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My DH and I have had a cheap skinny metal bed frame with cheap mattress for years. At our heaviest (now) we are about 660lbs combined. The frame has held up, it seams to be the mattress and box spring that are giving out!
We have also given our double reclining couch a run for its money...I think the right side counts as broken, but we've had it for 3 years, but then again all we've done is sat on it. The two of us kid each other that we better be careful about sitting on a park bench together, but seriously, it does worry us.
The worst is the dinning room chairs at my dad's where we go fairly often are practically made of match sticks. They are the most unsturdy chairs, that people of all sizes (my family) brace themselves when they sit down. They creek with the slightest movement. Its only a matter of time...
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Originally Posted by neonwildflower View Post
I broke a bed once. Not even at my heaviest weight, but it was due to some er... playtime... with the boyfriend. Let me tell you, that's the biggest moodkill EVER.
Bwahahahahahaha...same here. Although we were intoxicated at the time and it didn't kill the mood...we just laughed and kept going. I *do* remember my younger brother coming down the hall and knocking on the door to make sure we were okay, though. LOL

And I have broken one of those flimsy camping chairs w/ the hollow thin metal tubes...and as a kid I broke a chair at the skating rink.

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I have broke chairs and even a picnic table... but never a bed. I really dont think it will be an issue.
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A picnic table?! That can't have been entirely you...bad timing? Lol
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I remember one time we were all hanging out at my cousin's house and I was sitting in a chair next to the table. Well, the stupid leg broke and I fell flat on my butt. Of course, they all started bursting out laughing(even though it was nothing but family and friends around, still hurt). Well, I was so mortified, that I ran out of the house crying my eyes out. A few seconds later, my cousin(who is a pretty big guy himself) told me, "Jackie, that thing was already busted, we just wanted to see who would sit on it and bust it the rest of the way!!" So that made me feel a lil bit better
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