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colormerd47 07-28-2010 07:23 PM

POSITIVE UPLIFTING NOTIFICATION: One Positive thing about today is Part Ten
:hug::hug:Hello Sweet taters,:wave::wave:

Here we are again, starting another part to the Positive Uplifting Notification thread. Well Ladies here it is..........PART TEN........:carrot::carrot:

Today I am Happy once again to give birth to Part NINE of the One Positive thing about me today is.......................

It is time for new beginnings so let's get the party started!!!!!!:hug::hug:

For all the newcomer's to this thread Let me tell a little about what we are all about. I thought this was a really cool way to reshape the way we think about things, ourselves, and just plain long stuff, you know the kind that happens in a lifetime, stuff that might throw you a curve ball. Well guess what, there is always a brighter side and that is what we look for, staying on the POSITIVE SIDE. To build our self esteem and to let us know, yes we can, instead of no we can't.


I encourage you, in your own time to sneak back and read the FIRST POSITIVE THREAD and even the SECOND and you will understand what a blessing this is. I hope it will in some ways touch your heart.

Now lets get THIS PARTY started and SHOW you how we roll. Jump in, sit back, take your shoes off and stay awhile, for here, we are family!!!!!!

Hugs love and blessings and remember to make every moment count

learningtoliveagain 07-28-2010 07:40 PM

Yea, Yea, Yippy! We've hit double digits!!!

colormerd47 07-28-2010 08:11 PM

:angel:Well I think I will jump right in a be the first. Wooooohaaaaa:carrot::carrot::carrot:, Part Ten, can you believe it, this thread has been running now for just about a year and a half, I think this must be a keeper!!!!!;);)

Today has been a good day for me and I am claiming a wonderful peaceful night. In Jesus Name, Amen.:angel::angel:

Tonight is crab cakes, with a side salad and fresh pineapple chunks, everything fresh fresh fresh, and a whole lot of water baby!!!!:cp::cp: It is quiet on the homefront and I am enjoying the peace:dance::dance:. Those are my positives for the night and I am feeling pretty darn good about it!!!:dance::dance::dance:

Alright ladies, see ya soon,
hugs love and blessings, and remember to make every moment count:cloud9::cloud9:,

colormerd47 07-28-2010 08:14 PM

Guess I was not first,,,,,,,,my post took to long, cooking and all. Thanks Learn, glad to see ya first in the place. Yep DOUBLE DIGITS!!!!!! WE ROCK NEIGHBOR!!!!!!

Smooches TO YOU:hug::hug::hug::hug:


colormerd47 07-28-2010 08:17 PM

Hey Learn,

I want all of those jumpy happy thingy things you find to post. I want some, I want some too mommie!!!!! That was Ags pouting LOL LOL

ablentlinger 07-28-2010 09:01 PM


Well it is Hump Day, or as I like to call it, "Tell Learn how young she looks day!" :D I was feeling very down yesterday. I don't know why. I have been on plan and been losing steadily. I saw some pictures of myself that someone had taken LAST summer and got really down. I'm better now, as I realize that I am doing something about this and I am headed in the right direction. I sometimes get bogged down in how far I have to go and how I left myself get here in the first place. So, on to personals. It is you wonderful ladies that help keep my chin and my spirits up and help keep me believing in myself!

Ccmama – Great job on the exercise!!! :carrot::carrot: It does feel good to sweat. I must admit, I loathe exercise, but I always enjoy how I feel after, knowing I helped my body. My youngest daughter will be starting kindergarten too! They grow up so fast!

Heather – So glad you are here! This is a wonderful group. Great job on getting back on track, that is one of the hardest parts of this journey! I also would like to lose 50 lbs by Christmas, as I’m going to TN to see family and would like to weigh less than the last time they saw me. No worries about personals, do them when you can…we want to still hear about your positives!!! I too can become a slave to the iron demon and try hard to only weigh once a week, but usually don’t make it. Oh and a big Woot Woot on that 4 mile walk!! :running: Outstanding!!!

Deedee – Welcome! Hooray for talking the talk and walking the walk! :dancer::dancer: We are all here to help you along the way!!

Stella – I love reading your posts! I know what you mean about society. I truly dislike being fat, but I honestly believe that the people around me have a bigger problem with it than I do! I want them to know that I’m not on this journey for them, but for ME and I CAN do it. Together, all of us here, will do exaclty what you said…we will defy all odds!!! I completely agree with you…we don’t know what we are capable of until we try and push ourselves!! BTW, what kind of dancing :belly::belly: do you do? Hope you got that nap in before church, a nap does the body good!

Ona – You’re right, my thoughts are changing…for the better!! I contribute so much of that to the ladies right here in the positive thread. And, my angel food cake with strawberries and fat free cool whip was even better than the other cake because I was able to enjoy it and not feel bad about it later, which is soooo great!!! When you said we have made the decision to “stop the insanity” it made me think of that exercise person years back, Susan Powter (sp?). Do you remember her. That was the name of her program. Keep on keepin’ on girl…you are doing fabulous! :cheer:

Ags – My dear, precious Ags…how happy I am to have this lovely home you have created. What a remarkable feeling it must be to know that you have created this for us and are responsible for touching our lives and impacting us in such a positive manner. Love you girl!!! I am not surprised in the least little bit that you put someone else’s feelings before your own. I think you probably do that all the time. What I am proud of you for is recognizing that in yourself. Often we do so much for others and don’t realize that it truly is a positive and give ourselves credit! You deserve to know in your heart what an amzing woman you truly are!!! What a great positive that someone else cooked dinner. Why is it that when someone else cooks it always seems to taste better. That works with coffee too. When someone else makes it, it just tastes better. Good job on keeping that temper in check…I know it is NOT easy and sometimes lose that battle! I will think of you next time I feel it getting out of check and just tell myself, if Ags can do it I can too!!! :hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:

Maria – Great job avoiding the Costco goodies! I know that those free samples can be killer!! And a big Yaaaaaaaaay on getting the last box of mushroom lights for your pretty yard! I also will be waiting for the tator tot casserole recipe. Yummmmmy! I sure know about the domino effect of eating the wrong thing! Super big CONGRATS on recognizing what you were doing AND having the strength to stop yourself! So proud of you girl!! :cp::cp::cp::cp::cp:

Learn – Thank you for the advice on cameras…I will certainly be checking out that website. When Kaitlyn approached me about getting a camera for Christmas I told her that I was already planning on getting her an Ipod touch or a Nintendo Dsi, but no no she doesn’t want that, she wants a camera and I couldn’t be happier!!! You’d think I would know by now, she is just not the same as other girls her age and that is A OK! Yes, I was sooo happy to get new Bon Jovi music. There is nothing better than cranking it up and cleaning in the house to some JBJ!! You are the QUEEN of POP, such an inspiration! :flow2::flow1::flow2::flow1:

Hope – Welcome! Facing our fears is a HUGE accomplishment. You should be very proud of yourself!! :broc::broc::broc:

Shannon – We missed you!!! I am so incredibly happy to hear about how good you are feeling and how that is spilling over into the wonderful life you are living! Your description of the fall was beautiful. You’re a wonderful writer! Great description, I give you an A+. You truly moved me! Now, I love shopping at the produce stand, such amazing and reasonably priced produce! I am sooo glad you and your sister are back to having things good between you! :goodvibes:

Well...I sure hope I didn't miss anyone! I can't believe a new thread is started. I think I joined right towards the beginning of #9 and still can't get over how amazing and wonderful and awesome and generous and thoughtful and supportive you all are!!!

My positives for the day...I made my favorite low-fat mexican casserole again and it was even better than the first time because I added extra cilantro! I had lunch with a dear friend today and had a California role and it was super yummy! 48 hours from now I will be on the road to a little piece of heaven in the beautiful TX Hill Country! I am ready!!!

ablentlinger 07-28-2010 09:13 PM

Oh, I forgot to add the other thing that had me down yesterday. My 5 year old, Ella, was laying with me snuggling and suddenly she said to me, "Mommy I love you even if you are fat. I wonder what you would look like if you weren't fat, but I love you anyways." OMG...kids can be sooo brutally honest! I know she only meant it in a loving way and I also know she knows I think I'm fat and I'm eating different and exercising, which I assume lead to this statement. It just was everything I could do to keep back the tears. Anyway...I want her to see what I look like NOT fat anymore, so while it made me sad, I turned it into motivation to stick with this, for me and for my family!

thinmintintraining 07-28-2010 09:54 PM

:dancer::dancer: DOUBLE DIGITS!! Woot Woot!! :dancer::dancer:

Ags - Thank God for peace in any situation ;) Ok, you are gonna have to start shipping them crab cakes over this way!! :drool::drool: I WANT!! I WANT!! :D:hungry:

Ash - Thanks for the support and luv!! :hug: I have Dance Dance Revolution for Wii! It's awesome! I have the 2nd and 3rd ones but the 3rd is my FAV! I tried to nap but my body wouldn't let me! dern!! You will have to post that casserole recipe! I luv me some mexican! We have a mexican restaurant here that knows us so well that when we go in they immediately place our order! I don't know how good it is for you but what we get isn't even on the menu. It's called paloosa texana (sp?) but it's basically steak, chicken, and shrimp fajita style with peppers and onions on refried beans with cheese. I know that for somebody on the Atkins diet it would be heaven but we have been eating it all along and have still lost weight so I don't know if it's all the exercise we do or if its just the right combo of food! It's SOOO yummy though! Ok enough of that, I'm making silly self hungry! You are absolutely right, children come with built in honesty boxes and they never screen what comes out of them! It's good that you can use that as motivation to finish out this journey!! You are AWESOME girl! Don't you forget that!! I hope you have a wonderful trip! I've never been to TX. The closest I ever came was at Fort Polk in LA.

I too want to take this opportunity to thank my beautiful Ags for starting this thread!! It's a great feeling to know that you are accepted for who you are and not what you look like! Sad as it may seem, there are times when I don't even feel accepted by my own family (not immediate but still) My mom is about the only overweight one out of all her siblings (7 sisters, 4 brothers) and of course all their offspring is normal weight. We are still human and regardless of how we try to hide it, we all want to be accepted but it's just not that way everywhere!! That's why I'm glad and thank God that I found this site and this thread!! I may never meet any of you in person but I'm sure that I will develop relationships here that will last a lifetime!!

Ok, I'm finished being mushy now, I'm gonna go find something to eat before it gets too late! :D I wish you all the sweetest of dreams! :hug:

hbieber2006 07-28-2010 10:32 PM

3 days until weigh-in whoo-hoo!
Good evening ladies I am glad to be a part of this thread that is now Part Ten that is sooo exciting ladies...:carrot:

I have 2 wonderful positives this evening....

First positive is that I went to the community center this evening and did the one hour water aerobics class and boy let me tell you it was a workout :swim:
and I definately feel it in my arms and legs right now

Second positive is that we stopped at mcdonald's after and had dinner and we only had a little bit of money so we stuck to the dollar menu and I got a side salad w/ ranch dressing and a fruit and yogurt parfait and that was my dinner I was so happy that I didnt order something that wasnt good for me so yeah me..:D

Thank you Ags and all you ladies for your kind words I would like to give everyone of you a hug...:hug:

Well, that is all for now and I cant wait only 3 days until I weigh-in and I have been really working hard at calorie counting and exercising and there was only 2 days out of the last 14 that I went higher with my calorie count than I wanted to but I didnt go over my calories cause the website I use dailyplate says I can have 2500 cals a day which I think is crazy I try to keep it between 1200-1700 and most days I eat 1400-1500 and the 2 days I went over was around 2000 which I consider to be over but all in all I have done excellent and I feel and look like I have lost weight so I hope the scale is really really nice to me on saturday..I will let you know :)

Here I go again LOL i cant stop :comp: but all you ladies have a wonderful evening and I will talk to you soon
Keep rockin'

woodgal1 07-28-2010 10:49 PM

Just popping in to say I am still around, just very busy the last couple days with some home improvements and this yard. I'll be on tomorrow with my personals.

Just could not let the night go by without saying I LOVE you ALL. And to thank RED for starting this awesome community 1 and 1/2 years ago. See sweetmeat, you planted it and loved it and nurtured it and it just grew and grew. Now we all reap the yummy rewards of each others love, support, joy, tears and fellowship.
Thanks so much RED. You are one happenin, rockin' Red Chick!

Oh, here is a pos. from my life....the scale stayed down 9actually it went up and down a pound or two all week) for my official WI today...I am 299.2...so I am under 300 for the first time in a year. YAY !!!
This place helps me in a lot of weighs....ways...

colormerd47 07-28-2010 11:33 PM

Well here are all of my fellow chick a dee's, so up and bubbly and accomplishing such great feats!!!!! That's my girls!!!!!! You all get a GIANGANTIC WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!

Ash, yay, my girl is here in the house, and you have got all of those cool jumpy things too, someone please teach me how and where to get them, got have em' just got to!!!!:carrot:
Ash, I would love it if you would share your recipe as well, I do love Mexican, especailly Fish tacos with tomatillo sauce and I have a special place in my heart for Enchiladas Ranchero's, soooo soooo good. My daughter Ashlan and Ivory and myself go everyother week after Weight Watcher's WI and then sometimes trade the other two weeks in for Japanese, Hibatchi Scallops and veggies, oh yeah baby!!!!! But now gotta try yours because I really love anything with cilantro in it!! Heading for the hills so soon, I still want to come, if only I could, I would love spending time with you face to face. I wish one day we all could get together and meet somewhere, I can only imagine what a blast we would have. Story time would be out of this world. LOL LOL:D:D
Oh Ash, out of the mouth's of babes. I cried as I read, she loves you, you unconditionally, that is God's love, Agape!!!! If only the world had more of it. The great thing is she had love in heart saying and only meant it in the best of ways.:hug::hug:
I will never forget the trauma I went through walking across Wal-Mart's parking lot. It is still very hard for me to share this story, but as I came across the lot there sat a van with about 5 young kids in it and as I walked by the hollered out Free Willy, It took every fiber of my being to walk ahead as I had not heard them and tried desperately to hold back the tears, I had never endured such pain, and I began to wonder how my girls felt when they were out and about with me, were they ashamed of me, or did they love for me. I wondered did they remember Mommie before she got fat or was is just a figment of their imaginations. I felt bad and to cure my feelings for comfort I ate. From that day till one year and a half ago did I decided to change my life for the better, for me and for my family. It has taken me until over a year ago, when my Ashlan came to me and said, Mommie I love no matter how you look but I am worried about your health and I want you to be around for my wedding and my kids so you can tell them stories the way you did us, please mommie go to Weight Watchers with me and that is how all of this started. Even as brutal as it was hearing what the kids said it did not change my mind set, it took the gentleness of my child to get me on the right path. Once again, out of the mouth's of babes, a 24 year old babe. I thank God for her every single day, for she was the reason for me to try to save my Life.:):)

S T E L L A!!!!!,

I understand stand, no matter how hard we try to hide, yes we all do want to be accepted:hug::hug:. I remember my buffer was always making jokes about me before anyone else could, my defense mechcanism (SP?) I figured if I was laughing about me, they were laughing with me and not me. Wow, the things we can convenice ourselves of. Hey I thought I was being accepted then, WRONG!!!!! They still talked behind my back and still do, the only differnece now is that my head and heart are in a different place. I now once again care about ME!!!!! I thank my God everyday for all of you ladies, becasue you all have touched me in ways that you cannot imagine. I will never ever forget you. I am closer to you all than some people that I see every day and they claim they are my friends. Not!!!!!:devil::devil:

YOu are doing your thing girlie!!! Water Aerobics, Carol loves that too, one day I will be there and I am really anixious about getting there. That will be a dream come true. You got your workout on!!!!!:carrot::carrot:
Your second positive was huge, staying within your bounds priceless!!!:carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot: What restrainant you displayed and I am loving it!!! I am as excited about your WI as you are. I cannot wait to give you a standing ovation!!!!!! You are doing fabulous chickie!!:hug:

love ya love ya love ya!!!!! Love the new avatar new. Heck just love everything cotton pickin' thing about ya!!!!! You know you say the sweetest things, watch out I am blushing!!!! lOL LOL:hug::hug: Now big time congrats on being under 300:carrot::carrot:
you get a standing ovation right now!!!!!! I am standing now!!!!! LOL LOL LOL And I love you play on words!!!;)

I adore the new avatar, you and your man!!!!! Hot hot hot!!!!!

Love your new pic, you are so beautiful!!!!! Just how I imagined you. Smooches!!!

That's it for now, nighty night, don't let the bed bugs bite,
See you all tomorrow, Lord willing and the creek don't rise,
hugs love and blessings, and make every moment count,

hbieber2006 07-28-2010 11:53 PM

Thank You Ags it is so wonderful to come here and see how much you enjoy reading my positives and to hear that you think I am doing so well and before 2 weeks ago I was not doing so well but I finally woke up and smelled the coffee :coffee: so to speak ( I dont drink coffee lol) and got back on the wagon and here I am today so happy that I did and soo happy that I decided to not lurk on this page and start being a part of a weight loss "family" so to speak and I know if I keep reading everyone's positives and :write: my positives down that I can make it and finish my journey with the help of all you ladies.

Have a wonderful evening ladies
Keep Rockin'

mariamherrera 07-29-2010 12:53 AM

well well well I can't believe we have reached part 10! we should all stand up and give ourselves a round of applause!And a big special round of applause for our creator Aggie!

learn I hope your son is able to get his braces off!I know they must be a pain for him! when I get to goal one of my rewards will be to get braces! Might as well have a great smile to go with my great new bod ;) make sure and write down that chicken recipe when you can!

ggg Thanks carol! :)

ona great job on drinking that water! I have a big problem with drinking a lot of water (Actually a slight phobia of it..) But I too have been trying to work on drinking more!

shannon I too have this preconceived notion that the plate needs to be clean other wise its' a waste of time. money, and food.. ugh but these are things we have to work on changing! and I did try those coconut m&m's when they first came out and you are so right they are soo good! every time J see them I'm tempted to buy them! luckily I restrain! So glad the daily things are getting easier for you! I love when things like that are noticeable!.. and great find on that produce! what a great bargain !I bet it's all gonna be scrumptious! and that's great you and your sister weer able to get over the awkwardness so soon!

cc So glad all of us could be part of your positives! I know what it's like to have no friends where your at When I moved here to Washington state from Minnesota I left all my friends back there and knew no one here.. but over the past few years I've made more and more friends! and that's great that you have a car again!!

ags great job on controlling your temper! It sure can be difficult to control when dealing with difficult people! Glad you were able to have the fruit ages of the spirit upon you and use all them: mildness, goodness, faith, self control, etc ;) and I bet those crab cakes turned out just delicious!

thinmint well I wish you lots of luck on creating that bun soon if there's not one there already ;) me and my hubby are thinking of trying in about 2-3 years :) hope you got to sneak that nap in!

ash mmm have you posted the recipe fro your Mexican casserole yet? if so I'd love to see it! and yummy for the California roll! I haven't had one of those in ages! I hope you have a great vacation in the hill side! and I'm sorry about what your daughter said.. working in child care I've had to deal with that out of that with a few childrens mouths.. they don't mean any harm by it.. they are just brutally honest.. they don't quite have a censor yet.. but know she loves you regardless and your setting a great example for her how it's never too late to change bad habits!!

heather GREAT JOB on that water aerobics! I love that classs!!! it's my favorite to do at the gym! and great job and making good choices at McDonald I know that had to be hard to do!

well for me! Today was good I have been trying to remember to drink more water it's so hard for me because I have this small phobia of it. I know that sounds silly. one say I will have to share that story! hehe But I drank almost the daily recommenced amount which his good for me I think i was one glass shy and I think I will get that in before bed. My other positive is my hubby finally scanned our professional pictures we had taken on our cruise last year! so one of them is my new avatar ;) and I also weighed in today and I lost all but 8 ounces of my TOM weight from last week. Because I had gained 5 lbs.. so I guess that's ok! it also marks one month that's I've been back on plan and I've lost 8.8 lbs total! this month I'm gonna knock them dead though! I'm gonna stay POP every day! Me and hubby will be taking a cruise in November for our anniversary and I wanna loose at least 30-40 before then!

mariamherrera 07-29-2010 01:03 AM

maria's Low cal tater tot casserole!

-one package lean ground turkey breast
-one can of 98% fat free cream of celery soup
-one can of water
-4 servings of krafts natural fat free cheese (about half the bag)
-one bag of extra crispy ore ida tater tots ( you wont use the whole bag though and the extra crispy ones are lower calorie for some reason)
-One bag of extra crispy ore ida french fries (optional)
-one frozen bag (or can) of sweet peas
-one bag or can of sweet corn

in frying pan brown ground turkey and season to taste I season with garlic salt, seasoning salt, onion powder, pepper, and mrs dash

add can of soup to meat and add one can of water stir all together until soup is stired in well and combined

in a small square baking dish count out 4-5 servings of tater tots turns out to be about 40-50 tater tots place on bottom of baking dish doesn't need to cover the whole dish there will be empty spots

pour meat and soup mix over the tater tots

put the 4 servings of cheese over top of it

top off with another serving or two of tater tots.. I use french fries on top because they are less calories and will cover the whole top ;)
bake at 425 for about 40 mins until tater tots or french fries on top look crispy!

if you want the veggies in the casserole add them into the meat mixture I like mine on the side though :)

if you make it exactly like this the calorie count for the entire casserole comes out to about 1500 calories and it makes 4 servings so it's about 375 cals per serving :) now I don't add my veggies into it but a lot of people do so the veggies are not included in calorie count

learningtoliveagain 07-29-2010 06:24 AM

Happy Thursday My Friends,
Well here we are into Part Ten. How exciting is this! Let's get to why we've made it to part ten in the first place, the positives.

gggirls- How are you doing? Always nice to see your smiling avatar.

Ona- Water is so important. If you don't drink enough your body thinks it becoming dehydrated and starts retaining as a way of protecting itself. So drink, drink, drink and the scale will inch, inch, inch.

Shannon- I truly miss the changing of the seasons. I have been in Florida since 1972 and have never liked it down here.
My hubby plays piano and still has his piano his parents bought him when he was 10 years old and took lessons. It will be 49 years in september that he's had it. He likes classic and oldies. I'm an oldies, country, pop kinda girl myself. My dad played country western and had a band also. He was a police officer full time and sang and played in the clubs and taverns on his off time. So I always had music in the house. Funny thing though non of us kids play any instruments. My mom use to play the organ, but not anymore.
Hey maybe you'll get lucky and Lily won't need braces. Insurance paid $2000.00 and we made payments on the rest, total cost $5300.00. OUCH!
All those little things you are noticing are NSZ's (non-scale victories). Isn't it great when you start noticing you can do things easier.
By the way, I love the new avatar picture. Your so pretty!

CC- Hold on to that baby, before you know it he'll want to borrow the car. I have to say though part of me is so excited that he is growing up and turning into such a fine young man. He still gives me lots of hugs and lots of I love you's.
So sorry your friends are moving away, but I'm so glad you found us. I have a friend in Riceville, is that near Knoxville?

Ags- Thank you for starting number ten, you are always on the ball. You are outta sight, far out and totally groovy man! LOL! Yeah, I can dig it! Your story about walking through the parking lot and being insulted just broke my heart. People are so cruel sometimes. I have 2 insults that happened over 25 years ago and to this day they still hurt. The worst part is they each came from one of my siblings.

Stella- I hope hubs likes the chili salad. I had it again tonight, didn't feel like cooking. Sorry you were feeling blah, hope that goes away totally real soon so you can dance, dance, dance.

Ashley- Your vacation in the hills sounds wonderful. My hubby and I got invited to a reunion between cousins (his family), but it's not until next year. It's in NC (mountains). I want to go, but I don't want to go. Yeah, I know, make up your mind Learn.
Hey we all get a little down on ourselves once in a while, but if you truly want this you will not let it sway you from this journey we are all on. Heck, any doctor will tell you that losing over 100 pounds is gonna take almost 2 years. Your gonna make it and your gonna show Ella what a trim healthy mommy looks like. By the way has Ella ever seen the movie "Ella Enchanted" with Anne Hathaway. It's a musical and it's so cute.

Heather- Don't you just love water aerobics? I exercise in the pool almost every day. Great choices made at McD's. You are gonna rock that scale.

Diane- Congratulations for dipping below 300, isn't it awesome to be able to see that on the scale?

Maria- All I can say is, "Ooo La La, very sexy looking couple!" I think that's a cool idea of getting braces for your reward. A lot of the tech's at the orthodontist are getting them for the first time.

For it was a POP day yesterday on my eating, but thunder and lightning chased me out of the pool after about 15 minutes, so I will do extra today and will hit the pool early. I overheard a wonderful compliment from my husband yesterday. He was talking to his Aunt on the phone and bragging about how committed I am to exercising in the pool. It was so cute, I heard him say, "Aunt Lois she even does 300 stomach crunches, I've watched her from the window!" I am starting to feel some tightening in my upper abdomen underneath all the flab. It's there, I swear! LOL!!!
And cute story! When my son and I left the orthodontist office on tuesday we came up with the idea NOT to tell daddy that he would be getting them off soon so he could surprise him. Last night as my son was doing his goodnight hugs as he was walking away my hubby asked how much longer he had to wear the braces. I said, "I'm not sure." Right after I said that as my son was walking out of our bedroom he turned and looked at me and gave me the biggest wink he could give. My heart smiled so big and then I couldn't help but start giggling. My hubby asked what I was giggling at, I just said, "Oh, just something on TV." My son thinks it's so cool that he and mommy have a secret surprise for daddy.
Well that's it for me, I hope everyone has a super duper POPPIN day!

T.T.F.N. ~ Learn

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