What type of exercise do you do?

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  • Hello Everyone! I am new to this forum, but not so new when it comes to losing weight.

    For the past three months, I have been using Leslie Sansone's WATP DVD's. I have successfully lost over 30 lbs with them, but am looking for a change to spice things up.

    Does anyone use any sort of DVD's that are simple to follow, and also easy on the knees?
  • How many days a week are you doing them? I have one of her videos and need to start doing it. I was taking my son for a walk three times a week but the weather has gotten bad again. I would like to try to do something everyday. I was going to a Zumba class twice a week. It was fun maybe you can check it out online.
  • I do my WATP DVD's 3-5 days per week, depending on my work schedule. I walk anywhere between 2-5 miles which translates to 30-70 minutes. I really like them, but just looking for something differrent. They are easy, you should try it too!

    Maybe I will check out the Zumba thing! Thanks.
  • water aerobics twice a week and bowling once a week

    I'm waiting for it to get a bit warmer and we'll start disc golf for the summer.
  • Right now I am just doing my exercise bike. I have one of the WATP DVD's though, and it is fun. Do you have a Wii? There is a walking game for it called Walk it Out , but I have not played it yet.
  • Since the weather here is crap today I am going to do my WATP video when I get off work. I will let you know how I do tomorrow!!!
  • Recently I've been looking at fitness books and videos designed specifically for plus-sized women.

    These are at the top of my wishlist:

    HeavyWeight Yoga: Yoga for the Body You Have Today ~ Abby Lentz

    HeavyWeight Yoga 2: Change the Image of Yoga DVD ~ Abby Lentz

    Big Yoga Beginners Hatha 1 DVD ~ Meera Patriciai Kerr

    The Shapely Girl series by Debra Mazda (there are at least five different videos. I think "Shapely Girl: Let's Get Moving is the first in the series)

    Look Great, Feel Great: "Plus Size Pilates" (with Lynne Robinson)

    and the boopk Great Shape: The First Fitness Guide For Large Women by Pat Lyons
  • Water aerobics I just cannot do. I have no acccess to a pool, but I have heard that it is a good workout and easy on the joints!

    I do have a Wii but have not bought any of the Wii Fit items or "exercise" type games yet...might be something to look into!

    amber-let me know how you did!

    kaplods-thanks for the suggestion. I am not a big yoga/pilates person, but those might be worth investigating. let us know if you buy some and how you like them after u try them out.
  • I walk 45 minutes Monday - Friday at work with a co-worker. When it was too cold and now already getting to hot, we go to a mall down the street and do laps inside the mall. I also do some weights 3-5x a week for my arms and then I have some leg exercises from Jillian Michaels that I also do. I have a elliptical at home but I only use it when I can't get my walk at work in. I recently took a Zumba class and loved it. I am trying to find a local one to take.
  • I ride my bicycle every day that the weather is good, usually 5-6 miles now...I didn't ride that far 6 weeks ago when I started out. And yesterday I did 8 miles on it. When it's too cold/windy/whatever, I just started using ine of the WATP videos. I also like Richard Simmons Sweatin' to the Oldies, but I'm still not fit enough for that. It's fun to dance to the music though, and I can't wait until I can do it better. Oce in a while when my back is okay, I use the mini trampoline and usually just jump on it during commercials for a couple of hours worth of tv shows. I walk outside if my back cooperates and the weather is good, and there are some really steep stairs I try to do once a week.

    I get bored easily!

  • I'm lucky enough to live in Los Angeles, so I try and walk daily for about 60 minutes. I try and keep a decent pace while I do it. On Sundays, I have softball games, which gets me my exercise.

    I have some yoga tapes I need to try, as well as a couple of Jillian Michaels videos.

    Honestly, I'm dying for a kettlebell. I should have the money for one soon.
  • Alright ladies,
    Why am I not seeing you on the exercise thread? With all the amazing things you are doing, you can add so much to what we do. Hope to see you there!
  • I walk on my days off at least 30 mins am trying to get up to an hour, then I work out with weights, and ride the stationary bike , I just ordered the wii fit, a friend of mine has it and she said it really kicks the butt. Plus she has the biggest looser for the wii and said these are really great.
  • You really should check out zumba, it is sooo fun! My gym offers an hour long zumba class 6 days a week. I, personally, get a far better work out going to classes than doing a video at home because I push myself harder. At home, if it starts to hurt then I can quit and nobody knows but me. But, in a class full of people, my competitive side kicks in and there is no way I can quit.
  • I have recently become obsessed with playing tennis...At first I got ALL of my exercise chasing after the balls I hit over the fence, but after a few weeks of playing nearly everyday I finally get my exercise from playing the game not chasing down balls..LOL
    I have always preferred exercise that is done outside in the fresh air, it helps if feel less like exercise and more like play & leisure.