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Default Skyrocketing Health Care

I have Carefirst BCBS through my job, and since it's a small company they only pay 25% towards it. Our policy is already high because one of the partners have a sick child and spouse, so basically, their employees bear the brunt of them draining our policy. Aside my from weight, I have no other health issues. There is no reason I should be paying $495/mo for insurance. Yes, that is just for me. Thank God I don't have a spouse and kids because we would be uninsured. To make a long story short, I tried getting insurance outside of my job and just got the denial letter in the mail yesterday. I was denied because of my BMI which is over 50. The letter stated that it has to be under 35 before I can be insured, so it looks like I am stuck with paying out the nose for coverage through my job. This is so unfair!
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that seems crazy! we have BCBS through my husbands employer and pay around 265 a month, that is on 6 people. they pay all but 20$ for every doctor visit and 80% on prescriptions.

that sounds so unfair! my BMI is over 50 too! sorry you are being treated so unfairly
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Nice! Informative. I think it is time I also look for private health services. My friend told me how much they help during any medical problem and they even refer the best physicians for treatments. Now days, people are a lot very busy with their work and so they do not get to take care of their own health.
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We have Cigna right now but it's a sort of private branch off of it. It comes through my husband's work- we pay 340 a month for the both of us and my daughter (now age 17). I have a lot to say about this and it's considered a decent insurance. We have a $1500 deductible per each person yearly. Our doctor appts that are considered free or $20 are bogus. If you ask anything other then, "Give me my basic physical" it costs starting of 75 per sentence and to be even treated for normal things such as allergies, etc, costs us over 300 for an appt. My daughter's 'physical' covered under the pcp became hundreds for just basic treatments. I have been in the hospital now a couple times for heart issues and other problems. Luckily, the hospital had a fund to help but we still have a couple thousand dollar bill. I desperately need to see a Dr to get testing for issues that will become critical but just can't afford it, even with ins.

While this may not touch anyone here; my son is transgender. He now carries his own ins through this same company as he works with my husband. There is no transgender care. My husband and I have been paying several hundred every other month for his 3 month Dr check ups and labs, his medication and counseling, etc the past 6 years. The meds are at a reduced rate and are still hundreds each refill. With all the regulations and limitations that the government now imposes for transgender medical assistance (meaning non ins related treatments) they make a lot of money to have to pay all this for each step. Our insurance states clearly that no care will be given for transgender. On top of this, they go to great lengths to make certain that anything related to hormones or testosterone going to non transgender patients whom are covered are not covered for the dosages and steps needed for transgender injections. My son pays for ins that does nothing for him literally. He only keeps it to not pay the penalty for tax time. He has given up his chance at college (wants to become an emt) so he could continue affording his medical. He is also saving for his surgeries and getting close. We told him we would help out after he gets the surgery next year so he can go to college but he is adamant to not drain anymore from us. Our health is one thing and frustrating but watching our son has to go through is just beyond words. He takes testosterone weekly by self injection (or I help).

Frankly, we have been thinking to just take the penalty and give up the next period we are allowed to. Honestly, I believe if you can't get a form of medicaid or medicare then no insurance is really great these days. The penalty is around 1200 for the three of us. We could save around 3000 a year to pull out.

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