and ALL its ramifications and consequences has of course brought me to "this place" I acknowledge it (and am trying to change my ways!)
43) Can't make it to 100, these are all I can think of--Thanks for listening all!

Gigglesquirt 08-21-2010 01:19 AM

Thank you for sharing these and being so honest! I totally can relate to ALOT of these lists!!

Keep moving girls, we can do this!!

sweetpeach 08-23-2010 04:22 AM

Reading all of these - I can relate to so much! I know that my quality of life has deteriorated because there's a lot I can't do easily but it just really hits home when I think about how much I've given up as I've gotten larger and larger. Simple things like not being able to stretch out on my bed and lie flat because when I do it feels like my insides are being crushed.

I'm just starting out, making a sincere effort. I am going to use this list to keep me focused on what I want to get back in my life! Thanks for posting! :) (I know I joined over 2 years ago but I've been a lurker until now. I'm actually mentally and emotionally ready to change my life!)

StarvingPoet 08-24-2010 08:53 AM

Thanks everyone. :)

Sweetpeach ~ Good luck to you! I just know you're going to reach your weight loss goal. :)

MoveMoveMove 08-26-2010 07:35 PM

These are great lists ladies. I can identify with pretty much everything except the ones about children - I don't have any.

But the one that REALLY made me post was the grannie panties :o. Oh goodness, I was just thinking about this the other day - 'cause it's time to restock LOL.

sweetcakes736 08-26-2010 11:29 PM

I hope it's ok but I needed to do something just a little different.

100 Reasons Weight Loss has changed my life

1. I can walk up a flight of stairs without having to take one step at a time.
2. I can walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded.
3. I can do Wii's Cardio Dance Gold's Gym and keep up.
4. Yoga just feels so good.
5. Eating healthy food doesn't mean I have to choke down guilt.
6. I went canoeing for 6 hours last week and wasn't sore when I was done.
7. I wasn't sore the next morning either.
8. I'm a lot more daring then I used to be.
9. I swim, in a suit, no shirt, no shorts.
10. I did 116 laps in the pool and didn't need a nap afterward.
11. I got into shorts I haven't been able to wear in 2 years.
12. I'm able to get my shoulder blades off the floor when I do a crunch.
13. I can do bicep exercises with 8 pound hand weights.
14. Realizing that saying I didn't have time to exercise was crap, I do.
15. I can play volleyball for an hour.
16. Rubbing under my chin and feeling half of what used to be there.
17. Watching the body fat percentage number on the scale getting lower.
18. Being able to cross my legs for a little while.
19. I can do 75 minutes straight on Wii Fitness Coach.
20. I can do a corkscrew exercise.
21. No more painful inner thighs from rashes.
22. Watching my measurements get smaller and smaller
23. Looking at my face in the mirror and seeing it's much thinner.
24. Accomplishing exercise minute goals that get better each month.
25. Almost being able to touch my fingers when I wrap them around my wrist.
26. Dancing...and not dying.
27. Bowling and not feeling like my arms are going to fall off.
28. Realizing peanut butter isn't really necessary to live
29. Finding the power to say no when offered something to eat.
30. Cake really doesn't make the world go round despite what I used to think.
31. Being able to lay in the tub and have water all around me.
32. My feet don't hurt
33. My back pain is gone
34. My fingers look longer.
35. I'll have to get my wedding ring re-sized soon, it's getting too big.
36. The seat belt in the autos doesn't choke me anymore
37. I bought myself perfume after I lost 50 pounds-haven't done that in 5 years.
38. Putting my hands on my waist and realizing I have a waist
39. Not seeing the number 3 at the beginning of my weight
40. Being able to be active with my kids
41. Learning the best thing you can do for your kids is to have them watch you work hard
42. Having my kids decide to better their health too
43. Seeing my son's face when he looked down at the scale and saw 50 pounds gone
44. Breaking records month after month on the exercise thread
45. Finding out I'm becoming a positive influence for others
46. Catching myself smiling at the woman looking back at me from the mirror
47. Remembering how good it felt when my husband could wrap his arms all the way around me
48. Being able to pull my knees into my chest
49. Being able to do a push-up
50. Watching my kids think about what they put into their mouth
51. Looking back and realizing how fast the last 8 months have passed
52. Finding I could do this for 8 months and be HAPPY about it
53. Meeting some of the greatest influences of my life here in the 300+ community
54. Sex...OMG this benefit alone has made it all worth while.
55. Being able to have the endurance I had 10 years ago regarding number 54
56. Flexibility-see #54
57. Desire and drive-again see #54
58. Going from one headache every three days to maybe one a month
59. Shorter TOM
60. Cramps at TOM-not anymore
61. Catching myself enjoying all the little things life has to offer
62. Getting back on a bike
63. Being a role model for my friends
64. Being a role model for my daughter
65. Because I have enough guts to do Latin Dancing so does my teenage son
66. Cardio Boxing-where has this been my whole life?
67. The hug from my mom, hearing how proud she is of me
68. Hearing my grandfather tell me to keep going
69. Hearing my grandmother tell me I look great and to keep up the good work
70. Realizing I've lost what the average 2nd grader weighs
71. Depression-I think not
72. Having people ask me what I'm doing because I look great
73. Being able to wrap the towel around me without half my body hanging out
74. Having space on the sides of the chair
75. Movie seats are more comfy
76. Finding restaurants do sell salads and I won't die if I eat them
77. Discovering salad has a million varieties that are delicious
78. Tight pants become baggy pants
79. Being able to get into my satin blue pajamas
80. Being able to clean an apartment in half the time I used to do it in
81. Learned the importance of headphones
82. Walking is not boring when you have a goal you're walking towards
83. Replaced a negative state of mind with a positive one
84. Being able to run after the dog if she just happens to pop off her leash
85. Being able to run in place
86. Being able to heel jacks
87. Nearing forty and feeling life is better
88. Being able to tie my shoes
89. Being able to shave my legs
90. Finding I want to take care of myself
91. Doctor visits
92. Discovering life is worth every second you get
93. Contentment
94. Happiness
95. I can fit in public bathroom stalls
96. Gaining self-respect
97. Gaining fulfillment
98. Learning I can make a difference
99. Falling in love with my husband all over again
100. Falling in love with myself all over again

It begins with first decision you truly make for yourself.

KimL1214 08-26-2010 11:46 PM

I'm tagging this thread, because I LOVE it!!!

Dolores Claibourne 08-29-2010 05:51 AM

Some inspiring and honest replies on here. Thanks for sharing.

JackieHollow 08-29-2010 07:47 PM

WOW! I soooo empathize with your list. So many of them, I thought.. ME TOO. I know we can overcome that list, and make a new list just like sweetcakes.

PJK 08-29-2010 09:05 PM


dewdrop1970 09-17-2010 12:00 PM


Originally Posted by sweetcakes736 (Post 3454835)
43. Seeing my son's face when he looked down at the scale and saw 50 pounds gone

64. Being a role model for my daughter

65. Because I have enough guts to do Latin Dancing so does my teenage son

WOW. I love these :hug:

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